My Bi Friend’s Wedding Ch. 02


The door was immediately opened when I rang the bell, the bride smiled at me as she lead us inside the condo. Taking our coats and leading us down the dim hallway to the living room she was practically giddy with excitement. The wedding was in one week and she was telling us just how much she had left to do and how much she needed a night like this to relax.

Wine was offered as the introductions were made The bride, Melanie and her hubby to be Rick, the other bridesmaid Kate and her husband Ken, as well as my new friend from the tuxedo fitting, Samantha (Sam for short) and her partner Chris.

I smiled fondly at Sam, a jolt of pleasurable remembrance zooming down to my toes as I thought about our afternoon together as I introduced her to my hubby, Scott, and then re-introduced myself with my nickname, MJ.

(I don’t think I had ever actually told her my name; I chuckled at this, considering that I had had my head between her thighs and my tongue deep inside her just days before.)

There were 8 of us seated around the small room, chatting about everything. I felt very much at ease as the wine started to go immediately to my head. Kate got our attention and asked if we wanted to play a game of sorts.

None of us objected, and we all laughed as she suggested that all time favorite from our youth, Truth or Dare, but with an adult twist. I could only imagine what she meant by that amendment.

“Okay Kate,” Ricks deep voice took on a slightly menacing tone, “But as the groom to be, I get to go first.”

He looked around the room and his eyes landed on Sam. The standard question was asked and she answered quickly, with a smile.

“Dare…I always like to live on the edge.”

Rick laughed at this and thought for a moment, his eyes looking around at the rest of us.

“Okay Danger girl, I want you to kiss my fiancée,” she stood without hesitation and moved to Mel, then he added, “With tongue.”

Scott looked a little shocked as Sam’s mouth settled on and started to move slowly over Mel’s, it was obvious that their tongues were now sliding against one another’s and they were both enjoying it, we all heard the little moans and sighs.

Scott shifted in his seat and glanced toward me a look of surprise and confusion on his face.

Sam pulled back and licked her lips; they were both breathing a little heavy when she sighed, “Delicious.”

She returned to her seat and scanned the room, looking for the next ‘victim’.

Her eyes passed over me with a quick hold so I could catch her little wink. She moved onto Ken. She smiled sweetly at him, a little too sweetly.

‘Well Ken? How brave are you?”

He laughed, “Dare me Sam…please…Dare me!”

She grinned at his answer, “Ken, I want you to go over to MJ, open her blouse and show us all her gorgeous tits…and make her nipples nice and hard.”

Scott looked at me with a ‘is she serious’ look on his face, but said nothing.

Ken kneeled on the floor in front of me and shuffled between my thighs, making my legs part wide around his hips. I leaned back, my arms at my sides as his fingers moved to the buttons on my blouse. Slowly one by one be opened them. Excitement coursed through my body. I had never, ever bared myself to a group of people and the thought of it had my body slightly aroused. I didn’t think that changing at the gym counted. My nipples grew hard as pits as he parted the thin material to reveal my front close black bra.

His hands went to the clasp, expertly opening it and pulling each cup away and freeing 38d’s. My nips hardened even more as the cool air in the room caressed them. I pressed my lips together to stifle a moan as his moved to them and lifted, testing the weight. He pinched the tips between his strong fingers, pulling lightly as he smiled at me. Then glanced at Scott.

“You’re one lucky bastard Scott, these are magnificent.” He continued to pinch and pull them until I couldn’t help a small moan escaping from my lips.

“Okay Ken, that’s enough.” Sam chuckled at him, “We’ll have time for that later.” I almost groaned out loud at the words ‘more and later’.

Ken stood with one final tweak and returned to his seat. balıkesir escort He palmed his crotch, a slight adjustment as I noticed the very large budge that had formed there.

I left my blouse open, sat up a bit and glanced at Scott, his eyes were huge!

I turned his face toward mine and told him quietly, “Its okay babe, just go with it.”

He moved his hand to his own lap, rubbing against the clearly visible outline of his cock nestled there. At least I knew this was turning him on but still he said nothing as his eyes looked down at my breasts hanging free between the panels of my blouse, then back up to my eyes. He licked his lips.

Ken spoke up, “Well that was nice, don’t know about you guys but I sure as shit liked it…Hmmm…who’s next…” he slowly moved around the room until his eyes settled on Mel.

“Well Mel? Which is it?”

“I’ll stick with the current theme…dare please.” She grinned wide as he pondered her fate.

“Okay, since you are the bride to be and will be spoiled over the next few days, I think you need to give a bit back to your bridesmaids…Go over and give kate a taste …you know what I mean Mel…and you can’t stop until I say so.”

Mel smiled as she dropped to all fours and crawled toward Kate. Kate was leaning back in her seat pushing her hips out and spreading her legs wide in anticipation for what was to come.

Mel smiled as she pushed Kate’s legs as far apart as she could. Giving us all a great view of her hairless and already very wet cunt. Mel licked her then, one long lick from her ass to her clit. Then again and again. Kate started to moan louder and louder, her hands moving to the back of Mel’s head as her hips lifted against the tongue flicking over her pussy.

I glanced at Scott, his eyes glued on the two women, his hand pressing against his cock, stroking it through his chinos. I reached my hand down and tugged on his zipper after noticing the other guys with their hard cocks out and already stroking.

He stilled my hand for a moment and then gave in as I freed him and gripped him in my fist. I watched Mel sucking on Kate’s hard little clit and fingering her wet hole as I started to work my husband. He lifted his hips and helped me slide his thick, 8 inch cock thought my fingers.

I was practically dripping wet; all I could hear was Kate’s moans filling my ears, each one making my horny pussy throb.

I felt a hand on my knee and Sam smiled at me, tilting her head to the side I didn’t really understand what she wanted then, when she grinned mischievously at me it all suddenly made sense.

I got up, letting Sam sit down next to Scott. He turned and looked at her, her blouse now undone and parted revealing her perky breasts to his eyes. Her skirt was hiked up to show him her completely shaved mound. He glanced up at me, a question in his eyes and I just shook my head yes, reassuring him.

He kissed her hard, his fingers moving over her smaller breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. She wrapped her hand around his cock and took over where I left off, stroking him with a steady rhythm as she dropped to her knees on the carpet in front of him.

She took as much of his thick cock down her throat as she could, then slowly slid back up. He moaned loudly at the warmth now surrounding him and I saw his balls pull tight against his body as she licked and sucked him.

I moved behind her, running my hand over her tight ass. I shrugged off my blouse and tugged my skirt away as I lay down on my back behind her and shuffled upwards until my mouth was just below her sex. I touched the inside of her thighs as I shifted under her then wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her pussy down onto my tongue.

She groaned as I came in contact with her pussy. She tasted just as sweet as I remembered, I pushed my tongue into her hole and ran it up and down the length of her slit. Flicking over her clit softly at first then hard and fast which I knew she liked.

I moaned in surprise as I felt a hand against my wet pussy, I didn’t know whose it was as I couldn’t see around Sam.

I felt one…then two….then three fingers filling me, sliding in and out. I bucked my hips up, moaning into Sam’s pussy, licking her harder and faster as I felt my legs being spread wide open and a tickle of hair on my inner thigh.

Then a tongue, So deliciously hot and wet, stabbing at me, moving over my hard nub. It flicking and explored me, my whole body was engulfed in sensations as I felt hands on my breasts, fingers plucking and pinching my hard nipples.

My moans were loud but muffled as I matched the pace of the tongue on me to my own on Sam’s pussy. I knew she was close as she made those little noises I’d heard before this time slightly muted by Scott’s cock between her lips, her head bobbed up and down a little faster as I pushed my fingers into her, filling her as she cried out and broke, her juices running down onto my fingers and tongue.

I pulled my fingers away from her clenching sex and she moved from over my face. I glanced up at Scott, a look of total ecstasy on his handsome face as Mel appeared and moved over his lap, straddled his thighs, and sank down on his hard cock.

I looked down at the head between my thighs and moaned as I recognized Kate just as her mouth locked over my clit. Two fingers pushed deep inside my pussy as another pressed against the tight ring of my ass. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly, bucking my hips up against her mouth as I felt another set of lips close on my nipple.

I reached my hand up and fisted my hand in Ken’s hair, it was his mouth torturing my nipples, holding him to me as he moved between my two breasts, licking and lightly biting my nips until there were hard as glass.

It was all too much. The wet tongue flicking over my clit while it was engulfed in the heat of Kate’s mouth, her fingers filling both my holes, the edge of Ken’s teeth rasping against my nipple. I glanced up and could see Scotts cock moving in and out of Mel’s pussy and that was it, I screamed out and I came, hard, my whole body trembling as my muscles clamped down tight, gripping Kate’s fingers deep inside me.

Kate kept sucking my clit as I shuddered and writhed on the floor, she drew out my orgasm until I had to gently push her face from me before the pleasure turned to pain.

I leaned up on my elbows as she climbed up my body, her nipples rubbing against mine as she kissed my lips and let me taste myself from her mouth.

Hands moved my languid body, rolling me over and adjusting me until I was on all fours. A hard cock moved into my site line, It was HUGE! At least 10 inches give or take a few and thick as a tree branch.

I glanced up at the owner and Rick’s baby blues sparkled down at me as he took himself in his hand and rubbed the tip along the seam of my lips until I opened as wide as I could to allow him entrance. I moaned loudly around Rick’s cock, circling the head with my tongue as I felt another being rubbed up and down the length of my slit from behind, I gagged a bit on Rick’s huge cock as he pushed deeper…right as the other pushed into my pussy.

I sucked and licked the cock in my mouth as the other slid in and out of my dripping cunt, harder and faster. I looked up at Rick but his head was turned toward Sam and Kate, locked together in a 69 just beside us on the floor. Sam’s partner Chris stood just behind Kate, who was on top of the 69 and finger fucked her pussy while he stroked his 7 inch cock. Then he moved fast, shoving his cock deep inside her in one long stroke. She cried out and came over Sam’s flicking tongue.

Ken moved me again, while Rick laid back on the carpet. I immediately slung a leg over his hips and gripped his gigantic cock, taking a moment to rub the mushroom head over the lips of my pussy, slicking him up with my juices.

I positioned him at the entrance to my body and slowly sank down on him. I cried out as I felt him stretch me like I’ve never been stretched before. I worked him slowly until I was completely sitting down, his whole length and girth buried nice and deep inside me.

I arched my back and started to move, rocking slowly, lifting and falling, letting myself adjust to his size. Ken stood beside me, his cock in his hand as he watched Ricks cock slide in and out of me.

I leaned over and took Kens cock in my hand, then pulled him toward my mouth. I took him inside, my lips locked tight and my head bobbing up and down his shaft as my pussy slipped up and down the length of Rick’s cock.

Ken pulled away from my mouth as Rick pressed me to his chest. His arms wrapped around my back as I felt Ken move behind us. Rick thrust up inside me as I felt Kens cock rubbing over the tight opening of my ass. I clenched, unable to help myself as Ken started to slowly push forward against the tight little hole.

My muscles gave way and Kens cock slowly worked its way into my tight rear passage. I moaned as the two bumped deep inside me when Ken was finally buried to the hilt. God I felt so full, stretched to the limit as They started to move together, I pushed back on Ken, his cock buried deep in my ass giving me an almost pain pleasure sensation. I rolled my hips with their rhythm, crying out at each stroke, moaning loudly as they pushed in and out, filling me slowly at first then harder until the slapping of our skin meeting was ringing in my ears.

I screamed out as I came hard, “Oh fuck…YESSSSS!” Clamping down tight on both cocks buried deep inside me as they, in turn, erupted.

I felt each twitch and pulse inside me as both men came at once, their grunts and groans filling my ears as my muscles rippled along their throbbing shafts, milking them while they filled both my holes with their hot sticky nectar. I collapsed against Rick’s hairless chest, I think I may have blacked out for a minute from the overload of sensations rocketing up and down the entire length of my body.

When I became aware of my surroundings again, Sam was in the same position I had just been except Chris was fucking her pussy from underneath and my husband was behind her, buried balls deep in her ass.

I smiled as I crawled toward them, passing Kate and Mel who were being tended to by each others respective partners, both men’s heads buried between their legs as they looked on.

I moved behind Scott, my hard nipples pressed against his back as I reached around and ran my hands down his wide chest. His head leaned back against my shoulder for a moment and he turned and placed a quick kiss on my neck, then went back to pounding his cock into Sam’s ass. I pinched his nipples, something I knew he loves, and sunk my teeth into his shoulder as he pounded his cock harder into the squealing female below him. He suddenly turned and took my mouth, kissing me with such passion that it took my breath away.

I broke the kiss, nipping at his lower lip as I moved beside them, my hands started to caress Sam, pinching her nipples and sliding down lower between her and Chris bodies to flick her stiff clit as her body was filled to the max with cock. She cried out again and again, with each touch as I timed them to the thrusts of the men, and she came in waves. This triggered both men and they came hard, each pushing deep as they emptied themselves into her spasming pussy.

Scott pulled back, sitting down on his heels as Chris and Sam got lost in a passionate kiss.

We went on like this all night. Different ways, different partners, creative positions.

Later the women put on a show for the men when they needed a recharge and we got into a pussy licking circle on the floor, licking, teasing, fingering each other and 69ing until we all came at least three times.

Sam and I got into a 69 a bit later and got fucked at the same time, taking turns between licking each others cunts and licking the shaft and balls of the cock moving in and out of our pussies.

It donned on me then that the 6 of them probably did this a lot, they seemed to know what each other liked and Scott and I had just been inducted into some sort of private swingers club.

As I lay back against Sam on the couch, Rick’s tongue dancing over my pussy while Sam’s hard little nipples pressed against my back and her fingers pulled lightly at my own hard nips, Chris’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth, watching my husband out of the corner of my eye getting head from my best friend while she was getting her pussy licked from my other best friend and her husband was behind her with his cock pounding in and out of her wet pussy, I wondered what had taken them so long to let us in on the fun!

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