My Sex Diary. Part 1: Exploring Myself


Okay. This is going to be quite a personal series. I’m going to tell you things I’ve never told to anyone. Why? Because I think it’s hot knowing that complete strangers are aware of things not even people closest to me know about, knowing that many of you will touch yourselves, masturbate, and even cum while thinking about me – well I hope you will. Have I got your attention? Now this series (unlike other stories I might write, and most of those that I’m currently working on) is mostly truth. I say “mostly” because some of those things happened a while ago, and memory is a funny thing. But they DID happen to me and that is what makes this so much fun. Still you won’t learn everything about me here. I’m not gonna tell you where I live, what I do and although the names are changed, I am describing real people. I have to tell you something about myself, right? So you can picture me in your head. Well, I’m currently 22. I’m not very tall, but I wouldn’t say that I’m short either. I’m pretty, slim and fit with nicely shaped and curved body. My breasts are medium sized but they have the perfect shape. They are round, soft and natural. I like to play with them myself but I like it even more, when someone Sex hikayeleri else does that for me. I also have a very nice ass. I usually keep my pussy shaved and smooth but from time to time I like to experiment with sexy “haircuts” down there. I’m blonde, my hair is straight and I usually keep it quite long… but not too long. I have green eyes. My face is pretty and quite innocent, but I can be a little devil if I want. I like to look at my naked body in the mirror and I always like what I see. I’m kinda bisexual and mostly into girls but I never considered myself to be a real lesbian. I have definitely had more girls than boys though. Currently I’m in a strange relationship. I have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time – well kind of… I’m going to write more about it in another chapter because it’s quite complicated and interesting at the same time — at least I think it is. It’s definitely not the kind of relationship I ever pictured myself in. I hope you’re not getting bored. Well let’s get something steamy going, shall we? How about I’ll tell you about my very first masturbation experience? I was just over 16 when I started to explore myself. Sikiş hikayeleri I was quite shy back then. I was getting a lot of attention from boys but the problem was I didn’t really feel any attraction to them. I knew some basic things about sex and masturbation, and I was getting really curious how it all felt. I was also kind of afraid. Afraid of what, you ask? I dunno. I was silly. Anyway, I had this friend who was a year older than me. We were pretty close and she was really into boys. She stared dating quite early. She was very beautiful, so she had no problems with finding a guy but she never did anything with any of them, not yet. The guy she was currently with started to push her though, and she finally agreed. She told me all about her first time soon after it happened. We sometimes talked about sex, but we were both still virgins, so how much could we really know? After her boyfriend “popped her cherry” we had a conversation that I still remember pretty well. I asked her if it hurt and she said that it’s nothing you can’t take and that it was quite sweet afterwards. The guy was very gentle and it was his first time, too. It didn’t last very long and he wasn’t Erotik hikaye able to make her cum. He reached his orgasm after something like five minutes, and ejaculated on her sweet, flat tummy. She said she liked it, though, and wanted to do it again with him soon. She said that she thought the next time would be much longer and better. I remember that I felt jealous because I wanted to experience it, too. I was really aroused and I could feel that my virgin pussy was getting really wet. I asked her how she prepared herself for her first time. Was there something she did before the actual event? She said that they watched some porn movies together and they each masturbated while watching each other. Then she touched his penis and she gave him a handjob. When he was done, she took his hand and she showed him how he should touch her to make her cum. Then she said to me, with a smile on her beautiful face, that it felt much better when someone else was doing that for you. I told her, feeling slightly embarrassed, that I never did it to myself. I had never touched my pussy before, not like that. She looked quite surprised, but she didn’t laugh. She asked me why I never tried it, and I didn’t really now how to answer. She just smiled and then she said that I should really try it as soon as I can. She gave me some links to the movies she watched and said, “You can find some solo scenes there. Just pick a video, watch what the girl on it is doing, and do the same.

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