My Renaissance Ch. 10


Chapter 10: My turn with Tracy

My housemate Brian and I were chatting the next evening after his little liaison with the big girl Tracy. Tracy was a natural blonde girl, almost six foot tall and built like a brick shithouse. She was easily 200 pounds, but very proportionally shaped. She had great legs, pouty lips that Angelina Jolie would probably trade up for and a very cute face. All in all, I could see why Brian hooked up with her even though she was nowhere near the thin girls Brian traditionally dated.

Not surprisingly, it did not take long for the conversation to turn to Tracy.

“So, what did you think of Tracy?” he asked. “She thinks pretty highly of you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, man. She asked me if you had a girlfriend after we had sex last night.”

“How’d that make you feel?” I said with a hearty laugh.

Brian laughed too. “No, man, it wasn’t like that. Eh, I’m not looking for a second regular girlfriend. I’m just sayin’ I think she likes you more than she liked me.”

“Well, after you were asleep, she came down to my bedroom wearing a towel and asked for another condom for morning time and I gave her two. She also gave me her email address,” I said.

“Thanks, fucker. She woke me up around 1:30 to fuck me again.”

“You know, Brian, most guys would be thanking me for getting them laid.”

“Yeah, but I had to be up and in court and that girl wore me the fuck out.”

“Oh, you poor baby. So, was she a good lay?”

“Yeah, better than average skills. Big girl, decent body. I’d do her again if the opportunity presented itself, but I don’t plan on calling her. You wanting to hook up with her?”

“It’s in the works, anyway, for tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to her putting those pouty lips on my cock.”

“Have a good time with her. She’s a lot of fun. She really likes it when you kiss the back of her neck and she’s not a big fan of swallowing,” he said.

“Thanks for the info.”

I asked him where he met her at and he said, “Hot or Not, my friend.”


“Yep. Here, let me show you.” He got on my laptop and logged into Hot or Not and explained his experiences with it.

“We need to get a picture of you with a cute puppy or two and put it up. You’ll have more girls than you can shake your stick at wanting to hook up with you,” Brian explained.

“Brain, you’re such a hound!”

“Why thank you!” he laughed.


After work the next day, I was excited about my first-time date with Tracy and my trip to the gym was about the only thing I had planned before I was to meet her at her house. I decided to skip going home after the gym and just shower and get ready there. I’d pick up some flowers and chocolates or something like that at Wal-Mart on the way.

My little gym buddy Sharon was there working out as was typically the case. She noticed my excitement and asked me about it. Sharon was the ultra-tiny, ninety-pound mom that had been flirting with me for months. The previous week, I’d had a date with her that turned into her spending the night. She was quite the professional in the sack – in more ways than one.

Sharon, as was the norm, was wearing some tight shorts and a tight polyester top. She looked pretty good tonight, especially for working out at the gym.

“Gosh, Joe, you got a hot date tonight or something?” she asked me, cocking her head to the side.

“As a matter of fact I do.”

“I’m jealous. What’s her name?”


We talked a little bit about Tracy and what I’d heard her and Brian doing a couple of nights before. She was amused.

“Is getting lucky a sure thing for ya?”

“Yeah, probably 99% unless I find out she’s really a ‘he’,” I laughed and Sharon chuckled a little as well.

I spotted for Sharon while taking a break from the weight machines. I found myself getting excited daydreaming about fucking Sharon as she did her reps, recalling how I’d fucked her while she was in just that position and how great it felt.

She noticed my growing excitement. She reached up after handing the bar off to me and grabbed my package. “Wow.”

“I was just admiring your form.”

“Thank you. I’m flattered. You better be careful or I might have to molest you before this date of yours.”

“You naughty girl. What’s wrong, is Nathan not giving it to you?” I glanced over and noticed an older woman I didn’t particularly care for was looking at me like I was a leper. This particular woman hated it when I’d occasionally tune to FoxNews on one of the TVs in the cardio room. She would turn up MSNBC or PBS to an obscenely loud volume to blast out the TV on the other side of the room. Her rudeness made me no friend, and to avoid further conflict, I’ll usually just turn on closed captioning unless I want to hear something in particular.

“He gave it to me this morning, but I’m still horny.”

I helped her with her two remaining sets and then we went running together, getting away from the up-tight old woman. My excitement didn’t fade away as we ran, antalya escort especially as my mind kept going back to our hot date. As we were cooling down, I asked her if she was serious about molesting me before my date.

“Hell yes!”

“You want to sneak into the locker room if there aren’t any other guys there and share a shower with me?”

“What are you waiting for?” she asked me.

We finished the cool-down lap and headed to our respective locker rooms.

Sharon had got her gym bag with clean clothes and stuff and met me outside the men’s locker room a couple of minutes later. I glanced around and nobody was around so I led her inside. We went down to the far shower and she got in. These were double enclosures for privacy so even if we weren’t in the shower itself, we were still behind a curtain.

I stripped off everything down to my shorts and put on my flip flops and grabbed a towel to join her. Just then another older guy came in. I was so glad I didn’t strip my shorts off because my cock was rock hard and the old guy would probably looked askance at some guy with a hard-on in the guy’s locker room.

I went into the shower and found Sharon already under the shower, wearing only a big, warm smile. Sharon was a tiny brunette, 29-years-old who sported a pixie haircut. She stood 5′ 4″ tall and had hips that looked more like a teenager’s. Looking at her I wondered just how big or small they were.

“Hey Sharon. How big are your hips?” I asked her as I took my shorts off.

“About 26 inches. Why?”

“Just curious.”

Sadly, Sharon’s A-cup boobs were limp and modestly saggy thanks to breast-feeding her daughter that was now four. She had a very cute face though and a wonderful smile and personality.

We lathered one another up and Sharon was delighted to work with my hardwood. We tried to be quiet but I’m sure a moan or two escaped our lips as we rubbed, washed and caressed.

I heard the door open and I was pretty sure the older guy had left. Sharon heard that too and bent over and hiked her hips up for me. She looked over her shoulder. “Come on. Fuck me.”

I moved behind her and teased her with the head of my cock as I rubbed it against her clit before pushing inside. We both groaned softly and I began stroking her sweet pussy. Her wet body looked like a sexy as hell as our wet bodies slapped together noisily under the warm water of the shower. Her ass was tiny and I was savoring the sensual feeling each time my groin bumped her round little ass cheeks.

“So, you’re fucking my tight little pussy before you fuck this other girl, are you?”

I rammed my cock home and savored the feeling of Sharon’s tight, wet pussy. “Yes, I am. I’m going to come in your pussy too.”

“Oh, you naughty little boy. Is this girl going to let you come in her pussy too?” She was breathing as hard and heavy as I was. We were both getting close.

“Nope. I’m going to wear a rubber for her, but you’re going to get it deep inside you, you little slut you.”

“Oh, keep fucking me, Joe. I’m going to come on your cock!”

I pumped her hard and she tensed up as waves of pleasure washed over her as she climaxed. “Oh yes!” she grunted then whimpered as I continued fucking her.

Inside, her pussy was wet and tight. I continued to fuck her from behind, varying the pace and the angle to keep things interesting. I could tell she was getting close again. Her breathing was ragged. She had thrown her head back and arched her back as I pumped her hard. Finally, she achieved another sweet release. I could tell she was trying to be more quiet and she did a pretty good job, merely moaning softly.

Sharon turned around after her orgasm and raised her left leg and guided me inside her while I held her ass and helped pull her hips into mine as we kissed and fucked. Eventually, she hopped up and rode me while holding onto my neck with her legs wrapped around my hips. That was fun enough but uncomfortable for my neck.

I had her get back down and bend over again. I inserted myself and fucked her for a while and she was getting close to another climax. The wet slapping of our bodies coupling was noisy and getting louder as I increased the tempo.

Sharon looked over her shoulder and flashed me a smile despite her look of concentration on getting off again. “Come inside me Joe. I’m ready for it.”

Mentally, I debated on whether or not I should come now and if that was going to interfere with my performance later. I decided that since it was a first-time date, I gambled I would be fine later.

“I’m getting close, Sharon.” I warned her as I was about to bust my nut.

“Me too,” she said, her voice straining as she was enjoying the passion and stimulation I was sharing with her.

Just then the door to the locker room opened squeakily and a couple of younger-sounding guys walked in talking back and forth.

That kind of broke my stride and it took me a bit to recover before I brought myself to my sweet release after about thirty more seconds of feverish, noisy fucking.

“I’m artvin escort coming,” I said softly as I pulled her hips against mine and began to squirt my seed into her. She let out a couple of whimpers as she climaxed as well. I just held her close and stopped pumping in order to be quiet and I could just feel her pussy squeezing my dick gently as the waves of pleasure spread throughout her body from her clitoris.

When it was over, I tapped her on the hips and she pulled off.

“Mmm. That was good,” she said softly.

She lathered me up and cleaned me and I did the same for her pussy and ass.

I noticed the two guys had suddenly become quiet and it seemed as though they were trying to be quiet while changing.

Sharon and I dried off and she got dressed while I watched, enjoying the show. She put on a pair of jeans, commando style, and a lacy, white bra and wife-beater t-shirt. Seeing she was decent, I went out wearing my towel, finding two guys in their twenties looking at me very suspiciously. In fact, they were both almost glaring at me.

“Guys, you mind if a lady walks by?” I asked. I thought it that would be the courteous thing to ask.

“Sure man, that’s cool,” the taller of the two said, his glare turning neutral.

Sharon came out and smiled. “Hi guys,” she said, grinning.

“Hi,” the taller one said, now smiling. The two of them were fit and might have been frat boys a few years before. Sharon’s cute face and warm smile had their attention.

“We thought for a minute it was two guys in there,” the second guy said, as he peeled his shirt off. “Boy were we wrong!”

The taller guy now took his shirt off as well. Apparently they weren’t shy, either.

Sharon laughed. “I might not have big boobs, but I’m definitely a woman.” I had to chuckle at that.

“Yeah, she’s definitely a woman alright!” I added.

The second guy was staring at Sharon’s chest, as the lacey bra was easily visible through the thin material of the shirt. She picked sexy bras, no doubt about it.

She turned and gave me a quick kiss. “I better go before anyone else comes in,” she told me.

“Don’t leave because of us,” the taller guy said as he took off his shorts, revealing his jock strap and the beginnings of an erection.

“Thanks for being good sports, guys,” she said to them.

Sharon walked right by them on her way out, giving them both a sideways glance up and down. At the second guy, she softly mumbled and approving, “Um hmm” while admiring his physique.

He whistled back at her as she reached the door. She turned and blew him a kiss, then gave me a quick wave and walked out.

I started to get dressed.

“Damn,” the second guy said, chuckling, now standing there without any clothes on after dropping his shorts as Sharon went out. His cock was almost semi-erect as well. “I’ll never look at the skinny girl the same again.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Hey man,” the tall guy said, looking at me.


“If she’s got any sisters, can you send them in here with us?” he asked, chuckling. He finished getting undressed and grabbed a towel. He too seemed a little excited.

I laughed. “I don’t think she’s got any sisters, but you’re welcome to ask her. I’m sure she’d be flattered.”

“Maybe I will.”

“Hell yeah, I know I will!” the second guy said.

The two guys had their towels, soap and shampoo and went into a couple of stalls to shower.

Thankfully, I was able to get dressed, shave and get out of there before they came back out. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t rubbing one out while they were in there.

After I left the gym, I drove the short trip to Wal-Mart and picked up some flowers and a bottle of Riesling, along with a bow for the wine bottle.

From there, I made it to Tracy’s place and knocked on the door. A stocky blonde guy answered.

“Uh oh!” I thought to myself.

I was certainly not expecting a guy to greet me at her door. I just said, “Hi. Do I have the right place?” That seemed an innocent enough thing to say, just in case. I could always say I was looking for Jessica or something if this guy got angry.

He smiled and stuck out his hand and I relaxed. “You must be Tracy’s date. I’m Jim.”

“Hi Jim.” I shook his hand. He told me to come on in.

There was another girl in the apartment. She walked over, introducing herself as Amanda. She sure seemed friendly and nice. Amanda was an average-looking, slightly chunky girl, but certainly cute enough. She was about 5’4″ or so with dark brown hair and probably weighed about 150 pounds or so.

Tracy came out a minute later and was looking pretty great, wearing some snug jeans that flattered her nicely and a black sweater. She actually stood about two inches taller than I did thanks to her heels. A damn Amazon woman, she was!

“Wow, look at you,” I said as she walked towards me. “You look great!”

“Thank you, Mr. Handsome!” she replied with a big smile. She saw the flowers and the wine. beylikdüzü escort “Aw, for me?”

“Of course. Flowers for a beautiful woman and some fine wine for later.”

She gave me a big kiss then took her presents and tried to give me a clumsy hug while holding the flowers and the wine and then took both to the kitchen area.

She was impressed. It was all part of me trying to make a good first impression, of course.

“Your sweater is so incredibly soft!” I said. “I like it. I bet it’s heavenly to wear, isn’t it?”

“Thanks. Yes, it’s angora and it’s very nice. And thanks again for the flowers and the wine!” She was pleasantly surprised and excited. When she returned from the kitchen, she began to introduce me to her room-mate Amanda and her boyfriend Jim.

“Jim introduced us a minute ago, but I’m pleased to meet you both again!” We all had a tiny little laugh as I reached out to shake their hands again. This time I kissed Amanda’s hand and said it was my pleasure.

“Ooh!” Amanda said, pleasantly surprised.

Jim just rolled his eyes.

Tracy and I left a few minutes later and went to Chili’s for some grub.

Dinner was fun. Before the food arrived, Tracy played footsie with me under the booth and eventually her foot somehow ended up in my lap, minus her shoe. She tried to do naughty things with that foot, but I played hard to get, especially as a family of four was sitting at a table across from us.

After we finished our dinner, Tracy came over and sat next to me in the booth. We talked for almost half an hour. During a pause in the conversation, she turned to me and asked, “So, are we going to get this party started or what?”

“Well, let’s do it.” I took one last drink while she got up and we headed out.

We got back to her place and Amanda and Jim were on the couch kissing, with Amanda straddling Jim’s lap. They had both lost their jeans and Amanda was wearing a pair of white, lacy boy-shorts. She had a cute ass and didn’t seem to mind me noticing them.

Jim was a good boyfriend, though. He pulled a blanket over to cover her ass.

I took Tracy’s hand after she had gotten a couple of beers out of the fridge and walked her over to the loveseat adjacent to the couch.

“Anything good on TV?” I asked as we sat down near the lovebirds. I was pretty sure they weren’t watching TV.

“Nah, not really,” Jim said, his mind clearly not thinking about what was on the television.

Tracy sat down next to me and she didn’t waste any time as she moved in for a kiss and that quickly turned into a make-out session. Her sweater was luxuriously soft and I enjoyed fondling her through the fabric. We were both getting pretty excited and I noticed Amanda was rocking her hips on Jim’s groin under the blanket and they were breathing pretty hard over there. I was fairly sure they were having sex.

I whispered in Tracy’s ear that I thought her room-mate was having sex with her boyfriend.

“Oh, they do that from time to time to make me horny and jealous,” she said softly. I wasn’t sure they could hear her words, but I was sure they were not paying attention. “Would you like to watch them or would you like to get fucked yourself?”

“Mmmm,” I purred, feeling her boob. “I’d like to have some cake and eat it too.”

“Is that so?” She slid next to me so she could see her room-mate and her boyfriend and rubbed my raging hard-on through my pants. We both watched as Amanda and Jim kissed while Amanda slowly ground her hips back and forth on him. He had his hands on her ass under the blanket. I reached under Tracy’s sweater and began fondling her breasts. They were nice and I thought I might have felt her nipples through the bra.

Jim and Amanda were slowly increasing their tempo, with Amanda working her hips as they kissed and moaned with pleasure.

Tracy stood up and took a step over to the couple and snatched the blanket away from her room-mate’s ass. “Are you two having sex?”

Amanda just giggled. “It feels good too!” Amanda said to her friend, still giggling.

Tracy stepped aside and slapped Amanda’s ass hard. SMACK!

“You naughty little girl, you!” Tracy said.

“Ooh, yes. I’m a naughty girl!” Amanda just laughed and returned her attention to her boyfriend, riding him overtly now.

“Hey, Tracy. Swat her ass again!” Jim said.

Tracy brought her firm hand back down across Amanda’s other cheek this time. SMACK!

“Owee!” Amanda hollered between giggles.

“More!” Jim hollered.

“Naughty girls need a little more spanking when they are bad?” Tracy said, laughing.

She smacked Amanda’s ass four more times.

“Ouch!” Amanda squealed. “That’s enough,” she said.

Jim urged Amanda to resume her rocking on his cock. “C’mon baby,” he said, nudging her. Amanda resumed her fucking.

Jim grunted a couple of times. “Oh fuck yeah, baby. That feels good,” he said in approval of Amanda’s work on him.

Tracy came back over and sat back down next to me and unzipped my pants as if our neighbors weren’t even there. It didn’t take long for her to find my cock and set it free.

“Wow!” Tracy exclaimed. “Nice cock!”

I was watching Amanda riding Jim. Amanda looked when Tracy said that and her eyes got a little bigger. “Oh. Nice!” Amanda said with a grin. “He’s bald too!”

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