Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 04


The contract was signed. Mike and Becca’s strange lifestyle continued with her milk filled breasts being enjoyed by him regularly. Four milkings a day with each session limited to 5 minutes was the norm. This was Mike’s way to regulate her milk production. While Becca was frequently uncomfortable and sexually frustrated her body had adjusted its production to the level they agreed was manageable. She looked forward to Mike’s control of her breasts and other aspects of her life over the 12 months of the contract.

Becca had several initial tasks under the contract. The clothing provisions received her first attention.

Becca searched the Internet for sexier bras that would still give support to her heavy breasts. She found a brand that offered sexier styles with front opening clasps. She bought several and put the sturdy nursing bras off to the side of her dresser drawer. She expected to keep looking for new bras but felt she’d met one of her first contract tasks with her initial purchase.

The bras had some substance to them but much less than what she’d been wearing. She didn’t know if she could handle the heavy bounce and sway she now felt as she walked. It was more pronounced as her breasts filled with milk and made her all the more aware of her need to be milked. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the new sensation. It served as a frequent reminder of her over sized breasts which was often arousing. Others also noticed the movement of her breasts which was embarrassing but fed her ego. She knew the men loved her big tits and they couldn’t help but look when they moved about. In loose clothes the movement was a subtle tease; in tight tops it was blatant and made her feel like a slut. She wasn’t comfortable with that but knew it was another aspect of the coming year to which she had committed.

The couple also visited a corset shop in a nearby city. They bought an off the shelf under-bust corset in black satin. As Mike explained it to Becca, wrapping her body tightly in black accentuated her breasts. Being able to remove her bra while leaving the corset in place gave him full access for milking and was an incredibly sexy way to display her breasts for intimate times together. As if they weren’t already big enough he enthused that they’d look even bigger when she was in the corset with no bra.

Mike’s appreciation of how the corset enhanced Becca’s body was evident within hours of its purchase. He told her to wear it home from the shop and seemed to touch her body more than usual that afternoon. At the evening milking he put the timer aside. He attacked her breasts passionately and drained every drop of milk in them. His hands were all over her torso and ass both during the milking and after when he fucked her violently. It was one of the ravishing sessions he’d told her would replace their regulated milkings from time to time. The experience was great for Becca. She had several very intense orgasms and being fully drained gave her a contented feeling that lasted almost an hour. She knew she couldn’t be ravished everyday nor have her breasts fully emptied but she certainly hoped these breaks in their routine would happen often. These times were what made the contract worthwhile.

Mike told her the corset and one of her sexier bras was to be her routine lingerie for social occasions. She’d also wear stockings and heels. For every day work the corset and heels weren’t required but he made it clear that he favored short skirts rather than pants of any kind. She accepted that she had more shopping to do.

At the corset shop they also bought two bras that would leave the upper half of Becca’s tits exposed. They weren’t very practical and couldn’t be worn under many of her clothes since mounds of breast flesh were pushed up for display. Mike said he looked forward to enjoying the blatant look in some semi private settings and at home. Becca felt as if her tits would spill out of the half cups and was nervous about how often she’d be expected to wear one of the low cut bras. She viewed the bras as an example of Mike’s keeping her on edge sexually. It was provoking to think of her bra being overwhelmed by one or both of her breasts. She imagined having it happen in a theater or restaurant and how flustered she’d be as she tried to subtly deal with her overflowing breast. She envisioned such mind games were going to be a recurring sort of foreplay for the next year.

Becca was also measured for and ordered a custom made corset. Again, it was an under-bust style in black. This was intended as the first in a series of ever smaller ‘tight lacing’ corsets. It wouldn’t arrive for six weeks so their planned waist training couldn’t start until then. By that time Becca would be off of the pill and they’d have a better idea of her breast size for the balance of the year. It had to be expected that they’d be smaller without the hormones in the pill even if she continued to lactate. This was an area of ongoing concern for her.

Mike was quite sure that İstanbul Escort by reducing Becca’s waist her smaller breasts would appear larger. Becca thought the strategy might be a great alternative to breast implants. She loved being top-heavy and didn’t want to lose the feeling. It might not work out but she liked the idea of reshaping her body to emphasize her breasts. She was also intrigued by the prospect of being under Mike’s daily control as he laced her into the contouring garment. She fantasized about that control extending into the distant future when she no longer had milk.

Soon after signing the contract Becca arranged a Saturday appointment for her required henna tattoo at a salon about 50 miles from home. She selected the shop for its out of town location. Another factor was her phone call with the female owner, Tina, who’d assured Becca of her personal service without fear of a lecherous man fondling her. Becca didn’t give Tina any specifics beyond that she wanted a henna tattoo on one of her breasts.

Becca knew she’d be getting topless for the tattoo process so she wore one of her new sexier bras and a blouse that buttoned down the front. In keeping with Mike’s preference she wore a skirt rather than jeans. The couple made the hour long drive to the salon. They met Tina and Becca sheepishly explained their desire to have Mike’s initials inscribed on the side of her left breast. Tina interrupted by saying, “Excuse me. You didn’t say anything on the phone and you haven’t said it yet but am I correct that you’re lactating?”

“Yes,” replied Becca. “Does that matter?”

Tina said, “Applying tats to breasts is always a little difficult since the shape of the breast changes and that can distort the image. Lactation makes that much more of an issue since the breast flesh swells and shrinks every few hours. Using henna makes it all the more difficult since the henna doesn’t work instantly. The paste has to sit undisturbed on the skin for at least an hour to get good color so movement of the skin is a problem.”

“Oh, I didn’t know all that,” said Mike. “Is there a solution?’

“Solution isn’t the right word. There are lots of variables. If you’d share some of your thoughts as to what you want I might be able to suggest something. For example, the location you mentioned is a little unusual. There must be a reason but other locations might not expand and contract so much. Also, do you want the tattoo to look its best when Becca’s breasts are engorged with milk or when they’re empty? It’s going to look different at different times.”

Becca blushed and didn’t want to discuss such intimate things with a stranger. Mike hesitated and said, “Full. I’d like the tattoo to look best when her breasts are full. As to the location I wanted it on the side so it’s not visible in a low cut dress. Well, actually, there’s a good chance we’re going to take some photos- some artsy photos of Becca’s breasts and I didn’t want the tat to detract from those.”

“Okay,” said Tina. “That’s helpful. As you know when the breast is swollen with milk it’s much firmer.”

“Becca, I’d like to see your breasts. Are you full now?”

Becca blushed even more and said, “No. I’m not full. We drained most of my milk just before we drove here.” As she spoke she unbuttoned her blouse. “I guess I should tell you that I have milk because of an experimental pill I’ve been taking. I’m not feeding a baby. Uh… Mike enjoys my breasts being swollen and, well, enjoys my milk.”

Tina smiled and said, “Oh. I see. You obviously have great breasts. Don’t be embarrassed. I know another couple who enjoy lactation sexually and have continued it after the baby was weaned.”

Becca was very embarrassed but was relieved that she no longer had to keep the secret. She took off her blouse and then her bra. She was glad it was sexier than the sturdy nursing bras she’d been wearing. She stood tall with her large breasts boldly displayed. She wasn’t an exhibitionist but she took pride in her appearance. She knew her breasts were huge but very well shaped and that her overall body was toned and very attractive. Tina stared at Becca’s breasts and was obviously impressed by Becca’s dramatic body. Her interest in Becca’s tits seemed natural since she was going to soon be working her art on them. Tina moved closer and studied Becca’s chest from several angles.

Tina said, “You’re not full? It was the large size of your breasts on your small frame that made me think of lactation. I could tell they were natural by their shape and the way they bounced as you walked in. How long will it be until you’re full?”

“Two hours or a little longer,” replied Becca.

“Oh my… you certainly are well endowed.” Tina reached out her forefinger and touched a spot on the side of Becca’s left breast saying to Mike, “Here? Is this where you had in mind? How big did you think?”

“Yes, that’s the area.” said Mike. “I was thinking three letters-about a half inch Anadolu Yakası Escort high.”

“Okay. I can do that but let’s talk timing. I’d suggest you come back in two hours so the breast is swollen to the same degree as when you’re going to look at the tat. I’m assuming that you get personally involved in the milking process and that’s the time you want to see your initials here. At other times I’d assume the area would be covered in a bra and clothing. If so, I should do the tat when her breast is fully swollen.”

“Okay. I guess that makes sense.”

“There’s another issue,” said Tina. “It’ll take about two hours for the henna to stain the skin. Becca will need to go without a bra and avoid any tight clothing for the two hours. She really should stay in one position for at least an hour. If she walks or moves her arms the breast is going to change shape and the henna will fall off before the staining is done. You’ll have a faint tat that won’t last very long.

“My suggestion is that you come back in an hour or two. I’ll draw the tattoo and Becca will stay here for at least an hour. She’ll need to sit still and be naked or covered only in a smock or big shirt that doesn’t rub on the henna. Her arm will also need to stay away from her side and remain still- perhaps resting on the table. If she moves her arm a lot it will disturb the henna before it dries fully. She’ll need to hold her milk so her breast stays fully swollen during the drying. I’d prefer two hours for full staining but don’t know if Becca can wait that long.”

Mike looked at Becca as he replied to Tina, “If two hours is needed Becca can give you two hours. She’s learning patience. There is one thing, though. Can we have the room to ourselves at the end of the drying period so I can relieve her? I don’t want to also ask Becca to also hold her milk for the hour’s drive home.”

Tina checked her appointment book and said they could have the room. She then spoke to Becca saying, “I don’t want to presume too much about your relationship but I gather the tattoo is Mike’s idea and you’ve agreed to it to please him. Is it okay if I speak privately with Mike? I have an alternative idea that might be appealing to both of you but I’m thinking I should run it by him first.” Becca blushed but said it was fine.

Tina gestured to Mike to follow her and said, “Let me show you my other room.” As they entered Mike could see that it was roughly the same as the room they’d been in. The notable difference was the old doctor’s exam table mounted in the center of the room. The table had adjustable arm and leg rests with stirrups extending out and up. There were straps in numerous places. Tina continued, “I use this room for genital piercing and some intimate tattoo work. One end of the table can be raised to almost vertical so we could have Becca in a sitting position. She needs to be standing or sitting up so the breast hangs naturally when I do the tat. The straps can secure her in the desired position for the drying time- either an hour or two. I’ll leave that up to you.”

Mike replied, “Sitting like that for two hours sounds very uncomfortable. I didn’t realize the tattoo was going to be so much trouble.”

Tina said, “How about placing your initials someplace else? How about on her ass or hip?”

“No. Not there” replied Mike immediately. “That would be like branding a cow and we have an understanding that Becca is my sexy lover- not a cow.”

“Okay. I understand. Again, I don’t want to be presumptuous but I assume the tattoo relates to your involvement with Becca’s lactation. Let me throw out a different image and different placement. For the placement I’m thinking of the Venus Mound. I don’t know if Becca is shaved or waxed but if her mound were waxed it would create a wonderful canvas for an intimate henna tattoo. The skin there doesn’t change size and shape like the breasts do. It could be placed high enough on her mound so that vaginal and oral sex wouldn’t rub it away.

“I’ll sketch a possible tat for your review. What I have in mind is a variation of one I did last month. That one had a dripping cock. I’m thinking of a breast in profile with an erect nipple that’s dripping. Would that be appealing?”

“Wow,” replied Mike. “That sounds great. Becca isn’t waxed there but she’ll cooperate. Won’t future waxing pull off the tat?”

“Yes, it would but waxing is usually only done every three weeks or so. A henna tattoo doesn’t last for any longer than that so I don’t think you’d be losing much.

“If Becca’s mound isn’t waxed I’d suggest having it done and then waiting two days before I apply henna to the area. There’s no sense in risking infection or irritation,” said Tina.

“Okay. Is there a local waxing salon you would recommend? I’m sure Becca would be more comfortable having it done away from our small town.”

“If we’re only talking about her mound I can do it. I’m not going to do a full Brazilian or anything right next Ümraniye Escort to her pussy but her mound is easy. I don’t advertize waxing as a separate service but I frequently do it to prepare a site for a tat. I could do that now and do the tat in a couple of days.”

“Great,” said Mike. “Let me tell Becca about the new plan. Then I’d like to use your evil looking table. I think she’ll get off on being strapped down. For today you could do the waxing and perhaps you could put my initials just above the waxed area as kind of a temporary mark. Then we’ll leave her strapped down for an hour or so. In a couple of days we’d add the image. How much drying time would the initials require? They don’t need to be perfect; it’s the thought that counts.”

“It will depend on the placement. If her panties will rub, 2 hours would be best but we could do it now rather than two hours from now since the milk isn’t an issue. If there’s no clothing rubbing the area an hour would probably do. The longer the henna is left undisturbed the better. If it’s removed early the tat is light and doesn’t last.”

“Okay. I view the initials as very temporary so a short life isn’t a big thing. Let’s do the wax, do the initials above that spot and make her stay in place for an hour. I’ll make her go without panties for the drive home and by the time we’re home we’ll be on schedule for her mid-day milking. Can we do the new tat on Monday about 6PM? We both have office jobs until 5 and need an hour to drive here.”

“Monday at 6 is fine.”

Mike explained the change in plan to Becca. She was embarrassed at the idea of Tina’s waxing her Venus Mound but accepted it as well within her contract with Mike. She also found Tina’s idea for an artistic tat showing a breast and milk to be much sexier than Mike’s original idea.

Tina confirmed that Becca could put her bra and blouse back on but would need to strip from the waist down. The group moved into the other room and Becca completed her dressing and undressing. Tina adjusted the table to raise one end. She then helped her subject onto the table placing her in a reclining position with her ass at the edge of the table. She raised her legs to the stirrups and locked the extendable leg rests in a wide V. This left Becca’s pussy blatantly exposed. Tina closed wide leather cuffs around each of Becca’s ankles and a second set around her calves. Becca was taken aback by the straps but remained silent. Inwardly she found being strapped down by the strange woman to be very kinky.

Tina gave Becca’s Venus Mound a cursory inspection and then moved to the arm rests- gesturing to Becca to place her arms on the extended rests. Through trial and error Tina adjusted the armrests for Becca’s comfort and then tightened a leather strap around each wrist. She noted to her bound customer that restraining her arms wasn’t really necessary but Mike had thought it would add to her experience. Becca looked over at Mike and noticed the obvious bulge in his pants. Mike followed her eyes and a few seconds later they stared at each other and smiled in mutual recognition that the straps were also important to his experience.

Tina moved between Becca’s legs. She ran her fingers through the pubic hair- presumably to judge its length. Tina shivered a little at the intimate touch. Tina used a scissors and small comb to trim the hair on Becca’s mound to about a quarter of an inch. As she worked she chatted with Becca and explained the waxing and henna procedure while also seeking to calm her customer’s nerves. It was obvious that the position was embarrassing and there was concern about the unknown pain of waxing. Mike sat in the corner of the room thumbing through a catalog of Tina’s tattoo work while also watching Tina and Becca.

After starting to speak and then hesitating, Tina spoke softly to Becca, “I’m not a lesbian. I have a boyfriend… so don’t take what I’m going to say the wrong way. I just can’t help saying that now that I’ve seen both halves of your body naked you have the sexiest woman’s body I can imagine. It’s got to be every man’s wet dream. I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you. I’ll shut up.”

Becca said, “Well, I’m feeling a little exposed here so maybe we could talk about something else. Er… but thanks for the compliment. My natural body has “B” cups; the drug trial I’m in resulted in their getting so big and created the milk. Mike’s in ‘pig heaven’.”

Tina replied, “I’ll bet he is. Again, I’m sorry I embarrassed you. At the risk of offending you again though, am I right that you’re pleased with lactating? I mean, you’re not just doing it for your boyfriend?”

“You’re right. The pills gave me big tits which I love and also made me horny. I love being swollen with milk and having Mike suck on me. Every time he does I have multiple orgasms- so what’s not to like?”

“Oh. Wow. I didn’t know lactation was so sexual.”

Becca replied, “If you have a new baby it’s probably not so sexy. For me though, it’s all about sex. I feel sexy and I’m getting sexually satisfied multiple times a day.”

“I’m very jealous. You’ve got a kick ass body, a loving man, and daily orgasms. I’d settle for any one of the three. Excuse my curiosity again, but does Mike drink all of your milk? He must like the taste.”

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