I woke up alone in the bed although I did not know what exactly roused me. I felt the empty pillow next to me… The coolness told me I had been alone for a while.Then I heard it…. that lovely soft sound of the guitar from the living room. Something Spanish. Albéniz I thought but it did not matter. The soft passion of the strings moved inside me. The vibrations resonated though my being. My mind was full of him. Blood began to fill my most Sex hikayeleri intimate lips, engorging and making them more sensitive. Moisture gathered between my legs. I wondered if he knew what these little moments did to my body and my heart. I laid there listening to the soft adagio…. the melody… the occasional dissonance which added to the beauty of the moments. In my mind’s eye I could see him reclining naked on the Sikiş hikayeleri couch… the guitar held lovingly and gently in his arms. His calloused fingers strumming and picking and moving on the strings and drawing out the most beautiful sounds they had to offer. My body was suddenly the guitar. Lovingly held. Touched by the hands of a true master. Making beautiful sounds because he requested them. My legs put pressure Erotik hikaye on my swelling clit as I turned over on my back. Fingers from both hands dipped into the wetness there and I began to use my fingertips to trail the product of my passion over my body. The drops cooled and became one more addition to the sensual pleasure. My nipples were instantly full and sensitive and my body began to sing with the sound of the strings and the touch of my hands. My right hand returned to stroke my slit and I heard the first moan break from my throat. My movements even and true. The cadence of the music changed and my fingers kept time.Two fingers were stroking, coaxing my body to a new level of arousal.

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