My first Time_(67)


I was a “good boy” through all of highschool. I didnt drink, do drugs, or have sex. My biggest rebellion was street racing and smoking an occasional cigarette. I grew up going to private schools all my life, but there were still some wild things going on, but I always just didnt participate in them. I dated the same girl for most of my highschool career and boy was I lucky. She was one of the hottest girls in school and very popular, but she wanted to wait until marriage. We pushed the boundaries of that promise with things like oral and dry humping but she wouldnt ever let me go all the way. I had offers from other girls but i stayed faithful thinking that someday it would be me and her. She was younger than me so when it came time for me to go off to college i left her behind. We tried the long distance thing, but it wound up not working out.

I was in theatre all through highschool and continued on into college…that is where my experimenting began. I was this new fresh face around all these actors who smoke, drank, and frequently screwed someone. It wasnt like all out orgy’s or anything, but quite a few of the people in drama had some sort of fling with each other. When they found out I was just a “good boy” it became evident that they were going to bring me into the fold. They Sex hikayeleri got me to smoke, they got me to drink, and next on the list was the sex. Some of the girls were sexy as hell, but I just couldnt bring myself to do it after being turned down so many times by my ex. I made it through the first play of the year without screwing anyone after jumping into the party pool in just about every other way.

Well the second play of the year there were a few new people that tried out. One of them was a couple, a musician and his stage hand girlfriend. We quickly became friends and they would come over to my apartment to hang out and drink or whatever frequently. His girlfriend was about 5’2″, sandy blonde hair, green eyes, nice curves, c-cup tits, with a cute face behind glasses.

Well it was near mardi gras and my buddy and his girlfriend came over as well as his brother. We were celebrating fat tuesday by eating tacos and drinking mexican beers and tequila. His older brother wasnt a drinker so he was the designated driver. The night was beginning to run late and they decided it was time to go. The brothers still lived with their parents as they were “townies” because they lived in town and commuted to school. They didnt know if they would have time to drop his girlfriend Sikiş hikayeleri off so I offered to let her stay and I would just sleep on the couch. So the brothers left.

So there her and I are in my living room still having a few drinks. I was sitting there talking about not going to the city nightlife (i live in a party town) and going down the main drag to look at tits and try to get some stranger into my bed. She laughed and said if I had beads I could see her tits even if she wasnt a stranger. At this point in my drinking it was a good idea. So luckily enough I had some beads in my jacket that was right next to the door. I pulled out the wad of beads and I turned to her. She stood there smiling at me, I had always thought she was cute, but all of a sudden there was something sexy about her. I held up a strand of beads and she lifted her shirt exposing a wonderful pair of breasts with perfectly round perky nipples. I tossed the strand at her and held up another. This time she removed her shirt and bra while putting on the beads. She looked down and could see a bulge forming in my pants. She grabbed the beads out of my hand and said “Ok, now its your turn.” I laughed and said “My chest is a lot less sexy than yours!” She grinned, walked up to me and grabbed Erotik hikaye my belt. “But there is something else that wants to be seen” she said as she undid my belt and lowered my pants. As she moved to her knees my cock damned near hit her in the face as it sprung out of my pants. I stepped out of my pants and boxers as she began stroking my member. “Wow, its probably bigger than Trey’s.” She said this and then automatically began sucking every inch of me. She was the best head I had gotten ever. She sucked and stroked grunting with pleasure until I was about to explode. “Oh my god, i think I might blow!” I warned her which only made her suck harder…a few more licks and i shot streams into her throat. She drained every bit of jizz I had then just laid back on the floor with a smile, slipped her pants off and beckoned me onto the floor with her.

I laid down on top of her as she took a hold of my still hard cock and slid it into a wet and warm pussy. The sensation of my first entrance tingled all over my body. I started slow savoring every bit of this experience but she seemed ready to get off herself and started humping at my cock ferociously. We fucked on the floor and very quickly I could feel her slippery juices flowing over my dick and onto both of us which drove me wild. I began thrusting with everything until I came too.

We moved up to the bedroom to go to sleep…but didnt stay asleep long as we both randomly woke up to fuck at least twice more before the morning.

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