My Eighteenth Birthday


Note: This story is a one-shot, but if people like the characters and where it could head, I might make a sequel one day.

FYI: Futa = someone with both male and female genitalia.

Without further ado, enjoy!

I couldn’t believe it. The semester was over. Graduation had come and gone in a flurry of tossed up caps and over-expensive rented yogas. Before I even knew it I had gone from complaining about my latest math test to scoping out different colleges to see which ones would give me the best chance of, you know, not starving.

It all went by so quickly though. I could barely remember what I’d been doing for the past couple of years. All I knew was that as I sat down on my bed playing the flavor of the month mobile game, Nora, my best friend was sitting next to me laughing every few seconds.

“Hey Liz, you ready?” She asked me. Nora, being the dark-skinned beauty that she was, was one of those people who had the kind of bright smile you just felt wrong not returning. It was a power she abused pretty often. So, even though smiling and overall positive behavior wasn’t really my thing, I smiled back.

“For what?” I asked. She lifted a strap of her tank-to that was threatening to fall to the side and said:

“Your birthday.” She paused. A look of realization dawned on my face. “Nooo, don’t tell me you actually forgot!”

“Holy shit, I did.” I surprised even myself. When I was, well, more of a kid than I am now, birthdays used to be the shit. Free stuff? Snuck-in drinks? Hanging out with the people who put up with my bs?

How had I forgotten this one?

“Wow.” Nora raised her brows. “Hope you don’t forget mine.”

“Hell no,” I replied, shifting on my bed to lie down next to her. “If I don’t get you a gift you’ll bitch about it for months.”

“You know, you’re supposed to get me a gift because you care, not because I’ll bitch about it.” She stated.

“But, you will.” I shrugged.

“True, but still.”

Snorting, I took the moment to start scrolling through people’s tweets. There were so many faces, all of them bright and hopeful and shit. I wondered if I could ever make a face like that. Nora was texting someone. She spent a few seconds doing that and went to tap my shoulder.

“Soooo,” she drew out, “although you forgot the day you were born, we didn’t. We’re throwing you a party.”

“Who’s we?” I asked.

“Me, Jen, Jackie, and…” She leaned close, whispering into my ear, “C e l i n e.”

“What!?” I yelled. “She’s coming!?!?”

“You sound a little surprised…” Nora smirked.

“S-So?” I pulled back, feeling myself blush. “Okay, whatever.”

“Whatever?” Nora raised a perfectly done brow. “You’re not fooling anyone, Liz.”


“Um… Does she know?” I asked shyly.

“She hasn’t said anything, but she has to. Pretty much everyone else knows. Jen might not, since, you know, she’s Jen and all.”

Jen, our resident smoker friend, was chill to the point of being horribly oblivious. Nora could be right, but I guess if Jen doesn’t know… Maybe I’m still alright?

“Celine couldn’t know, right?” I asked.

“I dunno.” Nora shrugged.

“No, no. She would have said something.” I shook my head. “I can totally see her going like ‘get away from me you futa freak’ or something like that if she ever found out I was crushing on her.”

“And yet, you’re crushing on her.”


I was hopeless. Almost like fate was telling me to move on from my pipe dream, a picture of Celine came up on my timeline. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. Long, silky blonde hair, blue eyes, milky pale skin… Not to mention her huge rack and tight body that she’d trained through breakdancing practice. Shit, she was perfect.

Still, she was the first friend I made in school. Before I even met Nora, she had walked up to me and asked if I understood something from the lesson we’d just taken. After a while of explaining something that honestly, I don’t even remember at this point, she asked my name.

I wish I could say we became inseparable, but that wasn’t the case. A girl like her, almost heart-wrenchingly beautiful, she was bound to make more friends. So, she started getting popular. Like, really popular. I think we made it around three weeks into our freshman year before pretty much everyone knew who she was.

With that, of course, came the rumors. “Oh my god, did you hear Celine is dating that dude that wants to be an NBA player? Oh my god, did you hear Celine does meth? Oh my god, did you hear Celine sometimes takes shits?”

It was the unfortunate part of being popular that I never experienced. Since people wanted to know more about her, they asked things and those things became fact. Still, Celine took it all in stride. Anytime someone actually grew the cojones to ask about this bullshit, she would laugh it off and say “maybe?”

People took those “maybe’s” to mean “yes”, but soon enough when they realized this meant she was both an atheist and a Christian, both a cheerleader and a player for the team she was Pendik Öğrenci Escort supposed to be cheering for, they understood she was actually just trolling them.

On one hand, that got her even more fans. She was The Mysterious Celine, no one really knew anything about her besides being a dancer in her spare time, and that once she’d fucked some dude a year older than her. That last one was only well-known because the dude bragged about it to everyone.

On the other hand, though, it meant that she’d gained a massive amount of salty haters. People who thought her natural beauty had gotten to her head and made her think she was above everyone else.

I may have ended up falling into that camp. If she didn’t go out of her way to be nice to me. That was the most confusing part of it all. She had all kinds of friends, CEO’s sons, rich girls, buff dudes. And still, she kept in touch with me. Well, not that I had hour-long conversations with her or anything, but every now and then when I would just be sitting there in the cafeteria, minding my own business and waiting for Nora to arrive, she’d walk up to me.

“Hey, how’s your day been?” She’d ask randomly and I’d mutter out a response. “Oh, nice, so what’s that about?” She’d ask and I’d try to explain something from a class I barely understood myself. “Oh, cool. I gotta go back to my friends, talk to you later!”

Every time she did this, I always ended the conversation saying “yep, she’s never talking to me again.”

But, she always did. Even down to the last day when the halls of our school were empty because everyone made a pact to skip out, I was walking out of the lobby when she walked up to me.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment. It was like something out of a movie. She manifested out of nowhere, her hands behind her back, wearing a crop top and baggy jeans.

“Yo!” She grinned at me.

“Oh! Celine.” I breathed out her name with reverence. It wasn’t every day that the school goddess tried to talk to you.

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you.”

My first thought was “did I creep her out?” I mean, I had been crushing on her for *years*. I was bound to have been caught staring at her or something. But, no.

“How’s your day been?” Just like every other time, she asked me that.

And sadly, just like every other time, the conversation ended uneventfully. On graduation day, when my mom drove me back home, I was pretty sad. I thought that would be the last time I ever see Celine. After all, she never texted me or anything. We didn’t really talk much outside of those moments.

And here we are now, and suddenly, I’m hearing Celine is coming to my birthday party? My very lame, literally composed of four people, birthday party?

I had one question.


That question wouldn’t be answered just yet though. Instead, Nora went on to explain what exactly we’d do.

“I don’t have to, like, dress up, right?” I asked.

“No, it’s just a sleepover basically.” Nora shrugged.

“So… How did you get Celine to come?”

Nora smirked.

“I didn’t have to.”


“She asked me to come.”

Okay, now I’m confused.

“What do you mean?”

“She remembered your birthday.” Nora shrugged next to me. “And, she said she wanted to come to celebrate with you. If it was okay with you, which, I told her it was.”

What the fuck?

That raised even more questions. So, if she wasn’t being forced by Nora to come here or something, why the hell did she *choose* to come?

“Oh, shit. Jackie and Jen just sent me a pic.” Nora suddenly realized. When I peeked, I found our friends making silly faces, forming heart signs with their hands. These two were a special case.

If you looked at them from a distance, you’d never think they were friends. Jackie was a tall, muscular, but still curvy redheaded girl. She was the star of our school’s female basketball team and she actually got a scholarship thanks to that. Also, she was one of my most trusted human beings because, like me, she was also a futa.

Even though I didn’t talk to her as much as Nora, I always confided in her whenever I got a random boner in class or something and she’d laugh with me about it. It was nice. Honestly, having a futa friend did a lot for me. I can’t imagine how I would have grown up if I had been the only futa I knew.

No one else even knew I was a futa. Well, aside from Nora.

And then we had Jen. As I alluded to earlier, she was our hot smoker friend. Dirty blonde hair, sweaters, trippy shirts, skirts and converse sneakers. The whole trope. She’d gotten into smoking pot pretty early on into our high school stint and she became the most chill person I knew. You could tell her anything and she’d just say “whoa.”

“Hey, our teacher passed out mid-class and pissed himself!”


“Hey, I just won the lottery!”



“… Whoa.”

That was Jen. Everyone Pendik Çıtır Escort loved her though because she also had the biggest heart imaginable. If someone was in literally any need, she would go out of her way to help them out. If someone had a problem with her, she’d maturely set them aside and talk about things. She was as kind as anyone could be. And, it showed in her career choice. She wanted to be a nurse. She was so dedicated to helping out, that she wanted to make a living off it. That always stuck with me about her.

So, you take the image of Jackie and Jen, put them together, and at least to me, you end up with a pretty funny pair. Still, they were about as close as Nora and I were.

Now, as I looked at them on Nora’s phone, leaning my head on Nora’s shoulder, I smiled.

“Damn, they really are a power couple.”

“What?” I blinked.

“You… You didn’t know?” Nora held back a laugh. “Liz, they’re dating.”

Okay, I guess I really am just a dense bitch.

“Wow.” I picked up my jaw, which was firmly on the ground.

“Yeah.” Nora chuckled. “You really should try to read between the lines sometimes.”

Nighttime took so long to arrive. Maybe that was because I was so anxious/excited. In the end, we decided to go to Nora’s house. She lived between all of us, so it was a nice central spot for us to relocate to. Her parents were away on business, which meant we could do whatever we wanted.

I asked my mom if I could stay over and she just nodded, which as good enough. Within a few minutes, I had tied my hair into a ponytail and dressed up in a black hoodie and skinny jeans, with some flip flops. I wasn’t about to go all out to go to Nora’s house, but I also wanted to impress Celine at least a little.

This could be my last chance to at least get her number or something.

Nora arrived by herself, ready to drive me back to her place.

“GET IN BIRTHDAY BITCH!” She yelled out and usually that kind of thing would annoy me, but today I let it slide. Even if I wasn’t about to show it, there was reason to be excited… I guess.

“Okay,” I said as I sat down at the passenger seat. “Let’s get this over with.”

“NOPE!” She popped out her “p”. “You don’t get to be all apathetic about tonight. It’s YOUR day after all!”

“Fine, fine,” I said with a smile. “Are they at your house already?”

“Jen and Jackie are… Hopefully, they aren’t fucking on my couch or something.”

That made me blush. I was still getting used to the idea that friends of mine could do shit like that. I hadn’t had that happen before. It was new.

“Celine isn’t though.” Nora indicated and I breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully, I could talk to the others and give myself some momentum before Celine got there.

The drive was short enough. Before long we were pulling up to an average middle-class home. Nora and I got out and she locked her car, jogging up to the steps. The door opened before she even reached it.

Jen was there. She ran out and nearly tackled me with a hug.

“Happy birthday!” Even for her usual tone, she sounded excited.

“Thanks,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her back. Jackie stood by the doorway, smiling at us.

“Hey, birthday girl.” When my hug with Jen finished, she went and did the same. Her arms felt so strong and safe, I briefly thought “wow, I can see the appeal”.

“They grow up so fast!” Jen wiped away a fake tear. I laughed and stepped beside them. The group followed me as I paced into Nora’s house.

“So, what are we doin’?” I asked.

“Movies, drinks, weed, the usual.” Jen shrugged.

“I’ll take the movies and drinks,” I replied.

“Okay, we already have some actually.” Jackie walked over to the kitchen. “I bought some before Jen and I got here.”

“By the way,” Nora started with a teasing tone. “Guess what?”

“Nooora!” I whined, knowing what she was about to say.

“What?” Coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, the two of them ended up next to each other.

“She didn’t know you two were dating.”

“WHAT?” Jen cackled as Jackie grinned.

“I mean, you never told me!” I said.

“Liz, we couldn’t make it more obvious if we tried.” Jackie replied. “We never felt the need to.”

“You never do anything, you know, couple-y.”

“I’ll make sure to suck her face next time we’re in public, just to let everyone know, right?” Jackie laughed and I blushed furiously.

“Jack, stop.” Jen rolled her eyes with a smile. “Sooo…”

Jackie continued her thought.

“Celine’s coming.” She stated. The room fell into silence. Shit. I guess they both know. “How did that happen?”

“Celine asked to come,” Nora responded. “That’s alright, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get me wrong.” Jackie held her hands up. “She’s pretty cool, I was just wondering.”

“Doesn’t hurt that she has an amazing rack, too,” Jen added.

“You said that, not me,” Jackie replied.

“You thought about it. Doesn’t Pendik Elit Escort matter.” Jen kissed her cheek and went to grab something out of the fridge.

“You’ll be okay though?” Jackie asked me. I guess there was no point pretending I wasn’t into her.

“Yeah, I should be…”

“Oh, she’s here,” Nora said, looking down at her phone. “I sent her my address, she drove out. She lives like five minutes away.”

Huh. I guess that means she’s not a rich girl if she lives in Nora’s same area.

Wait, shit, she’s here!

I’m not ready! I’m not ready!

Midway through my panic, I saw Nora heading for the door. I had to brace myself. Seriously, she looked that good. And yeah, when the door opened and I saw her standing there, I felt like I could hear some piano music starting in the background or something.

Plump lips, a slender face, bright eyes, that flowing watery hair, God. She was too much. She wore a white crop top and yoga pants with some sandals. Even with this casual look, Celine looked ready for a photoshoot.

“Hey.” Her voice was girlier than anyone else here. “Did the party start?”

“It did now,” Jackie said under her breath and Jen smacked her shoulder.

“Nah, we’re just planning things out,” Nora said.

“Oh, any ideas so far?” Celine asked.

“Is there going to be a cake?” I asked.

“Yup. Got one ready in the fridge. Your favorite.”

“Chocolate?” I asked.

“Of course.”


“Aside from that?” Celine asked.

“Movies,” Nora said.

“Drinks,” Jackie said.

“Weed,” Jen said.

“For you, pretty much,” I told Jen.

“Nice. What are we watching?” Somehow, despite the fact that none of us were particularly close to her, she didn’t seem awkward at all. Her smiles came easy and if she felt out of place, she definitely didn’t show it.

“How about…”

After a few suggestions were thrown out, the group ended up agreeing with some movie where a girl had to participate in some strange “everyone kills each other” kind of competition.

“Alright, everyone!” Nora put her foot up on her couch like a superhero. “To my room!”

As we all made our way there, Celine and I were at the back of the group. Before we made our way down the hall, she stopped me, putting a hand on my shoulder gently.

With kindness in her eyes, and something more, she said:

“By the way, happy birthday.”

There was something about how she said that. I don’t know how, but she sounded downright sultry.

“Thanks.” I felt my throat go dry.

She giggled and kept walking.

Okay! Listen up. Whenever you’re in any kind of seating situation with your crush, you’re bound to feel some type of way, disappointment if they sit really far away, excitement if they’re close.

This though was on another level. Everyone was laid out on Nora’s bed, watching her flatscreen across the room. Jen was on top of Jackie, which Celine had noted with a “hm”, Nora was between everyone, and finally, Celine and I were on the right end of the bed.

But, thanks to the others being there, Celine was pressed up to my side. Jen wasn’t lying. She really did have amazing boobs, round but not *too* big. Well, those tits were pushing against my arm.

I almost wished I was 100% a girl. Because, at this moment, my lower half was kind of having a mind of its own. I pulled up the sheet that covering us all just a little higher. I shifted a little to put some distance between my center and Celine.

Then, she asked me the last thing I ever expected to hear from her.

“Hey, Liz.” She whispered. “It’s a bit tight here.”

I nearly jumped out of the bed.

“Oh, sorry, I’ll…”

“No,” she giggled. I tried to catch a peek of the other girls and they were all watching the movie. “I mean if I can, like, snuggle up a little.” She stated.


“For space.” She said. Even with the lights off, her eyes were so bright.

Now, given what I just said a few sentences ago, my response was probably the worst I could have said.


Then, she put her leg over my side. If my situation was rough before, this pretty much destroyed me. I could feel myself hardening and even my pussy was starting to get warm. I was about to ask her to move to the side a bit when she pushed in a little further.

Too far.

Her thigh touched my dick. I was waiting for it. The “OH MY GOD, YOU PERV” moment that would be followed up by her running out the room. Instead, she looked over at me with curiosity in her eyes. I looked away.

She didn’t say anything. We stayed like that for the duration of the entire movie.

By the end of it, I was squirming. I almost went into the bathroom to jack off. I felt myself going crazy. Instead, when the movie ended, Nora stood up and turned the lights on. I quickly brought my knees up to hide my fully erect cock.

“I’ll get the drinks!”

The drinks ended up being a single bottle of… Something. It was hard liquor of some kind, but it was lemon flavored. She passed out some cups to all of us, keeping one for herself.

“I’m gonna take a hit.” Jen stood up and walked out to smoke for a little bit. Jackie put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. One by one, we all started taking sips.

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