Master! Master! Part 9


Part 9:

I had to hand it to Elise, she definitely worked hard. There were ten of us sitting around the dinner table with various dishes set out, from meatloaf to tuna casserole. It was pretty obvious from her exasperated expression that she considered me and Lorraine’s weird ability to be a nuisance and was stressed out, but the sight of a packed dining room invoked a smile. On one long side were the girls and I and on the other were Lorraine and the guys. Sitting at the ends were Betty and Elise.

I think the girls were starting to relax in the presence of these… I don’t know what to call them, fellow animalistic humanoids? Hybrids? Sonja and Steve were definitely getting along, her hyperactive and bubbly personality a perfect match to his nonstop chattering. They were both talking so fast and so loud that Lorraine and I had to repeatedly reel them in before things got too crazy.

Momo and Tobi were having a silent staring contest while they ate, but it didn’t really seem to be tense or antagonistic. They were the most predatory animals in the room and I got the feeling they could sense it in each other, so they were linked in their own special wavelength.

“Momo likes your tail.”

“Yours is nice, too.”

It surprised me when they finally spoke to each other, but I was glad that it went that well.

Going by the pattern, next would be Chloe paired up with Alex, but that didn’t seem to be happening. I don’t know if it was due to his slow and docile personality as an iguana or if he had some mental disability, but it was hard to get any kind of reading from him. I had already figured out that he was a mute, but he would smile and nod whenever someone talked to him. For Chloe who was nervous and introverted, the only kind of chemistry it gave them was that neither of them acknowledged each other.

However, Betty seemed to have taken a liking to her, always keeping her gaze on her and continuing to put food on her plate while insisting she continued eating. “There you go, little one,” she’d say as she’d use her napkin to wipe some cheese off Chloe’s chin. I had already explained to everyone that Chloe wasn’t a child; she just had a tiny body. Despite that, Chloe seemed to have stirred some kind of maternal instinct in Betty. She used to be a breeding cow after all.

“So, the two of you run the farm yourselves?” I asked, speaking to Elise and Lorraine.

“Our parents left it to us before they passed and we’ve been running it ever since.”

“Well, right now YOU run it. I was booted out,” said Lorraine.

“Come on, it’s not like I had much of a choice. I didn’t want to get up every morning and have to check the barn for any naked men.”

“I had to do the same thing. I used to live in the suburbs and when Momo transformed, I made sure to always keep her inside so no one would see her, though we would go for walks in the evening.”

“Walking your cat,” said Lorraine with a laugh.

“Then after Sonja, I moved to a small cabin deep in the woods.”

“That sounds really nice, I bet they were happy to have all that room,” said Elise.

“Yeah, the problem is that the house loses power really easily. It was especially bad with that huge storm”

“But I bet it was easy to keep warm with all the sex you were having.”

Lorraine’s words made Elise spit out her drink and me choke on the food I was eating.

“Jesus Christ, Lorraine!” his sister said while coughing.

“What? We’re really going to ignore the elephant in the room?” She looked at me. “Come on, you expect me to believe you’ve been living with three beautiful women and you’ve kept your hands to yourself?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. On one hand, it would have been weirder if I HADN’T had sex with the girls. But on the other, I felt like I would lose all of Elise’s respect if I admitted it.

“Besides, he was balls-deep in Betty this morning.” She turned to the girls with a mischievous grin. “I bet he gives you all the same attention.”

“Master loves to play with us! We do it every night!” Sonja proudly declared.

Oh Sonja, why?

Then Steve decided to make it even more awkward.

“We also have fun with Mistress! Every night, she invites the three of us to wrestle with her! She loves taking us all at the same time!”

I honestly felt a small part of me die when he said those words. Elise had her head in her hands, but I could tell she wasn’t learning about it just now. She finally took a deep breath, sat up, emptied her wineglass, and turned to me.

why I had to kick her out of the house: the incessant sound of her bedsprings. It was bad enough when it was just Steve, but when Tobi transformed, she would come down to breakfast and brag about getting double-teamed the night before.”

I stared at Lorraine, aghast. “What the hell did you parents do to you?”

She seemed legitimately offended by the question. “What, so it’s ok for you to have your little animal girl harem, but I’m the weirdo for enjoying a nice gangbang?”

Elise and I locked eyes and did my best to give my condolences with my facial expression. I bit my lips and gave her a mournful look. ‘I’m so sorry you’ve had to suffer through this nightmare your whole life. You’re a good sister.’

She too bit her lips, nodding with her eyes closed. ‘Thank you, I really appreciate that. We all have our crosses to bear, she’s mine.’

“What’s a gangbang?” Chloe asked.

“Don’t you remember?” Momo replied. “It’s a bunch of men and one woman. We saw it in one of those porn videos.”

And just like that, it was time for me to have another glass of wine.


“Come on, just let them try it!” said Lorraine, holding up three Coronas.

“No way, I don’t want them to start drinking.” It was kind of hypocritical for me to say that considering that I was in no condition to drive.

The party had moved back to the living room, now with Elise joining in.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been even a little bit curious as to what they’d be like.”

“I’m not letting my girls get drunk. There’s no telling how it will affect them.”

“Oh please, I’ve gotten drunk with my pillar men plenty of times and they’ve all handled it like normal people.”

I turned to the girls. “It’s up to you three.”

“Momo wants to drink whatever Master drinks.”

“Me too!” said Sonja.

Chloe neither agreed nor disagreed.

Lorraine opened up three bottles and handed them out. The girls looked at each other, took a deep breath, and drank. As expected, their faces twisted as if they had just eaten a lemon.

“This is yucky!” they all exclaimed, much to our amusement.

“Now you know why I was never really into the whole drinking thing,” I said. However, seeing as this was a special occasion, I was ignoring my taste buds and decided to have a little fun. I have to give them credit, though. They kept at it. Maybe it was because they saw the guys drinking without any problem and they wanted to show that they could keep up. Even Betty had already knocked a few back.

“That’s so cute, the way you call them your girls,” said Elise, pushing my shoulder. It seemed that she had had enough wine with dinner to finally relax.

“It’s so weird though, how different they are from Betty,” I said. “Like, when you consider their personalities as animals, it always seemed natural to me the way they act as people. Sonja is hyper, Momo lazy, Chloe is nervous, but Betty… is this really the personality you would expect from her?”

“I’m not quite sure. When she was just a regular cow, she loved people, loved to get petted, was always ready to be milked, and she loved hanging around the bulls.”

“So, you’re saying she was a slut.”

“Oh, definitely.”

“I heard that!”

“I can’t believe that the first thing you did after transforming was bang this guy!” Lorraine cackled.

“Well, he looked so spineless and pitiful, I just wanted to see how easy it would be for me to break him.”

“Master isn’t spineless or pitiful!” Sonja barked.

Betty licked her lips and began massaging her breasts. “I’ll agree to that. He certainly did prove himself a man.”

“Ugh, you’re perverts, all of you,” said Elise.

“Hey, believe it or not, the girls and I do a lot more than just have sex. I’ve taught them how to read and write, we go on walks whenever we can, and they each have their own hobbies that I help them with. When we were snowed in during that big storm, we spent days playing board games next to the woodstove.”

“This winter was such a nightmare. Luckily, I had my sister’s… pillar men… to help with all the animals and shovel the snow. You three are my heroes.”

“There was so much snow! I didn’t know there could be so much snow! I didn’t know there could be so much anything! And it was so cold, I thought my feathers would fall off. But you work and you warm right up, you warm right up! We dug and dug and dug and dug and dug-“

Lorraine stifled Steve with a cracker before he could get too hyped up.

“So what are you three into?” Elise asked. The girls stiffened, not quite accustomed to being addressed by someone other than me.

“Momo likes to draw.”

“I like to play with clay and run around outside and chase balls and frisbees!” cheered Sonja.

“I… like to read books with Master!” Chloe squeaked, hiding her face with her beer bottle.

“What about you three? Do you have any hobbies?” I asked the guys.

“Mistress has taught me how to play the game called Xbox,” said Tobi.

Lorraine then covered Steve’s face before he could answer. “Steve loves to sing and Alex does yoga.”

Yeah, that sounded about right.

As the night continued, we became livelier and livelier with every bottle we emptied. Elise had music playing on a stereo and we all told funny stories. The girls cheered up and began chatting more with their male counterparts, though it appeared that Sonja was the only drunk one of the three. Momo and Chloe had consumed the same amount of alcohol, but other than a slightly raised mood, they seemed no different than usual. I had heard that cats had really good kidneys and maybe it was the same for mice?

After a while, the alcohol stopped granting energy and instead gave a steady dose of lethargy with every drop. The girls all fell asleep on the couch, leaning against each other. Betty joined them, forcing me out of my seat. Lorraine called it a night and brought her “pillar men” upstairs with her to sleep in the guest room. Hopefully, we wouldn’t hear any creaking mattress springs. It was just me and Elise, back in the dining room, still talking over drinks. I was telling her about the deer girl.

“What would you have named her?” Elise asked.

I looked at the bottle in my hand, peeling at the label with my thumbnail to simply keep myself busy. “I tried to avoid thinking about it, it just hurt too much. But when I was digging her grave, I started to wonder. I sorted through names, trying to decide what the best one would have been. I settled on Penelope.”

Elise gave a soft giggle. “Momo, Sonja, Chloe, and Penelope. You certainly have a unique naming sense. I’d like to think I know what you felt. I’ve lost plenty of animals, I lost my parents one right after the other.”

“It wasn’t just the loss that hurt, it was the guilt. Had she just remained a normal deer in the wild, she would have eventually died, whether killed by predators, hunters, disease, old age, or still simply froze to death. But because I moved to that house, because I lived near her, she didn’t live long enough for any of that to happen. And it wasn’t like I had just hit a deer with my car and killed it, more like I injured it but that injury caused it to slowly die by the side of the road. But it was still more than that, because she was a person when she died. She might not have been your average Homo sapien, but she was a human being and she died a human’s death. It was like I made her just so she could suffer.”

“What do you mean?”

“Imagine you were pregnant and out in the frozen wilderness. You go into labor and immediately after giving birth, your baby freezes to death. Or imagine finding out you had passed on some horrible disease to your child so they only live a few minutes before dying. That was their whole existence. That’s what it felt like when I realized what had happened.”

I looked back into the living room, where the girls were all sleeping soundly. “Those girls in there, they’re my lovers, but in a way, they’re also like my children. I made them what they are, I’ve taken care of them from brushing their teeth to teaching them how to read, and I’ve loved them in every way possible. I suppose in any other situation that would sound weird and creepy, and believe me, I was definitely conflicted when Momo first appeared, thinking that it would be wrong for me to touch her, but I’ve come to realize that the life I’ve built with them can’t be described or judged by any kind of cultural norm. I’m just an average guy, but they’re one of a kind.”

While the conversation was somber, Elise was looking at me with a warm smile and sparkling eyes. “The fact that you feel like that makes me think that you’re the best person for this to happen to. You’re not average at all, but not because of those girls. The fact that you care so much about them, even for one you never got to meet, shows that you’re a good man. Most guys I meet would probably have just buried her like she was evidence and considered the whole thing a nuisance. I think Penelope was lucky, because even though you never knew her, you loved her. My mom used to say that as long as there is someone who will cry for you, you are blessed.”

“For so long now, I’ve wanted someone I could talk to about all this. Thank you… for being here. I know that this is a lot to ask, but if something ever happened to me, could you take care of the girls?”

Elise rested her hand on mine. “Of course I will.” As a woman who spent her life on a farm, her hands were strong, but they were also soft and delicate, and I turned over my own hand and cradled hers. We both looked at each other’s hands, then our eyes met. “How about we… go up to my room?” she asked.

I didn’t need to answer, we both stood up and I followed her upstairs with our fingers interlaced. We entered her bedroom and as soon as the door was closed, our lips met. We were both drunk so it was a very sloppy kiss, but our arousal was removing the fatigue of the alcohol. We pulled away so that I could pull off my shirt she could unbutton her blouse. She fell back on the bed, her ample chocolate-shaded breasts nearly bouncing out of her bra. She giggled as I unfastened her jeans and pulled them off, relishing the sight of them sliding down her long, smooth legs.

Now in just in her underwear, Elise moved up the bed and rested her head on the pillow. I pulled off my own pants and moved on top of her, the two of us continuing to kiss but now with our tongues swirling in the mix. Clumsy from my intoxication, I ripped off her bra and tossed it aside, showing off her cupcakes. I hadn’t noticed them before now, but her breasts were magnificent, D-cup without question with large areolas and nipples like two Hershey’s kisses.

I ended out kiss, no longer able to resist sampling her beautiful skin. My lips found her left nipple, pulling on it while using my tongue to tickle the tip. Elise cooed and gasped from the sensation, having gone far too long without such an intimate touch. But I wasn’t going to let her get accustomed to it. While the feeling was still crisp and sharp in her mind, I heightened it with the skimming of my fingertips across her flat belly, tickling and teasing her, sending jittering pulses throughout her nerves.

I switched her right breast, sucking hard like I had with Betty. I used one hand to massage her left, rubbing deep into the tissue to stimulate every receptor in her flesh. My other hand slid under her panties like a letter opener, my fingers finding her honeypot. Just having her breasts played with had already made her wet, making penetration easy. I stirred her up, turning her gasps into moans. The movements of my fingers inside her were gentle at first, just to make sure she was ready, then I increased the intensity, taking advantage of the difference in dexterity between my fingers and my penis. I was shaking my hand like a vibrator, striking every key nerve with pinpoint accuracy. After almost a year with three beautiful women, my bedroom skills were at their peak. I could cause devastating bliss with just one finger.

I raised my head, forsaking her breasts so that I could get better leverage and a better view. I looked down on Elise with a grin of satisfaction, watching her beautiful body writhe uncontrollably from the movements of my hand. I leaned back down and again kissed her to stifle her moans, all while the pleasure built and built. Her thighs clamped around my hand as she came and her voice reached that magical pitch.

Her panties were now soaked so I pulled them off her, letting me see her glistening slit. It looked so inviting. I turned around and leaned over, burying my head between her legs. I sampled the sweet aroma of her femininity, then the taste. My tongue moved between her lips like I was sliding a credit card, sending electricity through her and waking her up. I relaxed my posture, lying down beside her while still leaning over, but that changed. Fully fired up after that first orgasm, Elise pulled my manhood free and it slipped past her lips and was bathed in her mouth. She sucked it gluttonously, wanting to pay me back for my service to her breasts.

But this posture was awkward, so Elise took the initiative and climbed on top of me, settling her gorgeous ebony ass on my face while she gargled my cock like she was trying to drown it. In this position, I could fully enjoy the taste of her pussy and send my tongue deep inside her, trying to coax more of her nectar. While my tongue swept her interior, my lower lip moved back and forth across her clitoris like the tides, making her shiver each time. All the while, Elise was sloppily making love to my cock, basting it with saliva and then licking it clean. Wax on, wax off. She was trying to induce an orgasm in me, using her hands to stroke the shaft while she used her mouth on the head. However, after my sexual battle with Betty that morning, Elise would have to work harder than that to get me to shoot my load.

The time came for the Sex hikayeleri main event. We separated and got back in the missionary position, ready to make the beast with two backs. I was just about to penetrate her when…

“Wait, do you have a condom?”

I was rather surprised that her mind was clear enough to consider that. I was sure that she had given in to her intoxication and lust. Though now that I thought about it, I was glad she did. She wasn’t like the girls.

“Uh… no. You wouldn’t happen to have any, would you?”

“God no, do you have any idea how long it’s been since I got laid? You’re the first guy I’ve had up here in like… ever.”

“Well you are on the pill, right?”

She gave me a sheepish look. “When you’re as busy with work as I am, some prescriptions are forgotten.”

We both sat up, the wind no longer in our sails. “We could always… ask your sister? Hell, with how hard she parties with those hulks of hers, she probably caries a box of Magnums wherever she goes.”

“Oh please, does she really seem like the kind of girl to use rubbers?”


I looked down my erection, slowly beginning to slacken with each pulse. When I turned back to Elise, she had a brave look on her face.

“There’s always the other way,” she said.

“Are you serious?”

“For months, I have had to listen to my sister brag about the insane things she does with those fucking whatever-men! I’ve spent my whole life working on this farm or in school while she moved from one boy toy to the next! I’m sick of playing the spinster! I want to do something dirty and kinky before I’m too sober to regret it! I want to be the slut for once!”

To be honest, I had never really cared about anal. In porn, it was always a very ‘meh’ subject for me. It wasn’t until the girls came along and I found out how opposed they were to it that I started to get interested. People naturally want what they can’t have, after all. Now that I finally had the chance to do it, I found myself more eager than I had been in a long time.

Elise got some squirts of moisturizer from a bottle on her bedside table and rubbed it on my manhood. With my member now lubed up, she lied back with her legs raised and spread. “Come on, let’s give it a shot,” she said.

Drunk Elise is awesome!

I moved between her legs, aiming my cock lower than I normally would. It touched her backdoor and her breathing quickened. I didn’t bother saying anything, I just pushed myself in. It’s a good thing she had applied that moisturizer, otherwise I never would have gotten in with how hard she was clenching. Her whole locked up and she gagged as my buried myself in up to the base. I had never felt anything like this before, this combination of physical sensation and mental satisfaction. Hell, this felt as big an accomplishment as popping the girls’ cherries, since, in a way, I was popping Elise’s and my own.

I looked down with a grin on my face. There was something innately satisfying about the sight of that perfect ring gripping my manhood with Elise’s pussy just above it, just so kinky, and the softness was incredible! I started moving, sliding back and forth in her anus with the moisturizer foaming up.

“Oh fuck!” Elise moaned as I started to pick up speed.

“How does this feel?” I asked, pushing her legs closer and closer to her chest.

“Jesus, this is incredible! I should have tried this years ago!”

A drunken grin on her face, she started rubbing her pussy, trying to invoke more pleasure. I was certainly enjoying myself as well, bathing in the joy of sexual conquest. I changed my position into a crouch, lifting her lower body up. I grabbed her headboard, now having more room and leverage as I slammed down into her, driving straight into her asshole with brutal strength.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried, watching my cock plunge into her backdoor.

With my own body swinging down with each thrust, the bed was rocking and creaking like there was an earthquake. I was dropping most of my weight onto Elise, but the anal pummeling was putting her on Cloud 9. She was fingering herself while squeezing her breasts, overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” I said.

It happened before I could stop myself, an eruption of semen flooding her anus. Feeling my hot seed filling her, a particular gleam flashed in Elise’s eyes, her smile reminding me of when Momo sniffed that bag of catnip. She pushed me onto my back, leaving a string of cum stretching between my half-inflated cock and her asshole. She didn’t waste any time, forcing me back to full mass with a rigorous handjob. As soon as I was firm enough for intercourse, she plugged me back in, now straddling my lap in a crabwalk.

She began bobbing her hips, rising and dropping herself on my manhood. Her breasts bounced every time she heaved herself up while her voice changed in pitch, and every time she lowered herself down, my cock would plunge into the deepest recesses of her ass, balls deep in the forbidden kingdom. To see her entire body on display, gorgeous and sexy beyond measure, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. She then changed her position, getting on her knees so that she could take better advantage of the bed springs. Now needing much less force, she rode me with much greater ferocity, dropping her full body weight onto my lap and sending me deeper and deeper inside her.

She leaned over, sending her tongue into my mouth. I took advantage of the change and began thrusting upwards, finally regaining my strength. “Goddamn, this is the best sex I’ve ever had!” she moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Turn around, let me see the other side,” I said with a grin.

She spun around like she was sitting on an office chair, then leaning forward on all fours. I licked my lips as I watched her throw herself back at me, her perfect ass running me over while I stirred up her insides. It felt kind of weird to watch a girl ride me like this and not see a tail, but I didn’t mind, and just the extreme contrast between our skin tones somehow made it feel even better. Watching her ass bob and shake was giving me new energy.

Making her yelp in surprise, I sat up, grabbed her under the knees, and then pulled her back with me. With her back against my chest, I raised her lower body so her legs were in the air and then I started slamming her asshole from below, using all the strength in my legs to hurl myself upwards like a rocket. Elise’s moans trembled and jittered from every impact, my thrusts making her whole body jiggle and sending ripples through her flesh. She began fingering herself, desperate for further stimulation. Fuck, I would have sold my soul for a camera on a tripod. I wanted to capture this moment and watch it later. I wanted to see what Elise looked like from the front as I sodomized her.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the position going to very long. My stomach muscles were giving out and I was forced to lower her back down. I was running out of strength, it was the last stretch, and I knew exactly how I wanted to finish. I pulled out of Elise and got out from under her. She knew what I was doing and got on all fours, shaking her ass at me. I couldn’t help it, I spread her toned cheeks and looked at how wide she was gaping. I spat on her asshole and then forced myself back in. Now with my hands on her hips, I fucked her as hard and savagely as I could, using all the strength I had.

Elise cried out and her arms buckled, unable to withstand what she was feeling. I was brutalizing her asshole, showing her no mercy and slamming into her with everything I had. I loved the sight of her in this position, seeing the muscles in her back shudder with every wave her bliss, the ripples move through her ebony flesh with every strike. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, or off my manhood as it slid in and out of her backdoor.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Elise moaned. She had her face buried in the crook of her arm, watching her tits swing like chandeliers as I rode her. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming from my ass!”

She cried out like an opera singer, having climax after climax as I released the last of my reserves into her. We at last stopped and I slowly pulled out of her, leaving a small waterfall of semen trickling out of her wrecked asshole. She collapsed on the bed and I fell beside her, the two of us asleep before our heads even hit the pillow.


There are many cures for a hangover, or at least many tricks that are thought to be cures. There’s hydration, vitamins, exercise, and of course, some hair of the dog that bit you. A woman screaming, however, is not a cure. It cut through me like a knife, drawing me from a deep sleep.


Was she talking about the anal sex we had? If I woke up after a night of drinking with my butt full of semen, I would probably freak out like she was.

Before I could even open my eyes, I felt myself tossed through the air, flying across the room before striking a mirror over Elise’s bureau. I fell to the floor, groaning in pain with my body bruised all over and my back covered in cuts, all while Elise continued to scream. I finally gained the strength to push myself up and open my eyes.

“Oh my God…” I gasped.

Elise was on the bed, but… there was a lot more of her than I remembered there being. From the waist up, she was completely normal, but from the waist down, her legs had been replaced with a tail as thick as a tree trunk, at least thirty feet long and covered with obsidian black scales, coiled throughout the room.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!” she screamed again.

I didn’t even know what to say, my mind was completely blank.

The bedroom door burst open with Lorraine and the pillar men swarming in, all four of them naked. “Elise! What’s going-” Lorraine came to a dead stop, her mouth hanging open.

I heard footfalls on the stares as the girls came up with Betty in the rear. They pushed their way into the bedroom and stared in similar amazement.

“You did this to me, you son of a bitch!”

With lightning speed, her tail wrapped around me and I was lifted into the air. She was crushing me with strength I didn’t know was possible, forcing all of the air out of my lungs. Her tail was solid muscle, so dense and heavy that I felt like Superman had just tied me up with an I-beam. I gasped for breath, feeling like my ribs would snap any second.

“Stop! Don’t hurt Master!” Sonja barked as she tackled Elise.

“Guys, help him out!” Lorraine yelled.

As Sonja wrestled Elise back down onto the bed, the pillar men came to my aid and helped pull me free of the tail’s grip. Their muscles weren’t just for show.

“Out! Out! I want all of you fucking freaks out of my house now!” she shrieked, blinded with rage.

We all rushed downstairs, knowing that she could and would easily kill us. We huddled in the kitchen, listening to her screams of anger and the smashing of her possessions. I certainly couldn’t blame her for her reaction. Shit, we had gone full blown Kafka!

“I can’t believe this is happening! This is a nightmare!” I said.

“This shouldn’t be possible! Turning animals into people is one thing, but this is a whole new level of weird! What the hell happened last night?” Lorraine exclaimed.

It was at this point that I realized both Lorraine and I were naked.

“Elise and I went up to her room, had sex, fell asleep, and the next thing I know, I’m being thrown across the room!”

“I never thought this kind of thing would happen. Did we both do this? Did this happen because we were both in the house? Maybe we emit some kind of radiation or something and Elise got a double dose.”

“Or maybe it was just me. Yesterday, I was able to transform Betty after being around her for just a couple minutes. Maybe this is the next stage. This will probably start happening to you eventually.”

“The four of you should probably leave. I don’t think Elise will be coming downstairs anytime soon, so it will be up to the pillar men and I to take care of the cows. I’ll call you later when she finally calms down and we can talk this out.”

I had no reason to argue. I certainly didn’t want to stick around after Elise tried to crush me to death. I left her my number, and still naked, I walked out to my car with the girls following me and we drove home. No words were said on the ride back. As soon as we got home, I went straight to bed. Elise had woken me up at the crack of dawn with her screams and I was exhausted. The only thing I could hope for was to go to sleep and wake up to find that this was just a bad dream.


The call came around noon, Lorraine telling us it was safe to come back. I didn’t quite believe her, but I would inevitably have to go back into that snake pit. At the very least, a long nap followed by a greasy breakfast had helped ease my hangover a bit. I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, when my phone started ringing.

“Ok, girls, we’re heading back to the farm.”

They looked at me fearfully.

“But Master, what if Elise tries to hurt you again?” Chloe asked, clinging to my leg.

“Considering what I’ve done to her, I certainly deserve it. But right now, she really needs our help and we need to try to find some answers. Get dressed and brushed and we’ll head over.”

We made the drive back, all of us afraid of what might happen. I could easily imagine knocking on the door, then Elise’s tail bursting out like a monster’s tentacle and slamming me into the ground. When we finally reached the house, I had us all stand away from the door and I knocked on it like I was afraid it would explode.

“We’re here!” I hollered.

“Come on in!” I heard Lorraine reply.

We entered the house and found the sisters, Betty, and the pillar men in the kitchen. Elise was sitting in a chair, though now that she had transformed, she didn’t really have a rear end. All she could do was bend her tail where her waist was into the same posture. She had a cup of coffee in her hands and a liquor bottle next to it for some added flavor. It was obvious she had been sobbing. Her thick tail formed a perimeter around the table. If any of us stepped on or tripped over it, it would be tantamount to falling on a landmine.

“Hey, Elise… how… how are you doing?” I asked.

“How do you think I’m doing? I’ve turned into a freak. My life is over.”

I took a seat across from the table from her. “Your life isn’t over.”

“Then what the hell do you call this? Do you realize I can never leave my home again? I can never let anyone see me! I’ll either die in my house or in a government lab somewhere! Do you know what it’s going to be like, trying to take care of the cows? I can’t wear boots anymore! Do you have any idea how much cow shit I step in on a daily basis?!”

Lorraine looked away so that Elise couldn’t see her smile. I knew for a fact that she was just waiting for Elise to finally cheer up so that she could start making fun of the whole situation. She had probably spent all morning coming up with puns and jokes behind Elise’s back, struggling to hold in her laughter.

“Maybe we could move you somewhere,” I said, “to another country perhaps. Maybe we can find some snake-worshipping village that would make you their god.”

Elise shot me a dirty look. I had spoken seriously, but she seemed to think I was kidding.

“What the hell am I supposed to do? My life is completely fucked. How am I supposed to keep my home and this farm going when I can never again meet people in person? What happens if I get sick or injured and need a doctor?”

“We’ll help you!” said Sonja.

“Momo will take care of cows.”

“Our house is small… but you can always stay with us if you need to,” Chloe added.

Elise finally smiled. “Your Master is lucky to have you three.” She again shot me a dirty look. “Don’t expect me to call you that, though. I think you imagine why I might have a serious problem with that.”

“Why not, it sounds pretty kinky to me,” said Lorraine with a giggle. We both glared at her. “Oh come on, it is! You should at least try to find a bright side to this!”

“Well, my vagina is still in place but my asshole is now near the end of my tail, so I guess I can now take a shit in the bathroom without having to get out of bed! Ain’t that convenient! Thank you so fucking much for helping me to realize that!” She then turned her rage on me. “You hear that? Next time you want to mess up my back door, you’re gonna have to climb the beanstalk!”

“Oh, so the two of you did it THAT way!” Betty laughed with an aroused grin.

“I had no idea you were so naughty! And on the same day you meet! Talk about going zero to sixty! Welcome to the off-road club!” Lorraine cackled.

As the two of them cracked jokes, my girls all instinctively moved to cover their butts. I was rather surprised that Elise didn’t flip the table over like Momo losing a game of Monopoly. Instead, she simply added more gin to her coffee.

“Elise, I am so sorry about all of this,” I said.

“I can’t help but wonder if killing you would turn me back to normal…”

I could tell she meant it.

“I swear to you, I am going to find some way to make this right.”

“I have a solution.” We all turned to Tobi, the last person we expected to talk. “Why don’t you just make more like us and stop hiding it? If it’s going to keep happening, we might as well just reveal ourselves on our own terms.”

Lorraine and I both looked at each other. Maybe it really was time to show the world what we were capable of. After all, I had already decided that I was going to expose the girls one way or another, so maybe it was just time to take the plunge.

“What if you and I both went out and started transforming animals?” Lorraine suggested.

“We don’t even need to reveal that we’re the cause, we could just show the world that these… hybrids… actually exist. We could go somewhere public, blend in with the crowd, and then just let nature take its course with whatever animal is around us.”

“No, that wouldn’t work,” said Elise. “Just doing it once or twice wouldn’t be enough. People would just call the police, saying there was a naked cosplayer hopped up on drugs. And if you did it to someone’s dog, they would be taken away from their family.”

“We need to do Sikiş hikayeleri it where there are lots of people and wild animals around,” I said.

Lorraine and I locked eyes, silently daring each other to say the words we both knew needed to be said.

I have to give Betty credit, she could read the mood. She got up and looked at the girls. “If you three are going to help take care of my friends, I should introduce you.” She turned to the pillar men. “Come on, boys, there’s always work to be done.”

They all followed her outside and Lorraine and I returned our attention to each other. “We need to go to a zoo,” we said at the same time.


“Woohoo!” Sonja cheered, running through the field with Tobi chasing after her.

Upon seeing the cows, her first reaction had been to try and coax them into playing with her, but to no avail. Instead, her hyperactivity triggered the similar instincts in the fox, allowing him to come out of his shell and have fun with her. They were sprinting back and forth around the cows, playing tag.

In the corner of the field, the cows were gathering around Betty as she introduced them to Momo and Sonja. “That’s Pamela, Mary, Maurice, Kathy, Tim…”

As Betty named them, the cows gathered in around Chloe, very curious. She gave an anxious whimper as they closed in on her, followed by a whine as they started to lick her cheeks. She crouched down into a ball but the cows continued nuzzling and licking her. One of the cows came up to Momo and sniffed her, trying to figure out what she was. Momo too was fascinated, having never seen an animal so large. When it turned away, she leaned against, resting the side of her face on its back.

“Mmmmm, nice and warm,” she said.

Betty was speaking to the cows as if they were other people, with the animals responding with groans and shakes of their heads. “Yeah, so these two kids are just like me. They were turned by the man I told you about. I don’t think that would be a good idea, Elise is already stressed enough. I told you, she transformed too. Now she’s like a snake. I know you do, but she needs some time to calm herself.”

“You can talk with them?” Momo asked.

“Sure, can’t you still talk to other cats?”

“Momo isn’t really sure. Momo hasn’t been able to spend time with other cats since she grew big. Sometimes Momo watches cats on Master’s computer and can understand what they are saying though. What are the cows saying?”

“They like your little friend, but they find the other one annoying. They want to know when Elise is coming out to see them. They really want to see her tail.”

Momo looked at Betty, her eyes on her massive breasts. They were drawing her in, playing on her feline instincts. She wanted to bat them around like balls of yarn. “Can Momo touch your boobs?” she asked with her ears twitching.

“Sure thing,” Betty replied.

She pulled up her shirt and flashed Momo, leaving her hypnotized. She slowly raised her hands and cupped both breasts, giving Betty a wry smile. A low purr began to sound in her throat as she squeezed and pushed them, kneading them like bread. Back when she was a normal cat, she would do this same thing to pillows and cushions out of instinct. It felt strange to do it again after so long. And of course, there was Betty, the slutty cow milf who loved sexual stimulation, panting and grinning as her tits were massaged.

“Chloe, you got to try this. It’s really fun.”

Chloe couldn’t participate, still being nuzzled and licked by the other cows who mistook her for one of their young. But behind Betty, Momo could see Sonja, who was crouching in the corner of the field with Tobi next to her. She then stood up and ran to the house with something in her hands.


“But we have no idea if this will work,” said Elise. “If you haven’t been able to stop it, what makes you think you can do it on command?”

“Because, like you said, it hasn’t stopped. Since it’s just going to happen again, I might be able to cause it by choice,” I said.

“But look at what happened to me. What if you do that to someone else?”

“We don’t even know how exactly it happened. We don’t know if it was the fact that you were around both of us or if it was just his ability getting worse. If it is getting worse, then it probably will happen to someone else someday. It will probably start happening to people around me. We should act now before it becomes too dangerous for us to be around people,” said Lorraine.

“And what will happen when you’re both gone and I’m stuck here with the kids? I can’t exactly just go into town and pick us up some pizza for dinner. You need to have this all figured out and make sure that you can do this before just heading off and wasting time.”

“Master! Master!”

“Mistress! Mistress!”

The door swung open and both Sonja and Tobi rushed in, happy as could be.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Look at what we found!”

Sonja held out her two clasped hands and opened them to reveal a salamander sitting on her palms. It had black skin and yellow spots across its body. I remember seeing one once when I was a kid. Wait a second… I turned back to Elise and Lorraine. I gave them a look asking ‘should I?’ They just shrugged with nervous expressions. I looked at the salamander, took a deep breath, and focused my mind on it, willing it to transform.

It happened in only a second, the tiny creature suddenly expanding in Sonja’s hands. She instinctively dropped it, but it had already reached its full size by the time it touched the ground, landing on its feet. Before us was a girl, about an inch taller than Chloe, due to her originally tiny size. As in her original salamander form, her body was black and decorated with large yellow spots, but with a gray stomach, and her skin smooth and slimy. She didn’t have any hair, but there was a slight ridgeline where her hairline would be, with the skin somewhat raised as if to imitate the shape and added mass of hair. She stood naked before us, with breasts at a fair B-cup, larger than Chloe’s. The tip of her long tail just barely touched the floor. She looked more like an alien than an animal girl.

All of us stared, stunned. Not only had we proven that it could be done on command, but we had finally seen the transformation process up close and personal. Though, it was so fast that didn’t actually learn much. It was like pulling the cord on one of those instant-inflating life rafts. No wonder neither the girls nor the pillar men remembered transforming. The girl looked at us and herself in confusion, but when she saw me, she gained a wide smile. Rather than speaking, she made a gleeful hum and jumped onto my lap and hugged me.

“That was so cool!” Sonja squealed.

“I can’t believe that actually worked,” said Elise.

“Now I kind of want to make one,” Lorraine added.

“No! We already have enough mouths to feed!” her sister barked.

I too was utterly stunned, unsure of what to do next. I tapped the girl on the shoulder so that she would stop hugging me. She sat up in my lap, keeping her hands on my shoulders.

“Can you tell me anything about yourself?” I asked.

The girl shook her head. She made a soft “uh-uh” sound when she did it, but it was just a hum.

“Maybe she doesn’t understand you,” Elise suggested.

“No, she answered the question. Maybe she’s simply a mute like Alex,” said Lorraine.

“Can you talk?” I asked. The girl again shook her head. “Damn, I was hoping for some answers this time. I guess now we-“

The girl covered my mouth with her own, her tongue already sliding down my throat.

“Whoa! Look at her go!” Lorraine said with a laugh.

I don’t know what was causing it, but her mouth tasted delicious beyond words, as good if not better than when I drank Betty’s milk straight from the tap. I was compelled to collect more of this flavor, sending my tongue swirling around her mouth. The longer we kissed, the more energetic we became, with the girl grinding against me like she was giving me a lap dance as I explored her slender body with my hands. She was even beginning to whimper in sexual bliss.

“Ok, that’s enough, you two!” said Elise, forcing her tail in between us to make us stop. “You, sit right there.” The girl did as told, sitting in the chair next to mine.

“Master, kiss me like that too!” Sonja whined.

“Sorry about that,” I said, “it was like her mouth was full of crystal meth.” I had calmed down, realizing now that my clothes were sticky from touching the girl.

“She’s surprisingly energetic for a salamander,” said Lorraine, “her personality seems way off from how it should be.”

“Yeah, Chloe was so skittish when I first found her. She didn’t react to me at all the way Momo and Sonja did.”

“Maybe it’s because she transformed differently,” Elise theorized. “This time you caused it on purpose, so maybe her newly developed brain instinctively recognizes you as her creator.”

“Is that true?” I asked the girl.

She smiled and this time nodded while humming “uh-huh”, then jumped back into my lap and started kissing my cheek. This time, Sonja refused to be left out and zoomed around the table to join in.

“Ok, so we’ve established that it can be done on command, now we just decide where to go. We could do the Maine Wildlife Park. I’ve been there before as a kid and it should work.”

“Nah, we should do something with more people and more animals, and preferably a little farther away. I say we should hit up the Bronx Zoo,” said Lorraine.

“Ok, you and I will request time off from work and then book a flight.”

“And in the meantime, what am I supposed to do? I think you’ve forgotten how screwed I am,” said Elise.

“Well… you can probably order groceries for delivery. If you’re expecting to meet anyone for business, just try and do it over the phone or postpone it until we come back and Lorraine can do it in your place. I was also thinking that everyone could stay here with you while Lorraine and I are gone. I know you could use the help and I don’t want to leave the girls alone back home. They’ll get lonely without someone to look after them.”

“Fine, but I’m short on beds. There is only my room and our parents’ old room that we use as a guest room, where Betty sleeps.”

“Hauling over our mattress will be a small price to pay to know my girls are taken care of. Thank you. Ok, I’d better get them home. I’ll call you both tonight.” Holding both the girl’s hand and Sonja’s, I headed outside. “Momo, Chloe, we’re going home!”

Momo and Chloe returned from the field, staring at the new girl with wide eyes.

“Master, who is this?” Momo asked.

“This is… Leah. Her name is Leah.”

Hearing her name for the first time, the salamander girl looked up at me with a wide grin and then wrapped her arms around my waist.


“Masteeeeeeer! Leah is getting Momo’s clothes sticky!”

Momo was leaning away from the salamander, who was sitting in the middle of the backseat. Hearing Momo’s whining left her with a mournful frown and drooping shoulders.

“I know, Momo, we’ll clean them when we get home. Please be nice to Leah.”

Now that I thought about it, maybe transforming a salamander had been a bad idea. For one thing, she was always covered with a thin mucus that kept her skin hydrated, but which seemed to lather onto anything she touched. That back seat was now in need of a good washing. We would need to get her clothed as soon as possible. There was also the issue of what exactly that slime was made of. Leah was black with big yellow spots, which in the animal kingdom, meant poisonous. We’d have to be very careful with her.

“Master, are you going to play with Leah too?” Chloe asked.

“Well that’s entirely up to her, but if she’s willing, I’ll make her happy.”

Leah suddenly perked right up and began wiggling in her seat, her face bright with a silent laughter. Was she reacting to what I said? It was obvious she understood English, but did she really understood what “play” meant in our home?

We arrived back at the house and Leah nervously climbed out of the car. I stood next to her, my hand resting on her smooth head. “This is your home now. You’re part of the family.” She smiled and nuzzled up against me.

We went inside and I gave her the grand tour, showing her each part of the house and explaining the different appliances. I then brought her upstairs to the bedroom to give her some clothes. Luckily, she and Chloe were the same size. From the bureau containing all the girls’ clothing, I first handed Leah a t-shirt and told her to put it on, though the moment she was covered, she started scratching at her skin with a pained look on her face.

“Ah damn,” I sighed. Her skin was too sensitive for the dry fabric. She needed something much softer and less absorbent, but I wasn’t sure I had anything like that. She could sense my disappointment and avoided my gaze in shame. I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. “No, no, it’s not your fault. It’s something we’ll figure out later. For now, we just need something temporary…”

An idea led me to the bathroom where I pulled down the shower curtain. It was smooth plastic, just what I needed. I returned to Leah and wrapped it around her, connecting the curtain rings around her neck and letting hang down behind her like a cape. She looked at me in confusion.

“There, that ought to work. Until we come up with a clothing solution, just carry this around with you and use it as a cover for whatever you sit on, or wrap it around yourself like a blanket. Understand?” She smiled and nodded. “Good, then let’s join the girls.”

Back downstairs, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe had already stripped down to their natural naked selves, and seeing them without their clothes, I could sense Leah becoming much more relaxed. Momo, Sonja, and I took our seats on the couch, this time with Leah slipping in the edge next to Sonja and taking the armrest. Down below was Chloe, sitting on the floor with my legs wrapped around her.

“Master,” Momo asked over the sound of the TV, “have you and Lorraine decided on what you’re going to do?”

“We have, actually. She and I are going to go on a trip and turn a lot of animals into people so that the world can finally see what is happening.” The girls all turned to me, shocked and horrified.

“You’re going on a trip?!” they cried, save for Leah, who, well, you know.

Of course, that would be the one thing they cared about.

“Girls, it will just be for a few days at most. While I’m gone, you and the pillar men will be staying with Elise and helping her out on the farm. Trust me, you’ll love it. And if Lorraine and I do this right, it may be that you girls won’t have to hide anymore. We can get the help we need.”


As we watched TV, I looked up salamanders on my computer, trying to find clues on how to take care of Leah. It would be an understatement to say her physiology was different from Momo, Sonja, and Chloe’s. Since regular fabric wouldn’t work for her, she couldn’t even sleep in bed with us, but I think I had found a good alternative. I prepared dinner, now with a fourth bowl set on the floor. I got the sense that Leah preferred it that way. As usual, I watched them from the table, snickering at the sight of them all maintaining the same posture while they ate, faces buried in their food bowls. With her skin tone, Leah definitely stood out.

After dinner, we all went upstairs and entered the bathroom to brush our teeth. Leah and I sat down on the edge of the tub. “Leah, I think I figured out a good place for you to sleep. Would you be comfortable sleeping here in the bathtub if I filled it with wet towels?” She smiled and nodded.

“Wait, I wanted to sleep in bed with Leah!” Sonja whined.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but a dry bed isn’t a good place for her.”

I started filling up the tub with lukewarm water and towels, as per the advice I had read online. She couldn’t breathe underwater, but she needed to sleep in a nice damp environment and she needed something she could burrow into. Since I wasn’t about to fill up my bathtub with mud, wet towels would have to do.

As I got her bedding ready, she watched Momo, Sonja, and Chloe brush their teeth, hypnotized by their perfect movements. They had lived around each other long enough to take on the exact same pace when they brushed their teeth. With a spare toothbrush and some paste, I turned to Leah.

“Ok, open wide.” She showed me all her teeth and I began to brush them for her. “Starting tomorrow, you’ll be doing this yourself every morning and every evening, but for now, I’ll just show you how it’s done.”

She was definitely reacting to it, the pressure I was exerting on her teeth, the feel of the bristles on her soft gums and tongue. She squirmed from the alien sensation, never feeling something like this back when she was just an animal. She tried to lean back but I wrapped my arm around her. Her eyes were wet, her lips parted and white with foam. I must say, brushing the girls’ teeth for the first time is always fun.

Once we were all done, Leah moved towards the tub. “Hold on a sec,” I said, causing her to look back at me. “Before going to sleep, I was thinking you’d maybe want to play together? I mean if you want to, of co-“

Before I could even finish my sentence, her tongue was down my throat as she pounced on me, her limbs tightly around my chest. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe stared at her with wide eyes, amazed by her energy. I returned her affection, swirling my tongue around her mouth. Even after brushing her teeth, there was some kind of delicious taste in her mouth, and it wasn’t from dinner.

I brought Leah into the bedroom, where the shower curtain was laid out on the bedspread. The salamander let go so that I could undress and then we all climbed onto the bed. Momo, Sonja, and Chloe kept their distance, wanting to watch and let Leah enjoy her first time one on one. I was sitting cross-legged and Leah was straddling my lap. Our lips were joined, the two of us exchanging flavors. My hands roamed her slender body, aided by the liquid membrane covering her body. It acted like a massage oil, letting me rub deep into her skin and muscles without friction getting in the way.

My hands found her rear end, massaging her soft flesh like Erotik hikaye I was shaping clay. Feeling my hands probe such a sensitive area, Leah pulled her lips from mine, desperate for air. She panted with her cold, amphibious body now becoming hot. The girls watched her, easily recognizing that look on her face. It was the look of bliss. No longer able to kiss her, my lips moved to her neck. For the briefest moment, I feared that the fluid on her skin might be toxic, but as soon as I tasted it, that fear was erased. I don’t know how to describe it, the deliciousness of her skin. The syrup that coated her, it was like it captivated every taste bud in a different way. It was as sweet and sugary as chocolate ice cream, but also tasted like tenderized steak, ripe bananas, marble cake, glazed ham, and every single food that I loved. Hell, at one point, it was like tasting my Mom’s home-cooked lasagna.

I couldn’t stop, I licked her cheeks and neck like I was dying of thirst and she was made of ice. This substance, it was dangerously addictive. The touch of my tongue made Leah pant even faster, her body writhing. Finally, my need to breath forced me to pause.

“Oh my God, girls, you need to taste this.”

My lips then found her right areola, my tongue licking it clean. Intrigued, the girls crawled over and each sniffed Leah. Tentative licks brushed her flesh, followed by aggressive slurping. With one taste, the girls were hooked and wanted to further sample her. Momo and Sonja were licking her shoulders while Chloe was dragging her tongue up her spine, making her shiver. Four tongues on her bare flesh was almost more than she could take, and at last, a soft moan could be heard in her throat. She didn’t have the ability to speak, so this moan was probably the only way I would hear her voice.

I slipped my fingers between her legs, finding her pussy literally dripping in arousal. “Ok, Leah, I’m going to put it in.”

In reply, she wrapped her arms around my head and held it to her chest. My manhood met her womanhood, diving in without any resistance. Leah gave a true moan as I buried myself up to the base, deflowering her. Considering that she was the same size as Chloe, I thought it would be more difficult, but her tunnel was so slick that I passed right through like my penis was riding a Slip ‘N Slide.

Leah started gyrating her hips, sending my member spinning around inside her. I continued to suck on her breasts as she rode me, both out of sexual desire and to continue tasting her sweat. The girls were the same, searching for new areas to lick clean. Once I had completely swept her chest, I decided it was time to really get down to business. I laid Leah on her back and got on top of her. Like Chloe, she was too small for me to kiss her while we made love, so instead, I simply held her against me and she buried her face in my chest.

Now that we were in missionary, I was able to get real depth and force. I began thrusting into her, punishing her slit with her legs wrapped around my waist. Her voice cried out as she felt my member fill her up to completion. Every time I buried myself in to the base, Leah felt like she would be split open. But while Leah and I were in our own little world, three little gluttons wanted their next hit. They circled around behind me, searching for exposed skin. Chloe and Sonja began licking her legs, while Momo had another target in mind. One moment, Leah was completely normal, then the next minute, her body was trembling under me, almost to the point of vibration. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth open. I looked behind me and saw Momo deep-throating Leah’s tail with all the skills she had learned since transforming.

She showed Leah no mercy, brushing her hair out of her face as she sucked like a vacuum, with a frothy mix of her saliva and Leah’s oil dripping onto her breasts. Maybe she thought if she worked hard enough, a stream that fluid would spray from the tip of her tail. But it did have an effect. Leah’s voice echoed through the house as she experienced her first orgasm, squirting like a fountain and leaving me soaked in her arousal.

I sat up for a moment to let Leah and I catch her breath. This girl was certainly full of surprises. Once my stamina was restored, I turned Leah on her side so that one of her legs was going between mine and the other was across my chest. I again took her, forcing my cock as deep into her body as possible, with her shapeless cries answering every clap of flesh on flesh.

The girls likewise changed position. Momo was content sucking on Leah’s tail, but Chloe seemed to want to comfort Leah through these new, earth-shattering sensations. She lied down beside her, spooning her, and of course while nibbling on her ear. Sonja had her attention on me, or rather, she was licking Leah’s arousal off my chest, relishing the added saltiness of my sweat. And me? I was sucking on Leah’s toes, running my tongue between and making her squirm.

Through our combined efforts, Leah’s evening was one orgasm after another, her mind ravaged by indescribable pleasure. It was close to midnight when she finally collapsed, her small body licked clean and sapped of strength, not to mention my semen dribbling out of her. Honestly, we had gotten so worked up by tasting that fluid that Leah and I hadn’t even gotten to try oral, and I was really looking forward to that. Oh well, there was always another day.

I carried her into the bathroom and settled her in the tub. The water level was low, just enough to keep all the towels wet. Half asleep, she covered herself in towels, and with her head above the water, she drifted off to sleep.

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

I then returned to the bedroom where the girls were waiting. We had directed all of our attention on Leah and paid barely any to each other, and even this late at night, we were all wired and ready to go.


That next morning, I went into the bathroom to answer nature’s call and wake up Leah. I began draining the tub while pouring in hot water. Since she was cold-blooded (except for during sex apparently), her body was slow to react in cold temperatures. The warm water was like a heat lamp you’d see at a zoo. Under the mass of wet towels, I could see Leah beginning to stir, like a frozen zombie beginning to thaw. I turned my attention to the toilet to drain my own lizard, and with the sound of bath faucet and my own stream, I didn’t hear the she-beast rise from the dark depths of her lair.


That very feminine shriek, to my shame, came from me. Leah had jumped from the bathtub and pounced on me, and the feeling of her cold, wet body woke me up better than any cup of coffee. She had her arms and legs wrapped around me and was kissing my cheek with a joyful hum in her throat. I know I should have appreciated her affection, but honestly, my mind had gone blank from the icy touch on my skin, as if I had just fallen into a frozen lake.

Hearing my voice, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe poked their heads into the bathroom. “Master?” they asked.

“I’m ok, I’m ok.” I lowered Leah to the floor. “I’m glad to see you had so much fun last night.” Her bright smile and rapid nodding warmed my heart. “Come on, let’s go get breakfast.”

We all headed downstairs, with Momo, Sonja, and Chloe preparing their own breakfasts. Since this was Leah’s first morning with us, I would make hers for her. “Ok, Leah, what would you like to eat? I can cook you up some eggs?” She shook her head. “How about some toast?” Again, she shook her head. “Cereal? Pancakes?” No dice. This was weird. Normally the girls would happily eat whatever I made them. She certainly wasn’t picky about last night’s dinner. “Well, what would you like to eat?”

Leah looked down and put her hands on her stomach. A tugging on my shirt directed me to Chloe, who nervously hid behind me as if afraid of me seeing her. “What is it, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Um… Master… I don’t think Leah wants to eat anything. I think she’s still full from dinner last night.”

“Is that true, Leah?” She nodded. I smiled and rubbed both hers and Chloe’s heads. “Nice instincts, Chloe. Good job.” They both hummed in happiness.

It made sense that she wouldn’t need to eat. Since she didn’t produce any body heat, her metabolism worked much slower than any of ours. It seemed our food expenses wouldn’t rise much from her arrival.

“Leah, if you’re ever hungry, just tell us and we’ll happily prepare something for you.”

After eating and getting myself ready to go, I called Lorraine and confirmed our plan. We would both request some time off from work and then book a flight to New York. At the office, I got all of my affairs in order while my bosses picked someone to take my place while I was gone. I had said that my grandmother was due to pass away the next day or the day after, and my parents would need my help dealing with her estate. Luckily, they believed it and I got a week off. I again called Lorraine, and when she told me the good news, I went online and bought us two tickets for the next day.


“I’m home!” There was no need for me to say it, considering that all four girls were by the door before I even turned off my car, but it was still nice. They all ganged up on me for a group hug, each of them telling me about their day. They were especially clingy due to how late I was. “Ok, girls, let’s move to the living room.” I sat in the middle of the couch with Momo and Sonja on either side and Chloe and Leah on the floor. They were all looking at the large paper bag I had brought in with me. “I had to drive quite a ways to find this store, but when I got there, they had exactly what I needed. Leah, take a look at this…”

From the bag, I pulled out a black, latex rubber suit. The girls all stared in amazement, trying to understand it. It was no exaggeration to say that finding a sex shop in Maine, especially northern Maine, was no small feat. Though I was proud of myself for how little it affected me. Just two years ago, I would have probably been weirded out. The nice woman with obvious nipple rings poking through her shirt helped me select a good suit for Leah. It was the smallest she had and very affordable.

“Since you don’t like dry fabric, I thought that this could work until we find a better solution. And look, it even matches your skin tone, though it’s missing the dots. Sonja, be a dear and grab the tub of Vaseline from under the bathroom sink. Momo, go get the sewing kit, please. Chloe, I need the stepstool in the kitchen.”

The girls ran off to fulfill their tasks while Leah examined the suit. She rubbed it against her face, liking the way the rubber slid across her skin. What I was wondering was how long that suit would last. These weren’t a pair of denims, this was an outfit normally used for small periods of time in an enclosed environment. We would definitely have to do everything we could to maintain it.

The girls came back, first Chloe with the stool, which I had Leah stand up with. Then came Sonja and Momo. I held up the suit against Leah, seeing how well it would fit. Luckily, there was plenty of extra room for her. I cut off the extra rubber and shortened the sleeves, then smeared Vaseline through the interior. Leah slipped it on and we all gazed at her. She looked like an alien dominatrix, and I mean that in a good way. The rubber hugged her curves beautifully and she had a big smile from the way it felt and the mobility it gave her.

After dinner, we settled in front of the TV to relax, while I worked on sewing the remaining scraps of rubber to make a sleeve for Leah’s tail. After modifying the girls’ clothes for their tails and occasionally repairing Sonja’s after her outdoor roughhousing, I had become a natural with a needle and thread. Finally, we went upstairs and Leah and I went at it for Round 2.


With our mattress tied to the roof of my car, the girls and I pulled up Elise’s driveway. Lorraine was already there, having done the same with her pillar men. As we got out of the car, she came up to us.

“Hey! You finally made it! I was wondering when you would-” She became silent, her eyes falling on Leah in her rubber sex suit. That next moment, she had fallen to the ground, laughing so hard that it actually gave her dry heaves.

I sighed and turned to the girls. “Let’s bring the bed in.”

We carried the mattress into the house and found Elise in the kitchen, supporting herself with her tail like a cobra leaning back before striking. She was wearing a tank top and a skirt, the look actually really nice on her.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Yeah, sure, great morning for you. I bet you got a good night’s sleep. Not me! Do you know how hard it is to toss and turn when you have an extra thirty feet of body that you have to flip? And trust me, restless leg syndrome is a million times worse when you have a giant tail instead!”

I pitied the girls for having to spend the next few days with her.

“Where can we put the bed?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Just put it on the floor in the guest bedroom. They can bunk with Betty. My sister has her boys sleeping in her old bedroom.”

We hauled the mattress upstairs, while outside, I could hear Lorraine still laughing. After coming back downstairs, I went out to my car to retrieve two bags. One was full of blankets and bedding, the other was full of the girl’s possessions, things they would need while staying with Elise. I brought both bags into the house and set them on the dinner table. Elise slithered over to me, but while keeping her human body upright.

“Ok, so the girls prefer to eat their food on the floor. I’ve brought their food bowls. None of them are picky eaters and I’ve also taught them to prepare meals. Leah only needs to eat once a day, usually dinner. Don’t worry, I’ve already taught her how to use the toilet, and she needs to sleep in a bathtub filled with wet towels. In order to wake her up, start filling the tub with warm water. Sonja will probably be a little depressed once I leave, but you can cheer her up by throwing a frisbee or tennis ball. I brought plenty. Momo is lazy and kind of whiny, but she’ll do whatever you ask her to, just reward her with lots of head pats and ear rubbing, and let her nap each day. Now Chloe is very shy and nervous, so please, whatever you do, don’t raise your voice to her or around her. She’ll probably apologize whenever you call her name, don’t mind it. If she does a good job, give her plenty of reassurance.”

“It’s so cute, how much you care about your girls.”

“Thanks, I also wrote it down. There are more instructions in the bag with their stuff. By the way… it would make the girls really happy if you’d let them be… naked.” She raised her eyebrow and gave me a doubting look. “They hate wearing clothes, absolutely hate it, so when the weather is warm or they’re inside, I let them go without. I don’t quite know whether or not Leah is the same way.”

“I can just imagine what it’s like in your house.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. On that note, keep an eye on the guys. I don’t want them getting any funny ideas or getting too ‘close’ to the girls.”

“Afraid of getting cucked by an iguana?”

“To think that all of human history and the English language led to that question being uttered… Anyway, do you have everything taken care of on your end?”

“Yep, all of our groceries will be delivered and I’ve canceled every meeting I had this week, so no one will be stopping by. Just promise me that you and my sister will fix this.”

We turned to each other, just staring in silence. Finally, I spoke. “I really am sorry for everything that’s happened. I would never have done this to you if I had known.”

“Thank you, I know that you really mean that.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll find a cure someday.”

For the first time, probably since transforming, Elise laughed. “By then, I’ll probably get used to the tail and will want to keep it.”

I took a chance. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, then hugged her. She returned the embrace, and I like to think that it was then that she decided to forgive me. When she finally separated, I turned to the girls, each of them giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t worry, girls, I’ll only be gone for a few days and you’ll have lots of fun here. Sonja, you’re going to be able to run and play as much as you want. Momo, I can just imagine you snoozing in the hayloft. Chloe, Elise is going to take extra special care of you and I bet Betty is going to snuggle up with you like you’re a beanie baby. And Leah, I was thinking that when I come back, we could go home and you and I could take a nice bath together.”

They weren’t overjoyed, but I was able to give them small smiles. I held out my arms and the girls closed in, hugging me as tightly as they could.

“The five of you are going to give me diabetes,” Elise said with a laugh.

I checked my phone and saw the time. “Ok, girls, I got to go, but I’ll call you every night. I love you.”

“We love you too, Master!” they all cried, breaking out the waterworks.

I managed to pull away and saw the pillar men approaching the house from the barn. Goddammit, why did they have to be so ripped? It’s just not fair. “All right, men, I’m trusting you to look after my girls. Keep them safe for me.”

They all nodded. “We will,” said Tobi. Then, of course, Steve started yammering promises, so I gave a hasty goodbye.

Then as I was walking towards Lorraine, a powerful arm wrapped around my neck and a hand grabbed my junk, with two familiar breasts enveloping my head.

“You still owe me another milking,” Betty said.

I looked up at her. “Don’t worry, I’ll come back and make you my bitch.” I then reached around and slapped her on the ear.

“Oh, I’ll make you pay for that,” she said before giving me a long tongue kiss.

I then came over to Lorraine, who had finally calmed down, though it sounded like she had given herself the hiccups.

“Are you done?”

“Yeah… I think I’m ok…” she groaned, kneeling on the ground. “You do realize that if we go through with this, we’re probably going to cause Second Impact, right? Or a Convergence event?”

“Am I supposed to know what that means?”

“Ugh, you suck.”

I got my luggage and put it in her car, and with her behind the wheel, we pulled out of the driveway and began our drive to the airport.

“Woo! We’re going on an adventure!” Lorraine cheered.

Of course she was happy now, but as I had planned, since we were driving her car, she would be the one to pay for parking! Ha!

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