Mr. President


Geoff Larsen, (of course that isn’t his real name), is the President of Marketing. His office is located four doors down the hall from my own and, being President, his office is a corner unit making it almost twice the size of my own with a fully equipped bath complete with a whirlpool, a corner shower and a laundry chute that heads straight to the basement of the facilities where the gym is located. It offers an incredible view of the skyline at sunset. Someday, I will have the office. For now, I have the man.

It started innocently enough as these things always tend to. It was during a meeting which included all of the company heads reporting to the CEO on quarterly activities. Quite normally, because I am an ambitious sort, I am eager to hear about every aspect of the company. Business intrigues me and, as I mentioned before, I will have Geoff’s office at some point. However, on that particular day, I couldn’t help my mind from wandering.

Though normally I am quite prim and exude an aura of no nonsense when I am in my office building, I felt myself twitching in my seat and figured I could loosen up a little to keep myself from going absolutely completely mad.

Keeping my face tuned in with an expression of pure interest in what was happening on the power point presentation, I used my right foot to push off the 4 inch heeled black silk peep toe shoe encasing my left foot. Adjusting myself slightly, I pulled my shoeless foot up underneath of me. My knee length steel grey skirt hiked up and I reached down with one hand, skimming it along my bare thigh and then further down to rub my plum polished toes.

Placing both hands back on the table, I picked up my pen and attempted to appear interested in the graphs now flashing across the screen. I wiggled my toes and reached back down, running my index finger back and forth along my instep.

As the next department head got up to take his turn to wield the power point remote, I turned my head to the side and noticed that Geoff was in a world of his own as well. In fact, he’d zoned in on my world and was, quite intently, staring downwards at my foot his eyes following back and forth with the movement of my finger. Now this could be fun, I mused.

I continued to watch him from the corner of my eye and changed from tracing a path along my arch to rubbing and massaging the underside of my foot. His expression remained intent and then I wiggled my toes. That did it. I continued to watch him in my peripheral vision and smiled to myself as I noticed him reach under the table to adjust what I assumed was now a hard on.

It was later in the afternoon, when all of the presentations were finished, that each VP and President of each department broke off to debrief their respective teams and to get a jump on finalizing the following quarter’s plan. As the marketing team filed into the room, Geoff took his usual place at the head of the table and I took my place on the side of the table on his right.

As he began to speak, I kept my face completely expressionless and slipped off my shoes under the table. Now barefoot, I picked up my pen, began to write and lifted my toes of my right foot, slipping them underneath the hem of his slacks. He twitched, the movement barely noticeable.

My toes caressed the outside of his ankle and then began to inch upwards to his calf. There was only so far I could go under the hem and so I retracted my foot and began to trace the same trail on the outside of his slacks. I felt him tense, but continued my upwards journey until my foot was firmly in his lap. Underneath the table, I felt his legs part as he continued to brief the team. I took the invitation and began massaging his hard shaft with my toes, squeezing him through his slacks.

Remarkably, he held it together quite well as I continued to stroke him and delivered a perfunctory speech about next quarter goals before dismissing everyone.

I slipped on my shoes and rose from the table, quite ready to leave things as they were. I didn’t expect him to throw me down on the board table after everyone left and have wild sex with me then and there. That’s the stuff ridiculous letters to the editor of every sex magazine is made of and most of it is made up – pure fantasy. No, I held no delusions that our secret quasi foot job would move any further than it had so naturally I was a bit surprised when he spoke up.

“Actually, Danielle, if I could see you in my office for a bit. There are some notes I’d like to go over with you.” He looked me dead in the eye, not a hint of anything other than pure business interest there. Oh, he was cool alright…

“Absolutely.” I gave a polite smile and followed him down the hallway to his office door. He said nothing, not even bothering to make small talk. The situation changed as soon as we were in the confines of his tekirdağ escort office.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” He demanded once the door was closed and we had our privacy.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, Sir.” I said, straight faced.

“You know what I’m talking about. That little game you played under the table wasn’t exactly conducive to…”

“Game I played under the table?” I asked, one eyebrow raised in mock astonishment. “Are you sure it wasn’t your imagination?” I implored, taking a seat in one of the comfy plump leather chairs that were arranged in a circle around a glass coffee table. I kicked off my shoes and crossed my legs, wiggling my toes. “Because from where I sat in the meeting for the department heads, it looked to me as though you were imagining plenty while gawking at my feet and legs.”

Busted. His cheeks flushed a brilliant shade of crimson.

I stood up and sashayed over to him and tilted my head to gaze upwards. While I am not short at 5’8″ in bare feet, Geoff is quite a lot taller, clocking in at just about 6’4″. My hands moved to his shoulders and then one travelled to his still red cheek, caressing it softly.

“Why, Mister President…I do believe there’s some sexual tension in this room.” I purred. “It’s something that really should be resolved. Maybe…Maybe this is what you want?” I turned away from him, backing my tight round ass firmly between his legs where an instant hardening had me smiling slyly.

“Or maybe this?” I bent forward slowly, my hands riding up the backs of my thighs and pulling my skirt upwards over my ass exposing a teal colored G-string nestled between two creamy cheeks.

I turned to face him. The expression he wore was one of total and complete disbelief and yet it was combined with a look of lust unlike any I’d ever seen before. I wondered if I might not have opened a bit of a Pandora’s box. Normally, I am in control in these situations and I wondered if Mister Larsen wasn’t going to turn out to be a bit of an animal, (in a good way).

“No? Still not quite what you want?” My fingers trailed down and I cupped him in my hand. If it was possible at all, he hardened even more and I raised myself to the tips of my toes in an attempt to meet him face to face. My hand still on his rock hard cock, the tips of our noses touched. “Aren’t you going to tell me?” I murmured. “Or should I just take what I want and be done with you?”

That was the magic button – not mine, but his. It was those last few words that set him off into a sexual frenzy and he grabbed me tightly, pulling me against him. He hoisted me, pulling me up so that my legs encircled his waist and backed me up so that my back was against the wall. He pushed against me, the hardness of his cock pressing between my legs. The sensation had me wild.

“Is this what YOU want?” He demanded. “You push me and push me and toy with me and tease me with those fucking feet of yours. You’re always wearing these damned shoes that drive me wild and these skirts that should be outlawed in an office. I’ve watched you prance around here for the last two years, ever since I came to work for this company. I’m tired of watching.” He made a low growling sound. “You’d better not be fucking bluffing, because I’m taking what I want and I’m taking it now.”

I yelped as he dumped me into one of the chairs. My initial reaction was outrage. Who was he to tell me what he was going to do? I’m the one who had what he wanted. I’m the one whose feet and legs he’d been lusting after. I held the power to either give it to him or not. I wasn’t used to men behaving like this. I was used to men begging me to give in to their fetish of worshipping my feet, my legs and then the rest of my body. Here was a man who wasn’t going to beg. Apparently I’d pushed him to the edge and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

He knelt in front of me, a sign of submission, and for a moment I thought that perhaps he’d seen and realized the error he’d made in assuming that he was in control. Before I knew it, his hands were at my blouse working the buttons. I slapped his hand away, frowning.

“Excuse me, but this isn’t how it works.” I admonished.

Saying nothing, he gently moved my hand back to the arm of the chair and continued on with the process of unbuttoning me.

“Hey, I said that this isn’t how this works.” I grabbed at his hand again. This time instead of gently moving my hand away, he firmly planted it back where he wanted it which was out of the way.

“You’re something else, Geoff. I’ve already told you that this isn’t how this happens twice. This is the third time.” I grabbed for his hand again, attempting to pull it away from my blouse. A soft ripping sound was heard and my eyes went wide. Together, we’d ripped my blouse.

“You fucking asshole!” I frowned and my eyebrows knit into a look of irritation.

“You need to sit still.” He said, loosening his tie.

“I’ve already told you that…” I started and before I knew it, my hands were tied together with the dark blue silk Armani tie.

He stood there, an amused look on his face and then went to work unbuttoning the rest of my blouse, pushing it open and revealing the teal lace demi cup I wore beneath.

I looked up at him, my bottom lip jutting out in a pout. This was not the way I had planned on this going, but it seemed there wasn’t going to be anything I was going to be able to do about the situation any time soon. I resigned myself to the fact that I may as well entertain the idea of giving in.

His finger traced a line over the fullness of my breasts. The sensation sent a shiver down my spine. He hooked his finger the right side causing the other half of my breast to spill out over the cup. I looked down as I felt the familiar tingling in my nipple and watched as he traced a circle around it. It hardened immediately and he moved forward sucking it into the warm wetness of his mouth, drawing circles around it with his tongue and eventually nipping it with his teeth. A rush of warmth spun in my belly and down my legs.

His hands moved behind me and found the zipper of my skirt. Undone, he slid the skirt down my legs, tracing his tongue over each inch of flesh he revealed.

“You have fantastic legs.” He said matter of factly. “I can’t wait to feel them around my waist while I fuck you senseless.”

I groaned softly.

His finger traced from the top of my G-String, down over my lace covered pussy which was now starting to throb with a familiar feeling. I could feel the wetness starting to build. Why was I so turned on when I wasn’t the one in control? Could it be that I had a secret desire to be used and controlled?

He gave a soft throaty laugh as I moved my hips towards his finger in an attempt to have him touch me further.

“Little whore….” He said quietly, gently. It came more as a term of endearment rather than the insult it normally would be. “You’ll get what you want. I promise. But on my time.”

He lifted my left foot and began at the tip of my big toe, licking and sucking each toe in turn before turning his attention to the arch. I squirmed in the chair and brought my right foot up to meet his hardness.

“Do I have to tie your feet too?” He asked. “Keep it there.” He ordered, spreading my right leg over the arm of the chair. I obeyed, knowing now that he wasn’t joking after his display with my hands earlier.

He continued to drive me crazy, his warm wet tongue tracing paths all over my foot. He licked the arch again and bit gently. This caused a surge of heat to rocket through my groin and I wished so badly that I could at least touch him. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair and give it a tug.

When he finished with my left foot, he hooked it over the arm of the chair and moved to my right. He administered the same torture there and found the ridiculously ticklish spot smack in the middle of the bottom of that foot. I thought I might go through the room as he continued to tickle it with the tip of his tongue, taking pleasure in watching me squirm and gasp.

He finally hooked my right leg back over the arm of the chair leaving my legs spread wide open and I watched with great delight as he stood and began taking off his dress shirt. Keeping his gaze locked on mine, he undid the black leather belt and, pulling it from the loops, he dropped it on the floor before kicking off his leather dress shoes and moving to his dress pants, removing those as well. He stood there in black boxer briefs and I have to admit that the view was incredibly nice.

Without saying anything, he dropped back to his knees clasped his hands around my calves, keeping my legs spread wide as he moved forward and licked up the front of the lace G-string.

Oh…My God…

He continued to tease me through the lace and laughed softly when my wetness started seeping through, soaking the fabric. He let go of my legs, used a finger to push the lace to the side and then continued using his tongue to trace circles around my swollen clit and then began to flick is back and forth. God, I wanted SOMETHING in me and I wanted it now.

As if hearing my thoughts, he pulled my legs together, pulled my G-string off and then pushed them back up onto the arms again. He went back to flicking his tongue back and forth against my clit with butterfly strokes, at the same time, eased his middle finger inside of me. I tensed, and rocked against his hand.

“More!” I said aloud.

“Oh really?” He grinned.”You wanna maybe ask for that, Buttercup?” He teased.

“More!” I said a little more forcefully.

“Not until you ask and ask nicely.” He was loving knowing that he had me at his mercy.

“Please, Geoff, give me more.” I finally relented through a clenched jaw.

“Much better.” He nodded and without warning, slipped his index finger along side of his middle finger inside of me and began fucking me to an insane orgasm as he kept his tongue busy rolling my clit around.

“That’s it…” He soothed as I whimpered through an incredible climax. He kissed the sides of my thighs and then stood, grabbing my feet and rubbing them against his hardness. His eyes closed as he moved against them.

I hooked my toe into the waistband and gave a slight tug, pulling down the boxer briefs as far as I could before they got stuck on his cock, which was standing stiff at attention. He slid them down the rest of the way and stepped out of them before taking my feet and placing them on both sides.

He continued to rub himself all over them, the tip tickling my arches and running across the bottom of my toes. I felt the wetness begin to drip out of him and it left a trail across my feet. He placed himself between the soles and began to fuck my feet, his cock poking through as he thrust.

Sure, I’ve had this done to me many times, but it was the fact that it was all being done on his terms that had me so turned on. I was hot for him, wondering how much longer I could take watching him thrust himself between my feet and watching each little drop of precum develop. I wanted so badly to lick each of them, taste each sweet drop before sucking him completely into my mouth and feel the hardness there.

I was so turned on that my hands drifted to my still throbbing pussy and I played while I watched him take pleasure in my feet.

He pulled away and then grabbed my shoulders pulling me forward in the chair and I wasted no time wrapping my lips around his swollen head. His hands moved to the back of my head and his fingers splayed through my hair. Though he wasn’t forceful, he held my head firmly and began to move in and out of my mouth at a slow, tortuous pace. Each time he slid out, my tongue swirled around the tip and fluttered back and forth over that spot where every man is incredibly sensitive. Each time, he groaned and would thrust back in gently.

Eventually he pushed me back in the chair and, grinning, he bent down and grabbed his shoes.

“So I hear you want to be in my shoes. You want my office and you want my job.” He raised an eyebrow, smiling with amusement. Tell you what…You can have my shoes today. The office and the job are going to have to wait.” He slipped each of his shoes onto my feet. They were way too big, but amazingly it was a huge turn on. Grabbing my hands, he pulled me up out of the chair.

Walking me around to the back, he bent me over and I rested on my arms. He moved behind me, stroking my sides as though you would a racehorse. His hands moved over my ass, his fingers tickling the skin and turning me still hotter.

“Just fuck me, Geoff.” I wanted it more than I ever have before and if I didn’t get it soon I would go crazy.

“Just fuck me, Geoff.” He mocked teasingly and without warning, his hand came down, smacking one of my cheeks lightly.

I gave a little jump and my eyes flew open.

“For such a smart woman, Danielle, you are a slow learner. Haven’t you learned yet that I am your boss?” He teased playfully.

“I swear to God, Geoff, if you don’t fuck me now….”


Another slap on the ass and then he thrust himself inside of me.

I came without warning. No control. It was all gone and he continued to fuck me at a steady pace as he bent forward and wrapped his hand around my hair, pulled my head back to look at him.

“Is this what you wanted?” He voice was graveled, full of lust. “Is this what you wanted from me?”

It was so good, so incredibly amazingly good that I almost cried.

“Yes!” I almost sobbed “This is what I wanted. Please keep fucking me….Don’t….don’t stop!” I begged. Now that was a first. I was not the one who ever begged, but somehow this felt so right to let him take charge of me.

“My little bitch….” His mouth found mine and he kissed me deeply as he continued to thrust in and out of me.

For the third time, I felt myself ready to cum and I let it go, my muscles shaking uncontrollably. He fucked me through the orgasm and then pulled out, pushing me to my knees where he stroked himself twice, groaned loudly and exploded onto my lips.

I licked at my lips, cleaning them, blissfully satisfied as he came down to his knees in front of me and untied my hands before kissing me softly. My arms wrapped around his neck and my fingers played with his hair.

“Who’s the boss?” He teased.

“You are.” I grinned, happy to admit defeat.

“Good girl.” He chuckled, pinched my butt and then herded me into the ensuite where he pampered me with a foot massage as we soaked in the whirlpool tub. I guess sometimes it pays to give in…

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