Mom’s Adult Education Class


This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

I was home from college the summer I turned nineteen, I wanted to get a job as a lifeguard. Two reasons; money of course, and women also of course. I was an excellent swimmer, my parent’s still have a pool and use it regularly, that’s were I learned.

I was staying with them, using their pool when Mom brought the job opening up. She was working on her tan on a chaise. Mom is in her late forties but still has a fantastic body from all the swimming, very toned. “Jason, it’ll be perfect,” she told me. There was just one thing. I needed to re-certify.

I’d let my lifeguard certification lapse during college, unfortunately. Mom had an answer for that too, the class she was teaching at the Adult Learning Center. This was news to me, that she was teaching a class! But it made sense; Mom came pretty close to the Olympics in swimming when she was my age, they were lucky to get her as an instructor.

I put up a fuss at first, I don’t need no stinkin’ certificate, but Mom knew better. And she didn’t have any real pull at the Municipal pool either, it was run by the city. So it was night classes, just two and I’d be good to go. After dinner the first night Mom came downstairs in her teaching outfit, a blazer and blouse with a skirt. She looked good and I told her so. She blushed. We took her car, it not being a barely-running piece of crap like mine.

The first night was classroom stuff, two hours worth. Later in the week would be practical instruction and evaluation, held at the pool. It was all stuff I knew already or thought I did so I wasn’t paying attention. I was scoping out some of the fine females in the class instead, and Mom caught me at it.

She was pissed. Ragged me out in class and everything; which was more important, saving lives or some bimbo’s knockers? Stuff like that. When we got to the parking lot I asked her what the hell was her problem?

“If that’s your attitude you can forget passing my class, get your certificate somewhere else!” she shouted at me as we got in the car. We rode home in silence. I stormed off to my room when we got home and wallowed in self pity for a while. A few hours later there was a knock and Mom came in.

She had changed into her pajamas, I didn’t realize how late it had gotten. Mom always slept in an oversized T-shirt and panties. I could tell she was still ticked at me, the shirt was riding pretty high on her legs and she didn’t notice. I could see the vee of panty between her thighs as she stood in front of me.

She was going on about her authority as an instructor but I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from her crotch. As she spoke the hem of her shirt would rise and fall, it was hypnotic.

“Jason! Jason, are you listening to me?” I jerked my head up, Mom was looking both angry and puzzled. Then she looked down, where I had been looking. “Were you checking out your Mom’s panties? God, is sex all you think about! Fine!” She grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it up and off, then stepped out of her panties. “There, you happy now?” She flung her arms out wide and stood there, still pissed.

I was ecstatic! I said Mom has a great figure and I meant it; she’s five eight, short wavy dark hair, wide shoulders and a lean body from swimming, tight C-cup tits high on her chest and a narrow strip of pubic hair just above her slit. Narrow hips but a muscular ass. Her nipples kahramanmaraş escort were dark and solid like pebbles, looking up at the ceiling. My cock started uncoiling, tenting my blanket higher and higher.

“Really? You’re so horny your own Mom gets you hard? My god Jason, you have to focus!” I was focused, on your slammin’ bod, Mom! I wanted to memorize this sight, I was going to jerk off to it later for sure! Meanwhile I was uncomfortable as hell while she was still staring daggers at me.

“All right then, if you’re too aroused to pay attention I guess I’ll have to do something about it!” Mom whipped my blanket off me. I sleep naked, my six and a half inches was waggling in the breeze for all to see. She sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed my dick in one hand, milking and squeezing.

“There, you just lie back and I’ll make you cum. Honestly Jason!” She gave me a maternal smile as she jacked my dick. “Getting hard from looking at your old Mom, I guess that’s a compliment.” She was really doing a number on my cock, swirling her hand over the head, teasing the tip, I was panting and trying not to cum, she was really good and I wanted it to last.

“Hm, you do have a nice dick. Some girl will certainly be happy with it.” Now she was holding the skin down tight, squeezing the base, my cock head was huge and red. I moaned, it felt so good. Mom looked at my cock for a moment and then suddenly her head dipped down and engulfed the head of my wang.

Her eyes closed and she swirled her tongue over me, sucking strongly. I arched my back and came in her mouth, shooting my seed into her greedy throat. God it felt fantastic! Mom’s tits were brushing my leg, her hair was tickling my balls, she was jacking my shaft, pushing the cum into her face, it was incredible!

“Holy shit! Oh god yes! Cumming in your mouth Mom! Cumming, oh god!” I was babbling as I orgasmed, I couldn’t believe my own Mom was swallowing my hot load! She took it all like a champ, looking me in the eyes as she sucked, it was crazy.

She freed my pole and wiped her mouth with her hand. “There, is that better?” she asked me. She hadn’t taken her makeup off for the night and her lipstick was smeared. She looked like a sexy milf and I told her so. She blushed again but was getting her pajamas back on. “Now I expect you to study tomorrow. I’ll help. You’re Dad’s going to the game anyway so it’ll be just us.” She paused in the doorway on her way out. “Goodnight Jason. I’m glad you’re here for the summer.” So was I, Mom.

Dad left before I was awake, tailgating all day. Mom made me a late breakfast, she was acting as if nothing had happened, so I did the same. She was dressed for a normal day around the house in a t-shirt and jeans, her usual understated makeup, for a moment I wondered if last night was a dream.

“Now, I want us to study all morning, no distractions!” She told me to meet her in the den in half an hour, she needed to prepare. I goofed around until it was time, when I entered the den I was floored! Mom was in sexy-as-hell lingerie!

She had redone her makeup, now she looked more like a slutty milf than last night. She had on a demi-bra that left the tops of her tits free, just cupping her lovely orbs. A matching pair of crotchless panties, sheer stockings and high heels completed the outfit. She was standing with one hip cocked and her hand on her hip, chin high, kahramanmaraş escort bayan she knew she looked like a walking wet dream. Her eyes were smoldering into mine.

“We know that you seem to have a problem studying if you’re too horny, I think we established that last night.” Mom walked up to me and with a single finger pushed my chin up to close my mouth. “So, if we make sure you’re not too horny to study first, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?” She was standing very close, I could feel her heat, smell her arousal.

“Mom, last night was one thing but this, I mean if anyone found out…” God I wanted to fuck this woman, mother or not she was oozing sex right now.

“What, your father? He and I haven’t had sex in years. He’s all about sports now. And I’m certainly not going to tell anyone.” She leaned in that last inch and kissed me.

Her lips were so warm and soft and hungry. Our mouths crushed together as we began groping each other, Mom was kissing me and helping me to strip, soon we were both naked and in each other’s arms.

“Oh Jason, god this is so wrong but I need it, I need your prick, I’m so horny all the time, oh god fuck me!” Mom pushed me down in the desk chair and sat on my lap, sinking onto my dick in one smooth move, pushing her tits against me as we resumed our passionate kissing.

“Oh Mom! God your pussy’s so tight!” I was holding her to me as I fucked my hips up into her heat. Mom was squirming in my lap, her cunt was juicing all over my turgid rod. We rutted like animals, moaning and panting. Soon Mom began twitching and shaking, her cunt squeezing the hell out of my peter.

“Oh Jason! Mommy’s cumming! Cumming on your cock, oh yes! Oh! God! Yes! Cumming so good baby!” Her eyes were screwed shut, she was quivering all around my dick, her thighs were corded, I’d never seen anyone cum so hard!

It was good I’d pounded the bishop last night, even after Mom’s fantastic blowjob, or I would have busted a nut the minute she impaled herself on my rod. This display was about to make me fill her up so I lifted her off my cock and set her on the couch on her back, I wanted to do the fucking for a change.

“Gonna fuck you now Mom, put my cock right in this cunt I came out of!” I was panting myself as I socked the head of my dick in place and pushed. Mom’s cunt took me balls deep and we both moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, fuck your Mommy! Give me that cock! Mommy needs her son’s dick filling her nasty pussy!” She wrapped her long legs around my ass, pulling me in tighter. “Oh Jason, I’ve wanted this for so long now! Yes, oh, yes right there! God!”

I couldn’t believe my ears! My own Mom lusting after me in secret? The thought was too much, I jetted into Mommy’s cunny with a roar. “Cumming Mommy! Cumming in your tight Mommy cunt! Oh god! Yes! Pounding that Mommy pussy!”

“Yes Jason, yes! Give Mommy all your yummy cum! My pussy’s so hungry for cum, oh god! Such a slutty Mommy you have, begging for her little boy’s cum!” Her orgasm was rolling on and on, our juices were flooding her ass crack, her lovely tits were bouncing like crazy.

“Love to fuck my Mommy, yes, take it! Aw, yes!” With a final throb my cock spewed the last of my seed into Mom’s warm wetness. Mom grabbed me and pulled me down for a deep kiss, god she was still hotter than a firecracker! Her nipples dug into my chest for a second, escort kahramanmaraş then she rolled me over and got on top of me.

“Such a good boy, still hard!” Mom gave me a squeeze with her cunny and I moaned. “But right now…” she lifted herself off my dick and scooted up, settling her messy cunt over my face. “Now clean Mommy up, get all that cum out so you can fill me up again.”

Mommy clamped her thighs around my ears and grabbed her tits as my tongue crept forward. I was only nineteen, my oral skills were barely there but I tried. And Mom let me know when I was doing things the way she liked.

“Mmm, yes, Jason, just like that, don’t be shy, you can go faster, yes, mmm.” Mom’s encouragement kept me going, I’d never tasted my own cum before and wasn’t sure I liked it. But what I did like was making my Mommy cum so I concentrated on that. She liked to have her clit sucked in pulses while being fingered, she loved it when I ran my tongue up her taint, she squealed and called me a nasty boy.

“Oh Jason! Oh god! That’s so hot! God, my ass!” Mom ground her crotch harder against my chin and came yet again, her cunt fluttering around my fingers, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Looking up at her in that moment, seeing how hot I could make her, what a hot fuck she was, I was hooked! To hell with what everyone else says, I’m fucking my Mom from now on!

Once she let go of my head with her thighs I pushed her back on the couch. “Roll over Mom, get on all fours so your son can fuck his Mommy like a bitch.” Somehow I was still hard, I wanted to tap that from behind, see her tight ass slap my crotch.

Mom’s eyes lit up at my dirty talk, she scrambled onto her hands and knees, swishing her butt back and forth. “Oh yes, take me like the slutty milf I am, yes! Make me your bitch! I love it when you’re forceful! Take me Jason! Make me your slut-milf!”

Her cunt was winking at me, glistening with her moisture, Her ass cheeks were so tight, so sculpted. She dropped her face to the mattress and panted, “Fuck me, fuck me now!” She was spreading her cheeks apart, begging me to penetrate her. I pointed my rod at her cleft and sank in to the hilt, groaning with pleasure. Mom fucked her hips back at me, pounding her ass into me as I battered her box back.

“Oh so good, yes, keep fucking me, ohh, yes, just like that, oh Jason, oh my god, love that cock, makes Mommy feel sooo goood!” Her cunt was squeezing me tighter than ever, I was hitting her so deep this way, she was creaming all over us, it was unbelievable! “Keep fucking Mommy, yes, give Mommy all that cock, yes, oh yes! Yes!”

Once again i felt Mommy’s cunt spasming tightly around me, this time I hoped I’d join her in orgasm. “Cum for me Mommy, be a good slut and cum on your son’s cock! Oh you fucking slut, fucking your own son, god what a depraved bitch you are! Cum for me, cum, cum cum!” I punctuated each ‘cum’ with a thrust, grabbing her hips tight, trying to keep my sperm in my balls a little longer.

“Oh yes, oh I’m such a slut! Your Mommy’s such a horny slut, god, fucking her own son, what a horny bitch I am! Yes! Yes, cumming! Oh Jason, cumming on your cock! Yes! Yes!” Mommy was grinding her tits into the cushions, shoving her ass back at me as I felt her cunt gush around my meat. Just what I was waiting for,

“Cumming with you, Mommy! God what a slut, take my cum, take it, you love fucking your son, don’t you, you slut Mommy!” I pulsed into her warm depths, slapping my balls against her thighs as they emptied yet again into Mommy’s hungry body.

Finally we were both spent. We lay together on the couch, sticky and sweaty but well and truly fucked. I smiled over at Mom, she grabbed my hand and we laced fingers. “We’re going to keep doing this,” she told me with a grin.

Yes, Mommy.

The End

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