Magical Mix Of Kinks


As he sat down for breakfast, Tom thought of the recent events and smiled. He was thinking of his Emma, his baby girl, the young, vibrant, athletic, sexy, naughty slut, with a beautiful kink for older men. What a beautiful, magical kink. He smiled again to himself; how could he not be thinking of her? She craved a Daddy, and he craved a young stunning woman to own, use, and teach.When they met, Emma was in a normal – when viewed from the outside – relationship with a boyfriend. She was twenty-three and he was a few years older. They shared an apartment and had already started to explore the world of kink.She had shared her desires for fucking old men and as a moth to the flame, somewhat readily, her boyfriend agreed. As typical with the younger generation he created a profile on an adult dating site and when drunk they would sometimes invite a few men over for her to fuck. The ones Emma selected were older than he thought she would choose, as old as her parents, but this in time would help him come to terms with himself and his kink.As things tend to do in the non-vanilla world, kinks swiftly create more kinks.Watching her fuck these mature men were such a turn-on, and seeing her get lost in fucking unlike she did with him was both a shock and made him so hard. Mike started ücreti elden alan escort to understand himself more and more as a man, a beta man. As he watched how each man took control of his girlfriend, he got a thrill better than he did when fucking. He enjoyed their confidence and how they took what they wanted. He saw that Emma craved their attention, touch, and hard cocks, and how much of a slut she became for them. He loved that first moment when their fingers would slip under her thong and find Emma’s wet soaking shaved pussy waiting. He adored how Emma would naturally react by opening her pussy to let them slip inside her, the changes in her breath, the ripening of her nipples, and how she loved sucking their hard and large cocks.He started to become addicted to how, what he had always thought was ‘his pussy,’ would wrap itself tightly around each old cock and fuck and fuck. It was obvious that it loved being filled and pounded by older bigger cocks. With each thrust, he was besotted with lust and jealousy. He felt her delicious pussy fucked harder, was so much wetter, and got stretched more than when he fucked her. He wanked hard at how amazing she was with real men.He could tell each time ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort she was more turned on than ever before and he understood it was not due to him. As each better man finished, he just needed to capture a slice of her in this heightened sexual arousal state and would then fuck her with his small cock – in part this made him feel included in the sex, but he knew he was not. She allowed him to fuck originally for her love but hidden inside she knew it was due to pity.Deep inside, he started craving the jealousy that burned inside him when he saw her fuck real men, better men.He had many healthy sexual encounters before. He had fucked lots of girls in his young life but deep down, very deep down, he always felt inadequate as a man. Mike started to love the jealousy that came with knowing Emma preferred fucking other men more, and his five-inch little cock was not enough for her. Slowly, but surely, his kink jealousy kink craving burned deep inside him and would consume him on engaging with Tom.Tom was a silver-haired, handsome, intelligent, athletic, worldly man, with an educated British accent and a devilish glint in his eye. He knew who he was and what ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan he wanted. The years of fucking women, the enjoyment of the chase, and then sexually corrupting women was sport. But he wanted more than that…It was easy for him to pick up pussy, living in the Caribbean with loads of American women arriving weekly that threw themselves at him. All wanted the posh British gent with charm to rip their lingerie off and fuck them like they were on spring break again. He knew what these women wanted and was skilled in getting them to fuck and be sluts. He would push them out of the vanilla world and corrupt them. It never took long to get them to change to sluts, within seconds of being alone, they would be on their knees, sucking his hard cock and begging to swallow his seed. What was way more difficult was to make them into his anal queens, but with filthy charm most succumbed and adored it. But over time, he started to prefer fucking hot young pussy and showing them off. They were better fucks, for many reasons.He wanted the whole package, from young fuckslut to a woman he could take out to an event or restaurant wearing just a revealing dress, heels and his cum as perfume – who craved everyone was looking at her knowing what she was… a young sub slut, his baby girl, out with her Daddy. He was searching for a special young pussy he could mold, use, corrupt, and teach. But what he also desired was a young woman that he could also care for and love. This was a much rarer breed.Tom was direct in his approach to Mike’s ad… he was not going to waste time. But he knew from Mike’s first communications what Mike was, and that Emma needed him and potentially was the one he needed in his life.

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