Mountain Man’s Prey


Author’s note: I want to apologize ahead of time for the length of this piece. I began writing it and it just got away from me. I guess I should be glad the words came so easily, but I am afraid I may have written too much. Again I apologize for the overall length, but I really do hope each of you enjoy this piece.

Rob woke up early hoping to make it to work in time to impress his boss with his work ethic. A rumor had been circulating around the office in recent weeks that his branch would be downsized and that not all employees would be absorbed by another branch in the area. As he stirred he noticed the sun as its early dawn brightness speared him directly in the face. He threw off his light blanket and stood up stretching high above his head and saw his reflection in the mirror across the room. He was a nice looking guy, 24 years old, black hair, blue eyes, and a body that showed his dedication to exercise. He had well defined pectorals as well as a flat well defined stomach. His abs looked as if they had been chiseled by Michelangelo himself, with their sharp edges. Although he was well built and muscular, he was of slight size, only standing around 5 foot 6 inches. His eyes dropped down to see his cock’s reflection as well and he noticed his early morning erection. While he was small in stature he had a fairly decent cock on him, it was about 7 inches and fairly thick as well, and he kept himself well maintained, shaving his pleasure zone every few days. Normally he would have taken the time to ease his stiffness, but this morning was different, he had no time to waste. He quickly made his way to the bathroom to perform his normal morning routine. After showering, brushing his teeth and a small amount of primping, he exited to the bedroom and his closet to get dressed. Today was Friday, so casual dress was acceptable, but he thought if he was going to impress the boss, perhaps a suit and tie was in order. After a quick breakfast and filling his coffee cup, he exited in a whirlwind.

Rob arrived early just as he had planned and immediately set to work gathering expense reports and other paperwork he would need for his meeting that morning. He worked diligently and was disappointed when his manager didn’t show up until just minutes before 9 a.m. He had done it all for nothing, his anger and aggravation was apparent to his coworkers, but he soon shrugged it off, knowing that he would at least be prepared well enough for the big meeting.

As he made his way into the conference room, an uneasy feeling soon came over him and it only got worse when he saw his boss, Jim enter the room with a simple pink file folder. The pink folder had become widely feared in the office as of late, it was the pink slip folder, the folder of doom. Rob stood to extend his hand to Jim and as they shook hands he could see the genuine pain in Jim’s eyes and he knew he had been let go. He sat down and started shuffling through the paperwork he had spent all morning getting ready, and could feel his stomach turning in waves of anxiety and panic.

“I’ve got all the latest expense reports here for you sir” he stated nervously refusing to look up at the man who was about to ruin his life.

“Uh… that’s great Rob. Thank you” Jim said as he took the huge stack of paperwork Rob had worked so hard on.

“Damn, kid, this must have taken you quite a while to put this all together?” Jim continued in genuine amazement.

“Yeah. Uh, yes sir, I came in early this morning to finish up” he said as he fought back the urge to cry.

Rob had always been the emotional sort, he would often be teased by his friends for being too sensitive, but it was just his way, as his mother had constantly reminded him growing up.

“Listen Rob” Jim continued, “I know what a good worker you are, but I have some bad news for you. As you know the company is downsizing this branch and can’t offer everyone a position in New Albany. I hate to do this but you simply do not have the seniority, and I’m afraid I am going to have to let you go.”

Jim could see the hurt in the young man’s eyes and was angry that he had to do this, knowing that Rob was twice the worker that some of the older workers who were being transferred were. He had no choice, but he had insisted that Rob be given a generous severance package and that he be allowed to at least continue his benefit package until the end of the year. He had not done this for all of the employees that were being let go, only the ones that he thought deserved it.

“Now listen Rob”, Jim continued, “I know this is hard to hear, but you will get a very generous severance check and will be allowed to continue the benefits of your employee health plan until the end of the year. I know this doesn’t make up for being terminated, but at least it softens the blow, I hope.”

Jim extended a check to Rob and as he accepted it, they shook hands as friends.

“When is my last day?” Rob asked as he Kadıköy Escort still fought back the tears.

“Today will be your last day” Jim said, “I’m sorry but this is an immediate dismissal. We’ll skip the exit interview and all the other formalities. If you would just clean out your desk, you can leave anytime you’d like.”

Rob felt as though he’d been punched in the stomach, his head still trying to come to grips with what had just happened. He stood and as he left the room, he turned to nod his head at Jim, noticing that the large man had turned away, staring out the large window as he dropped his head and shaking it from side to side. It was obvious to Rob now that Jim had not enjoyed firing him. He had always seemed like such a tyrant, but in this light he looked more like a grieving parent.

After cleaning out his desk and saying goodbye to a few friends in the office, he picked up his belongings and made his way back home. It wasn’t even lunch time yet, and here he was walking back into his tiny one bedroom apartment. His mind was in a bit of a daze as he sat down the small box and made his way to the kitchen, retrieving a bottle of water from the fridge. He stood at his living room window staring out at the city as he took a long cool drink of water and loosened his tie.

“What in the hell am I going to do now?” he asked himself out loud.

This was certainly not a good time to be out of work, the economy was in turmoil and he knew it might take a long time for it to recover. He stood there, transfixed, as his thoughts ran around his head. Finally he was able to tear himself away from his anxiety and was soon focused on emptying the box. He smiled as he went through the pictures of his time spent in the office. The parties, events and fun times he had had with his coworkers were all good memories. He soon found the envelope which Jim had handed him during their meeting, and he ripped it open in anger and disgust which had boiled to the surface quickly. He removed the small slip of paper, and also found a note, which he read first. The note read, “Rob, I know this is hard to take, and I know you don’t think it is fair, I just wanted you to know, that I agree. If it had been left up to me, you would be going with us to New Albany, but unfortunately, it isn’t. I hope this makes it a little easier to handle and maybe takes the sting out of it a little. Your friend, Jim.”

Rob smiled at the note and was actually touched that Jim had taken the time to write it. He then read the check, and as his eyes scanned the check’s amount line, he stumbled back onto his couch. The amount of the check was equal to two year’s salary with a very generous doubling of his previous year’s bonuses.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, “I don’t believe this!”

He soon found himself at his bank, making the largest deposit he had ever made. He thought about calling Jim to thank him for his generosity, but thought maybe it was better to just let it go. He would however send a discreet letter of thanks to the man who had literally just saved him a lot of worry.

A week later he found himself driving to the countryside upstate, looking forward to some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He had packed for a week, but knew he would probably stay longer if the urge asserted itself. It had been years since his last true vacation, and he really felt like he needed this. He arrived at the trailhead in the early afternoon, and he was eager to start his hike. He planned on spending the week hiking the mountains as he had done as a teenager and while in college. Rob soon unpacked his gear and excitedly made his way up the trail, and soon all he could see and hear was nature.

After camping for the night he made his way to one of the public restroom stations and shower stalls along the more heavily traveled parts of the trail. He was surprised at how clean the showers were and was happy to take advantage of the emptiness of the building. He stood there as the surprisingly warm water allowed him to lather his small frame. He was completely unaware that he was no longer alone; a rather large man had entered the shower stall next to him. As he heard the other showers’ faucets turn on, he was startled. The soapy suds from his shampoo was hindering his sight, not allowing him to see the stranger. Finally, after quickly and frantically rinsing his hair and face he opened his eyes to see a rather large man showering. The man’s head was huge, just like the rest of him, or at least what Rob could see of him. He had broad shoulders, a wide chest and it was seemed to Rob that the man hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in quite some time. His head was covered with long grayish brown hair, and it looked as if it had been years since he had shaved. Rob could just barely see the top of his stomach due to the shower stall partition, but it was obviously of the large variety, but was still very muscular. He found himself Ataşehir Escort smiling to as he thought about the man and was terrified when he noticed the man staring at him with an almost evil expression on his face.

“What the hell are you smiling at boy?” he asked in gravelly voice.

“Oh… Uhh… Nothing sir. I apologize; I thought I was alone in here. You startled me, that’s all” he stammered in response, as he slowly turned from the man’s gaze.

Rob continued showering even though the he could feel the man’s eyes still fixed on him. He was soon finished and made his way back to his campsite to get himself dressed and get out of there as soon as possible. The large man had terrified him, he was eager to put distance between himself and the beast. Soon he was on his way and after traveling a short way he decided it was time for him to venture off the main trail, just as he had done in the past. The hiking was hard and soon he found himself in need of rest, so he found a suitable spot for lunch and sat down upon a large fallen log to enjoy his prepared meal.

The sun was now high in the sky and the heat was becoming more intense with each passing minute. After resting for only a short while he made his way further into the wilderness, unaware of the danger that was ahead. It was soon late afternoon and he was in the deep cover of the wilderness, far from the trail, in an area normally only inhabited by wildlife. Using the few tools he had brought along he cleared a small patch of land near a rather large creek just below. After gathering some firewood and setting up his tent he soon began preparing his first hot campfire dinner in a long time. After dinner he made his way down to the creek to wash up his camping utensils. As he finished he felt the water that had warmed in the heat of the day and enjoyed how it felt on his skin as it soaked through the thin cotton khaki pants he was wearing. He returned the utensils to his camp and looked around as if to see anyone around, even though he knew he was totally alone… Or so he thought.

Rob then turned back facing the creek and started to remove his clothes totally unaware that only a short distance away, the large man from the shower stood in hiding, watching his every movement. The large man’s name was Jackson, and he was a very large specimen. He stood behind a large boulder, examining his prey, and he liked what he saw. Jackson watched as Rob removed his thin cotton tee shirt, then his khaki hiking pants, standing there in only his boxers. Jackson felt a stirring in his groin, rubbing it to ease the constraint of his blue jeans. Jackson watched as Rob now made his way to the water’s edge, dipping a bare foot in to test its temperature, which was still rather warm, even on his bare skin. The mountain man continued his rubbing as Rob looked around again nervously looking for anyone who might see him, and Jackson saw a sly smile stretch across the young man’s smooth face. Rob was really turning the old hermit on, it had been many years since he had escaped to the mountain after being labeled as a homosexual, which was like a death sentence in his early life. He had escaped here to make a life alone and apart from the judgmental people who had forced him to leave the small town nearby.

The strain on his crotch was becoming unbearable and soon he loosed his huge cock so he could ease the binding. As Rob slowly and almost seductively removed his boxers, the old man’s eyes beheld a wonderful looking young ass, perfectly round and well toned. He was a tiny man, Jackson thought to himself, just the kind he had always liked, and he soon started to stroke his massive tool as he watched the young man enter the slowly running water. Rob was now in the water to just below his waist, giving Jackson a fine view of his torso and chest. The young man definitely had a strong body, albeit a small one.

Rob continued his frolicking until just before sunset, and soon found his erection undeniable any longer. The act of being nude outdoors had always excited him, even as a teenager, he would often do this very thing on his many hikes along similar trails in his hometown. He had never been caught, although in the back of his mind, he had always wanted to be. The thought of being completely vulnerable excited him in a way he had never fully understood, it raised burning desires in him that seemed to take over his mind completely. This thought had now returned in a fever which made him begin to stroke himself lewdly, and he didn’t care if anyone saw him or not. He made his way to a large flat rock which stuck out of the water, and climbed atop the stone’s cool surface, letting his lower legs still linger in the water’s warm current.

Jackson could not believe his eyes, his fantasy was coming true right before his very eyes. For years now he had dreamed of finding such a sight, and to engage the man one on one. He stood stroking himself at a quickening Bostancı Escort pace, matching the young man stroke for stroke, trying to decide if he should make his move now or later that night. Rob’s hand expertly worked his cock, and Jackson heard his moans of pleasure as well as his quick breaths of excitement mix with his own. The young man rubbed his nipples and chest sensually as Jackson tried to imagine the tiny young man in his bed, locked in his passionate, strong embrace. This thought overwhelmed Jackson and soon he felt the beginnings of an orgasm building to a level he hadn’t felt in years.

Rob was lying on the rock stroking himself passionately, imagining his mouth wrapped around a hard tool of his friend Chris from work. They had often hooked up on occasion, even though Chris was straight, he enjoyed Rob’s willingness to please him. Rob had known of his sexuality for only a few years. He had grown up in a strict religious household where homosexuality was frowned upon. He had discovered his true self just after finishing high school when he had gone to a graduation party for one of his school friends. It was there where he had found himself cornered by his friends’ uncle, a man in his sixties who had an appetite for fresh young men. At first he had been terrified of the older man as he trapped him in a darkened closet, forcing him to submit to his lust. But soon he found himself in a world of unknown pleasure as the old man forced him to satisfy him orally, shoving a huge cock deep into his uneducated mouth, forcing him to deep throat his bulge. The complete lack of control had turned him on so much that he began to seek it out in other areas, unable to find it again.

As Rob was stretched out on the rock, Jackson was coming ever closer to his own orgasm, which was now crashing through his mind as the intensity built. He was listening intently to the young man’s moans of pleasure and abruptly stopped his stroking when he heard the young man say,

“Oh yeah baby, feed me that stiff cock Chris. Please! I need to feel it in my mouth, I want to taste your cum baby!”

Jackson quickly scanned the area, looking for this ‘Chris’, had he missed something, did he have somebody with him. As he heard the young man continue his begging and masturbating, he quickly realized that he was only imagining ‘Chris’, and that he was indeed alone. Jackson soon took up his erection once more stroking its full length as the slight dribbling of his juices added lubrication to his work. As he neared his point of no return, he heard the young man begin to moan louder in his own pleasure, and soon they were both shooting their sticky, white cream everywhere, as a loud grunt escaped Jackson’s lips, a sound unnoticed by Rob.

He watched as the young man continued his reclining for a few more minutes as he himself squeezed out the last few drops of juice from his still throbbing manhood. The orgasm had been unlike anything he had felt in years, since retreating to live in the high mountain passes he now called home. He saw Rob slowly start to stir, and as he slipped back down to the now cooling water, Jackson made his retreat, deciding to return later that night to claim his long awaited prey.

As he rinsed in the cooling water Rob felt a strangeness around him, as if he were being watched, a feeling he dismissed after closely scanning the now dimly lit forest. He continued his cleaning and soon exited the water, feeling the cool air nipping at his skin, causing copious amounts of goose bumps to appear on his smooth skin. He hurriedly made his way back to his campfire and after adding a few sticks to its dwindling flame, he stood naked, enjoying the warmth on his skin. He then decided he would sleep naked, knowing he was alone, he still felt a little naughty, which added to his excitement. Within minutes he was lying atop his opened sleeping bag near the fires warmth, looking up at the night sky, noticing clouds as they drifted by in the moonlight as he soon fell victim to sleep’s embrace.

Jackson had made his way back to a small campsite of his own, with the thoughts of the young man still heavy in his mind. He packed up his few supplies that he had ventured down the mountain to retrieve in the small town near the base of the mountain. He did this once every few months so he would not be without bare essentials that he could not make on his own. He gained money through his trapping and trading of furs, just as in the old days, but now it was becoming more difficult due to the fact that fur was no longer a hot commodity. He also had money from his family, a substantial amount of it, which his father had given to him before he had forced him to leave home. Jackson’s father loved his son, but knew if the rumors continued, that it would ruin his life as well as Jackson’s, so he set up a generous trust in Jackson’s name, and over the years the amount had continued to grow, although Jackson was unsure of exactly how much. He would simply walk into the local bank, fill out a withdrawal slip, and leave the bank with cash in hand, never asking for the total amount in the account. Money was not important to Jackson, the mountain was all that mattered to him, it was his home now and he loved it.

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