Muscle Jake Pt. 01


This is my first story. Feedback is welcome.


It was midnight. I was lifting weights like I always did this time of night. I liked lifting in the middle of the night. It caused less problems. At midnight, there were fewer gawkers, and I didn’t take all of the plates away from paying customers.

You see, I’m a bit of an outlier. I’m 6’6″ tall and 440lbs of muscle. It wasn’t always like this. At 9 years old, I was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. I wasn’t supposed to live passed 11. My parents were people of some means, and after several months of doctors telling them there was nothing that could be done, and their own self-guided research, they took me to a geneticist in Hungary who promised a miracle cure. They were skeptical, of course, but they didn’t have many options. I was with Dr. Mészáros for a week. I don’t remember much, except for the intense pain that I felt the entire time.

Lifting gets me through my day. It’s a pain that I have no problem focusing on.

Bench presses usually cleared my mind. I could enter a meditative state pushing against large weights. Today, I was pressing 1050lbs for reps. At the end of my third set, I saw her doing squats. I’d seen her in the gym a few times before, over the last several months. She was hard to miss. My eyes were immediately drawn to the nicely rounded bubble-butt that she was working. Her legs were the toned gams of a dancer. She had two cute blonde braids that came down to her shoulders. I might have approached her at some point before today, but it’s bad form to hit on the paying customers.

She racked her weight just after I did mine. As I sat up, she came over.

Her face was devastatingly sexy. Glasses framed her sparkling blue eyes. She had high cheek bones, a smallish nose with a delicate ring in the right nostril and a cute chin. She sported plump red lips that looked like they were engineered for sucking. At 5’6″, she was fit and very busty. She was wearing small gym shorts seemingly painted onto her nicely rounded booty, and a sports bra that could barely contain her chest. The overall effect was somewhere between nympho cheerleader and hot nerd girl.

“Hi, I’m Caroline,” she said.

“I’m Jake,” I responded, extending my hand. She took it and shook.

“I’m not often this forward, but seeing you lift is kind of mesmerising. Do you mind a spectator?” she asked.

“I don’t usually get fan-girls as beautiful as you.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” she said. “So what’s next in your routine?”

“Bicep curls.”

“Great. I’ll just take a seat on the floor over here by the weight rack. Don’t pay any attention to me.”

“Not likely,” I said.

I picked up a barbell loaded up with 300lbs and with my left hand and started doing my bicep exercises. My bicep engorged with blood as my muscles worked against the weight. The large vein that ran along the peak of my bicep inflated with my efforts.

“Oh my Gawd!” Caroline exclaimed. “Your biceps are huge!”

“Yeah. I’m kind of gifted in the muscle department.”

6…7… I thought to myself, trying not to stare at the sexy woman who was making no secret of staring at me.

Caroline started to gyrate on the floor a little. She was clearly trying to not touch herself.

After my eighth rep, she gave up gaziantep escort all pretense and stuck her left hand down her shorts while her right hand started playing with her nipple.

“Do you realize how wet you’re making me? I could cum just watching you!”

Not to be outdone, I responded, “Yeah? Show me how wet you are.”

She beamed a 1,000 watt smile, stood up and shimmied out of her shorts and thong and then peeled her sports bra over her head. Her tits bounced with their new-found freedom, but didn’t sag even a bit. She was clean-shaven, her little pussy engorged with arousal. My God she was beautiful. She stuck the first two fingers of her left hand into her pussy. They glistened as she pulled them out. She made a gesture of showing her wet fingers to me before putting them into her mouth to suck them clean as I began my second set.

The display of blatant, nasty sexiness had its intended effect. I got hard watching her. The tent in my gym shorts had to be obvious.

“Holy SHIT! Is that your cock?!?”

“Well,” I said, “you’re a beautiful, fit, big-boobed girl,” I grunted as I continued lifting, “naked and masturbating in front of me. What did you expect?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m not complaining,” she said.

On her knees, she slinked over to me as I finished the set. As I dropped the weight, she brought both of her hands up to my crotch and began stroking my erection through my shorts.

“Can I see it?” She asked coquettishly, unconsciously licking her lips. “I’ve already shown you mine.”

I was torn. I’ve actually had very few physical relationships in my life. I knew my strength and size outpaced just about anyone I was likely to meet, and I legitimately feared hurting someone unintentionally.

Oh, but she was gorgeous. And she was throwing herself at me.

“Well, it’s late, and there isn’t anyone else on this floor of the gym,” I acquiesced. Truth be told, I wanted nothing more than to be naked with this girl.

That was all the prompting she needed. Like a kid unwrapping a delicate Christmas present, she slowly worked the waist-band of my shorts and undies over and around my erection. My 13.5″ of manhood sprang free and hit her on the cheek. She gasped, visibly excited. Caroline then brought her arm up to my dick.

“It’s bigger than my forearm!” she exclaimed. “And thicker than my wrist! I bet there aren’t many girls who can take you.”

“My dating pool is pretty selective,” I responded. “Not every girl in the world likes guys as big as me.” As I said that, I pulled a double bicep flex, showing off my 36″ guns. Caroline swooned. Standing, she placed her right hand on my left bicep, feeling the muscle, while her left hand caressed my cock.

“Tell me you’re not done lifting,” she implored, stroking me off.

“I’ve still got my right bicep to work,” I said.

“Yes, please!” she exclaimed. Caroline stood, her right hand never leaving my cock as she brought her left onto my arm and began fondling my bicep.

As I went through my bicep exercises, one of her hands was constantly feeling my muscles, while her other was busy either rubbing her clit, or stroking my cock. She had clearly brought herself to orgasm at least twice during this workout.

I dropped the weight when I was done with my sets.

“Please don’t stop!” She begged me.

I didn’t want this encounter to end either.

“I could do another set on the bench press,” I remarked, leading her over to the equipment.

Caroline reluctantly let go of my manhood, and I lay down on the bench. As I turned my head toward her, I saw her juices flowing down her inner thighs.

As soon as I got into position, Caroline swung her right leg over my abdomen and straddled my mid-section. “Don’t worry. I won’t get in the way of the bar. Just keep doing what you’re doing,” she said.

With a grunt, I raised the more than half-ton of weight, trying again to concentrate on lifting. That’s when Caroline, with her hands on my massive pecs, started to lean forward and slide her pussy over the ridges of my abs. She began slowly, and sped up as I reached the eighth rep.

“Fucking your abs with my clit is heaven! Holy shit I’m CUMMING,” she screamed huskily. She reached behind her with her left hand and started jacking me off.

That was it. I racked the weight as carefully as the situation would allow.

I lifted her off of my mid-section and stood, saying “Ok, that’s enough foreplay.”

“Goddamn right! I’ve been wishing you would just take me since I saw you! Please use me!”

I’d been with a few other girls before. Each one had a difficult time accepting my length and girth. As wet as she undoubtedly was, experience dictated that I prime her.

“I want to taste your pussy,” I said.

I cradled her round, firm butt with my right hand and lifted her into the air. I elevated her so that her pussy was at my mouth, and began feasting. She squirmed and moaned as I flicked my tongue over her clit. It only took a few seconds before she exploded in another orgasm.

“Even your tongue is strong,” she gasped.

I lowered her down and with both hands on her sides, I rubbed her sopping pussy up and down my cock a few times.

“That’s right! Get your huge horse-cock wet with my pussy juice and fuck me!”

I aimed and slowly, agonizingly speared her with my dick. Proceeding at a deliberate pace, I wanted to be sure that I didn’t hurt her with my girth.

Half of my length was buried in her when, as if reading my mind she groaned out, “Oh my God, it hurts so GOOD! Don’t worry about my pussy. Just fuck me like you so desperately want to.”

With that permission, I slammed home. Caroline took in a sharp breath and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her loins let loose a torrent of girl cum. “Keep fucking me! Use me like a sex-toy. I’m your living, breathing fleshlight!”

That was it. Sending caution to the wind, I jack-hammered her up and down on my cock with force and speed. Her glasses flew off her face and landed on the floor several feet away. She came at least three more times in the five minutes before I blew my load into her. She came a fourth time as I cried out in my own orgasmic relief. Buried to the hilt, I pumped wave after wave of semen into her. My cum started leaking out of her even before I lifted her off of me and gently placed her on the bench.

Out of breath, she groaned, “Wow, that was intense. I’ve never cum so hard on a cock before. How much goo did you pump into me, anyway? You jetted off forever!” She reached into her crotch with her hand, scooped up a good amount of my cum and savored it with her tongue. It was then that she looked at my cock.

“Are you kidding me?!? You’re still hard after that intense marathon?” She asked, as she fumbled for her glasses.

“What can I say? You’re one hot bitch. The truth is, I’ve got more stamina than most,” I replied.

“Yeah? And how many rounds can you go before you throw in the towel,” she asked?

“I’m not really sure. I’ve never counted.”

“Challenge accepted,” she said. With that, she sauntered over to me. Caroline got on her knees and started licking my pole.

“The only thing more delicious than your massive cock, is your massive cock coated in fresh pussy juice,” she said. She opened her mouth wide and seemed to unlock her jaw as she deep-throated me.

Where did this girl come from?

This time I didn’t last long at all. Just a minute or two and I was pumping her throat full of my spending. She struggled to keep up, but eventually was able to swallow all of it.

Detaching her face from my crotch, she said “I really want to measure the volume of your cum. It has to be off the charts!” Caroline then started licking my big balls with affection.

“You’ve got me so charged,” I said. “Think your pussy could handle another reaming,” I asked?

“I meant it when I told you to use me. Tonight, my body is your sexual play-thing,” she responded. Standing up, she turned around and leaned over the bench, presenting her ass and pussy to me.

I slammed my erect cock into her pussy from behind and started pounding her. By my count, she came at least four more times before I let loose again. It was clear at that point that she had become delirious.

She lost consciousness as soon as I pulled my still erect member from her love hole. I gathered up all of our discarded clothing, cradled Caroline in my arms, and brought her through the “Employee Only” entrance on the third floor of the gym, to the back stairwell, and up to my apartment above the business. I carefully took her into my home, and tucked her into my king sized bed. After washing up, I joined her in bed and promptly fell asleep.

Caroline began to stir around 6am. “Was I dreaming, or did I meet a beautiful muscle god with a huge cock last night, who fucked me until I lost consciousness?” She asked before opening her eyes.

“If it was a dream, then we were both in it together,” I responded.

“Is your cock as big as in my dreams,” she asked?

“Open your eyes and find out.”

Caroline opened her eyes, turned on her side toward me and inhaled deeply.

“You smell delicious,” she said.

She reached down with both hands and began fondling my member. It took only a few seconds before I was huge and hard in her hands.

“Time for breakfast,” she said, before shimmying down the bed. She took my cock in her mouth in one, swift action, and proceeded to suck as if her life depended on it. After a few minutes of her hoovering my cock, I blew a massive load in her mouth. More prepared than last night, she guzzled down everything that I gave.

“Have any of your other girlfriends ever told you that your semen is delicious?” she asked. “I can’t get enough of it!”

“I have never been with a girl that went down on me before,” I told her. “My cock is larger than most girls are comfortable with.”

“Well let’s not make this a one night stand,” Caroline said. “Come over my house for dinner tonight.”

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