My Encounter With Richard Ch. 02


A loud ring of the bell just after seven told me that Richard had arrived. I hurried down from my first floor room to open the door and he greeted me with that open smile I had already become attached to.

“Hi Richard! You found my place OK?”

“Yep! Your map work was first class.”

I led him up to my room and closed the door. “Coffee or beer?” I asked.

“Beer please,” he replied. “I’m a bit warm after my walk.”

I joined him in a beer. I thought it might help to remove any inhibitions either of us might have had, though I really didn’t have any worries in that direction. We sat together on my sofa.

“You told me this morning that you weren’t interested in girls,” I said. Have you always been that way or is it the result of some unfortunate experience?”

He hesitated a moment looking straight in front of him and lightly tapping his bottom lip with the rim of his beer can. “Er. . . almost certainly my experience, he said turning to look straight at me. I had an unfortunate childhood.”

“In what way?” I enquired.

There was another slight pause. “To be perfectly honest and put it in a nutshell, my mother was a brute. My father died before I started school and it was my mother’s custom to leave my brother and I alone in the house, go out to the local pub and get stinking drunk, then come home and hit us about.”

I sighed. “I know the situation,” I said. I had a similar upbringing except that, in my case, the abuse was sexual, until my father put a stop to it.”

Richard just nodded in sympathy. “Oh, there was nothing sexual about my abuse, it was just plain physical violence. My brother and I ran away on several occasions but the police always found us and would never believe us when we told them what our mother used to do to us. She was so plausible and luvvy-duvvy when anyone else was about.”

“Are you still living with her?” I asked.

“Oh no! I waited until my younger brother was sixteen and then we both moved out. We’re living with a relative now.”

We went on discussing our abusive mothers in some detail as we drank our beer and it seemed to create a strong bond between us.

“Another beer?” I offered.

“No thanks. That’s great for the moment. Now, what modelling do you want me to do?”

I had placed my drawings of Richard on a coffee table close by. I showed him the one with his legs spread wide open and his hands in his hair. “I loved this pose,” I said. “It’s so utterly sexy and appealing to me.”

“It was meant to be,” he replied with a short laugh.

“I’d like to spend more time on it and develop it into a finished drawing, and, later on, perhaps an oil painting,” I said. “I know it’s a difficult pose to hold for long but we could take mersin escort it in short stages.”

“Fine!” he replied.

“Also, I’d like to make a few variations,” I said smiling and emphasising the last word.

He smiled back; he obviously knew what I meant. “OK. Anything,” he said.

“Anything?” I asked.


I immediately realised that this last answer meant we were about to embark on a relationship, so from that moment on neither of us held back.

I did a few quick poses which included some blatant full frontals; he enjoyed the posing and I enjoyed the drawing. I noted a reaction as his penis length increased. Then I did some work on his kneeling pose which I started in the art class. I was so pleased with the result that I decided quite definitely to repeat the pose as an oil painting.

Next, I got him to lie on the edge of my bed with his one foot on the floor. This was a really sexy pose and I noticed his penis arc outwards as it grew slightly stiffer. Richard was obviously enjoying himself. I made some adjustments to his pose by moving his legs with my hands. It was obvious that he liked me handling him.

I next decided to do some low key drawings by using only a table lamp and no room light, so creating some intense shadows and highlights. Once more I made excuses to handle his naked body to adjust the poses.

“You have wonderfully smooth skin Richard,” I said. Those highlights look really great.”

“Can I have a look?’ he asked. He walked over and stood close by my side looking at the drawings as I sat on my chair. He was so close I could feel the heat from his naked thighs.

“Mmmmmm! I really like those Martin. You certainly know how to portray the stripped male.” He looked down at me and I returned his steady gaze. I knew the chemistry was right, so I put my arm around the back of his legs and gently stroked the side of his thigh.

“It’s the inspiring model that does it,” I said. We both laughed knowing what was bound to come – soon. Then I had an idea to help things along.

“I think I know of a way of increasing those highlights,” I said.

“Oh. How can you do that?”

“Any objection to being covered with oil?” He smiled down. I knew he realised the way my mind was working.

He obviously wanted to give me every encouragement as he replied. “I don’t mind being covered with oil at all – as long as you put the oil on.”

We both laughed out loud at this. Now we both knew how the evening was going to end.

I fetched a small bottle of baby oil and a large bath towel from the bathroom. I spread the towel on the edge of the bed.

“OK then, just lie down there,” I said, “and I’ll oil you.”

He lay down on his tummy as I rubbed oil into the palms of my hands to warm it up. Then starting at the top of his shoulders I spread the oil over the soft smooth skin of his young body. As I moved down his back he murmured faint groans of pleasure. “Oh, that feels really great. You have a wonderful touch.”

I really loved the feel of his firm naked body as I progressed down his back and I felt a definite stirring in my crotch. I applied more oil to my hands and then spread it out over his perfectly rounded young butt. I moved my hands around his shining mounds digging in my fingers for extra effect. This elicited a sigh from Richard and a further rising between my legs. Soon I’d covered the backs of his thighs and his calves. For a moment I stood back and enjoyed the sight of this perfect naked young body glistening in the light of the table lamp.

I lifted one of his legs up and sat close to his knee. Then I placed his foot on my cheek in an intimate caress. More moans followed so I put one toe in my mouth and started to suck it. With some pleasure I noticed his fingers digging into the pillow beneath his head. I treated all ten toes in this fashion and he let out a great sigh as I lowered his foot back on the bed.

“OK Rich. If you turn over I’ll finish you off.” He languidly turned onto his back, opened his legs slightly and put his hands behind his head. I noticed his semi-erect penis was lying to the one side and was fairly straight.

“I find this very relaxing,” he said, “so there’s no need to hurry.” He smiled up at me.

I couldn’t wait to start across the top of his chest. He had nicely firm muscles and his pectorals and abdominals felt good under the probing, sliding movement of my hands. I’d soon covered his stomach and put more oil on my palms. With one hand I swept down his far thigh and with the other I covered his penis and testicles. He murmured at this and a faint smile played around his sensual mouth. I finished his thighs then, very deliberately lifted his erect penis and rubbed it thoroughly with oil in light long strokes. I held it in one hand and with my other cupped his testicles and rolled them in my oily palm. When I released his penis it slowly swung round and came to rest pointing straight up his stomach.

By now my face was hot and I knew I had a real hard-on.

“I like your erection Rich. I can’t wait to see it when you stand up.”

Without a word he swung his legs off the bed and stood up facing me holding his hands by his side. “There you are then. What do you think?”

“That’s a real firm one. I love it. And do you notice it’s pointing straight up at my face?” We both laughed.

“Perhaps it’s hoping to gain your attention,” he said.

Our eyes met and we both knew what was about to happen.

“Do you mind if we postpone the rest of my drawing session?” I asked.

“Not at all. I’m sure we can find something else to do for the rest of the evening.”

That’s all I needed. I picked up the towel and wiped the oil off my hands. “I don’t want to get my clothes oily,” I said. “I’ll quickly remove them.” Quickly was the operative word. In less than a minute I was standing in front of him as naked as he was.

We both moved together with urgency and encircled each other with our arms. I could feel his hard naked erection against my own. We both swayed as they rubbed together performing a sexual swordfight that sent electric rivers of ecstasy flowing through my groin. Again and again our hips undulated in rhythmic sexual pleasure. I nuzzled and kissed the smooth, young skin on the side of his neck then pulled my head back to look him full in the eyes. Seconds later our mouths were locked together and our tongues intertwined as our hands fondled our buttocks pulling our now mutually oiled bodies closer together in heated sexual arousal. We became a fraternal unity that I had never experienced before, bound together by mutual erotic pleasure.

Richard started giving those quiet groans again and I knew he was feeling as randy as I was. I got down on my knees and took his almost vertical penis between my hands rubbing it lightly up and down. He opened his legs wider and put his head back in ecstasy.

As my enveloping lips encircled the tip of his penis I could see the pre-cum emerging from it. I knew I had him well on the way. I stroked his erection up and down slowly, lightly and sensually. His hips moved in unison as he entered and withdrew from my mouth. His hands dug deeply into my hair as he hugged my head close to his slender, naked body.

Then I slipped my tongue underneath his foreskin and swept it round and round in slow circles. I increased my speed and Rich’s gasps and groans grew louder. “Oh, Mart, that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop!”

I started to suck as hard as I could and, holding his penis with three fingers, I firmly pumped him up and down increasing the speed with every second. His breathing became faster and louder and then he let out a great muffled cry as he experienced the orgasmic relief of shooting his load into the loving receptacle of my open mouth. I eagerly swallowed it all as I continued to pump him for a second and third ejaculation. Finally I flung both arms around his legs and held him close as I sucked out the last drops of juice.

I felt his body relaxing in my grasp. “Oh Mart, that was absolutely incredible. You really do know what to do with a naked boy don’t you? No woman could ever do that. You knew exactly what I needed.”

“I have my moments,” I replied looking down at my almost vertical erection. We both knew what had to happen next.

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