Milk without Cream


For me it started with a Twitter storm about some actor that my wife thought was hot. All bare chest and muscles, and very popular with the female audience. Someone had snapped a picture of him on his knees, a cock in his mouth, and decided to share it with the world.

“I can’t believe he’s gay,” my wife, Jenny, mourned. “Why are the best ones always gay?”

“Maybe he just likes sucking cock,” I said carefully. I didn’t find men attractive in any way, but the thought of a cock in my mouth stirred a definite hunger in me. Indeed, it was something I had been thinking about increasingly. Much as I loved eating out my wife’s pussy, the thought of her having a cock, of having her spraying my face with cum, was increasingly a fantasy. “I’d like to,” I added quietly.

Somehow she heard. “You what?”

I denied saying anything, but could feel the guilty heat in my cheeks and knew she could see me blushing.

Nothing more was said for several days. I was grateful, and hopeful that she had forgotten my words. But then in the middle of a dinner party with our neighbours, Abigail and Tony, a friendly rather than intimate occasion, Jenny said, “Robert wants to suck a cock.”

“Jenny!” I screeched.

“Oh my God!” Abigail cried with a certain theatricality. “So does Tony!”

Tony and I looked at each other in confusion. We’d been set up, somehow. “No,” we said, almost at the same time.

“Oh, please!” the wives chorused. Jenny made pleading eyes at me. “We’d love to watch.”

And the thing is, I did want to. Not specifically Tony’s cock, and in fact I would have preferred him not to be attached to it, but… cock. I scratched my head. “Ah, only if Tony wants to.”

Tony shrugged uncomfortably. “Okay.”

“Yes!” the wives said. “Strip,” Abigail said. “Both of you.”

With great reluctance, we did. I was a little embarrassed at how hard my cock was suddenly, until I saw Tony’s was just as hard. “How do we do this?” he asked, his eyes focussed on my throbbing member as if hypnotised. “Who goes first?”

I wondered if sixty-nine would work, but it seemed complicated and uncomfortable. “You do me first,” I said, feeling generous.

His face lit up with a shy grin and he dropped to his knees in front of me, almost swallowing me whole in his enthusiasm. My wife gave me oral sometimes, but never with such obvious hunger. It was strange to be sucked off by a man, but it’s hard not to be seduced by such an appreciative mouth. And perhaps, being a man, his instinctive understanding of how to treat a cock helped him, because I was loving it. Our wives watched from the sides, utter fascination on their faces. Tony gagged as he tried to deep-throat me, and pulled away coughing.

I used the opportunity to push him onto his back, and knelt down to take him into my mouth. I completely understood his hunger. The thrill of having him in my mouth made me forget my audience, and made me forget how absurd the situation was. All that mattered was making that beautiful cock come between my lips. I fastened my lips about the shaft and sucked on it while bobbing my head.

My cock was nothing to be ashamed of, but Tony’s had serious length. Long enough that I could use my hand as well as my mouth, but I really wanted to take him all the way. Remembering vaguely that the trick was to breathe out first, I took him into my throat. But he was too much for me and I pulled back –

Or tried to, anyway. Tony’s hands held me head in place as he thrust up into my mouth, into my throat. “Oh, fuck, yes!” he shouted. Bucking his hips frantically, he fucked my throat, while I desperately tried to pull away from him. I loved having his cock in my throat, but I was desperate for air.

I tore myself away, gasping for breath. Tony stood quickly, and pushed his cock into my mouth again. “Please,” he said, “I’m so close.”

I didn’t object at all. More confident this time, and positioned better, I took him into my throat, and enjoyed the face fucking he gave me. I wanted him to finish. I wanted to feel his cock pulsing in me as it unleashed his cum into my belly. I teased my own cock gently. It was harder than it had ever been, and leaking a trail of precum.

“So close,” he said again, and then he arrived. Kartal Yabancı Escort With a moan that could have been pain or pleasure, his cock stiffened in my throat, and erupted with cum. Four, five times he pulsed, holding my head tight against his belly, then he relaxed.

I pulled away, letting his cock slip from my throat and mouth, though not without more of his cum splashing between my lips, filling my senses with its taste and aroma. One last spurt of cum landed on my chin, and then he was done, stumbling back wearily.

Then he caught sight of my own erect cock, and immediately dropped to his hands and knees to take me into his mouth. It felt so good. I returned the favour and held his head still while I fucked his mouth and throat.

With a triumphant cry of pleasure, I climaxed, emptying my balls, until cum dripped from his chin onto the floor.

I could see he was hard again – indeed, maybe he had always been. I encouraged him onto his back, his mouth never once leaving my cock, and bent down over him in sixty-nine. To have a cock in my mouth while also being sucked, was wonderful. I sucked him like a lollipop, relishing every bit of flavour, until he came again and I swallowed it all, and –

I would have continued forever except our wives pulled us apart, and the haze of lust gradually faded. “What the fuck was that all about?” Jenny demanded. Abigail looked just as upset.

“I don’t know.” Suddenly and inexplicably, I was on the edge of tears. Beside me, Tony was having a panic attack. “It was like the only thing that mattered in the whole world was getting more cum from his cock.” I burst into tears and collapsed into a chair, sobbing like a little girl.

Which only made sense, considering.


I tried very hard to forget what had happened, and to deny my sudden cum fetish, or whatever it was. I was anyway more worried that my nipples and my cock seemed unusually sensitive. Jenny was also increasingly absorbed with her breasts. “They’re getting bigger,” she said, “and heavier. And I think they’re changing colour.”

“Maybe you should see the doctor,” I said, wondering whether I should too.

“I’ve been trying to make an appointment,” she said. “There seems to be a virus going round. People keep calling in sick.”

I had noticed it too, but the newspapers weren’t saying anything, and it’s not like there were any major crises to focus on. The world seemed oddly peaceful for once.

“Honey,” she said the next day, staring at herself naked in the mirror. “I’m lactating.” I watched as she squeezed a drop of milk from her breasts.

“Are you pregnant?” She didn’t look it. And as far as I knew, she’d never had a child.

“No. Do you know what else? So is Abigail. She phoned me this morning to tell me. And apparently we’re not the only ones.” She sighed irritably.

It seemed an inappropriate moment to mention that I thought my balls were shrinking. I mean, it was probably my imagination anyway. But my nipples were definitely bigger, though nowhere near the size of Jenny’s.

Within a few days, Jenny’s breasts were producing significant quantities of milk. “At least we don’t have to buy it any more,” I joked.

Really, it was all being poured down the drain. “I hate this,” she cried. “It’s not like I have a baby to feed. I’m just expressing and expressing and it’s all for nothing, and I’m exhausted.”

Abigail was visiting for coffee. “I heard about a van that comes to your house. It has special chairs inside for you to relax in while they pump your milk out. A couple of my friends have recommended it.”

Jenny looked sceptical. “How much does it cost?”

“Nothing, but they keep the milk and use it to make foodstuffs for third world countries, or something.”

“Huh, weird. At least it isn’t getting wasted. Shall we give it a go?”

Abigail grinned. “Let’s.”

The following morning, the two women were collected by a green bus with tinted windows. The bus drove off, and returned an hour later to drop them off again. Both women looked very happy and relaxed.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Mmm…” Abigail said. “Blissful.”

Jenny laughed. “Absolutely. The bus has a row of special chairs that you lie Kartal Yeni Escort in, placing your breasts into cups for milking. And the vibrations are very soothing.”

“I came three times,” Abigail said.

“Me too.”

They were like schoolgirls laughing over a secret. “Will you do it again?” I asked.

“We’ve already signed up as regulars. The bus will be back in five hours…”

If the buses seemed slightly ominous to me, I had something more urgent to worry about. “I need you to look at something,” I said as soon as Abigail had gone. In the bedroom I stripped and lay on the bed with my legs spread. “Tell me what you see.”

I teased my thick, sensitive nipples until my cock was fully erect. Jenny studied it with a baffled expression. “It has shrunk.” Touching my scrotum, and quite roughly too, she added, “What happened to your balls?”

“I don’t know,” I said miserably. “I thought I was just imagining things, but then this morning I couldn’t find my balls at all, and my cock is definitely shorter. And very sensitive too.”

“Oh yes?” Jenny stripped and joined me on the bed. “Well, I’d better use it before it gets any shorter.”

Her pussy was incredibly wet, which surprised me until I remembered she had spent an hour on the bus with its good vibrations. She mounted me and rode my cock like a hungry cowgirl. I hated that my penetration was so shallow, but on the other hand the way she kept her clit pressed against my so sensitive cock was fantastic.

We climaxed together, a long, glorious climax that just seemed to go on forever.

Jenny crawled off me and turned to present her rear. “Now fuck my ass,” she said – something she never normally asked for, but I didn’t complain at all.


Clearly it was affecting the whole world. Some countries just shut down their media and went dark, while others talked about it non-stop. Many women found it empowering and talked about the divinity of breasts and milk. Many men were clearly too humiliated to talk about disappearing penises. Scientists agreed it was a virus, or possibly several, but no one had a solution or a proper explanation.

More and more buses could be seen collecting tense women and returning relaxed women. In addition to the buses, though, the same company was opening clinics everywhere that doubled as cafes and childcare. Women would go in with their friends, express their milk in a very pleasant way, then share a hot meal and a drink. Four times a day.

Society was changing almost overnight. You could see the desperation in the faces of men who were clinging to power. Some did terrible things to try and maintain the old order, but ultimately a man without a cock is of little use to a woman who has regular orgasms from another source.

And it wasn’t just about a cock, in the end. It wasn’t just about sensitive nipples. I was growing breasts. By the time my cock had diminished to resemble my wife’s clitoris, my breasts were not only pronounced but also getting quite heavy. “Looks like I won’t be the only one producing milk in this house,” Jenny said. “Although I’m getting very jealous of your breasts. Soon they’ll be bigger than mine!”

The following day I was indeed leaking milk, and the day after that, Jenny took me to the clinic. Abigail brought Tony too. I hadn’t left the house in days, and hadn’t seen Tony in over a week. I was amazed at the sight of him with breasts. I felt a familiar hunger to take his cock in my mouth and drink his cum – until I reminded myself that he had no more cock than I.

“I’m sorry,” the clinician said. “We need to take men to a separate room. The design of chair is different.”

“Aww,” Jenny said, “I really wanted to watch. Oh, well. Have fun, boys!”

They weren’t really chairs. They were a little like sunbeds, with a lid that would come down over a kneeling occupant. I worked my way into the device, lining my breasts up with the cups, my knees resting at a lower level on padded surfaces either side of a central ridge.

The clinician lowered the lid, and pads pressed into my legs and back, holding me firmly in place. It was dark too. I would have complained except for the sudden vibrations exciting my tiny cock. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t Kartal Masaj Salonu escape the stimulation – not that I wanted to, but I couldn’t intensify it either. There was a gentle suction that pulled my breasts into the cups and something that felt very much like a human mouth fastened into place. Two somethings.

Sucking the milk out through my nipples. It was fantastic. How long I lay there I don’t know, but the building desire to fuck, or be fucked, or something, was slowly driving me nuts.

Something wet nudged against my ass, pushing against my sphincter, and I could do nothing to stop it. I didn’t want to stop it. I had never received anal before, but I was desperate for something. Harder and harder it pushed, the pressure mounting with the inevitability of a machine, until it thrust into me, stretching me painfully, exquisitely wide.

It rested in that position, waiting perhaps for me to adjust and relax. I was distracted from that wonderful distraction by something soft and warm nudging against my parted lips. Something that felt very much like a cock. And smelled and tasted like it too. It pushed into my mouth and stayed there, unmoving.

For weeks I had been dreaming about having another cock in my mouth. With a moan of pure lust, I set to work. I had enough flexibility from the shoulders up to work the cock the way I wanted to. It may not have been a real flesh and blood cock, but I couldn’t tell the difference. It was even leaking precum that I took great pleasure in licking up.

It started thrusting again, with metronomic regularity, just as the cock in my ass did the same. It was almost enough to make me come. The vibrations against my cock were nice, but they were not enough to give me what I needed. No matter how I struggled against the padding, I couldn’t increase the stimulation.

The two cocks steadily increased their strokes, until all I could do was position my head and let the cock fuck my throat. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but the cock in my ass seemed to be getting thicker. The stretching and the friction were intense. The suction on my nipples too. I was getting closer and closer to the orgasm I craved.

The cock in my mouth let me breathe for a minute, then claimed my throat again, and erupted inside me, pumping me full of cum, or something, for a good, long minute before withdrawing and disappearing.

The cock in my ass was definitely getting thicker, and now that my mouth was empty, my ass received the pounding of a lifetime. Thick and long, the cock penetrated me fast and deep, pushing me ever closer to the point of climax.

I cried out with pure pleasure as the cock stiffened and flooded the depths of my ass with cum, a gloriously pulsing, never-ending stream of cum that filled me and filled me until it was squirting from my ass and running down my thighs. Only when my own fantastically long orgasm finally diminished did the cock quietly retreat.

I expected someone to let me out, now that I was done, but I drifted off to sleep, exhausted. How long I slept I don’t know, but when I awoke, the pressure in my breasts was intense. The vibrations were teasing my cock again, and the sudden suction against my breasts was a relief. I sighed with pleasure as my milk flowed, and was shocked to feel the cock nudging at my ass. “Again?” I said, but could say nothing more as my mouth was filled with cock.

My hunger for cock and cum was undiminished. I couldn’t fight it, I could only enjoy it.

The cycle repeated six more times before the lid was opened and I was allowed to climb out of the machine. I expected to find my legs coated with dry cum, but they were clean. And very shapely. Very feminine. The rest of me too, and my breasts were huge. My nipples were huge. My cock… was no longer a cock. It was definitely a clit, nestling amidst labia.

I looked around for a mirror and saw a woman. If I’d had a seriously hot sister, she might have looked like me. Tony emerged looking just as sexy, and just as confused. “What happened to us?”

“These machines accelerate the progress of the virus,” the clinician said. “From now on, you can join the other ladies for their sessions. As long as you express regularly, you will be fine.”

“The other ladies,” I mused as Tony and I went searching for our wives. “If all the men are turning into women, does that mean it’s all over for the human race?”

“More importantly,” he said, “will I never get to suck another cock?”

“Oh God, you’re right!” I cried. “We’re doomed!”

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