My Meg Ch. 01


This is the first story I wrote several years ago, but has been rewritten in parts. My wife and I wrote it as a joint effort. Like a lot of stories, there is some element of fact, and a huge amount of journalist licence.


My wife and I are busy professionals with children who find it difficult to get away on holiday breaks, even for short periods of time, but when we do we misbehave a treat and dine out on the memories. Over our recent Xmas summer break we had a great four days of submission, spanking and fantasy role-play, which hopefully some readers might enjoy.

As tends to be the case, I often have a hand in orchestrating our major spanking escapades, and over the past year they have also involved one of my wife’s best friends, Faye. Meg regards Faye as something of a mentor to her. For a month or so prior to the holidays Faye and I chatted on a number of occasions, without Meg’s knowledge, planning what erotic havoc we could inflict on Meg over the holidays. Finally we agreed on the basic details, but with a twist. We agreed that Faye would plan one surprise that I had no knowledge of, and likewise I was to plan something she had no knowledge of. My wife, Meg, of course would have no advance knowledge of anything.

Once Xmas was celebrated, and the kids safely shipped off to their best friend’s houses, Meg and I set off on a nine day holiday at a cottage we had rented on a lake. The cottage was relatively secluded, which suited us just fine. When we arrived we quickly settled into the holiday mode, lazing in the sun, swimming, and plenty of reading. Unbeknown to Meg, I had planned with Faye that the first five days of the holiday for Meg and I to be free of our devious little plans to give the two of us a chance to relax and unwind. During these first five days I could tell Meg was suspicious. She knows me well, and she was pretty sure I would not miss an occasion like this to plan something for her. I can tell you, it is a real burden being your wife’s SSSPC (Secret Sexual Spanking Planning Coordinator). Tough job but the rewards are priceless.

After five days of relaxation in the sun, with wining and dining in the evening, Meg seemed to have dropped her suspicions and was focused on enjoying the holiday. She was lying in the sun on the porch of the cottage listening to her walkman and did not hear the car pull up. I knew Faye was due late afternoon and had been keeping an eye out for her to ensure she found our cottage okay. As Faye walked around to the porch I couldn’t suppress a broad smile. The real fun was about to begin.

Faye was standing beside Meg before she was noticed. Meg jumped up and gave her good friend a hug and didn’t even enquire as to why she was there. As the two ladies disappeared inside Meg gave me an excited look over her shoulder. She was full of anticipation, and we were not about to disappoint her.

I followed them inside and made coffee while the ladies caught up on their gossip. Eventually Faye looked over to me and I sat down beside her, resting my hand on her shoulder. Meg was opposite us across the dining table. The conversation instantly died, and I couldn’t help notice Meg’s adam apple bobbing up and down nervously. She knew her conventional holiday was about to take a twist, and was obviously experiencing the delicious mix of excitement and nervousness that she enjoys so much.

I broke the silence. “Listen to me little Meg. Faye and I, as your loving parents, think you are a gorgeous young lady. But at eighteen years of age there are aspects of your behaviour that concern us. Because of our love, your parents have set aside the last four days of their holiday to provide you with the training and discipline you need to fulfil your potential as a young lady.”

Meg’s jaw hung open, and her eyes were wide. Despite her 38 years, she had a delightful innocence that could make her pass for an eighteen year old. Meg has lovely pert, firm breasts, slimly framed, and a firm round butt just made for spanking.

I should explain at this point that on a number of occasions in the past Meg has asked me to spank her while talking to her like a naughty teenager. It is one of her favourite fantasies. This gave me the idea of Faye and I becoming her parents, and the plan over the next four days was to treat her as our teenage daughter.

I continued, “Now thank your Mummy and Daddy for making such a huge sacrifice.”

Meg looked down at the table, with her hands fidgeting in her lap. She responded in a quiet voice “Thank you Mummy, thank you Daddy. I know I can be a naughty teenager. How are you going to train and discipline erzurum escort me?”

Much to my intense relief, it was clear Meg was already slipping into her role, and I was pretty sure she was going to really enjoy the next four days.

“Don’t you worry about that my little darling”, I responded, “You will find out in good time.”

“Now, as a special surprise, Mummy has brought you a new present”, spoke Faye in a matronly voice. “I want you to put it on now and you are to wear it all the time during the day unless Mummy and Daddy give you permission to change into something else”.

Meg’s eyes lit up when she saw it was a new bikini, and excitedly turned to go into our bedroom to change.

“Where are you going young lady?”

“To change Mummy,” Meg responded with those big innocent eyes.

“Don’t be a silly little thing. Mummy and Daddy see you with no clothes on all the time. Even if you are eighteen you should not be too proud to get undressed in front of us. You can get changed here while your Parents finish their coffees.”

Bashfully Meg stood beside us and removed her tee shirt and bikini panties, while Faye and I chatted like the happily married couple. Just as Meg reached over to pick up her new bikini from the table Faye snatched it away.

“Don’t be in such a hurry my little lady. Mummy hasn’t seen you for such a long time. Let me see what a lovely young lady my little girl is becoming.”

With that Faye gripped Meg by the wrist and turned her to face us. Instinctively Meg placed her hand in front of her pubic area.

“Don’t be silly. Put your hands by your side. Put your shoulders back and be proud to be a young lady”.

Meg arched her shoulders back, delightfully pushing her pert breasts forward. Her nipples were already hard and pointed. She was standing less than a couple of feet in front of me and I had to fight a strong urge to take those nipples in my mouth.

“My, oh my, how my little lady has developed. Look at those lovely breasts and beautiful erect nipples.”

Following Faye’s cue, we both reached out and rubbed the back of our hands over her nipples, then squeezed them in our fingers. Meg let out a sigh and her knees seemed to buckle slightly. We continued to manipulate her nipples and they were as hard as pebbles. Her cheeks and neck were flushed in delightful rouge.

“Why don’t you open your legs so Mummy and Daddy can get a good look at your little honey pot?”

“Please Mummy, don’t make me do that, as I will be soooo embarrassed.”

“Don’t be silly, now open those legs,” Faye responded firmly.

Slowly Meg edged her feet outwards.

“Wider honey”, I requested, while adjusting my seating position to relieve the pressure on my hard on.

Meg opened her legs wider and her swollen clit was now clearly visible, poking down through her blonde pubic hair. Meg is a natural blonde and her pubic hair is absolutely straight and sparse. She keeps it trimmed short, and if anything it enhanced her teenager appearance.

When satisfied her legs were wide enough, Faye reached out and stroked her hand over Meg’s labia. This time the sighing graduated to a little cry of ecstasy, and she closed her eyes and bit on her lower lip.

“My girl’s all wet, Daddy,” Faye commented while turning to me and giving me a sly little wink. Meg’s face screwed up in genuine embarrassment, but she didn’t move or say a word.

“Why are you wet honey?” I asked, trying to sound like the innocent father.

“I’m not, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Yes you are honey,” Faye responded quickly, “Open your eyes.”

Slowly Meg opened her eyes and focused on the index finger Faye was holding up in front of her face. It was clearly glistening with Meg’s juices. Meg gave a little whimper. What could she say? The evidence was clearly there for everyone to see.

“Well?” I enquired, not easing up on Meg’s embarrassment, as I knew only too well from past experience that she gets so sexually excited by being placed in these humiliating situations.

“I’m so excited Daddy that both of you are now with me on holiday.”

“But little girls shouldn’t get wet in public, dear.”

“I’m so sorry Daddy.”

“I think this is one of those training situations that Mummy talked about.”

“Yes Daddy,” Meg responded with a pout

“Now why don’t you get over my knee?”

Relieved to have the embarrassment over, Meg didn’t hesitate to go over my knee. I took plenty of time to adjust her into the right position, all the time enjoying the sight of my wife’s lovely snatch and her cute butt. Slowly I began to spank her with my hand, gradually increasing the tempo until she was squirming on my knee.

Once her butt was a delightful shade of red I instructed Meg to hop onto her Mother’s knee so that her spanking could be completed. Without protest Meg slide off my knee, crawled the couple of steps to Faye and mounted her knee. Faye left her draped there for an agonising period, lightly running her nails over Meg’s tender behind. This elicited more whimpers.

When Faye began her spanking, each blow was slow, measured and hard.

Meg began crying, “Please Mummy, please Daddy”.

Faye did not prolong her spanking. This was the first of four days with our ‘daughter’ and we did not want to overdo it on the first day. Faye reached down and assisted Meg up to sit on her knee and gave her a motherly cuddle.

“You know Mummy and Daddy love you little one?”

“Yes Mummy.”

“Why don’t you hop up and sit on the table.”

Meg clambered onto the table, facing us, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Now open your legs and show us that pretty little honey pot?”

“But Mummy, it’s still swollen and wet, and I don’t want another spank”, Meg responded provocatively, with her little finger demurely in the corner of her mouth. “I know it is darling, and don’t worry we wont spank you again. Let’s see if we can solve the problem”.

With that reassurance Meg opened her legs to display her womanly charms.

“Now why doesn’t my little teenager rub herself down there to help make the wetness go away?”

“No Mummy”, Meg protested, “that’s naughty and you and Daddy will see me doing it”.

Meg was playing her role of a naive teenager a treat and obviously enjoying herself immensely, the proof being the wetness on the table between the caverns of her thighs. Despite her protests Meg needed no further prompting to slide her fingers down to her honey pot, with two fingers instantly sliding deep inside of her. She arched back, lifting her feet up onto the table so that we had a magnificent view of all her womanly charms. This exhibitionist display is so typical of Meg and just heightens her sexual pleasure. Her aroma filled our senses.

Meg’s climax built and then exploded in a display of unadulterated pleasure. As the waves dissipated she lay back on the table, her legs still wide open.

We let her lie there for several minutes before Faye spoke, “Why don’t you put that bikini on now. Wearily Meg dragged herself off the table, and with no self-consciousness stood before us and dressed.

Meg fidgeted with the bikini for ages and had trouble getting it to cover her vital parts. This was not surprising as it was a real micro bikini that Faye had made herself especially for Meg. Not only did it barely cover her nipples and pubic area, but the fabric was virtually transparent. Meg disappeared to look at herself in the mirror. Silence followed as Meg was obviously surveying the affect of her micro bikini.

“Do you like it honey?” Faye enquired, flashing me a grin.

“Mummy, it’s so small, and you can see through it.”

“Come here and let us have a look.”

Self-conscious again, Meg returned to stand before us. There was no way to describe the bikini except indecent. There was virtually no material, and what material existed was indeed transparent.

“Turn around honey.”

Meg revealed that the bottom was a thong that left her still red cheeks exposed.

“It looks absolutely brilliant on my little girl, do you not agree Daddy?” “Absolutely,” I responded without hesitation

“But I can’t wear this outside Mummy.”

“Of course you can honey. Such false modesty. That is another undesirable trait we will have to train you out of. Ten minutes ago you were lying naked on the table with your legs open and your fingers deep in your honey pot, and now you are trying to tell us you can’t go outside with a bikini. Now hush, I want no more protests or you will be over our laps again.”

Meg hung her head in humiliation and knew better than to continue the argument.

“Now why don’t you and Daddy go outside and enjoy the last of the day’s sun while Mummy prepares dinner?”

I couldn’t help smiling as Meg opened the front door and peered outside to see if anyone was around. Satisfied it was safe, she scrambled to her towel on the porch and lay down sunbathing. I lay down beside her and began reading.

“Happy?” I enquired.

She smiled, punching me playfully. “Delirious. You are the best Daddy ever.”

I gave her sheepish smile. “Who, me?”

Dinner passed well. Faye and I acted like Meg’s kindly but strict parents, ticking her off about her manners and only letting her have a glass of wine after we had had a light hearted debate about whether our teenager was old enough to drink.

After dinner Faye informed Meg that as a special treat she could sleep in Daddy’s bed tonight as she had a friend she was visiting this evening. Meg gave me a big grin and licked her lips.

Faye had told me she had a friend staying at a motel ten minutes down the road. I had enquired who the friend was but got an evasive response so did not push the matter further.

“Now why don’t you run a bath so that you are nice and clean for bedtime?”

Meg hopped on one foot to the bathroom, really enjoying her baby girl role.

When the bath was run Faye and I took Meg’s hand and went into the bathroom, singing playfully like one happy family.

“Into the bath, darling.”

Meg slipped off what passed for her clothing, and slipped into the bubble bath. Faye and I sat on the edge chatting away, while Meg was content to lie back in contented warmth, her eyes closed.

“Time for a wash, puppet.”

“But I can wash myself, Mummy.”

“Don’t be silly. You know you have never done it properly. Now kneel in the bath and pass me that flannel and soap.”

Obediently Meg passed them over, and Faye proceeded to wash her like one would a young child. Not surprisingly she paid special attention to her breasts, rubbing them vigorously with the flannel until her nipples were erect. When Faye reached her lower body, Meg had to kneel up so her bottom and honey pot were out of the water. She supported herself by gripping the side of the bath. Meg grumbled about being washed down there, but Faye simply flashed her a condescending smile and continued regardless.

Again Meg’s bottom and pussy got special attention and were soaped vigorously with Fay’s hand and then equally vigorously rubbed with the flannel. Meg was beginning to look decidedly flushed, and I don’t think it was from the heat of the bath.

Once Faye was satisfied Meg was clean she suggested I make us coffee, with a hot chocolate for the little one, while she dressed our daughter.

When Faye eventually emerged from the bathroom with her daughter in tow I could not believe my eyes. Meg could easy have passed for an eighteen year old teenager. Her long blonde hair was in pigtails and tied with pink ribbons. She was wearing a pink baby doll nightie that reached her hips, and full pink panties. There was an erotic innocence about her that initially took my breath away.

Shyly Meg came up to me and gave me a big hug. She smelt of talcum powder.

“Do I look pretty Daddy?”

“Darling, you take my breath away”. And I was speaking the truth.

All three of us retired to the couch to watch a television documentary we were keen to see. Our daughter sitting contently between two proud parents.

Once the TV program finished Faye said it was time to visit her friend. Without hesitation Meg gave her a hug and thanked her for a wonderful day.

“Don’t worry honey, we still have three more days ahead of ourselves to enjoy. But before I go there is one more element of your training that needs to be addressed now.”

“Mummy!” Meg whined

“You need to learn that mothers and fathers always know best and you are not to question our judgement, such as you did with the bikini and at bath time.”

“Mummy, I’m sorry.”

“I want you to go and get the hairbrush out of my bag and bring it to me now, no arguments.”

Meg obeyed, handing the brush to Faye with downcast eyes and pouting lip.

“Pull down your panties, bend over and grab your ankles,” Faye ordered.

Meg obeyed without hesitation, giving both of us a delicious view.

Without comment or ceremony Faye gave Meg ten solid swats with the hairbrush that had Meg quietly sobbing by the last stroke, but she bravely retained her position. When Faye placed the brush on the table, I instructed Meg to stand up and thank her mother for caring so much about her.

Meg complied, giving Faye a hug, “Thank you Mummy, I know I deserved that and I promise Ill try better tomorrow.”

Faye departed with a big grin on her face. She was enjoying the charade as much as Meg and I.

Not surprisingly, Meg and I decided it was bedtime once Faye had gone for the night. Before we jumped into bed I gave my daughter a little lecture that she had to be good to share my bed, and if she behaved she could play with Daddy all night. Meg gave a delighted squeal and dived under the covers.

What a great day I reflected. Little did I know the next three days were going to be equally as much wicked fun.

Part 2 to follow.

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