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She rushed into class late, trying to make as little noise as possible. Sliding into the back row of the classroom, she dropped her things to the floor and concentrated on what the professor was saying. After a few minutes she finally caught his eye and smiled at him, which got her a blank stare in return. Amanda always loved to watch her husband speak to his biology classes.

As class went on she made sure to catch his attention. She shifted in her seat, revealing herself to him, not caring if any of his students saw her. They wouldn’t recognize her in this outfit. She had planned the outfit carefully, the whole school girl look complete with stockings, the plaid short skirt, Mary Janes, and of course pigtails. The skirt failed to cover her large behind, and the blouse she had chosen was white and see through, not hiding the fact that she had no bra on, as her breasts nearly spilled out of the shirt. When she had rushed in late she had seen the surprise in her husband’s eyes. She couldn’t tell if it was anger or longing, but she was eager to find out either way.

She squirmed in her seat constantly, finding it hard to sit still for the long lecture. Occasionally she would shift in her seat, giving him the perfect angle to see right up her skirt. She smiled and winked at him, getting only a dirty look from him. Finally she couldn’t take the deafening silence of the room anymore and she pushed her notebook off of the desk, which landed with a deadening thud on the floor, echoing through the classroom. Everyone turned to look, and it was the last straw for the professor. In a stern voice he said, “Excuse me miss, but I would like to see you in my office after class.” The class snickered quietly, but she just smiled to herself, happy with the outcome of her plan.

Soon he dismissed the class, and she waited quietly as the rest of the students filed out, some whispering things to each other as they passed her. She gathered her things and walked slowly to the front of the room, stopping to talk to the professor, but he turned her away, antalya escort saying firmly, “Just go wait in my office, I’ll be in there soon.” She sulked quietly down the hall to his office, wondering what she had gotten herself into. He seemed very unhappy with her. She sank down onto the deep leather couch, not worrying about covering herself.

Professor Reyes stood in the classroom perplexed by the current situation. He was angered by the interruption of his class, but seeing his wife dress like that had turned him on and he was having a hard time controlling himself. He thought hard about what he wanted to do next, afraid the wrong move could get him fired from the university. He quickly scribbled down a note and hurried to his office trying to hide the obvious bulge in his pants.

When he reached his office he told his secretary, “Hold all my calls for the rest of the day, and don’t let anyone interrupt for me any reason.” He grabbed the tape off of her desk and taped the quickly scribbled sign to the door, “Tutoring in progress, please do not disturb” before entering the office and locking the door behind him.

When she heard him in the hallway, she had quickly posed herself on the couch, wanting to make a good impression on him when he entered. She had unbuttoned her blouse, letting herself hang out and was laying almost spread eagle on the couch facing the door. When he rushed in the door, he took one look at her, feeling his bugle growing, but he yanked her off of the couch, startling her. “I just…” she started, but he gave her a stern look which made her stop short. He looked at her from head to toe, completely blown away by this innocent little school girl look. As much as he wanted to take her right then and there, he had to make her realize what she had done was wrong.

He pulled the chair away from the desk, “Sit down,” he ordered her. She looked at him, almost scared and did as he said. He paced behind her struggling to find the right words to say. Once again she tried to speak, but was silenced by his firm tone. Finally, he started to speak to her. “What has gotten into you lately?” “You come into my class and interrupt it, you know better than that!” “And what were you thinking with these clothes?” “You know that people around here know you, what do you think this is going to do to my career?” She meekly tried to explain herself, but he wouldn’t allow it. “You need to be taught a lesson, coming in here dressed like a school girl whore.” “Is that what you wanted?” She could only nod and agree, it really had been her intentions to rile him up like this. “You wanted it so bad you couldn’t wait until I got home from work, is that right?” “Yes…”she says hanging her head.

“Fine, you want it that bad you’re going to get it.” He sits down in his office chair on the other side of the desk. “Come here,” he orders. She rises slowly and walks around his desk to where he is sitting, glancing into his eyes to find some sort of relief. But she finds none. “If you are that eager, that you have to interrupt my classes to get to me for what you want you are going to have to pay the price for it.” “If you want it so bad take it out.” She looks at him, a bit confused; he’s never talked to her like this before. “Go on now before I change my mind.” She glances down and for the first time notices the huge bulge in his trousers. She fumbles with the button and finally unzips his pants, sliding them down to his ankles, tugging his underwear along with them. He groans slightly, feeling relief to be out of the tight space, and puts his hands on her shoulders slowly lowering her to her knees. “No…not that,” she says. “Yes this, you earned it by showing up to my class the way you did today.”

She looks at him in horror, but takes him in her hands and begins to stroke him softly. He tilts his head back in pleasure, thrusting himself towards her. She lowers her head, softly kissing his swollen penis and flicking her tongue around the head. She then grabbed the base of his cock and slowly, but firmly stroked it all the way up to the head. She worked slow but firm, and stroked him up and down, bringing long deeps moans from him. She then fully engulfed the swollen head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and bobbed slowly up and down on it. She could feel him tensing up and she resumed her stroking as he slowly pushed himself at her. She sucks gently on the head and that nearly sends him over the edge as he runs his fingers through her hair and gently pulls her head up and away from him. “But… we, I didn’t get to finish…” He shushes her and lifts her to her feet, where she stands staring at her half naked husband.

He gets to his feet slowly, and with one feverish swipe he knocks everything on his desk to the floor. His firm hands rip the shirt from her body letting her breasts fall free, and he tugs her skirt down from around her waist, surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Naughty today aren’t we,” he says. Her eyes widen, and suddenly she feels his strong grip on her arms as he throws her on the desk and kisses her neck. She kisses back with passion, sucking and biting at his lips. He wastes no time and shoves his swollen penis into her wetness, pulling in and out at a fast pace. She moans in pleasure, moving her hips to his rhythm making him moan too. He takes her breasts in his mouth, teasing, licking, sucking on them, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Her breathing grows rapid and she screams, “Oh, fuck me professor, fuck me!” He obliges her request, going harder and faster and he feels her muscles tighten around him as he sends her over the edge, and this sends him over as well. He continues to pound her as she rides out her orgasm, and as they both come down he slows to a stop and lies down on top of her limp body not bothering to pull himself out of her.

She stares deep into his eyes, gently wrapping her arms around him and holding him close. With a look of longing and sorrow she says, “I’m sorry baby…” He cuts her sentence off with a whisper. “I wasn’t ever mad at you baby, I wanted to play along.” He strokes her cheek gently with his hand and smiles at her. With that she smiles at him and says playfully, “Same time next week professor?”

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