My French Vacation Ch. 02


Hi everyone! Thank you for all of the nice comments from reading my first France story. I hope you like the rest of it. I may even write a third part, if this one gets too long. Let’s continue from the first part.


After Scott ran into me at Monet’s Water Lilly museum, we decided to explore another museum together. He was really nice and respectful, and didn’t even mention our sex session the night before. It was like finding a new friend, although I was still a somewhat aroused from just being with him. He was very cute and friendly. Whenever we brushed against each other, it gave me goose bumps. So we walked the six blocks to Rodin’s museum where they have his Thinker sculptor. I was in awe over the grounds and all of his works. But looking at his sculptures, I realized he was a huge womanizer even though he was married. Scott commented that some of his nudes looked like my body. He was joking when he suggested that I had modeled for him. All of a sudden, my mind wandered to thinking about last night. Oh My God! I was still hot from last night.

After we left, we went for a bite to eat at a café that we passed walking over. We talked and split a bottle of wine, when our conversation changed to sexual innuendos. Actually I started the naughty talk. As we were eating, his friend Alex walked up and sat down. He looked at me and said, “Scotty, you weren’t lying. This is the girl from last night. Wow!”

Turning to me, he took my hand and kissed it and said, “You are more beautiful today then in the dim light of last night. So what are we doing today?” What a loaded question!

Oh my! I had sex with both of them the night before. I was wondering why he showed up, but was becoming very wet remembering his big cock plowing in and out of me. So curiously I answered, “So Alex, it’s nice seeing you again, but why are you here? What do you want?”

He laughed and so did Scott, but Alex replied, “Well Kathryn, Scotty texted me that he ran into a very beautiful girl and said it was Kathryn from last night. I didn’t believe him, so I had to see for myself.”

Then Scott laughed and chimed in, “Oh that’s not totally true Kathryn. He wanted to see what you really looked like with clothes on and if you were still available for sex. He thought you were extremely talented last night and he wants more.”

They barked at each other for a few minutes until I teasingly said, “Boys, boys, no need to argue. If you want to have sex with me again, just ask. But I want both of you at the same time. Are you guys’ man enough to do a threesome?” I giggled after I said it figuring they wouldn’t want to, but I was so wrong.

I don’t know why I said that, but it was probably the bottle of wine I drank beforehand or the heat engulfing my pussy. For some reason, I was still horny, but not as hot as last night. It shut them up and they both looked at me with lusty smiles. Scott asked if I really meant it and I said I did. Then the food came and we quietly ate and drank wine for over an hour. Finally Alex asked how much and where. Well Maurice’s place was only a few blocks away and I had 3 hours before I had to be home, so I figured it was alright to have fun there. As too how much, I asked what they would like to pay. They looked at each other and Alex asked if 200 euros a piece were okay. I really wanted them and didn’t care about the money, so I smiled and said that would be fine. We quickly left and hurriedly walked hand and hand to the flat.

As I walked in, I was happy to see that no one was there. So we had the place all to ourselves. So we all got comfortable on the couch with me sitting in between them. I took off my blouse, but left the bra on and kissed Scott. Then turned and kissed Alex. Scott was by far the better kisser. I put both hands on their crouches and began rubbing their already hardening cocks. While I was doing that, they each started rubbing my breasts and soon the bra was removed. When I kissed one, the other would play with my nipples. Soon they were erect and I was becoming very stimulated. We continued kissing and fondling as they unzipped my shorts. I laughed and asked, if it would be better to move into the bedroom. Once up, we all stripped and by the time we made the bed, we were all naked.

I jumped on the bed first and sat on my ass with my legs tightly together, bent at my knees, and folded up to my chest. They each squirmed onto the bed and knelt next to me. Each took one of my legs, pulled it flat and spread them apart. They paused as they looked at my wet glistening pussy, begging them to take me. Scott told Alex that he could go first because he wanted me to suck on his cock. I guess I didn’t do a lot of that last night. So Scott pushed me flat on my back and pushed the tip of his cock in my mouth. I took a hand and began holding it as I licked the head. Alex, meanwhile, moved to kneel in between my legs and touched my wet slit.

As he played with my clit he blurted, “Scotty, adana escort she is drenched. Maybe we had her all wrong last night. She seems to be enjoying this.”

I tried to say that I did enjoy them last night too, but it was grabbled from Scott’s cock. As Alex played with my clit and fingered me, I began moving my hips enjoying his probing. After some time, I felt Alex pushing his large extremity into me. Oh I forgot how big this guy was. So I stopped sucking on Scott, sat up on my arms and watched him going in me.

Tilting my head back I moaned, “Oh that feels so good. You’re huge so go slow. Ah! That’s it! Ah!”

Then Scott pushed me back down as Alex began fucking me. That felt fantastic as I enjoyed him thrusting into my flesh. Many minutes went by when Scott wanted a turn. So they traded places. Reluctantly Alex pulled out of me and Scott took his place. As he pushed into me, he blurted something about me being soaked and I commented on already having two orgasms. He laughed and proceeded to ravish me for a long time until he pulled out to cum. When he began squirting his yummy cum on my face, I took his cock to my mouth and sucked him dry. Alex jumped back in between my legs and began his nonstop pumping of my wanting hole. I moaned in such delight. Soon it was his turn to unload on my face. With my mouth wide open, I tried to drink as much as I could. When finished, we all laid back to rest.

After a few minutes, I went to clean up. When I came back out, I asked if anyone wanted a glass of wine. So we drank wine and talked for about 40 minutes. We relived last night and laughed at some of the sexual encounters I had. I told them that they were the only ones I had enjoyed last night. It was just a little white lie. So I reached for their cocks for another love session. They responded like they should. Hard pulsating cocks getting ready to plunge into my wet slit. Oh yes, it was going to feel real good.

As I sucked on each one, Alex asked if he could do my ass. I smiled and said he could. So I sat on top of Alex, facing out and slowly guided his hard cock up my ass. It took a few minutes to completely stretch from that huge thing, but felt good as I bounced on and off him. Scott watched me having fun with Alex’s cock and I motioned him to come over. I told him that I wanted to feel his penis buried in my pussy too. Scott came over and began pushing his manhood into my pussy. I knew this was going to feel great too. I love being doubled and it’s been a long time since it happened. I was right about how fervent I was with two cocks in me.

They made me moan, “Oh my god! You guys feel so hard in me. Oh yes, I love it. Ah yes, yes, yes!”

With both of them pumping my holes, I closed my eyes and began having a few orgasms right in a row. It felt wonderful and I knew they both were enjoying me too. I don’t how long we all were in sexual bliss but no one heard anyone coming in. It was only after Scott began squirting inside me that he turned to see Juri and Maurice watching us. As he did, he blurted, “Ah shit. I hope you aren’t a jealous guy.”

Thinking he was talking about me, I opened my eyes and saw them staring at me with huge grins across their faces. As I bounced speedily up and down on Alex’ cock, Maurice uttered, “It’s okay Kathryn. I love watching you getting hammered. You look so lovely fucking.”

Juri laughed and blurted, “I see the sugar still is having an effect on you. I bet you could fuck again all night too?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I mean Alex felt so good in my ass and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I really loved the exhilarating sexual ride being on top of Alex.

That’s when Alex opened his eyes and look out at them. Immediately, he pushed me off. As he went to get up, Maurice asked if he wanted to finish me. He seemed squeamish, but answered he did. So Maurice told him to do me while I was on all fours. I knelt with my ass in the air and helped Alex pushed back in my ass. Soon he was pounding as fast as he could. But Maurice decided to take a few photos of me getting sodomized. It wasn’t long before Alex unleashed his sperm in me. When finished, he quickly pulled out, making some of his semen drip down on my pussy.

Scott was already dressed and Juri was asking for money. Without saying anything, they quickly left. Luckily, I gave him my email address earlier, so we can keep in touch once back in the States. I would like to hook up again with Scott. Maurice sat down next to me and saw their spew leaking from my well fucked holes. He grabbed a towel and had me push their goo out onto it, as he took a few photos.

Then he said, “That was a nice surprise to come home too. Watching my cute little nympho Kathryn having sex, just validates my perception of you. Now I know you’re going to have so much fun on this trip. I doubt if I have to talk you into anything. Now will I?”

With my legs still wide apart and a puddle afyon escort of cum on the towel I teasingly answered, “Well that depends on how cute the guys are.” He laughed and so did Juri. Then he told me to clean up and get dressed for our evening out.

I came out dressed in my pink sleeves long dress without a bra. It was sexy without being too revealing except for the outline of my nipples peeking out from under the cotton material. We took a cab to the dock next to the Eiffel Tower. Once on the boat and seated, a bottle of Champagne was opened. I had a very romantic dinner as were cruised up and back on the Seine River. We talked about what I wanted to see while in France. The palace at Versailles, Nice on the French Rivera and the Bordeaux wine region came up. He smiled and told me that we were going to the palace tomorrow. My eyes began twinkling but then he mentioned his family and his son’s arrested. He seemed a little depressed, when he stated the 10000 euros needed for his defense. He seemed sad when he began explaining the details. So now he couldn’t show me the fun time that was planned, because of being strapped for cash. I leaned over and gave him a big hug and asked if there was anything I could do to help. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him that question; because I should have realized the answer he was leading up to.

He turned to me, took my hands and looked deep into my eyes with his sad puppy dog look and said, “Well I don’t really want to ask, but do you think you could be an escort for the time you are here? After I saw you with those guys, I thought it would be something you would enjoy doing. It would be a new experience of seeing France as a courtesan.”

Well I don’t know if it was the champagne, the romantic dinner or his sad expression, but without really thinking it through I excitedly answered, “Really! You want me to be an escort here in France?” A pause and I continued, “I would love too and sounds like a fun way to help. But do I still get to do some tourist things and is it legal?”

He smiled and his eyes began twinkling like I had saved him from this huge dilemma. He then answered, “Yes it’s completely legal as long as I don’t pimp you. That’s why Juri created a site advertising you as an escort. After he told me about your performance last night, I knew you would love experiencing France this way. Was I wrong?”

Actually I was a little surprised that he assumed I would say okay, but also elated he did. So I asked him how he got photos of me. He laughed and told that he is using the photos from my trip last year. Oh my! In some of those, I was naked. We laughed and made a toast to my new adventures. It didn’t dawn on me to exactly what I got myself in for, but then this wouldn’t be a naughty story to tell if I had said no.

When we went to the cab stand and got a cab to drive us back to the apartment, I looked at the driver. Oh my god! It was the same mid-eastern guy from last night. He smiled at me and I grinned back. What were the chances that happening. Once back at the apartment, we kissed and stripped each other like two kids in heat. I wanted to feel that big cock of his in me, before I started on my sexual undertaking.

I was on my back at the edge of the bed. Maurice had my legs pushed up over my body, while he stood in between them. His raging hard cock was deep inside me, as he slowly thrust in and out. As he did, he kept asking me how he felt. In between my signs of pleasure, I told him he felt great in me and I have always loved him making love to me. He chuckled and told me that I had a very tight pussy even after all those guys took me the night before. I just moaned to fuck me and how good he felt in me. I loved his 8″ manhood pumping me to one orgasm after another. After some time, he told me to turn over on all fours. I did and propped my ass up in the air.

When he pushed back into my drenched wanting hole, he grunted about visualizing all of the other guys fucking me and stretching my pussy out. He kept telling me how horny he is, thinking of them fucking me. He sighed and groaned as he began to speedily ravish my body. Reaching under me, he yanked on my nipples which made me moan with delight. I immediately came with my third orgasm. With a rush of my juices engulfing his cock, I began quivering in pleasure. As he kept grinding in me, he blurted about what an exquisite, made for pleasure, body I had. As I was still shaking from my huge unleashing, he took my hips and started to move me speedily off and on his cock. He was grunting and I began to feel him squirting a load of cum deep inside me.

As he held my hips tightly on his cock, he said, “Oh this feels so good. I wish I could watch you getting fucked when on a date. I would love seeing your body trembling in ecstasy from all of those guys. Just thinking of you doing that for me makes me feel very privileged. I promise it will be fun and you can quit anytime you want.”

After alanya escort he said that, he told me that he was still very hard. So instead of pulling out and resting for a few minutes, he began pumping me again. I really liked that he did too. He told me that he had been saving up for a few weeks to make sure he would be horny for me. I love it when a guy does that. So for some time we continued our love feast, until I came a few more times and he shot another load in me.

As we held each other he whispered, “I love you Kathryn. I love being with you. I love your hot body. I love your desire to please me. I also am going to love watching all of those guys fucking you.” He kissed my neck and I fell asleep with his arms around me.

The next day we woke up early to get ready for our trip to the Palace at Versailles. Maurice had me pack an overnight bag with a sexy outfit. But since the weather changed to possible showers, I wore my tight blue jeans and a black t-shirt with my walking loafers. Once in his cute little yellow Renault Clio, we stopped for coffee and a croissant. I ate as we drove to the palace. It took us about 45 minutes to get there and find a parking spot. I was in awe at this spectacular abode that the kings lived in. The palace was huge and very ornate. The history was fantastic. By the time we made it to the grounds and gardens it was after lunch. They had a nice spot to buy sandwiches and we ate in the garden area. While we eating, his phone rang. He talked in French, so I didn’t know what was said. When he finished the conversation and hung up, he turned to me and smiled.

“Kathryn my hot little nympho, (he liked calling me that the whole trip), you have a nice date tonight.”

I looked up at him with a startled look of disappointment and asked, “You mean I don’t get to spend the night with you again? I really was looking forward to having some romance with you.”

He put his arm around me and looked into my sad eyes and answered, “It will be alright Kathryn. He’s taking you to a gala and is going to paying 1000 euros for your company. You probably won’t even have to have sex. He just wants to be seen with a gorgeous girl. So just go have some fun.”

Well I smiled, hugged him and asked what time. He told me 6 to mid-night and he’ll have his driver take me back to Paris. It was what I agreed to last night, but didn’t think it would happen so soon. At least I had three hours to prepare and have fun roaming Versailles.

We spent another hour at the palace and then went to get a drink. I needed a Marini to relax me. When it was time, he drove me to this white house behind an iron fence. We went up and a middle aged thin guy answered. He told us to come in, picked up a phone and called to someone, telling him I was here. This older, balding, big guy came down the stairs. I don’t know if he was fat or just wide built like a football player. He looked at me and smiled. Taking my hand, he kissed it and said I was very “Tres Bella”. He said his name was Maxima, but people called him Max, and had a great evening planned. I asked where I could change and he told Lamar, his butler, to show me where to dress. As I walked up stairs, I could hear Maurice asking for my fee. Then he said something again in French, as I went into an empty bedroom and began unpacking my bag.

Some 45 minutes later I was washed, dressed and all sexy in my black dress that I brought from home. It wasn’t real short, but the length was a few inches above my knee. It had thin spaghetti straps and low cut so my cleavage would be seen. I had my comfortable classy black heels, so not to look like a hooker by wearing stilettos. When I came out, Max grinned and told me I looked ravishing. Then off in his S class Mercedes with Lamar driving us to our outing.

We turned into this drive to this large building all in white that looked like a palace but was just a hotel. The grounds were large with a hedge labyrinth and gardens. He stopped in front and opened the car door for us. The place was crowded and when I got out I felt like everyone was staring at me. Once inside the ornate hotel, I was inspired by the shinning marble black and white checker floor and huge crystal chandeliers. I thought I was a princes going to her first ball. I tightly held Max’s arm, as we slowly meandered to the ball room. My eyes were looking around like a school girl trying to see everything for the first time. Once inside, he checked in and they all were glad to see him. I was like an object on his arm as a lot of people wanted his attention. He was a gentleman and introduced me to everyone as his associate, but I felt everyone knew I was an escort. I could tell by the way the women looked at me. I could describe the evening in great detail, but that would take too long. So here are a few exerts.

We had cocktails and I was becoming a little tipsy. When Max went with a few men to talk in private, a nice looking guy came over. He was blunt and said, “You know we never buy his story concerning the women he brings to these events. You are the best looking one so far. So what are you, an escort or something else?”

I was a little surprised at him saying that, so I blurted, “Excuse me!”

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