Mr. Perfect Ch. 03

Big Dick

Chapter 03- The Event

I woke up early the next day to catch a bus to reach school. I left at 6 and managed to reach by 6:30. It was still too early, so I went to meet toria. I think she needed to know everything that had happened.

I knocked on her dorm door. Maybe she wouldn’t be there and did not have to explain…….

“Hey,” she yawned, “you’re back!”

“Get dressed, lots to tell you.” I said pushing her back in.

She came out fifteen minutes later looking like her beautiful self again. We went down for breakfast and I told her he entire thing — all the events and every single detail. She looked at me, nodding her head at occasions like she really cared. That’s what I liked about toria, even if she didn’t care shed at least pretend.

“Well it’s a good thing you’ve decided to come out about the whole thing. I don’t think I could’ve kept it in that Long…..just kidding!” I think she added the ‘just kidding’ after seeing my mortified expression.

“Yeah, well I think It’s come to that now.” I said looking at my hands. “I’m going back to my aunts’ till the end of thanksgiving.”

“By the way, Chris and I was a onetime thing, you can have him. Though I must tell you, he isn’t that great in bed.” She winked.

“Well I don’t think he’s going to go for me; not after what I told him. Damn, Now I can’t even get him into a threesome with him!” I laughed out.

“Okay, so I’ll see you when you and I are back in town. You remember right, imp Going to my parents’ house.” GOD! How could I have forgotten? She had been reminding me for months. I did my most convincing nod and smiled abnormally.

We stood up and I gave her one big hug before I turned towards my own dorm room.

I went in and took out the suitcase I had brought when I first came here. I shoved all my stuff into the suitcase, all the books too and zipped it up. I wrote a note for my roommate. Not that it really mattered because we hardly ever spoke. I think the only words we’ve ever exchanged are sup and hey.

I pulled out the pen drive from my project and headed towards the north wing. It seemed like I wasn’t the only student leaving for the week, Almost all the dorms were empty. It Too late for breakfast and too early for class. It’s that boring period of time where you do nothing.

I knocked on the staff room door and gave my geology teacher my project. I wished him happy holidays and headed back to the bus stop. Once again I was alone there. My luck always seems to suck because Stan drove by……again.

“Hehe funny seeing you here!” He grinned. “Btw, We need to talk.”

I got into the car and he sped off.

“You lied about where you lived.” Stan said. His voice strained with emotion. Why was he getting so emo?

“Well you didn’t tell me you were gay.” I retorted.

“Well you didn’t tell me either, and are we supposed to announce it before we say anything- Hi I’m Stan and I’m gay. Please, I can be your friend only once you knew that.” he said anger filling his voice.

“No, but who told you I was gay? I asked.

“Chris did,” he said plainly.

The words were like a thunderclap. My face was hot and I was pissed. Anger filled up inside me I felt like a boiling pot of water. Why was I getting this angry? it was because All the trust I had for him, every ounce of it was lost. Was all that yesterday just a charade? I guessed so much that I was just another guy.

I felt an ache in my stomach. I felt like punching that perfect face of his and then hanging him to a truck kick him till my leg was down his throat. I was enraged! I specifically told him not to tell anyone and he goes and tells someone. I balled up my fist and closed my eyes trying to stop myself from screaming.

“Ok, he didn’t tell me…….I’m gay remember I have a fairly strong gaydar. I just wanted to see your reaction.” He smiled apologetically. If this was idea of a joke I wasn’t digging it.

“Huh?” I asked baffled. “So he didn’t tell you?” All the anger shifted to Stan who was grinning.

“No darling, I knew you’d tell him. I’ve seen the way you look at him and just now I proved myself right yet again.” He patted his back.

“How so?” I asked

“Well first of all, I’ve seen the way you look at him. Your jaw drops with every word he says. Yes you are that obvious. you fisted your hands and were almost about to explode and cry and when I told you. You are obviously, if not in love with him, are kidding yourself.” He grinned.

“No I’m not he’s just… You agree don’t you?” I asked.

“Well each ones choice is different.” He winked at me, “right now you look like a treat and I fancy shy twink boys.”

“Shut up Stan!” I said. I looked at him for a couple of minutes. For the first time I really noticed how good looking he really was. He had swift brown hair that was neatly combed into the ‘mafia style’ slicked back.

He looked like those models posing for a photo shoot. His square jaw, his whole lips and that always present semi smile. He was really handsome.

I snapped out of whatever was going on. We were almost there, to our ritualistic spot of Weston towers.

“I’m not going to ask you where you live till you feel comfortable enough to tell me yourself.” He smiled.

I got out of the car and walked to his side. I bent down and kissed him. Not just a peck but a full on kiss. I held his head. I was tasting him. He was sweet and definitely an experienced kisser, we seemed to gel into each other smoothly and effortlessly.

I pulled off, winked and walked down the lane. I didn’t turn back. It wasn’t like the movies, but it was romantic and it was the only thing I had the balls to do. I wasnt the type to suck his cock while he was driving or have sex with him in a park. I was the safe and steady type.

I reached home to find aunt Berne in the midst of preparations of a cheesecake. I said hi and moved upstairs to unpack. By the time I was done it was time for lunch.

“Are there any heated swimming pools in St. Paul?” I asked her, “I want to start swimming again.”

“Well there is one, but it’s far, it’s about 20 minutes by car.” She said.

“Oh! I’ll check it out tomorrow.” I told her.

“Go see the place tomorrow; I need your help the day after with the preparations.” She said before stuffing some salad into her mouth.

After lunch and the dishes, I went up to my room and another message was on my phone. ‘hey come over today, guys want to have a little fun. You’ll see….come Early by 5? No need for a blazer btw lol. – Chris ‘

Oh no, not again the same club. I honestly didn’t like it. I replied -‘kk I’ll see you today but I want you to come with me to check out this pool place tomorrow, get your bike ‘

I laid down on my bed and fell asleep. When I woke it was a quarter past five. Oh shit! I looked up warily to see five guys sitting and staring at me in my room. Chris, Stan, Jason, Caleb and Riley.

“Well you finally got up,” Jason said walking towards your cupboard, “we took the liberty of picking out something for you, hurry up wash your face change and were leaving we’ve explained to your aunt.”

I did as instructed and we went down. I said bye to aunt Berne and followed them all out of the door.

We took the same spots as the other day and this time Jason drove southwards. In about twenty minutes we were at a big house. It was winter and already dark. The music was loud and hypnotizing. We entered.

It was a frat party. Yippee. If you haven’t gotten it yet, I don’t like parties in general.

College kids everywhere guys from my classes, Girls in skimpy dresses. Drugs, alcohol and a lot of it. I followed the guys in as they greeted everyone they knew. They got themselves a couple of drinks and Little did I know that this was where the fun was going to start.

A small group of people in the back were huddled in a crowd. Chris took my hand and pulled me along. He stopped and introduces me to the crowd. And that’s when I realized they were playing truth or dare.

There was a bottle and couple of condoms kept near them. Some chocolate sauce, bananas and other stuff that you know symbolized adulthood.

One girl clubbed us into pairs. I was with Stan. Yippee again. And I know you guys think it’s weird, but there were a lot of guy-guy groups and girl-girl groups. Chris was with another guy I didn’t obviously recognize. There were more guy-guy groups than any other types coming to think about it.

Here however no one seemed to care really about the repercussions. The bottle spun and landed on two girls. Someone called out from an iPhone -‘kiss her ‘ it was the adult truth or dare game. I’d seen that on torias phone once. I didn’t like the sound of it.

It didn’t seem like truth was an option here. It was dares and double dares. On torias phone there were all categories right from feet to bondage. It gave me the chills just thinking about it.

I looked at Stan. He was a divine picture of serenity. He was composed and smiling. I did notice the growing bulge in his jeans but not enough to care about it. The two girls kissed and the bottle spun again. This time it fell on a two guys. Every time it spun by my heart stopped. I was sweating. It could’ve been the pressure of Chris watching me or just I was afraid that someone would find out.

The guys’ dare was worse. One had to unbutton the others pants with his teeth. The crowd cheered when it was over. The bottle spun again and landed on me. My heart somersaulted.

“Make out with your partner!” The guy in charge of giving the dares announced. Well this was a problem. My body wasn’t working. I looked at Stan. He was smiling. He crept closer.

“At least I get my wish,” he whispered.

I closed my eyes and kissed him. My hands on this face. Our tongues thrashed against each others. I was getting aroused. It wasn’t the kiss, but just the thought that Chris might get jealous and come to me.

Who was I kidding, it was the kiss. Stan was hot, in a cute way?! And he was gay and he understood what I was going through. The more I accepted my truth the more I was Attracted to Stan.

After a minute we were breathless and off each other’s faces. I looked at him. His piercing eyes searching mine. He was looking at me. For a minute I saw a smile and he was back to his emotionless composure. I looked at Chris. He was staring at me, grinning widely.

Everyone around me seemed to be happy then why was I feeling miserable. For one, I had the most sensuous kiss ever with Stan who wasn’t Chris. Second, Chris didn’t give a hoot that I was kissing someone else. And third, I was however filled with rage when he had to lick his partner’s neck.

I couldn’t handle it and I excused myself from the game. I went upstairs searching for the balcony for some air. You know how a party like this gets. People were having sex all over the place. I actually saw two couples going at it in the same bathroom. It was like a fuck fest and I wanted nothing to do with it.

I went into one of the only empty rooms left. I Walked onto the balcony and Lost it. I began to cry. Why was I such a loser? Who cries for this sort of stuff? I controlled myself before someone came through the door. The person stood next to me in the balcony.

I half expected it to be Stan. But I really WANTED it to be Chris. It was neither.

“I hope I’m not bothering you?” A girl’s voice echoed in my head.

“NO it fine. I guess I’m not the only one who needs air,” I laughed.

She laughed as well, “well I saw you walked away from the game down there,” her sultry voice made me turn my head.

She was a heavenly picture of gothicness. To a limit she looked like the over-done female version on Chris, with the black hair and all. She turned and walked out before I could admire her enough.

“Anyways ciao, hope you come back down,” she said before she closed the door.

I stared into the sky. The moon in all it’s glory. There was not a star in the sky. Weird. Someone else opened the door and walked in. The person stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.

I turned. It was Stan. My heart beat fast. My breath was shallow. My legs were numb. He closed his eyes and we kissed. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever had. His soft touch on my face. He moved his hands and the warmth from his fingers were replaced by the ice cold air. His hands gently slipped to the front of my shirt.

He unbuttoned it effortlessly and threw it near the bed. I knew it was happening. I was going to have sex. I was erect and my dick yearned for some love. I undid his shirt, not as stealthily though, and let it drop. He moved me to the bed and pinned me down.

His chiselled self rubbing against my stomach. He licked my neck. And gently bit my ear. I moaned in soft pleasure. I erased my mind of any thoughts that entered. I owed it to Stan.

He rubbed his hand over my body and slipped it down my pants under my boxers. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. A huge tent mounted my sight. For the first time I felt a sexual urge so large, that if he wasn’t there I would be even humped a chair a hundred times. I was so aroused. I gave out soft moans at his every touch. He lowered his head to my nipples. Softly and gently licking, sucking and biting them. He shifted lower, teasing with his tongue till he was at the base of my boxers.

He slipped them off to expose my throbbing errection. He bent lower and gently licked the shaft. A wave of pleasure swooned me. I let out another soft moan. He licked it and serviced it till my own cock begged for him to take it in. Precum oozing by the second. He cupped my balls and lowered his lips on my penis. He took in the head, lashing his lips against it.

I squirmed. Waves of ecstasy flowed through me. This was my first blowjob from a guy and to be quite honest it was the best yet. He went in deeper each time. I thrusted my hips. Each time deeper till my whole cock was in his mouth. He left it there before releasing me again. His hands roamed my body feeling every inch of it.

I wanted his cock in my mouth. The mere sight of him licking my dick looking at me made me want to eat him. I ushered him. He pulled off his underwear to expose his monster cock. I was hungry and nothing but large could satisfy me. My seven inch penis felt like a banana compared to his giant nine inch pole.

“Wow, you must be able to do everything with that,” I winked at him.

He brought his hips towards me such that his ass was almost in my face. I pulled his semi erect penis backwards and sucked on it. It took me some effort to put even the head inside. The feeling of his flesh in me surged a new wave of pleasure.

He dug his hips into me increasing the pace each time. id sucks to create suction and drain out any precum he had.

We shifted again and he was taking me in once more. I shoved faster till finally my body pulsed and my hands dug into the sheet.

“I’m going to cum!” I breathed out.

And I released myself into him. He swallowed every bit of it like a hungry slut. But he wasn’t done. He lifted my legs and dug his face into me. He began licking my ass. Each thrust of his tongue opened new senses and each time I was struck with awe.

“We can stop here if you like?” He asked observing my face carefully.

“No way have I wanted that monster in me.” I wanted it bad. I wanted to give him back for making me cum for the best orgasm I’ve ever had. “Master I want you to punish me.” I said a devious smile on my face. I was trying role play…….

“Well then get ready to be destroyed.” He smirked.

He laid me on my back and pulled my legs over his shoulder.

He lubed my hole and gently slid a finger in. I moaned in pleasure. Within no time he had two inside. He brought his penis near my hole and pushed it against me. He pushed harder and the head slid in. He waited for me to get adjusted.

All I could feel was pain and I screamed in it too. He waited patiently concerned look on his face. “I can stop if you want?”

“No!” I was firm, “fuck me hard. Destroy my hole. Punish me till I cry!” I begged.

He slid in more, an inch or so. The pain gripped me, my hands clinging to the sheets. I screamed and yelled and shouted. He slid in two inches more. We were not even halfway. He pulled out slowly and a new wave of pain surged me. I cried out.

He slid again adding two inches each time. He was careful not to Hurt me too much. He pulled it out and this time was merciless. He thrusted it in, covering up the three inches he had left before. It felt like my ass would tear even though his dick wasn’t as thick as mine.

My ass was on fire and I was crying. I had lost all thoughts of Chris. I didn’t care. I was with someone who comforted me. Though Not at the moment. Someone who was gay. Someone who understood me. I could never be with Chris. It just wasn’t meant to be. However much I convinced myself, an ache in my stomach told me different.

Secretly inside I prayed everyday that Chris would realize. This was beginning to sound like Taylor swifts you belong with me. But that was the case.

He pulled it out again and I could feel him moving inside me. He shoved again each time the pain reducing. He shoved faster and deeper, Each time the pain being replaced by pleasure.

“Faster sire! deeper! Fuck me hard! Fuck me till I die!” My voice was hoarse and I sounded slutty enough for him to obey.

He did exactly so thrusting in faster, harder. My hands were on the columns of the headboard. Each time he pushed in the bed shook with the weight. He was like an express train fast and deep each time hitting the right spot sending waves of pleasure through me. Each time soft moans escaped my lips. He was breathing hard and moaning loud.

My previously dead cock had sprung to life. He put one hand on it and just by his touch I came again. Two orgasms in about 20 minutes. This had never happened to me before even with a girl.

He pushed in; each time small grunts escaped his mouth. He humped me like there was no tomorrow. No matter what I felt he was persistent. He moved in till his thighs slapped against me. I wondered how I could take in 9 inches.

“Faster sire! Hump me! Punish me! Deeper! Destroy me! Make me pay. Please!” I begged him. I was out of words. I would keep this up till he came. I wanted that.

That was the last even he could take. I felt his body tense and he slowed down. And then I felt it his hot cum in me. He collapsed on me both of us sweating and panting.

He waited for his cock to get soft before he pulled it out leaving me feel empty without his jumbo dick. Silence. We just lay there……holding each other tight .After ten minutes, He kissed me before he got up, cleaned himself and slid his clothes back on. I did the same and we walked out together.

The place was packed as ever and no one seemed to notice anything. We went back down and stood in a corner. Not a word between us.

Chris was in his jeans…….only. No shirt. His body glistened. His chiselled body gleaming in the dim light. His perfect abs and chest. I was erect again and I couldn’t believe it. Sweat trickled down my forehead. I felt feverish and I wanted to go home. I looked at my watch. It was only 9:30.

I looked at Chris; He was staring right at me. He mouthed something and grinned.

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