Mr. Carter Ch. 06


Looking down at Lucas, I wanted to pinch myself to prove this was all real—that this gorgeous, intelligent, generous, sexy-as-hell man was all mine. I suddenly needed so badly to have him inside me again, to be filled by him, to have his beautiful cock bring me to climax over and over again. It was all I could do to stop myself from ripping his pants off his body to get to my ultimate prize. I heard a small chuckle, but when I looked at Lucas all laughter ceased when he realized the intensity burning within me. The intensity of my feelings had, at times, been slightly frightening, because I knew that I was too far gone to be alright if things didn’t work out; but tonight, I was embracing it one hundred percent. I climbed on top of Lucas and without any hesitation sat myself down on his throbbing erection, not stopping until he was completely inside me. If Lucas hadn’t made me come mere minutes before, I don’t know how I would have fit him all at once.

I took a moment to revel in the feeling of being filled by his glorious dick, before I decided to have a little fun. I straddled Lucas and rubbed my slick pussy over his cock before reaching down to guide him back into me. I took my time not letting more than his tip in before I took him out. I could feel Lucas getting frustrated and his hips trying to push himself in further. As much fun as I was having, the teasing was starting to have an effect on me too, making my game decidedly less fun. Finally after I felt I had teased him long enough, I lowered myself slowly onto the first inch of him before slamming down to take him in fully. A satisfied groan escaped Lucas’ mouth as he sat up to take my erect nipple into his mouth.

Looking into his eyes as his cock pushed deeper and deeper inside me, I could feel something changing between us. Our rhythm changed from frantic to a steadier pace, our bodies languishing the feeling of being so intimately connected. Somehow in the span of a few seconds we had gone from fucking to making love, and I was overwhelmed with the effect that shift was having. I held Lucas’ face between my heads and bent to kiss him deeply and passionately. I was trying to pour all of my emotions into the movement of our lips to express the feelings that seemed too big to put into words. The room was filled with the wet noises of our kisses, the smell of our sex, and our heavy breathing. I broke off our kiss to catch my breath, resting my forehead against Lucas’. I felt hot tears forming at the corners of my eyes, and I was trying so hard not to let them fall. Earlier my body couldn’t take the pleasure Lucas was giving me, but now the pleasure my body couldn’t take wasn’t just from the fucking, but from deeper part of my soul that felt such fierce pleasure at having found this man.

Instead of turning away with embarrassment, I faced Lucas with my emotions hoping he was feeling even a fraction of what I was. What I saw in his eyes was a mixture of arousal, love, and pride at evoking those feelings in me. To see my own emotions reflected back at me awoke a ravenous creature that on one hand didn’t want his cock to ever leave my body and on the other needed to cum with him as quickly as possible to release some of its emotions out into the world. I started to roll my hips on his dick urging him to increase the pace of his penetration. He sat up to answer my body’s request, gripping me with one arm and using the other to steady himself as he delivered short hard thrusts making my swollen breasts bounce. Caught between us, my sensitive nipples brushed against the fine hairs on Lucas’ chest raising goosebumps along my skin and shivers to my cunt. I let out a whimper as the sensations were becoming almost too much.

“Mm mmm! Oh! Oh! Lucas, right there. Don’t stop.”

I felt like my body was about to unravel making me feel slightly unstable. I wrapped my arms around Lucas’ pulling his head into the crook of my neck to try and give me something sold to balance on, closing my eyes to focus on the movement of our bodies. His thighs made slapping noises on mine as his thrusts became more frantic. He let out small grunts with the exertion of each thrust and I knew that he was getting close. That familiar warm feeling started to build deep in my belly and traveled to the walls of my wet pussy and when Lucas slipped his tongue out to lick a bead of sweat from my chest, I exploded. My eyes shot open with my cry of pleasure and the gushing of my juices as I came. The sounds that were leaving my body are nothing short of primal, as if I had lost all ability to form a single word while my body struggled to comprehend how this man could continually bring me to new levels of ecstasy.

I pulled back to lock eyes with Lucas wanting him to see me as I came harder than I ever had before. His eyes burned with a new ferocity, one I knew was mirrored in mine as I felt the first spurt of his load in me. My clit was hyper sensitive that even the slight breeze coming through the windows was too much. Our eyes stayed glued to each other as a second orgasm began to build in me. I didn’t know if I could handle it, but there was no time to think before it crashed over me. I was gripping him so hard I was sure he was going to bruise. It was all I could do to anchor myself, I felt like my body was going to float away at any moment. Lucas was still rock hard deep inside me as he continued to pump what felt like endless loads of his sweet cum into me. Our bodies were relentless with desire for each other, and no amount of love making could ever dull that.

“Lucas, Lucas, Lucas…” I said his name over and over again, the one word my mind was still capable of forming. I needed the universe to hear me say his name, to know that he was mine and I was his. I wanted to be branded with his love, to put the world on notice that no one would ever take him from me. My name in his voice was somehow elevated to a poetic level that made me never want to hear another person say it again, because it would never sound as pure as it did leaving his lips. I bent down to kiss him, trying to capture the sound of him saying my name in some physical way. This kiss, like our lovemaking, formed a new connection between us that felt stronger than anything I had ever felt before. It was like our mouths had become one, melting into each other just as our bodies had come together in the most sensual of ways.

I don’t know how long our lips met or how much longer he moved inside me, but eventually I felt him get reluctantly softer and eventually with one last muffled grunt, he fell backwards, me collapsing on top of him. We must have fallen asleep that way, because the next thing I remember is waking up to a feeling of emptiness and realizing Lucas was no longer inside me. I wanted to let him sleep, but selfishness won my internal debate. I carefully moved closer to him trying not to wake him before I started. Thankfully we had fallen asleep on top of the covers, so I didn’t have to worry about shifting sheets to uncover what I was after.

Even flaccid, his penis was a wondrous sight. I had never particularly liked giving blowjobs and had only done so when the begging annoyed me into submission. But with Lucas it was different, I would have happily had his cock in my mouth as often as was politely possible and even probably when it was not. I planted each hand on other side of his thighs and lowered my mouth lower and lower until my lips touched his soft tip. I opened my mouth as wide as it could go to accommodate his substantial girth and began to use my tongue to wet him. I had to force myself to move at a slower pace, because the creature had awoken again and wanted so badly to get him to cum quickly so I could taste his delicious cum.

I felt Lucas stirring underneath me and braced myself in case he was startled at waking up to having his dick sucked. After a brief moment of confusion, he settled back into the bed and push himself deeper and deeper into my mouth. I began to gag and tried to relax my throat to assist him in going deeper. I loved the feeling of my mouth overflowing with his cock and not being able to get all of him in at the first try. He was moving quicker now and I was sure he was close to coming when suddenly *pop* he was out of my mouth.

“You little minx. You didn’t think I would cum without taking you with me, did you?”

I was still trying to orient myself when I suddenly felt Lucas pick me up and set me down on all fours. I barely had time to grip the sheets to steady myself. He entered me from behind, bending over me and sucking my neck. I backed my ass up onto his dick to meet his thrusts one for one as he straightened to place his hands on my hips to fuck me faster. After our lovemaking from the night before, I was happy to see that we could still fuck each other hard and fast. A girl does like her variety. Lucas reached down to pull me up so that we my back was flush with his chest. His hands roamed over my body, playing with my tits and twisting my nipples before they travelled across my stomach and down to my waiting clit. As his hands expertly played with my clit, I reached one arm behind us to grip his shoulder and the other around us taking one of his ass cheeks firmly in my hand. The sun began to rise, slowly exposing my naked body in the window before us. Our eyes connected and without words, we both reached our climaxes at the same time, synchronized just as we had been the night before…


The rest of the weekend continued with lovemaking and fucking with brief breaks food breaks, which were often also interrupted with bits of sexual activity. Neither one of us could seem to get enough and neither one of us was the least bit bothered by this realization. On our last day, I was admiring a deer who had wandered onto Lucas’ back deck while we were enjoying our naked picnic when suddenly I heard Lucas say something. I turned toward him asking him to repeat myself and when I saw his face I felt the words I had missed. The look he gave me echoed the words he repeated, “Allie, I love you.”

I don’t even know if I said them back before I was on top of him again making love in the full view of the forest.



Once again, I was stirred out of a daydream by Lucas’ voice. As I nodded my head, I doubted my answer. No part of me wanted to leave our little oasis and return to reality. I wanted to savor every last second with this man I loved. I didn’t want to share him with anyone else and knowing that our time together would now be limited as our commitments came calling filled me with a desperate sadness. I wasn’t sure how I would see him everyday or be connected to him as much as humanly possible, but I knew we would find a way to make it work. As the cabin grew smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror, one thing became abundantly clear: nothing between them would ever be the same…

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