My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 13


***Note to Readers: Thanks for the comments. As you have requested, the chapters are longer.


Chloe was little drunk and a little upset. She wasn’t bothered that her mom had probably just had sex with Paul and then run off. No, she was angry that just like yesterday everyone was having orgasms except her. Frustrated she said,

“Damn it. I…I’ve been left out again…everyone cums but me.”

Chloe grabbed Peter and Paul’s flaccid dicks. Disgusted with their limpness, she tossed them aside. Piper said,

“It ain’t right, Chloe. Let me fix it.”

Piper held out her hand. Chloe was confused. Chloe had never been with a woman. She didn’t understand how Piper could ‘fix it’. Sex with another girl just wasn’t an option that Chloe would ever have thought of.

Pablo had been admiring Chloe’s beautiful body. Now that Peter and Paul had had sex with her, he thought maybe he could have a turn. Pablo said,

“Chica bonita! Come.”

Pablo stood and held out his hand. Chloe thought that Pablo was very suave and debonair. Chloe stood, smiled and because she was unsteady and teetering, she grabbed Piper and Pablo’s outstretched hands. Peter thought “Oh yea, she reached out to Piper. This will lead to some hot girl-on-girl action”. Peter said,

“Let’s all help Chloe.”

Paul agreed. The five of them went into the cabin. Piper and Pablo had Chloe sit on the edge of the bed. Piper immediately knelt on the floor and shoved her head between Chloe’s legs. She kissed and licked Chloe’s shaved sex. Piper’s fast moving tongue tickled causing an inebriated Chloe to giggle.

Pablo edirne escort lowered Chloe onto her back and he attacked her substantial chest sucking, groping and pulling her hard nipples. Peter stepped back and tried to stroke the hardness back into his dick. He wanted a second go at this beautiful woman and he was looking forward to watching some hot lesbian action while he prepared himself.

Paul smacked Piper on the ass and said,

“Baby, I don’t eat pussy that’s got boy juice in it. Let me taste her before these guys fuck her. It won’t matter to a cum swallowing cocksucker like you if you get stuck with sloppy seconds.”

What Paul said was true, but Piper had position and possession. In addition, she’d been dreaming of eating this hottie since Piper first saw her. She wasn’t moving. She taunted Paul saying,

“Kiss my ass, pretty boy. I’ll give her to you if you rim my asshole.”

Paul playfully smacked her ass and responded,

“Do you want me to fuck it too, you dyke,” Paul laughed.

“No thanks. The wash and lube job will suffice.”

Paul knelt behind his friend Piper and gave her the ass play she requested. Pablo continued to explore and enjoy Chloe’s fun bags. Peter stepped over to Chloe and laid his half hard cock on her cheek. Chloe turned and took him into her mouth.

Chloe liked sucking cock. She sometimes wondered if this made her odd. She never understood why her high school girlfriends complained about doing it. Chloe like the warmth, the hardness, the sense of control it gave her. She hadn’t done it a lot because in general she didn’t have that much sexual experience. And to be honest, most of the high school boys she dated were thrilled to just squeeze her large breasts or beat off and cum all over them.

Chloe had never experienced such an overwhelming feeling of pleasure as she was now receiving. She was thoroughly enjoying all the attention; her body was throbbing. Chloe had been hesitant to have another girl between her legs, but “Oh, my God! Did Piper know what she was doing” Chloe’s brain shouted. Piper’s mouth, lips, tongue and fingers were pleasing her in ways that men didn’t know and Chloe had never dreamed of.

Paul was hard again and he was no longer satisfied with fingering and licking Piper’s ass and cunt. He shoved his cock into her pussy forcefully and fucked her hard doggie style. Piper moaned into Chloe’s pussy and lost her rhythm distracted by the sudden hard dick inside her. Soon, Piper was using the energy and excitement that Paul was giving her to bring Chloe to her first girl-on-girl orgasm. Chloe pulled Peter’s dick out of her mouth and screamed,

“Ahhh…Oh My God!!”

Chloe’s shouting and body shuddering orgasm set Paul off. He thrust hard and deep into Piper and blew his load. Piper was so close. She was not embarrassed to satisfy herself in front of everyone. She fingered her clit to her mind blowing orgasm. A hush fell over the cabin as the three sweaty beings paused to enjoy the streams of pleasure and ecstasy that flowed through their bodies.

Paul had enjoyed Chloe’s blowjob. She was talented and the view of Chloe’s stunning body and the other’s having sex right in front of him had nearly caused him to climax. He so wanted to come, but Paul forced himself to wait a minute to allow Chloe to recover. However, as soon as Chloe’s eyes opened and Piper moved out of the way, Paul rushed over and thrust his throbbing dick inside her. She was so wet, her box so hot and he was so over-stimulated, that he came immediately.

“Sorry…sorry Chloe,” Peter apologized as his sperm rocketed inside her vajaja. “Oh God…this feels so good,” Peter groaned as he humped her.

Chloe barely registered his penetration. It happened so quickly and lasted for such a short time. Peter rolled away and sat on the floor.

Pablo had moved off of Chloe when she screamed in orgasm. He returned to her side after Peter’s fiasco. He lay beside her and began kissing her gently. Chloe responded to the Latin lover. He said,

“Let me show you how a man treats a woman.”

Pablo mounted Chloe. His manhood slid easily into the well lubricated female. Pablo stared into her eyes as he slowly, rhythmically made love to her. The other occupants of the room moved aside and watched them.

Pablo was tender, giving small kisses and whispering love notes into her ear. His 5 1/2″ dick filled her. His practiced style touched her G spot and did not neglect her clitoris. Five then ten minutes went by. Chloe was panting. She was a spring being wound up. Pablo sense her rising tension and began fucking her in a more forceful, rapid manner to help her achieve her release. Soon, she screamed again announcing her second great orgasm. Pablo, the gentleman and most considerate lover, came only after her moment of ecstasy.

Their friends clapped in awe of the beauty of the moment and the performance of the young lovers.

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