My Photogenic Mom Ch. 02


Editor’s note: this work contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, consensually non-consensual (CNC), or non-consensual sex or scenarios.


Michael’s first objective was to get a few of the pictures in Kathy Thompson’s hands. After that was accomplished the rest would be easy. He went to the church and took the envelope with the pictures out of his pocket. He was not worried about the pictures being traced to him. He knew that very shortly Kathy would know exactly who took the pictures. It was important that she thought she was the only one he had contacted.

Michael left the church after taping the pictures under the last pew. He went to the pay phone at the gas station on the corner and dialed the number for the church. His luck was good as Kathy answered the phone on its second ring. Michael told her that she would find something very interesting under the last pew. She asked who he was, and he told her that that did not matter; he would call her back in thirty minutes. He told her not to tell anyone about this call, including her husband until she found the package.

After hanging up Michael thought about what the future was about to bring, and he could not help but smile. He even stopped at the local burger joint and had a sandwich while waiting to call Kathy back. Things were definately looking up.

Michael dialed the phone and Kathy answered on the first ring. I guess you found my package Michael said. Who are you, and what do you want said Kathy crying, why are you doing this. I am just some-one who saw your husband doing something that he should not. Obviously you did to, I am sure that you do not want this to get out do you? By this time Kathy was crying harder and Michael almost felt sorry for her. But then in his mind he could see a picture of her standing naked in front of him willing to do whatever he said and that stopped any feelings of sorrow he had.

Michael thought of what Reverend Thompson had done with his mom and all pity was gone. Kathy again asked what he wanted. Michael asked her if she knew where the old smith farm was outside town. She said that she did but why? Michael told her to meet him out there in one hour by the old barn and come alone. If anyone came with her he would make the pictures public knowledge. He then hung up.

Michael went back home and parked his car. Susan was not home so he did not have to worry about her questions when he rode his bike instead of taking the car. Michael had gone to the old farm earlier in the day, and left a blanket in the barn. He was sure that his plan would work and he wanted to be prepared.

Shortly after he had hidden his bike in the weeds, he heard a car coming down the old road. It slowed and then pulled in the overgrown driveway. From his vantage point in the barn Michael could see that Kathy was the only person in the car. He could also see up the old road and had watched her from the time she had pulled off the highway. As he watched her, she got out of the car and stood nervously.

He watched her for a little while, then climbed down and went to the barn door. He watched her looking around, and finally said “hello Mrs. Thompson.” Kathy jumped at the sound of his voice and turned to face him. She looked surprised to see him standing there. All of a sudden she got a very stern look on her face and said “Michael Roberts what is the meaning of all this?”

Michael looked at her and said “I think you know exactly what the meaning is. The question is what is the price.” Kathy started crying and looked at Michael. She said “I can’t believe that you would do such a thing and I don’t think that there will be any price. Showing those pictures would ruin your mother as well as my husband and me!”

“I do not think so” Michael said. “All the pictures would show was the Reverend Thompson taking advantage of a distraught married woman who came to him for counseling. Not to mention the fact that his wife stood there and watched while he did it!” “I cannot believe that you are doing this to us” said Kathy “what do you want?”

“Now that you are taking this situation seriously” said Michael “what is it worth to make sure these pictures never are seen again?” “We don’t have a lot of money saved, probably not even five hundred dollars.” “I don’t think that will be enough said Michael you will need to sweeten the pot some.”

But we don’t have anything else” Kathy said “I cannot sweeten it more.” Michael slowly walked up to her and said “I am sure you can think of a way to sweeten it up!” Michael reached out his hand and cupped one of her firm breasts. Kathy recoiled from his touch and said “do not ever touch me like that again!” Michael just smiled and said “OK if you are sure that that is what you want.”

He then turned and started to walk away. He had not gone but ten feet when Kathy called to him. He turned and walked back to her. Through her tears she asked him what he wanted. Michael smiled and said kızıl gaziantep escort “that’s better, much more sensible.

Michael reached out and started unbuttoning her blouse. He watched Kathy as he finished with the buttons, feeling her body tremble as his fingers brushed the soft skin of her breasts. Michael told her he wanted to see her take off her blouse. He told her “you know I’ve never been this close to a grown woman taking off her clothes, especially a beautiful one like you.

Kathy just stood and stared at him. “Now take off your bra too, I want to see those beautiful tits of yours!” Kathy’s face turned bright red, but she did as Michael said tears running down her face. As she slowly removed the bra Michael asked her how many men she had been with. Kathy told him that was none of his business.

Michael told her that anything he wanted to know was now his business. Kathy realized that Michael was not going to drop the question and said “my husband is the only man I have ever slept with.” “Well that’s going to change” said Michael.

He reached out and slowly ran his hand over Kathy’s beautiful firm tits and started playing with the large strawberry colored nipples he roughly pinched one and Kathy let out a startled yelp but did not try to pull away from him. He saw that Kathy was trying to resist any reaction to the caress of his. Kathy’s nipples started to stiffen between his thumb and finger and seemed to grow bigger than any of the young girls that had ever let him get that far.

Michael had both hands on her tits now and started sucking on those big luscious nipples. Kathy’s breath was coming faster. Michael reached down and unzipped his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. His swelling cock was straining to get free of his underwear.

Michael told Kathy to get out of her skirt and panties. He wanted to see her totally naked. Kathy slowly stripped off her skirt trying not to stare at Michael’s swollen cock waiting to be released. Kathy slowly pulled her panties down and let them drop around her ankles.

Kathy stood up and looked at him waiting to see what he would demand next. Michael just stepped up to her and started running his hands down her body off her trim waist and onto those fantastic hips. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “you have a fantastic body.”

He slowly moved one hand in front of her and slid it down over her belly to the front of her soft blonde mound. He rubbed the front of her mound. Kathy was starting to cry again he told her” I will not hurt you, and in the end you will enjoy this.” Michael turned her around so he could get a better view of her sexy ass. He told her to spread her legs and bend over.

Kathy didn’t move until Michael put his hand on her shoulder and gave a slight push telling her to do it now. Crying Kathy bent over, knowing that as she did this her pussy was opened fully to Michaels view. Michael started running his hand over the cheeks of Kathy’s ass squeezing them and enjoying her reaction to that.

Taking both hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her completely to his eyes. He took his finger and ran it down the valley of her ass, enjoying the way Kathy jumped as his finger slid over her tight puckered asshole. He continued sliding it until it reached her waiting pussy lips slipping a finger into her hole, searching for her clit.

Michael knew that when he started massaging her clit Kathy would not be able to keep resisting him. He wanted to feel her pussy all hot and wet on his finger before he rammed his swollen cock into it. Slowly he could feel Kathy starting to move her mound against his hand. Her legs parted slightly allowing the advance of his probing fingers.

Michael knew that once he got a finger in her pussy she would be his. He could feel the slippery wetness of her cunt closing around his fingertips. Kathy opened her legs completely and he slid his finger up into the depths of her cunt. Kathy moaned and leaned forward against the car. As Michael fingered Kathy’s pussy, he reached around her and grabbed her hanging tits with his other hand.

Michael could feel Kathy pumping her pussy against his hand faster and faster. He was really enjoying this now. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy and turned her around so he could look at her. Michael kissed her and slowly Kathy responded.

Michael kissed her neck and then kissed and sucked her breasts. Kathy was moaning as Michael sucked her nipples and bit the underside of her breasts. Kathy started pushing Michael down over her stomach towards her now wet and swollen pussy. Michael had never eaten a woman’s cunt before, but he like the way Kathy was acting.

Slowly Michael put his tongue into the musky darkness. He started lapping at her clit faster and faster. Kathy went stiff and ground her cunt into Michael’s mouth as she held him motionless in her cunt. After what gaziantep kızıl escort bayan seemed forever to Michael she relaxed her grip on his head and slumped against the car. Kathy looked at him and said “nobody has ever done that to me before!”

Michael looked at her in disbelief “nobody he said thinking of what he had witnessed Reverend Thompson doing to his mother.” “No” said Kathy “I always thought that it was perverted and Jim never even tried.”

Michael said “well maybe we will find other things today that you have never tried.” “I do not think so” said Kathy “you have had your fun now it’s over.” Michael looked at her for a minute “I think you forget one thing, I still have the negatives so until I say it’s over its not.”

Michael took the blanket off the hood of the car and spreads it out in the grass. He grabbed Kathy’s hand and pulled her down on it. He stood at the edge of the blanket looking at her body. “Take my underwear off he said, Slowly Kathy reached up and did what he said. “Take hold of my cock and see how good it feels.” Kathy started crying again, but did as Michael told her. As she held his cock, it started growing even harder in her hand. She started stroking it unwillingly at first, but faster as it grew.

Michael took hold of her head and started pulling it toward his now huge cock. No she cried I cannot. The last of her words barely heard as he forced his throbbing cock into her mouth. He started rocking his hips back and forth whipping his cock in and out of Kathy’s hot mouth.

Kathy had stopped fighting him and was working in rhythm with his hips. Michael could feel himself at the verge of coming in her mouth. He did not want her pulling away like the girls at school did so he grabbed her head again and started pumping harder.

All of a sudden he felt himself start to explode. He pulled Kathy’s head tightly to him. So tight he could feel the back of her throat with the head of his exploding cock. He could feel her trying to push away but he did not care. He exploded in her throat, pumping again and again into her hot mouth. Michael loved feeling Kathy swallow his hot cum again and again.

His wad shot he let her head go. He smiled at her and said “that was real good Kathy, today is going to be a lot of fun.” Michael looked at her for a minute, slumped back on the blanket, her tits heaving with the exertion of the last few minutes. Drops of juice from her pussy drying on her legs and he could not believe just how sexy this woman was.

He could already feel his cock starting to stir. He knelt down on the blanket beside her and started stroking her tits her nipples were still standing tall and firm. Michael knew that in spite of herself, she was loving every minute of this. He moved on hand over her stomach and slid a finger into her pussy slowly rubbing her clit.

Kathy started to moan softly and moved her leg so that Michael could finger her cunt better. Michael put his hand behind her head and pulled her to his cock saying “a little mouth to cock resuscitation will bring him back to life.”

Kathy opened her mouth and sucked Michael’s cock in to the hilt. The faster he moved his hand the faster Kathy sucked his cock. Slowly Michael pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed her down on the blanket. He rolled on top of her and she grabbed his cock and guided him to the entrance of her pussy. Michael slid the tip of his cock into her cunt and stopped.

Kathy gave him a confused look and tried to draw him farther into her burning pussy. Kathy opened her mouth and said “please Michael I want your cock inside me now!” Michael smiled and slammed his cock deep into her. Kathy shuddered as he hit bottom and then started working his cock in and out of her.

This was his first real woman, and he loved the feel of her legs around his back. He loved the way her tits bounced every time he rammed his hard swollen cock into her and the glassy look coming into her eyes. He could feel her starting to arch her back under him. She kept saying “faster, harder” under him as he pounded her all of a sudden she cried out and Michael could feel her pussy squeezing and sucking his cock until he exploded in her.

Michael slowly rolled off her and lay on the blanket almost exhausted. “You know Kathy I’m going to be sorry to see next week end!” She looked at him and said “why?” Michael stroked her nipple with his finger and said “because that’s when I will give you the negatives of the pictures I took.” Kathy looked irritated and said “I thought that I would get them today, especially after all the things you have done to me!” Michael started stroking her leg and nibbling on her tit but Kathy pushed him away. “Do not ever touch me again!” She yelled as she started to get off the blanket.

Michael grabbed her shoulder and pulled her face down on the blanket. Kathy was struggling to get up, but Michael rolled on gaziantep kızıl escort top of her to hold her down. “Don’t tell me what to do; I have the pictures remember that, you and your husband’s ass’s are mine until I give them to you.”

Kathy still struggled under Michael and to his surprise his cock was responding to Kathy’s ass bouncing under him. He had never had a woman from the rear before. Today was going to be a lot of firsts for him.

Kathy felt Michael’s cock rubbing between the cheeks of her ass while he was holding her down, and to her amazement she could feel it start to harden again. She had never had sex this much in one day in her life. She felt ashamed, but the thought of Michael’s hard young cock in her made her pussy hot again.

Michael could sense a new movement to Kathy’s ass. She did not seem to be trying to get out from under him anymore. It seemed more like she was stroking his cock with her beautiful round cheeks.

He slowly lifted his weight off her and she kept backing that fantastic ass against him. He got onto his knees and grabbed her hips to raise them up to his cock’s level. Kathy rose up on her hands and knees then she reached between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt. He rammed forward and heard her groan with pleasure as he rammed his cock in and out of her hot dripping pussy.

Kathy had never been this hot or wet in her life. She could not believe she could enjoy being fucked this much. Michael started caressing the globes of her ass with his hands. He leaned over some and saw her great tits swinging under her he reached down and grabbed them both and started squeezing them. The nipples looked bigger than any Michael had ever seen. Every time he pinched them Kathy would groan and arch her ass harder onto his cock.

Michael let them fall and went back to her great ass. He pulled her cheeks apart so he could watch his cock ram into her wet pussy. When he did his thumb grazed her tight asshole and he felt Kathy clench her pussy muscles around his cock. Michael was fascinated by that tight little hole, almost as much as with her cunt itself. There was still a thick coat of pussy juice that had run into her crack from the earlier fucking so it was nice and slippery.

Michael was teasing her hole sliding his finger down the slippery crack then across her hole. Every time he touched it her pussy would squeeze his cock. He slowly started to work his finger into her asshole. Kathy squealed and said “please Michael not there!”

Michael could not stop now. He grabbed her cheek with one hand and shoved his finger into her tight ass. He was amazed at Kathy’s reaction to this. First she tried to pull away then she rammed her ass back against him. He could feel his cock rubbing his finger through the thin wall of skin between her pussy and her ass. He held his cock deep inside her pussy and started working his finger in and out of her ass.

The sensation was wonderful. Her pussy sucking his cock and her ass sucking his finger was fantastic. He started moving his finger faster until he felt Kathy’s pussy start to heave. Kathy cried out and dropped to the ground with the front of her body. Her pussy was still wrapped around Michael’s hard shaft.

Michael slipped a second finger into Kathy’s tight ass. She whimpered but was too spent to stop him. He started pistoning them in and out of her tight hole. He could feel her pussy starting to throb again but she could not move.

As Michael watched his cock in her pussy and his fingers in her ass he wondered what it would be like to fuck her fabulous ass. Michael pulled his fingers out of her asshole and smiled as she groaned and tried to arch her ass. He grabbed on to both ass cheeks and quickly pulled his cock out of her hot pussy and shoved it into her asshole.

As the head of his cock entered her hole he heard it snap shut around his shaft with a soft plop. Kathy screamed and tried to pull forward but all she did was cause Michael to lose his balance and fall ramming his shaft in her beautiful ass all the way to his balls. Kathy begged him to pull his cock out of her ass but Michael could not believe how different her asshole felt from her pussy. He slowly moved his cock in and out only about an inch when he felt Kathy tremble he moved it farther.

Then he felt her trying to match his thrusts. He got both of them back on their knees, and started pumping her ass as hard as he could. Kathy reached back between her legs and started fingering his balls. She pulled him deep into her ass and held him there. Slowly she started working his balls into her hot pussy. Michael could not believe, he had his cock and his balls buried deep inside the preachers beautiful wife.

The feeling was too much for Michael, he blew his wad deep inside Kathy’s ass and they both collapsed on the blanket. While Michael waited to get his breath back, he played with Kathy’s tits squeezing them and pulling the nipples. Kathy said “Jim has never made me feel like this, but then he has never done the things to me that you did to-day.” You made my insides quake.

” I have never had an orgasm be-fore today.” Michael laughed and said “you taught me some things also, there will be more days like this I promise.” Kathy’s legs trembled as she tried to put on her clothes. She could not believe how weak her legs were.

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