My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

Ellie’s phone buzzed, signalling a message had arrived. She took a quick look and noted it was a message from her friend Simone. Ellie smiled. It was another countdown set of pictures from the Gold Coast until they would be travelling up together for Nationals.

‘Only sixteen more sleeps until this…’ it read. She pushed through to see the photos which were a collection of images of beaches, drinks, clubs, theme parks and, of course, a picture of her hot brother Darren. There he was just in shorts this time, smiling at the camera, his incredible body on full show. He really was hot. Simone always did it as a running gag but Ellie had started to form a bit of obsession with Simone’s brother and she had never even met him! He really was cute and they would be staying with him for the whole trip.

The bus pulled up outside the Cheerleading centre and Ellie checked the time. Shit! She was late again. She snatched up her bag and ran inside. Her team was warming up on the mats to the side, stretching and chatting. There was no sign of the senior manager thank God. The last thing she needed was to be banned from Nationals for something trivial like being late again. Melissa was like that though. She had warned Ellie last week that she was on her last chance but how could she control the buses?! Luckily, she wasn’t around.

Her four friends were all huddled together on the side of the stadium, laughing. There was lean, athletic Libby; Curvaceous, blonde bombshell Lucy; the Mediterranean goddess and her best friend, Olivia; and finally, the leader of the troop and probably the most beautiful of all, Simone. And then there was her…the ugly duckling of the group. Well, at least she felt that way around these models.

“Hi Girls,” Ellie said as she approached. They all smiled and waved before Olivia intercepted her.

“Where we you after school? I waited for you but they said you’d gone home.”

“Yeah. I wasn’t feeling well but I’m all good now” Ellie lied. She didn’t want to tell Olivia that she had been blackmailed into going to the Masked Maidens Brothel on Friday. She didn’t want to believe any of it happened. She didn’t want to think about it at all.

“Are you sure?”

Ellie nodded and swallowed back the tears she felt brewing, and Olivia put an arm around her shoulder.

“I was worried about you…besides, I have to tell you about something” she said excitedly. They walked closer to the group before Olivia could share and were instantly distracted by the excited squeals of their friends.

“…and I closed the toilet door and just left him there in the club” Lucy finished.

“No way! You made that whole thing up!” Libby said, flicking her long plait over her shoulder as she stretched against the mirror.

“I thought you’d say that!” Lucy smiled, taking a card out from her sock.

The others read it and then yelped in amazement.

“ELLIE!” The yell echoed around the stadium. Everyone turned to first look at Melissa standing with hands-on-hips at the top of the office stairs, and then at Ellie.

“Bloody hell. This bitch has got in for you!” Olivia spat, “I’ll come with you and tell the Lesbot to piss off!”

Olivia started forward but Ellie put out a hand to stop her.

“It’s all right. You’ll only make things worse. I can handle things.”

Ellie saw that Olivia was going to argue but Ellie gave her a stern look and she relented reluctantly.

“NOW, ELLIE!” the manager called down.

Ellie lumbered to the stairs and trudged her way to the top.

At top of the landing stood Melissa. Some people might have considered her very attractive given her shoulder-length curly brown hair and deep brown eyes. She wore a blue club shirt she had unbuttoned to reveal the curves of her full breasts. Melissa also wore a knee-length skirt with a slit that showed off long, toned legs gained from all the years she had spent as a Cheerleader herself.

But her beauty was tarnished with her perpetual nasty mood, scowl and aggressive manner though. She always seemed upset at someone. Then there were those rumours. The girls had heard them for years and had started to suspect the truth behind them themselves not long after.

The looks. The hungry, longing stares. The desire fuelled gazes Melissa had been caught making towards the girls in unguarded özbek gaziantep escort moments. When they were doing warmups or performances the girls had said they had seen her hiding on the sidelines leering at their asses, their legs, their panties. Olivia had even said that she had seen Melissa watching them all in the showers one afternoon with her hand down her panties, furiously playing with herself. Ellie had been dubious at first but then she caught her looking at her ass and legs one practice before hurriedly moving away. Then once again when she offered to help with stretches one night and ‘she accidentally’ placed a hand on Ellie’s breast. Right now though, she just looked mean.

“Go in and sit down Ellie!” She growled. Ellie obeyed and stepped into the office and sat on the plastic chair, clutching at the side of the chair and crossing her legs defensively. Melissa shut the door and entered the room. She walked around behind Ellie and past her until she stood in front of her, arms crossed. Ellie looked up and saw Melissa glaring angrily down at her. She feared what was coming.

“I warned you, Ellie! Only last week! Now you’ve left me no choice. You are banned from attending Nationals.” Melissa spat, her eyes wide with fury.

“Please no, Melissa.” Ellie implored, rising from her chair to plead. “It was the bus. It was late again”

“Then why didn’t you catch an earlier one or get a lift with your parents?!” Melissa stated, every word dripping with venom.

“I don’t have parents” Ellie stammered, looking down.

“That’s no excuse!” Melissa yelled, causing Ellie to pull back in fear, “You have let this squad down, you have let your team down and, most importantly, you have let yourself down. Now you can go down and explain to your friends you will not be going with them to Nationals! Go!”

“Please, Melissa! I was only late. If I miss Nationals at this stage the team won’t have time to prepare without me. I HAVE to go!”

“You should have thought of that before you decided to be late five times this term!”

Melissa pointed to the door and Ellie slowly stood and went to go. Then she caught that look. Ellie saw her staring at her short skirt and long bare legs. Ellie had her top tied up too, so it wrapped tightly around her breasts and showed her midriff. Melissa’s gaze shifted to her breasts too and lingered there before she saw Ellie watching her and waved her away and wandered around to sit behind her desk.

Ellie turned and made for the door. She felt her world collapsing around her. What was she going to do?! She had been looking forward to Nationals and the holiday at the Gold Coast all year. She hadn’t given old perverts blowjobs down back alleys for months now to raise the money she needed just to have this bitch stop her from going only days before they were meant to go. She had already paid for everything too. And what about her friends? They would be devastated. Olivia had spoken of little else for weeks and she would miss meeting Simone’s hot brother. She couldn’t let this bitch stop her.

Ellie felt the fury rise up. The pure rage. She stopped at the door and slowly locked it. Perhaps she could hurt her so much that she would let her go? She would like nothing better than pick up that sign on her desk and smash her bloody with it…but that would just get her arrested and she still wouldn’t be able to go. She needed to do something.

An idea dawned upon her. It both excited and disgusted her at once. Could she…really…do it? Of course, she could! If she could swallow dirty old men’s cum she could do this.

Ellie spun about and began to saunter over to Melissa and sat down again.

“Are you deaf as well as a stupid girl?!” she asked but some of the fire had dimmed from her tone.

“It must be hard for you Melissa. Having to manage this place so everyone else can enjoy themselves.” Ellie said, shifting her hair slowly behind one ear.

“What are you getting at?” Melissa answered, obviously confused.

“The first time I saw you, at the top of these stairs, do you know what I thought?” Ellie asked, “I don’t really…” Melissa began to answer before Ellie cut her off.

“I saw a breathtakingly beautiful woman who exuded strength!”

Melissa didn’t reply, she just listened.

“I gaziantep özbek escort have seen how hard it is for you to always have to follow up on payments, organise schedules, pay the bills, find instructors and keep this place running. It must be a lonely job.” Ellie continued, undoing one of her top buttons to reveal more cleavage and running a finger across her skin.

“What are you up to?” Melissa began but Ellie stood from her chair and moved around the table towards her.

Melissa looked up and ran her eyes up and down Ellie’s body taking in the sway of her hips, her long naked legs, the fullness of her breasts and what Ellie hoped was a seductive gaze. “What are you doing?!” Melissa said, uncertainty tinging every word.

“This won’t change anything! You’re only getting yourself in more…”

Ellie started undoing her shirt, slowly unbuttoning her top as she approached.

“Is it wrong to fantasize about another woman Melissa?” Ellie sat down on her desk and parted her legs slightly.

“Is it wrong to want her to kiss me? Hold me tight? Touch me?” Ellie punctuated her last question by spreading her legs further and running the fingertips of one hand along the outline of her lips which were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her exposed underwear.

She could see Melissa’s eyes. They flickered from Ellie’s face to her panties and frantically back again.

“I said, to um, get… out,” Melissa said unconvincingly, her eyes betraying her uncertainty, confusion and warring emotions as Ellie completely unbuttoned her skirt. The fabric hung precariously over each breast, a gateway of flesh revealed between.

“You must have felt my longing looks, Melissa. I’ve seen how you look at me.” Ellie purred, leaning forward to lightly kiss her neck. Melissa didn’t pull away.

“I don’t know what you mean?” She breathed.

“I think you do.” Ellie said kissing the other side of her neck, “I think you want to touch them. I think you’d like to touch me as much as I want to touch you.”

Melissa began to shake her head, in denial but stopped when Ellie slowly pulled her top apart to reveal her small perfect breasts. Ellie reached down and took Melissa’s hand and placed it on her breast. Melissa, stared at her own hand as she caressed Ellie’s breast and then reached up with the other to pull Ellie slowly down into a kiss.

Ellie thought she would find the sensation of kissing a girl repugnant but she was surprised. Melissa was an undeniably attractive woman her lips were soft and her face perfectly smooth. Ellie felt Melissa’s tongue dart into her mouth and her tongue instinctively moved to meet it. Soon she became lost in the kiss, her mouth heatedly locked with Melissa’s.

Melissa’s hand moved across her chest to squeeze and fondle Ellie’s breasts. Her touch was soft and warm. Ellie gingerly slid her hand inside Melissa’s shirt and under her bra. Melissa made no move to stop her and Ellie began to play with her nipple. Melissa unbuttoned her top and, pushing away Ellie for a moment, expertly unclasped her bra in one fluid motion. Her large round breasts spilled free.

Ellie could see a sort of frenzied lust play across Melissa’s eyes, her well-worn mask of decorum and discipline had been shattered. Melissa reached out for Ellie’s hair and forced her face against her naked breasts. She ground them against Ellie’s face and Ellie took one in her mouth, licking and sucking at the nipple. With her other hand, Ellie hiked up Melissa’s skirt and reached up to hook her fingers under the elastic of her panties.

Ellie ripped Melissa’s panties down violently and dropped to her knees in front of the Squad Manager.

“You are a very pretty girl Ellie,” Melissa purred, “I’ve always thought it.”

Ellie forced Melissa’s legs wider to expose her dripping pussy. Her lips were covered in light brown hair and she was literally dripping with excitement at what was to come next. Ellie paused for a moment. Was she really going to do this? She had never considered being with a woman before but if she was being honest with herself, Ellie was finding herself getting excited by it. Ellie licked her lips and dove right in.

Melissa sat above her, watching intently.

“That’s it. Your tongue feels so hot within me.”

Ellie gaziantep özbek escort bayan pushed out her tongue and Melissa gasped at its length, before groaning when Ellie pushed the tip of it between her lips. Ellie moved her tongue up and down the full length of her slit and then pushed her tongue inside her.

“Wow! I knew you dirty little cheerleaders would be great at licking pussy!” Melissa moaned, grasping at the back of Ellie’s head.

Ellie moved a hand up and then pushed a finger into her mouth before sliding it between Melissa’s lips. Ellie moved her attention to Melissa’s clitoris and flickered her tongue over the swollen little button while adding another finger to probe inside her. Melissa started grabbing and kneading her own breasts and moving her hips while Ellie started to quicken the pace of her fingers.

She added a third finger and continued to plunge the three fingers in and out of Melissa at an increasing pace. She moved her free hand up and began to swirl her thumb and fingers over the clitoris. Ellie’s fingers dripped with juices as she increased her pace.

“Yes, Ellie. Fuck me with your fingers, you naughty girl. Yes…mmm…yes…you’re making me feel so good!”

Ellie was frantically playing with Melissa’s clitoris now and rapidly pushing her fingers in and out of her soaked mound. Melissa was squeezing her tits and grasping at Ellie’s head while Ellie’s tongue lapped and licked, kissed and sucked at her.

“Fuck yes Ellie. Yes, yes, yes!!!”

Ellie was reminded of how Olivia used a very similar situation to get her homework done earlier in the week and built herself up to try the same thing on Melissa. She pulled away from her pussy, her mouth and chin dripping from Melissa’s pleasure. Then she looked up at her with innocent eyes and smiled.

“So, do you think you could be kind enough to let me go to Nationals Melissa?” she asked sweetly.

“Um, I’m not..” Melissa mumbled.

“Because I can go if you’re not sure” Ellie stated and started to rise.

“NO! NO! I mean yes. You definitely can go to Nationals. Now could you please keep going?!” Melissa begged.

“Thank you, Melissa, and I’d love to” Ellie, smiled dropping back to her knees.

Ellie resumed her licking and Melissa groaned and began to pant immediately. Ellie pushed her fingers back inside her and then added a fourth. Melissa gasped and leaned over to watch Ellie’s four fingers thrust in and out before Ellie pushed her thumb in as well and Melissa watched Ellie’s whole hand piston in and out of her pussy while Ellie continued to play with her clit.

“Oh, Ellie. I’ve never felt this good. You really are naughty making me feel this way!” Ellie could feel Melissa begin to buck and tremble. She was flushed with excitement.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh, God! I’m going to…I’m going to…!!!” Melissa yelled, she reached down trying to pry Ellie’s fingers away from her clit as the sensation seemed too much for her to handle.

“YES!!!” Melissa cried, bucking and thrashing as she came. Her body rocked with pleasure. Melissa collapsed back in her chair, absentmindedly caressing her breasts, her head thrown back, eyes closed.

Ellie stood up and leaned down to give her a long kiss. Melissa’s juices blended with their saliva to drip down Melissa’s chin.

Melissa opened her eyes and smiled, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

“Next time, it’s your turn Naughty Girl” she chuckled, grabbing Ellie’s ass under her pleated skirt. Ellie grabbed her exposed breast and then gave her one more kiss.

“Maybe,” she smiled and then walked over to the door. She stopped, readjusted her clothes and wiped her hand across her face, cleaning herself up.

She unlocked the door, opened it and then turned back.

“See you at the Gold Coast!”

Melissa smiled in return and then fell back exhausted in her chair while Ellie climbed back down the stairs.

“Is everything ok?!” Olivia said angrily, her eyes darting up to the office door above. “I’ve never heard her yell like that before. She must have been really furious.”

“No. It’s all fine. Let’s go!” Ellie smiled, racing over to the other girls who had already started practising the routine. Olivia followed after another long look up at the office.

“Hey! Do you want to come to my house for dinner tonight? Dad and mum haven’t seen you in weeks and I think they’re missing you” Liv asked catching up to Ellie.

“That sounds nice. I’ll let Dad know” Ellie smiled. Dad! She really wanted to ask him about that video but she wasn’t going to pass up a meal prepared by Liv’s cook either. She took one last look up at the office.

‘This Gold Coast trip has already started giving’ She smirked.

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