This is a continuation of my account of our first foursome on holiday with our best friends. I’m Mike and my wife is Tina. Our friends are Phil and Laura. You can read the first part in “Fourplay”.

I had never considered that my wife and I could be called swingers, but I suppose that whatever you call it that is what we had just done.

I had just watched my best friend shave my wife’s cunt whilst his wife sucked my cock. Swiftly followed by fucking and sucking all round.

All four of us were, I think, slightly stunned at what had just occurred. This was the first time any of us had fucked anyone other than our spouses since we were married.

“Does anybody fancy a drink” I asked, breaking the silence. “Yeah bring in a six pack,” said Phil. I padded off to the kitchen to get some beers, my mind was still spinning thinking about what had just occurred. I was half hard as I came back into the Jacuzzi room. I was not half hard for long. I had been out of the room for two minutes and on my return the most erotic scene that I have ever known greeted me. Laura was lying on her back holding her cunt lips open for my wife who was on her knees sucking and licking her clit. Meanwhile Phil is pumping his cock in and out of my wife whilst reaching under her to tug on her nipples. I am sure that I had run this scene through my mind at least a dozen times but here it was in glowing technicolour. Tina was alternately licking and grunting. Oh fuck, don’t stop Phil, pump harder. This feels so good.

My own cock was now at full mast as I watched my wife lose all her inhibitions and just go for it. I sat down alongside Laura and gently stroked her tits, she opened her eyes and grinned as she reached for my cock. I shuffled up to slip it between her lips for the second time that night. She hadn’t been sucking my cock for more than a minute when she started to cum herself. This made her suck and wank even more strongly but I was going to hold out a little longer this time.

Oh God I never knew a girl could taste so sweet said Tina. Phil grunted that he was cumming and pulled out of Tina’s cunt and shot hot, steamy, thick cum all over her ass and back. Watching another mans white trail of cum run down between the crack of my wife’s ass and in between her freshly parted cunt lips was almost too much for me as I pumped in and out of Laura’s mouth.

Tina smiled at me and whispered “cum in her mouth for me darling”. I did just that. With a loud groan, I released a hot white load of my own into Laura’s mouth. The first blast must have passed her tonsils at the speed of sound. The rest splattered over her nose and chin. Tina crawled over to Laura and licked her face before kissing her. Was there no end to the surprises this evening?

“This could get to be a habit,” I said, but I’m not as young as I used to be and I’m feeling well and truly fucked in more ways than one. “Yeah, you and me both,” said Phil.

I don’t know, these guys don’t seem to have any stamina these days said Laura as she gave Phil’s flaccid cock a playful tug. I still have more than enough energy for you, Phil replied. That’s if we still want you said Tina reaching over to caress Laura’s left tit.

Yeah what’s with this, I asked, you have never expressed any desire to be with another girl before.

Well Laura and I were talking one evening when you guys were out, and after a couple bottles of wine it seemed pretty natural. We started by just having a cuddle on the sofa and one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew we were both naked in a 69. We really didn’t plan it. But we did plan this. That’s when we decided to see if you guys were all mouth and trousers or whether you really would take us up on the challenge.

From where I’m standing it was no challenge at all said Phil with a stupid grin on his face and yet another erection. I want it this time said Laura and dragged him off to their bedroom.

Tina and I followed to our room. I was still curious about why the girls had decided to go through with this but Tina told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth and climbed into the shower. I crashed out on the bed and was asleep by the time Tina climbed in next to me.

I woke up about three in the morning for a piss and looked at my gorgeous wife with covers thrown back, one hand covering her newly shaved cunt. I couldn’t resist lifting her hand to allow my tongue to slowly trace the crack of her cunt. She opened one eye, giggled and fell promptly back to sleep. That night I dreamt what felt like one continuous erotic dream. I awoke about eight O’clock with that truly wonderful sensation of the early morning blow job. As I opened my eyes to tell Tina that I liked this new trend I found that it was Laura with my cock in her mouth. Not only that but Phil had the whole thing on camcorder. Lay back and enjoy it said Phil, Tina is in the shower.

I was rapidly discovering that there is nothing Laura likes better than to suck a cock to maximum hardness before climbing on board to manisa escort milk it dry. This time Phil wasn’t going to give her a chance as he slid his own cock between her love lips and fucked her with a slow steady pace whilst trying to get the whole thing on film.

Tina appeared naked from the shower and just watched as the three of us reached orgasm one at a time. I guess that’s breakfast taken care of said Tina with a laugh. Are we ready for a day at the beach?

Within an hour we were ready and headed back to the naturist beach that we were at the day before. This was my idea of how a holiday should be. Nothing but relaxing in the sun, swimming in the sea and plenty of sex. We had lunch at a small beach café and took in the sights whilst having a few beers. Boy were there some sights to see as well. That was one of the things that we enjoyed about this place. There were people of all shapes, sizes and ages. We felt that we could be coming here when we were ninety and still enjoying it.

Just as we were getting another round of beers in Erik and Maria appeared. This was the couple that Phil and Laura had been talking to yesterday. They were a brother and sister on holiday from Finland. Yesterday’s main topic of conversation had been Maria’s fantastic nineteen-year-old body and the size of Eriks cock. Whilst not enormous it was a good 8 or 9 inches long and that was emerging from the cold sea. It was pure guesswork on the girls’ behalf what size it was when in fighting form.

We invited them to join us in a beer, which they did. We then bought a few more to take back to our spot on the beach.

The afternoon was spent soaking up the sights and the sun. I noticed that Phil kept sneaking glances over at Marias fantastic body that was when I wasn’t trying to peek of course. I also noticed one or two glances from the girls at Erik’s tanned and lean body as well. It was getting increasingly difficult to hide my growing erection and so decided to take a dip in the sea. Phil and Erik joined me.

So Erik, I asked how long is it before your girlfriend is due to arrive? Well he replied she has her final exams today and should be here the day after tomorrow.

Well if she is half as cute as your sister I’m looking forward to meeting her, said Phil. Yeah, your sisters’ body was beginning to have an effect on me, I said.

Don’t think she didn’t notice said Erik with a grin. What about her boyfriend I asked, will he also be arriving soon? He said he would try to make it but wasn’t sure. I don’t think she will be too bothered if he doesn’t turn up as she is having a lot of fun without him anyway. Well he’s a lucky guy whoever he is; she shouldn’t be allowed to flaunt such a gorgeous body in front of poor guys like us. Being able to look but not touch is driving me crazy, that’s why I’m in the water.

Who said you can’t touch asked Erik. How do you know if you don’t ask? You what! I asked incredulously. Do you mean!! Are you trying to say!! I was bumbling like an idiot now trying to understand what Erik was saying.

What do you think we both come here for, asked Erik. We both like to fuck and suck our way through two weeks with whoever takes our fancy and Maria has already made up her mind about you two guys. And I know your girls have been dropping some pretty heavy hints. Phil looked at me and said, tell Erik what has happened with us since we got here, shit I can’t believe this holiday. Do you think the girls would be up for it though?

Hell, after the last 24 hours, I would put money on it; what do you think? GAME ON, I laughed, let’s go for it.

Well by now, cold water or no, I was getting a real stalk on and so decided to have a swim before going back to the others.

After 10 minutes of trying to think of anything other than sex my prick eventually shrunk enough for me to walk back up the beach without pointing at anyone.

Any thoughts of getting another erection disappeared pretty rapidly as all the others were staring at me and trying not to laugh as I came towards them. What’s the joke, I asked as I grabbed a beer. The girls had a bet on that you would come out of the water with a hard on laughed Phil. Is it true that you are hard for most of the day asked Maria in that sexy Scandinavian accent of hers? I would like to see that. My wife burst out laughing. “Poor old Mike” she said. I don’t think he knows what has hit him this last couple of days. Well that makes two of us said Phil.

Tina and Laura had told Maria and Erik about the surprise that they had pulled on Phil and I. Maria then said that she would like to introduce us to some friends of hers if we were willing. They had a large villa and enjoyed some wild parties where only the right people were invited. The next get together was in a couple of days when some more friends were arriving from Finland. Phil and I both looked at the girls. “We’d love to”, they both said together.

The day wore on and we arranged to have a barbecue at our place later that evening.

Back in our bedroom later that afternoon I asked Tina if she was really happy about this dramatic change that was taking place in our lives.

You have always said that we should be more adventurous darling she said, and I am honestly enjoying it but what about you? After all I know we have fantasised about Phil and Laura in our sex lives and you have always wanted to see Phil fuck me but it looks as if I may be getting more cock now than you bargained for. As long as we are always honest with each other and as long as we are both 100% certain about the situation then I guess no harm can come of it, I said. We looked at each other and came together and kissed in an embrace that almost took my breath away. I love you so much, I said. Promise me that we will always be together she asked, of course my darling. I think I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Phil had gone off to the supermarket to grab some food for the barbecue later that night and I was topping up the fridge with some beers. Laura meanwhile was looking at the video that Phil had shot of us earlier this morning and could hardly stop giggling. “Here Mike, look at this” she called. I looked at the TV and saw what she was laughing at. Phil was getting so worked up on the final strokes as he fucked his wife that the video was in between trying to focus on the floor one minute and the ceiling the next. This one isn’t going to win any awards is it? I laughed. I want to make sure that we get some really good footage of that beautiful cock of Eriks fucking my pussy tonight, but don’t tell Phil yet. I want it to be a surprise. I bet Tina would like a taste of that as well she said. Yeah, I guess she would, nothing would surprise me after the last couple of days. Besides, I quite like the idea of fucking Maria whilst Tina watches. God I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Well keep it in your shorts you randy bastard; you’ll need all your energy for tonight if things go the way us girls have planned.

Have you been making arrangements behind our backs again, I asked with a grin on my face?

You bet said Laura, now scoot in and ask Tina if she will shave my pussy for me. I know there is only a day’s growth there but I want to be smooth and soft for tonight.

What’s wrong with me doing it, I asked.

No way, you’ll just want to fuck me and you’ll have to wait.

I went to get Tina and to ask her to help Laura. Are you sure you want me to, she asked Laura, wouldn’t you rather wait for Phil? No, I like the idea of you doing it if you don’t mind. No, I don’t mind, I want to try anything and everything on this holiday. Tina went to get some shaving gear together. Laura went into her bedroom and laid a towel on the bed. She stripped off her shorts and lay on the bed in just her ‘T’ shirt. I watched as spread her legs and felt the stubble on her own cunt. ” What are you doing just standing there”, asked Tina as she came back into the room, bugger off and make yourself useful and get the barby ready. I was reluctant to leave but I had learnt enough in the last couple of days to leave the girls alone when they wanted. It would probably work in my favour in the end.

I started to put the charcoal on the barbecue and check the ice in the freezer. Phil appeared carrying the goodies from the supermarket and started to fill the fridge. He pulled a couple of beers from a six-pack and asked where the girls were. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you I replied. What do you mean he asked? I explained about Laura asking Tina to shave her pussy for her.

I don’t know about you Mike but I’m in a state of happy shock, did you know what these girls have been planning behind our backs.

“No, it has come as a very pleasant surprise” I answered. I have to admit that I found it a hell of a turn on watching you fuck my wife. I’m looking forward to returning the compliment as Laura has sucked me off a couple of time now but I still haven’t fucked her.

“Yeah, she likes her blowjobs” Phil replied. What do you think about what Erik said this afternoon? It seems that he has got some very broadminded friends as well as an incredibly sexy sister.

Yeah, I’d like to think that we might see some action there later on.

Let’s see how the girls are doing suggested Phil.

We went into the bedroom but it was empty, just the razor and soap left on the bed. We heard the shower running and looked behind the shower door to see Laura and Tina doing some serious tongue fencing. Not only that but Tina had her favourite dildo gently teasing Laura’s cunt lips apart. Phil and I broke into applause. They didn’t even notice.

We left them to it and went back out to the pool area discussing the events of the last couple of days.

About 7:30 all four of us were sitting around the pool having a drink when Erik and Maria arrived. We greeted each other like old friends. The hug that Maria gave me left me in no doubt about my earlier opinion of her body. It was firm and trim and perfectly proportioned.

The sun was going down almost as fast as the booze. Everyone was feeling really relaxed. Erik and Maria were telling us about their home country and the beautiful scenery they enjoyed. Though one of the reasons they enjoyed getting down to this part of the world was the climate was so much better.

One thing that they did miss was the sauna and Jacuzzi, which seemed to be harder to come by in some parts of the world than in others. That was one of the reasons that they liked this resort. All of the villas had fantastic facilities.

Yeah, I know what you mean but our villa has the lot. The Jacuzzi has seen some action this week. I’m hoping it will see some more pretty soon. I fancy a swim said Erik will anyone join me? Yes, why not said Tina and Laura in unison. Erik started to strip off. Clothing optional I hope, he said. I’ve not brought any swimwear with me. Of course said Tina. There doesn’t seem much point as we’ve pretty much seen everything you’ve got. Yes, but not what it can do said Erik with a laugh. OOH, that sounds like an offer said Laura. Both girls were naked by now and heading for the pool.

Are you going to join us asked Erik with a good 7 to 8 inches of cock bouncing around in front of him? Yeah sure in a few minutes I said.

I wanted to take the opportunity to ask Maria about these broad minded friends she had mentioned earlier in the day.

Erik tells me that you both like to party, I asked Maria. Oh yes she said, there is something about this climate that brings out the animal in me. That sounds like fun said Phil.

I hope you know what you are doing boys because letting Erik get this close to your wives could lead somewhere you don’t want to go, although I would guess that you have already thought about this.

You could say that we are happy to see what might develop I replied. I am curious about your relationship with your brother asked Phil. Doesn’t he get protective about you?

Sure he does, but all my family is quite broad minded and Erik and I have decided that you are our kind of people. Besides Erik gets to hang around with my friends and me with his, we look out for each other.

At that moment we heard Laura scream “oh my God”, we looked over to the pool to see what the problem was to see my wife on the side of the pool with Eriks balls in her left hand and his cock in her right. What a cock it was. It had to be 11 inches of hard, hot throbbing muscle. Tina was just looking in wonder at it until she slowly sunk her mouth around the tip of his cock and started to suck and lick it. Laura put her head almost in Eriks lap as she watched Tina go to work.

I turned around to see what Phil was making of this to see him with his hand working hard inside Maria’s panties. I was in danger of being left out here. I quickly stripped of f my clothes and got into the pool behind my wife.

I watched as Tina’s tongue trailed delicately up and down the length of Eriks cock, Laura looked on and stroked her tits with one hand and gently teased her cunt lips open with the other. Her face was so close to Tina’s cunt that she was able to lick Erik’s balls as Tina sucked deeply on his cockhead.

I sat on the side of the pool with an almost painful erection. I could hold on no longer. I went behind Tina and slipped my hand between her legs. She was so wet that her sex juice was running down her thighs. I spread her love lips with one hand and sank my cock in her cunt as far as it would go. Oh God yes, she moaned, fuck me hard darling. I want cum in both ends. Laura raised her head to bring her lips to mine. We kissed long and hard.

Laura then looked over to Phil and Maria. They were sat next to each other on a sun lounger wanking each other. Phil grinned at Laura as two fingers sank knuckle deep in Marias cunt. Laura smiled back at Phil and said “please fuck her darling, then I want to see your cum spurt over her cunt hair”. “Anything to please my wife”, he said with the same stupid grin on his face.

Phil and Maria moved closer to Laura. Phil then positioned himself behind Maria whilst she got on her knees facing Laura. With a gentle prod Phil’s cock opened up Marias dripping cunt with ease. Oh shit that feels good moaned Phil.

Meanwhile Erik was starting to grunt and moan yes, yes I’m going to cum. Both Tina and Laura positioned their faces about six inches from his cock as it shot a forceful jet of hot white cum onto Tina’s nose and lips. Laura bent her head quickly to catch the next jet in her mouth. I pumped my cock in and out of Tina with such force that she had to let go of Eriks cock and steady herself.

It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar feeling as the cum worked its way to my cock. Laura was lending a helping hand by caressing my balls. Then I felt a finger slipping in Tina’s cunt alongside my cock. I felt a trail of wetness snake around to my ass as Laura repeatedly dipped her finger into Tina’s cunt. Tina was soon going to get the lot in her snatch. As Laura’s index finger slid into my ass I let go with a grunt and flooded my wife’s cunt with my jism.

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