Looks Can Be Deceiving – Part IV


I’d like to share something that happened to me a while ago.I’d just turned twenty-one, back in my college days. I spent the summer tending bar in a resort area near my hometown. One day, I had to drive up to the University to take care of some personal business, and finished up rather late in the afternoon. I was in a hurry to make it home in time to get ready for a date.I was about twenty minutes away from home when I noticed a black Pathfinder broken down on the side of the road. I slowed down and saw that the driver was a woman, who waved me down. When she came up to my car, she explained that her car had quit on her, and had been stranded for the past half-hour because no one would stop.I don’t know that much about engines, and told her so, but gamely offered to drop her off at a telephone to call for a truck. She smiled and asked if I wouldn’t mind just dropping her off at her house.My face fell a little as the chances of being on time for my date got a little more remote, but I said sure, and asked her where she lived. I guess the shock on my face when she named my own town was pretty obvious, because she burst out laughing. Her laughter was quite attractive, and totally out of context with her appearance.Let me explain: she appeared to be in her early thirties, was rather tall, dressed in baggy, gray sweats, and her dark hair was piled up under a baseball cap. She was wearing some out-of-style Buddy Holly glasses, and no make-up, and was not someone you might expect to turn any heads on a beach.For the record, I’m nothing special myself. I’m 6′ tall, and while I’m not particularly muscular, I do keep myself in shape. I’ve got light brown hair and dark brown eyes, and I’ve been told by girlfriends that my best features are my “clean-cut” appearance, my “cute” ass, and my “bedroom” eyes.She grinned and explained that she’d just moved to the area, and had the tools at her house to fix the problem in her engine, but didn’t know anyone she could call for a ride. If I dropped her off at home, she could get the tools and ride her bicycle back to fix the Pathfinder. I told her to hop in, and started getting better acquainted with her.She told me that her name was Jordan, and was getting her house ready for her roommate, who was finishing up affairs back east. Listening to her speak, I realized that she was obviously well-educated, and was clearly financially successful. She asked about me, and as I told her about myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself opening up to her. I mentioned that I worked at a rather popular bar, and on impulse, I invited her to stop by sometime.She thanked me for the offer and promised me she’d consider it.Then I turned into her driveway, and saw her house. It was a large, older house, and had obviously been recently remodeled. The paint was fresh, the lawn Sex hikayeleri still had lines from where the sod had been laid, and the garage was not quite completed. I complimented her on it, and she offered to show me around. I had to decline, but for some reason, I felt uncomfortable at the idea of explaining that I was running late for a date. The awkward silence hung in the air for a moment, then she smiled again and thanked me for the ride.I sped down her driveway and rushed home, jumped into the shower, and pulled up in front of my date’s apartment right on time.I needn’t have rushed.Kristy still wasn’t ready, and I found myself entertained by a trio of kids, with Kool-aid stains around their mouths, chasing each other with squirt guns. Kristy came out and told them to play outside, and apologized for the wet spots on my shirt and slacks. She said we could leave as soon as her sister, Tammy, showed up to watch the kids, then launched into a monologue about her ex-husband’s faults.When Tammy arrived, she conferred with her in the kitchen for a few minutes, then came out and introduced us. Tammy boldly appraised me and told me that if Kristy couldn’t satisfy me, to look her up.Kristy glared at her, and the two of them started bitching at one another until I cleared my throat and reminded Kristy that we were running late.The monologue resumed in the car, and by the time the maitre’d seated us, I felt a certain kinship with her ex-husband. Kristy paused in her harangue long enough to wolf down a meal even larger than mine, polish off a full bottle of wine, and devour some creation on their dessert menu that looked like it contained as many calories as I’d consumed all day!I was daydreaming about my earlier conversation with Jordan when I suddenly realized that Kristy was asking where we were going after dinner. I quickly came up with an excuse about being tired from all the driving I’d done that day and told her that as much as I’d like to go dancing, we’d just have to do it some other time, when I wasn’t so tired.She was sullenly quiet throughout the ride back to her apartment, but when I pulled into a parking space, she slid over to me and, resting her hand on my belt buckle, asked if I wouldn’t like to come up and watch some television with her.I covered a yawn and promised that I’d love to if I wasn’t so tired. She looked a little disappointed and stuck out her bottom lip in a pout. She asked if I would reconsider, as she slid her skirt a few inches up her leg.I must admit, Kristy had a very attractive figure, but pausing for a second to remember the rest of the evening, I sadly shook my head no.Her pout disappeared in a flash as she snatched her purse, got out and slammed her door, then stalked into her apartment building. I watched her storm up the sidewalk to her Sikiş hikayeleri door, and promised myself that I would exact my vengeance on the “friend” who had arranged this little date.I was at work, a few nights later, when I noticed a gorgeous woman come in the front door. She was breathtaking. She had long, dark hair, which wildly framed a ravishing face, and beautiful blue eyes.The neckline of her black silk blouse plunged enticingly low, revealing the firm, tanned slopes of her breasts. Her matching silk skirt was exceptionally short and exposed her long legs in all their firm, tanned glory. As she approached the bar, I realized that she had to be at least 6’0″.I welcomed her to the bar and asked her what she’d like to drink, and she surprised me by laughing. Finally, I recognized her. It was Jordan!I wasn’t able to hide my shock and received another musical laugh from this beautiful woman.She sat down and explained that the day I’d met her, she’d been on her way back from a friend’s house. She’d fallen into his swimming pool and had borrowed the sweats from her friend instead of making the two-hour drive home in her soaking clothes.Also trashed that day were her contact lenses, lost in the pool. She said she knew how unflattering her glasses were, but she’d left them in the car for use in emergencies and hadn’t brought any others with her.I was speechless while she explained all this to me. I couldn’t believe this was the same woman! She was still large, but it was obviously not the product of inactivity, but of long hours spent exercising.She appeared to be about 150 pounds, all of which seemed to be well-toned muscle. She stayed for the rest of the night, and I was completely captivated by her.When it was finally time to close up, I asked Walt, the other bartender, to cover for me. Walt had been staring at Jordan ever since she’d arrived, and except for being a little jealous of my luck, wished me the best. I slid him an extra $20 for the favor and offered Jordan a ride home. Jordan declined, but before the disappointment could register on my face, she offered ME a ride in HER car.As we walked, arm in arm, through the rapidly emptying lot to where her Pathfinder was parked, Jordan whispered in my ear that she hoped I wasn’t too tired to enjoy a little fun. She opened my door for me and then walked around to her side. It felt a little bit odd to be on the passive side of a date for a change.She drove me to her house and gave me a tour of the place by moonlight. Even by moonlight, it was easy to see that the house was quite secluded by the trees surrounding the property.”You sure won’t need to worry about privacy if you want to sunbathe nude,” I joked.”Maybe I like people to watch me when I’m nude,” she answered, then darted back to the house, leaving me standing Erotik hikaye speechless in the backyard.I slowly walked back to the house, considering the implications. She’d left the door on the rear deck open for me, and as I walked into the living room, she was nowhere to be seen.”I’d like a Sea Breeze, if you don’t mind,” she called out from down the hall. “You may have a drink too. I don’t think you’ll be driving anywhere tonight.”I checked out her bar (fully stocked, of course), and quickly located the cranberry juice in a half-size refrigerator disguised as another cabinet. I poured the vodka into a rock glass for her, and a double shot into another for me. I was looking for the lime to complete my gimlet when I heard her come back into the room.She’d changed out of her clothes and was wearing a loose, silk pajama-style outfit. The coppery color of the silk caught the light from the lamps around the room and seemed to shimmer like water against her bronzed skin.”Is that mine?” She sipped the drink as she sat down on a bar stool. “Mmmm. Delicious. What are you drinking?””A vodka gimlet, but I can’t seem to find any lime.””Oh, I’ll need to pick some up then. What with the move, I’m constantly noticing things I’ve forgotten to buy.” She sipped at her drink again. She seemed to want to say something and was perhaps considering her choice of words. “Bret, are you an adventurous sort of person?”I paused before I answered, then shrugged. “I suppose it would depend on the adventure.”She set down her drink and asked me bluntly, “Are you willing to be sexually dominated by a woman?”My mouth gaped open, and without thinking, I raised my glass and downed the contents. The Absolut burned down my throat, and all I could utter for the next minute or so were inarticulate choking sounds.She waited patiently, until I’d mastered control of my voice again, and asked her to repeat her question.”Oh, I think you heard me clearly the first time. I want you to consider this carefully. I find you quite attractive, and I believe you feel similarly. But the only way I could be with you is if I were in control. You would have to do, and behave, as I tell you, or what you’re obviously hoping to happen, never will.”Her voice was soft, seductive.”If you answer yes, then we will have ourselves a wonderful time tonight. If you answer no, I will drive you home, or to your car, and you’ll never get this chance again.”I hesitated, then I asked her, “What would you like me to do, first?”She smiled.”First, I want you to take off your clothes. All of them. And from this moment on, you will address me as “Ma’am”. Is that understood?””Yes, Ma’am.”I undressed, folding my clothes and laying them on the counter. Within two minutes, I was standing before her, wearing nothing but a blush.”Come around here.”I walked out from behind the bar and immediately missed even the small feeling of safety that it had afforded me. I walked slowly across the deep carpet until I stood in front of her.”Yes, Ma’am?””Kneel down. Lower your forehead to the floor, and cross your wrists behind your back.”

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