Mail Call – Masturbate For Me


I finally got your letter today! I thought it would never come, it was driving me crazy. I knew you sent it, but me being the over thinker that I am, figured it got lost in the mail, or even better, someone stole it. You kept telling me, give it time it’ll come, silly wee girl. I took your word for it, checking the mail daily. I felt like a kid at Christmas, or a birthday counting the days down. Except with this, the day was unknown. It came, and I almost squealed with delight (okay, I did squeal… Don’t laugh), when I saw it. It is in a yellow manila envelope. I wanted to rip through it and see what you sent me. I, however, did not and put it on the coffee table, then finished my daily chores. I wanted to savor the moment, when I had the proper time to give to it. Hours passed and I had to run to the shop to do some shopping. I had no food in the house; you wouldn’t be pleased if you knew. I also paid the bills, like a good girl and even went to the gym. I tried to burn off the excitement of what was in that yellow manila envelope, but it didn’t work, not even a little. My mind was on it all along. I remember when we spoke of you doing this for me. We met on-line, and you told me you wanted to send me a gift. I was a bit unsure at first; I’ve never given my information out to anyone on-line before. With you though, I felt safe and comfortable, as though it was okay to do. What could go wrong if I did this? That’s what I kept asking myself. I thought on it for a week, Sex hikayeleri before telling you we should go forth and do it. You were pleased, and happy I agreed. You told me it would take a little while to put together everything you needed. I told you no rush, do what you need. I could hear you smile and tell me what a good girl I was. I beamed with pride, I love when you tell me I’m a good girl, more so when you say I’m your good girl. It leaves a deep ache inside me, which always makes me in need of you. You tell me that’s because you own me, mind, body, and soul. This much I know. Six long months ago, we met in a social chat room, hitting it off instantly. We talked nightly; we lived in different time zones, hell not even the same country! You being ‘across the pond’ as so many put it. Though, I hate that term, I don’t know why people use it. It’s dumb. It’s far from a damn pond, isn’t it? In the last six months, we’ve missed maybe three nights together. We spend all our nights together chatting on-line. That is until the wee hours for you. You stay up so late to talk to me. A five hour difference is a big difference, when it’s 2:00 in the morning for you, but only 9:00 in the evening for me. I always have to send you to bed, and you tease me, reminding me who owns whom. You know I do it for what’s best for you. I, of course, miss you the moment I see your name say ‘offline’. I know I’ll see you the following night, same place, same time. We stick Sikiş hikayeleri to a routine, so we never miss each other. Some might say we’re addicted to one another, and we don’t argue the fact. We know it’s true, and we run with it, so to speak. It’s now almost seven in the evening and I am sitting on my couch. I’m looking at the envelope; it’s almost scary, because I don’t know what it beholds. I’m so nervous! Though, I’m just excited to find out. With shaking hands, I begin to open it. It smells faintly of you, or what I think might be you. In it, there is a letter, and a tape. Now I know why you asked me if I had a tape player. Who still uses these? You’re so old school! Enclosed is a photo of you, and though I’ve seen photos on-line, and even on cam, this is something I can hold in my hands. You become all the more real for me. I read the letter: My precious girl, I’m quite honored you’ve allowed me to do this for you. I wasn’t sure if you’d let me. You seemed so unsure at first. I thought I might have scared you off. I’m sure you’ve guessed why I asked if you had a tape player now. After you read this, I want you to go run yourself a bath. Light some candles, turn the lights off, and soak whilst listening to what’s on the tape. Will you do that for me? … Good girl. I’ve also sent the most recent photo of me. It was taken the same day before I am mailing this out, so you can have the most recent one of me. When we met all those months Erotik hikaye ago, I knew you were the girl for me. Who knew my true love would be American, of all things? I don’t care, one day we’ll be together, if I have to go there, or you come here. I want to spend my days with you. You’re the most wonderful, perfect, most precious girl in my life. You forever will be, and don’t you ever forget it. I know you don’t always see this soft side of your Sir, but I can promise it’s here. I want you to see this side of me, you deserve it. Now go, be a good girl and do as I said. I want details when we talk tonight. Forever loving you, Your, Sir. My heart swoons as I read it and I re-read it again thinking of you. It’s Friday, and this means I get too keep you up later. No work tomorrow! I do as you say and take the tape with me. I run the bath, adding a bit of Jasmine oils in, because they are my favorites. I light lots of candles, letting it glow perfectly in the room. I shut the light off and pop in the tape. I don’t press play yet; I undress and feel my nerves work into a high, anticipated want for you. I press play and climb into the water. I sit there, relaxed. The water is almost too hot, but that’s how I like it. Your voice fills the room and it sends a shiver down into me. It makes me long for you to be in the bath with me. Your voice is low, soft and demanding already: “I see you behave well for me, precious. I love when you do. I’m going to tease you into a wonderful delight, one I know you want. I’ve been thinking of you so much today, I just can’t get you off my mind, not that I ever can. I’m sitting here, in bed right now, naked and hard. You remember you told me you love to watch me stroke my cock for you.

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