My Sexy Aunt


My Sexy Aunt

Paul Goddard is almost 19 and about to set off for University. The course he wanted was not available at any University in London which by the way is where he lives with his parents, Mum Joanne and Dad Brian. The place he got accepted was at Leeds University in Yorkshire Paul was chuffed as it is a great place and Leeds is a really good place for nightlife, particularly as he was hoping to study and get laid as well so he accepted the offer.

Paul’s Mum wasn’t too keen about him living on his own that far from home but they couldn’t see any way around it. Paul’s Dad suggested he stay with his aunt Donna, she moved to Leeds years ago with her job. Paul hadn’t seen his aunt Donna for ages and thought it would be good to catch up with her again after all these years.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea Brian.” Paul’s Mum said with some concern.

“He will be fine! God the lad is almost 19 years old, stop worrying Jo.”

“What’s wrong with Aunt Donna?” Paul asked his Dad when his Mum was out of the way as he detected she didn’t really like her.

“Nothing son, let’s just say she is a lot more liberal and free spirited than your mother. I’ll call her tomorrow and arrange it with her.”

Paul could barely remember his aunt so he just accepted what his Dad said and didn’t ask any more questions, he had a few weeks before he was due to leave so Paul spent the time getting his stuff packed up, going out with friends and generally taking it easy. Paul had been trying for ages to get into Janice Green’s knickers but she wasn’t putting out, he did get a blowjob but she said his cock was too big for her pussy as it would be her first time. The day for him to leave came around and once everything was packed in the car Paul said goodbye to his Mum

“Be careful dear, and if anything goes wrong just call us. You can always come back home.”

“I’ll be fine Mum. Please don’t worry.” he assured her.

Brian called out “Hurry up Paul, if we get away now we can miss the worst of the traffic.” He kissed his wife and said he would call when we got there and see her tomorrow as he planned to drive back and stop in a cheap hotel when he got tired.

The journey up to Leeds was uneventful, Paul and his Dad chatted about anything and everything. Paul tried to find out more about his aunt but his Dad didn’t really say much on that subject, after 5 hours they found his aunt’s address and Paul’s Dad rang the doorbell.

“Brian, lovely to see you again.” the voice said. Paul couldn’t see past his dad so he had no idea what his aunt looked like.

“Paul, my how you’ve grown,” she exclaimed as his Dad entered the house and she saw him for the first time in years.

“Hi Aunt Donna, nice to see you.” He replied. Paul’s eyes must have been on stalks as this woman in front of him was a certified HOT MILF. Her tits, although not massive, sat high up and there was a lot of cleavage to look at, her legs were long and beautifully tanned. Paul thought he was in heaven and now had some idea why his mum was so concerned with him staying here.

After they got his luggage in from the car Paul carried it up to the room his aunt had got ready for him, it was nicely decorated and clean with a double bed, wardrobe, dresser and a desk. Paul told her the room was great and she didn’t have to go to all that trouble just for him.

“Nonsense, it needed painting anyway so it gave me a good reason to get it done.” His aunt said as she hugged Paul and said she was looking forward to him staying with her.

Brian announced he was going to set off back home. They hugged and he told Paul to behave and not to cause his aunt any trouble, Paul assured him he would be ok and waved his Dad off. He went back inside and his aunt asked if he wanted another drink.

“Coffee please aunt Donna.”

“Okay Paul let’s get some house rules out of the way. First call me Donna, that aunt shit makes me feel old! Second if you get a girlfriend I don’t mind if you bring her back here and she stays over but in your room and not mine, and third the door there to your left” she pointed and Paul looked at the door. “That is out of bounds as it’s my private space and you do not go down there unless I say you can. Agreed?”

“Sounds fine to me,” Paul replied.

Paul was glad that if he had a girlfriend I could bring her back to stay for the night, his Mum would never have allowed that to happen. They drank their coffee and chatted for a while then Donna asked if he was hungry.

“I wouldn’t mind something to eat,” I replied.

Donna said she had a lasagne, salad and garlic bread prepared for dinner. The food was great and they spent the rest of the evening catching up and chatting about what Paul was doing at University and what she did for work. Paul found out Donna worked for a company that designed high end custom kitchens and bedroom furniture suites, her kitchen was her own design and it looked great. Donna explained that she got the house dirt cheap years ago güneyşehir escort as it needed a lot of work inside, she had slowly refurbished it all including the out of bounds area behind the door.

Paul settled in great at Donna’s. Even his Mum seemed a bit more relaxed when he said that Donna was nice and hardly ever went out so they spent a lot of time together. In the few months Paul had been there his aunt rarely went out apart from every other Friday she was always at home. Paul spent most weekends in the city centre trying to get laid, without much success. One Friday Donna said some friends of hers were coming over for a few hours, Paul said I was going out himself so he wouldn’t be in the way and he expected to be home about midnight.

“They will be gone by then,” She replied.

Paul arrived back home just after midnight and crept in so as not to wake Donna. Wanting a drink of water before he went up to bed, Paul crept into the kitchen for his drink. As he left Paul noticed the door was open slightly. He listened carefully and couldn’t hear anything from behind it, Paul knew he shouldn’t but he was curious as to what was behind this door. Paul looked and there were some steps down to a basement.

It was massive but when Paul got down there he was surprised as all it contained was a sofa and a bed with a mattress on it, the bed wasn’t even made. There were two doors off the main room in one was a Jacuzzi and two showers. Paul gasped when he opened the other door. There were all sorts of bondage kit in there, shackles on the wall, a wooden cross, a padded sawhorse and a table with leather straps fixed to it.

“Wow! Donna is into torture and stuff!” Paul thought as he retreated back upstairs and pushed the door just as he found it then went up to bed.

In the morning the smell of coffee drifting through the house woke Paul and he went downstairs to get a cup, Donna was sitting at the kitchen table in a blue robe drinking her coffee. Now would be a good time to describe Donna, she was about 5′ 8″ 130lbs and very well stacked up top, her hair was a chestnut brown colour that went halfway down her back. Definitely a hot milf, even though she was his aunt Paul thought she was hot.

“Morning Paul, late night last night?” She asked, smiling at him.

“No not really I was home just after midnight, I crept in quietly so I didn’t wake you.” He replied.

“No problem Paul I never heard you,” She said with a tone that said she wanted to ask him something else.

“Paul, did you go downstairs when you got home last night?” Donna asked, staring at him for an answer.

“No, I got a drink of water and went to bed. The door was ajar and I listened to see if there was any noise, when I couldn’t hear a sound I went up to bed.” Paul replied hoping she would believe him.

“Okay I guess I must have left the door open by mistake,” Donna said, sipping some more coffee.

“Do you have any plans for today?” She asked.

“I was going to get some new training shoes and then I have some studying and an essay to write up.”

“Well I am off shopping myself and there is a sportswear outlet in the same retail park, fancy coming with me?”

“Sure I don’t mind,” Paul replied, trying not to sound enthusiastic when in reality he hated shopping.

“Great, let’s get ready and we can leave in thirty minutes.” Donna said as she walked off upstairs to her room. Donna had an en-suite bathroom and Paul used the family bathroom next to his bedroom.

They set off for the retail park, Donna drove saying she was going to Asda. Paul said he would get his training shoes and then come and find her. Thankfully he found the training shoes he wanted straight away and headed off to look for Donna, Paul followed her for a while without saying anything just wanting to admire her. Donna was dressed in tight jeans, a white sweater and black heels. The way her ass swayed in those jeans almost had him drooling, Paul walked up and called her name so I didn’t surprise her.

“Did you get your shoes?” she asked

“Yep, got the ones I wanted and there was 25 percent off so that was a result.”

“How’s the shopping going?” Paul asked.

“Nearly done I just have a few more items I need then we can head off back home.”

Donna found the last few items she wanted and they made their way to the checkouts, Paul helped pack the groceries and carry them out to the car.

“This is nice, having a big strong man to help me carry the shopping.” Donna quipped with a smile.

“Always glad to help, I know you older folks need help sometimes.” Paul replied then burst out laughing.

“Older folks! My you’re a cheeky sod I will get you back for that one my boy.” Donna replied as she turned her nose up to him playfully as if she was offended.

“I am only thirty-seven I hardly think that qualifies for middle aged or old, besides what’s that saying, many a good tune played on an old fiddle.” She laughed.

When güneyşehir escort bayan they arrived home Paul carried the groceries inside and helped Donna put them away, grabbing a cold drink from the fridge he went up to his room to study and write an essay. Not realising how long he had been upstairs, Paul was typing away when Donna knocked and asked if I was ready to eat dinner. Looking at the clock he noticed it was 5pm. Paul had been upstairs for nearly seven hours, it was no wonder he suddenly felt tired. They chatted over dinner and Donna suggested after dinner they shower then watch a movie together, Paul agreed and helped with the dishes before going upstairs to shower and change.

Paul stepped out of the shower wrapped a towel around his waist and turned the water off, that was when he heard Donna calling his name. Paul went to her room and called out for her.

“I’m in the bathroom,” she called out. He opened her bathroom door and she was sitting on the floor naked holding her ankle.

“What’s up Donna?”

“I slipped on the bloody wet floor and hurt my ankle. Can you help me up please?”

The sight of her naked body got to him even though she was in distress, Paul helped her up and his cock gave the game away as it tented the towel.

“Sorry I haven’t seen a naked woman for some time.”

“It’s ok,” she replied “Pass me that towel please Paul,” As Paul turned back the towel slipped from his waist leaving him in front of Donna in his naked glory.

Donna just stared and said “Oh!”

“Sorry.” Paul mumbled as he hurriedly wrapped the towel back around himself.

“No problem, nice to know I still have what it takes to arouse a young man.”

“You could give a dead man a hard on!” Paul replied as he helped wrap the bath sheet around her.

Paul helped Donna into her bedroom and sat her on the edge of her bed.

“Thanks Paul, I can manage from here.”

“Okay, I’ll go get dressed, just shout if you need any help.”

In his room Paul dressed and thought about Donna’s body, thoughts he should not have had about his own aunt. Paul checked on Donna and said he would see her downstairs in a few minutes. Donna limped downstairs and flopped on the sofa.

“Shit that hurt’s. I hope it’s not broken,” She cursed.

“I don’t think it is, probably just a bad sprain. I should strap it with a bandage and see how it is in the morning.” Paul asked Donna if she had any bandages.

“There should be some in the second drawer down in the kitchen.” Paul strapped her ankle and made sure she sat across the sofa so she rested it.

“Do you fancy a coffee or something stronger?” He asked her.

“Can you grab a bottle of wine from the rack please, oh and two glasses as well. Unless you fancy a beer Paul.”

He returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. He poured a glass for each of them taking a seat in the armchair so Donna was comfortable on the sofa.

“Sorry about earlier I shouldn’t have gotten aroused when you needed help.”

“Forget it Paul It’s not like I have never seen one before. Although I must say yours is a nice size, I am surprised you haven’t found a girl yet with your equipment.” Donna smiled as she said it, obviously sensing his embarrassment.

Paul looked at the floor as he blushed and mumbled “It hasn’t helped me so far.”

“Why ever not? I would have thought a girl would be glad of a decent sized cock!” Paul had never heard Donna talk like this and he was still a little embarrassed.

“Most of them run away once they see how long it is, I usually end up with a hand job or if I am really lucky a blowjob.” Paul confessed.

“You are obviously meeting the wrong girls then,” Donna stated and to save him from any further embarrassment she suggested they start the movie.

That night in bed Paul got to thinking about what Donna had said about him meeting the wrong girls, lying there with thoughts running through his mind he drifted off to sleep. Paul woke the following morning with a raging erection and busting for a piss he headed off to the bathroom, as there was no noise from downstairs he assumed Donna was still in bed asleep. Paul made two cups of coffee then took a cup up to Donna, he knocked on her door and she called out for him to come in.

“Morning, I made some coffee. How’s your ankle?”

“Still feels a bit sore but nowhere near as bad as last night. Thanks for the coffee Paul.”

“If you like I can remove the bandage but you will probably have to rest it for today.”

“That sounds good but I will have to cook dinner so it won’t get that much rest.”

“No problem, I can cook dinner,” Paul offered. “I am nearly finished with my essay. I can have that done in about an hour.”

“Okay, then you can cook dinner but get the essay finished first.”

“Will do. I hope you like chilli con carne, that’s about the extent of my culinary genius.” Paul said as he walked back to his room.

Paul worked on his escort güneyşehir essay and heard Donna pass his room on her way downstairs.

“My ankle feels a lot better but I will take your advice and rest it all the same.”

“Okay no problem I will be down in a short while as I am almost finished here.”

Paul packed up and sent the essay to his tutor via email and went downstairs, Donna had a sketch pad and explained she was working on rough designs for new kitchen cabinets.

“Looks good,” Paul said. “I never knew drawing was one of your talents.”

“These are rough sketches but the final drawings are done on a computer in the office, they are the ones the clients see.”

“Well the sketch is better than anything I could draw, that’s amazing how it looks so good with the shading and everything else.” Paul never knew Donna was talented at drawing until she explained she had always been good at it and had a degree in some form of art.

“Dad never mentioned you were any good at sketching or drawing.”

The more Paul thought about it his Dad never mentioned Donna that much at all, and when he did his Mum was never keen on hearing her name. Paul decided to ask Donna why as his parents had never said anything to him about it. She put down the sketch pad and motioned for Paul to sit down.

“What I am about to tell you goes back a few years Paul and although your Dad never said anything at the time your mother certainly did. It was years ago when I was a student. I was living it up a bit and partied hard sometimes, I had a few different boyfriends at the time and your mother didn’t agree with it. She said I should have saved myself until I settled down like she did, I told her fuck that idea I like having the freedom to see who I want, when I want and not be tied to the same person.”

Paul nodded as he waited for Donna to continue.

“I had a few sex partners on the go. We all got what we wanted and there were no ties which again was what we all wanted. I was careful and always made them use a condom, even though I was on the pill. The last thing I needed was to catch some disease. As he was my older brother your Dad never criticised me, I knew he had a few girls on the go when he was at college. He met your mother soon after he left college and well the rest is history.”

“I’m sorry I never knew what the problem was and to be honest I think mum was being petty about it, she would shit herself if she could see the way some girls on campus act.” Paul said.

Donna laughed and agreed with him, she said life at university was a lot wilder now than it was when she was there. After they chatted some more, mostly about Paul not having a girlfriend Paul said he was going to start cooking dinner. A nice polite way to get out of the conversation as he was starting to blush. Finding all he needed in the kitchen he set about his culinary masterpiece.

“Smells good,” Donna called out.

“Wait until you taste it.” Paul called back and told her it would be ready in five minutes.

Donna limped out to the kitchen as Paul put the rice on the plates, they helped themselves to the chilli. After they had finished Donna complimented him saying he should learn to cook some more. Paul cleaned the dishes as he didn’t want Donna standing on her ankle for too long so she went and sat on the sofa, he joined her shortly after and asked how her ankle was.

“Not too bad but it feels a bit stiff to be honest.”

“Here let me sit and put your foot on my lap, I can massage it for you and see if that relieves some of the stiffness.” Paul suggested.

Paul gently started to massage her ankle and Donna lay there seemingly enjoying what he was doing. After a few minutes and feeling brave Paul started massaging her foot looking up for a sign that she might want him to stop. Donna lay back with her eyes closed and she moaned quietly as he massaged her toes, nervously Paul sucked her big toe.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” Donna gasped,

She was using her other foot to rub his groin, Paul’s cock was straining painfully to get out of the confined space in his jeans. As she lifted her leg he could see up her skirt, he noticed the damp patch on her panties. Donna was turned on by what Paul was doing. He carried on gently licking and sucking her toes.

“Don’t stop Paul. Keep sucking my toes please.”

Paul had no intentions of stopping, especially as her foot was still stroking against his rock hard cock. He wanted to see how far this was going to go before she stopped him, Donna sat up and looked at Paul, he could see the lust in her eyes.

“You like to suck and lick, come and have a go at this!” Donna said as she lifted her skirt and slipped her panties off before spreading her legs.

Paul had only ever done oral once before he hoped she was ok with what he was going to do, he lowered his head and smelt the musky aroma. Paul’s tongue touched her lips and she gasped, Paul carried on gently licking her labia. He could taste her and immediately wanted more. His tongue pushed past her lips and into her pussy, her creamy cum flowed into Paul’s mouth. Paul licked and sucked her pussy as if his life depended on it. Donna was gasping and moaning as he feasted on her.

“Oh god! Lick me. Lick my clit please.” She pleaded. Paul licked her clit then sucked it between his lips and flicking it with his tongue.

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