My First Night of Submission


I woke up to the darkness of midnight. It was quite in the bedroom where I lay. I could hear the soft sounds of the crickets in the woods far off. I went to roll over to check the digital clock on the nightstand to my left. To my utter surprise my right arm was constricted inhibiting me from rolling on my side. I panicked and attempted to reach over and undo the bind that held me fast to the bed but only found my left arm to be in the same predicament as my right arm. I became fully awake and could feel the ropes around my wrist and ankles. In a wild panic I kicked and pulled and flailed but to no end. I was tied fast to my bed.

I called out into the darkness for my wife. Thinking the worst, having watched a horror movie before bed that night, this could be the end for me.

I laid there for what seemed like hours. The sun outside was nowhere near its arrival and as the minuets dragged on the thought I may never see it again crossed my mind. Just when I was at my lowest moment the bedroom door creeps open and a golden sliver of light penetrates the room. I studied the silhouette in the door way. I could see the clear outlines of a well formed woman. Long legs and a hand resting on her hip, in her other hand was a bag. Not a fancy handbag you would see a stylish woman wear as an ornament on her arm while walking down 7th avenue, but a dark colored nylon bag with a simple draw string.

She took her hand off her hip and reached into the darkness. The room flooded with light and as my eyes adjusted my heart leapt in my chest. There in front of me stood my wife as I had never seen her before. Her soft red hair was flowing around her shoulders. Her deep blue eyes had a fire in them that I had only seen once before, the night we first made love on the floor of our new apartment in the city. Those lips were colored a dark seductive red. Down her pale bare arms she was wearing black leather gloves. Her breast and stomach were covered by a leather corset matching her gloves. The corset strained to hold back her breast; it looked as though the slightest movement and her large breast would pop right out of the top. Hanging off her hips were the sexiest pair of panties you have ever seen, black with red lace. Her long slender legs were naked and supported by black open toed stiletto heels. God those heels made my blood rush. I felt my cock stir and with that came the realization I was naked and exposed completely.

She noticed my condition and stared at my exposed member. A smirk crept across her face as she walked over to the foot of the bed. She sat the bag down beside me and stood tall between my spread legs. She looked so powerful in that moment. She looked me right in the eyes as she leaned over; placing her hands on either leg and without looking away she kissed the head aydın escort of my cock and left an outline with her lipstick. She stood back up jerking my attention away from the line between her bosom and reached for the bag.

“After tonight there will be no doubt who serves who in this house.”

“Now let’s see what fun things I have tonight.”

She rumbles around in the bag for a quick second before pulling out what appeared to be a length of silk fabric. She moves toward me slowly and pushes it into my mouth saying “You have no need for words tonight.”

The silk felt soft and smooth in my mouth, I could breathe through it but my tongue and speech was useless. She was back in the bag rummaging around with one hand and the other had found its way to my now erect cock. She was slowly running her hand up and down my length. The skin of my uncut cock was sliding up and over the blood engorged head of my prick and then back down my shaft. She must have found what she was looking for because she let go of my cock much to my dislike and reached forward with what looked to be a chain connecting two clothes pins. She didn’t speak as she placed them over my hard nipples. The pain was only momentary, the effect it had on my arousal was apparent when my cock leaped to full attention with a glimmer of precum forming at the tip. She further teased me by tugging on the chain linking the clamps on my nipples sending waves of pleasure to my groin yet again.

“Easy big boy, no need to blow that load just yet.” She said with an evil grin, hinting that more was to come.

Just as I was getting used to the sensation and starting to relax she stands up and turns around, showing off that wonderful ass I used to jack off to when we had first meet all those years ago. She bends at the waist and I can hear the clasp of her heels being undone. The two thuds that followed told me the heels were indeed off. She stands straight and adjusts her corset, I swear I saw her shake her ass for me before she turned around. The evil smirk was back on her face as she stepped up onto the bed. Gently stepping around my spread legs she dragged her bare foot over my balls and up my long shaft just to reassure me she hasn’t forgotten about him. With her sexy feet on either side of my chest I was looking up in awe at the wonderful sight. I could just see the outline of her luscious lips beneath the black and red lace panties. She chuckled when she noticed me staring at her sex and just shook her head.

“I swear, its like all you think about is how you are going to get in there.”

She eased herself down between my legs, resting her beautiful ass between my knees and her sweet mound just inches away from my throbbing package.

“Don’t worry about trying to get inside me tonight, I have other plans.” She whispers.

I had no idea what that meant but man I wanted to get in between her thighs that night.

She takes her left foot and brings her heel to rest on my chest. She tips it forward and pushes it against my face.

“I saw you sniffing my socks after I got off work the other day. I thought I would be nice and let you get your fix straight from the source.”

I inhaled the sweet sweaty scent that came from her cute pink toes. I breathed in the smelled that I secretly had been digging through the laundry baskets to find. She smiled a brilliant smile and pushed the arch of her foot harder into my face giving me the delightful arousal I needed.

As she sat there with her foot in my face and a large grin on her face she went back to bag. My excitement about the smell of her feet, the pressure on my nipples, and the strain of my cock quickly faded when I saw what she pulled out next.

She removed her foot and let it rest to my side as she held up a dildo. Not just any dildo but one very familiar, it had the veins I recognized, the head I recognized and even the slight curve. It was a spitting image of my very own cock.

I stared in wonder. How can this be I thought. It was the same length and diameter. The only difference was it was a pale white as mine was more of a pink color.

“The other night you were fast asleep after coming home drunk.” She said

“So I sucked you off till you were rock hard then I took a cast of my friend down here. You were so out of it you had no idea.”

I got nervous when I saw the look in her eye as she was waving around the clone of my cock. It was a look of pure sadism.

As I laid there with my hard cock, aching nipples and mouth stuffed with silk, I watched as the soft gentle woman I married four years ago opened a bottle of lubricant and starting dripping the clear liquid on my clone cock. She took her right hand and jacked of the lookalike dildo with her black leather glove while I squirmed watching her.

“Now I read what you posted on that blog of yours. How you told that stranger that you wished your wife was a little more wild, how you wished I would treat you like the slave boy you are.”

I went straight into panic mode. How did she read that, that was a private message? I even deleted it right after I sent it. She must have saw the confusion in my eyes and just smiled. She turned her eyes to her hand rubbing the long shaft of the clone cock.

“You better be careful of who you are talking to online. You never know when it’s a stranger, or just me sitting on the laptop in the other room.”

My heart stopped. I instantly remembered every message I sent the “stranger” online. I pieced the information together and realized with massive excitement what was about to happen.

Once she saw that I understood she reached her left hand down to my cock and gave it a few strokes to bring it back to life, with the other she had a firm grasp the cloned cock. She lowered the cock down out of my sight, it disappeared below my heavy balls.

“Don’t forget to breath, relax and remember that I love you.”

I closed my eyes as I felt pressure on my asshole, a region I had often fantasized about but never ventured. I could feel the cold lube as she rubbed the tip around my rim. She started breathing heavy and pumping her hand up and down my cock like there was no tomorrow.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you with your own cock for weeks now. “

Without another word she thrust my cock clone into me. To my surprise and relief it didn’t hurt. It filled me, it was satisfying, like I had been living without it but needed it. She went crazy on my cock. Jerking and sucking while fucking my ass with my own cock. It was a lot of dreams come true.

I threw my head back in pleasure. Taking in the sensation of my first cock up my ass. I could feel the veins, the ridge around the head. The pressure on my nipples increased as I arched my back and pushed myself into the thrusting cock. My ass was hungry for it. My cock had never been harder. My wife’s tongue was dancing around the underside of the head while her hand was vigorously jacking me off. My balls were slapping against her other gloved hand as it expertly worked that cock inside of me. I was in pure ecstasy. My mind was blank, focused only on the feelings of pleasure erupting from this unknown origin inside of me. As my wife took me all the way down her throat she pushed the cock in deep and hit a spot that sent fireworks off in my head. My heart raced and it was too much. My throbbing cock erupted without warning, shooting stream after stream of hot thick cum down her throat. I pushed the silk out of my mouth and let out a yell of pleasure as my back arched and my legs spread. I had never felt so much at one time.

She pulled me out of her mouth and swallowed every drop of cum that came out of me. She smiled down at me while releasing my cock and undoing the nipple clamps.

“Hold still baby, just relax.” She reassured me as I felt the cock slowly slip from my ass. As soon as it was out I wanted it back in. she set the bag in the floor and wrapped up the cloned cock in a towel. Then she reached up and undid the ropes that were digging in my wrist and ankles. Being freed felt good but not as good as being owned. I curled up on her lap as she patted my head.

“You did marvelous baby boy.” She cooed in my ear.

“Now you are mommies plaything, to fuck in the ass whenever she wants.”

My heart beat fast hearing those words. I closed my eyes and kept repeating them over and over again in my mind until I feel asleep on her lap.

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