My Weekend of Firsts


After a long and powerful lovemaking session, my girlfriend and I relaxed together in a hot bath, the strawberry-scented bubbles combining with the few flickering candles to further enhance the romantic atmosphere as Holly leaned back against my chest. I lovingly balanced her breasts in my hands, enjoying the feel of her hands caressing my thighs.

“I got a letter from one of my former college roommates today,” she finally said quietly.

“Which one?” I asked, remembering that she had had a different roommate each year.

“From Kelly, from my senior year. She’s moving to the area in about a month and wondered if she could stay with us for a weekend while she looks for a place to live.”

“Certainly,” I agreed. “We have more than enough room to host someone for a few days. Plus I can probably take a day or two off so we can help her find a new place or help her move if need be.”

“That would be great.” She sighed, placing her hands upon mine so that I squeezed her breasts gently. “It’s been nearly four years since I last saw her. I miss her.”

“I know,” I said, sliding my arms around her. “I’ll be sure to give you both plenty of space, okay?”

Holly laughed softly. “That’s thoughtful, but that won’t be necessary. I’m with you now, remember?”

“I know, and I’m definitely thankful for that every day,” I replied, adding a gentle squeeze, “but I remember you saying how you two would occasionally be intimate, and I’m sure that will probably resurface while Kelly’s here.”

Holly sighed. “You’re so damn understanding.”


I returned home from work a bit late on a Thursday night, having stayed behind to “cover” for taking Friday off to drive my girlfriend and her former roommate as they looked for an apartment for Kelly. When I arrived, I was not particularly surprised to see the two young women on the sofa, Kelly’s head in Holly’s lap as they chatted quietly in the candlelit living room.

“Hey, hon,” Holly said softly upon seeing me, her hand continuing to stroke her friend’s hair. “Here’s Kelly.”

It was a beautiful scene. Like most warm-blooded males above the age of puberty, I quite enjoy watching two young females in an intimate situation – not necessarily naked and fingering each other silly, but even seeing two women simply holding hands gives me a special thrill. This situation was no different: Although they each wore a relatively unsexy outfit of t-shirt and shorts, they still presented a perfect picture of female-with-female sensuality to my eyes.

“Hello, Kelly.” I moved toward the sofa, then knelt and kissed the back of her hand, which caused her to laugh softly. “Only one other person has ever done that,” she admitted, “and my head is currently in her lap!”

We all laughed quietly at that before I withdrew from the living room, needing a shower after such a long day at the office.

When I stepped back into the bedroom, Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for me with a smile. “You don’t have to keep your distance this weekend,” she informed me. “Yes, I’m hoping that something happens with Kelly again, but I don’t want you to feel as if you’re being neglected.”

“I don’t feel neglected at all,” I replied honestly. “In fact, I somewhat hope that something does happen between you and Kelly this weekend. I know that’s what you want, and, if you and Kelly will permit it, I’ll admit that I certainly wouldn’t mind watching.”

“We’ll see…”


Friday morning, Holly and Kelly were on the phones early, getting information on rent prices, building designs, neighborhood amenities, and the like. As they called, I cleaned the pool and did some weeding. When I finally came back inside, they were nearly ready, so I changed clothes and cleaned up a bit, and then we were on our way.

We visited five places that day: two large studio-style apartments and three one-bedroom apartments. Then we went out to dinner together at Holly’s favorite steakhouse, and the discussion still focused primarily on the pros and cons of each location we had visited, with Kelly referring to her copious notes.

“There is one thing I believe you’re both overlooking,” I finally said during dessert.

“What’s that?” Kelly asked.

“A one-bedroom apartment would be much cozier for any intimate encounters you two may have.”

Holly blushed, her mouth agape at my openness. But Kelly smiled, her eyes twinkling at me. “You’re more understanding than Holly intimated.”

“Intriguing choice of words,” I noted aloud, causing my girlfriend’s blush to deepen, and Kelly simply laughed.


That night, I sat at the edge of the pool, my legs dangling in the water, watching the two beautiful blondes as they swam laps. I have always considered women (and girls) in bikinis as being very sure of themselves in virtually all aspects of life, and the fact that Kelly wore a bikini while Holly wore a swimsuit somehow seemed fitting given Holly’s very careful, beylikdüzü escort cautious approach to any intimacy with her former college roommate.

Kelly finally reached me and stood in the pool, wiping the wet hair away from her face as she looked up at me. “Why aren’t you in here with us?”

“Because I’m enjoying the views,” I admitted with a smile as Holly surfaced before me. “Besides, I’ve never really been good at swimming, and I certainly don’t have any endurance.”

Kelly shrugged and went underwater again, kicking off from the wall to swim another lap.

“I still can’t believe you said that tonight!” Holly said. “Who’s ever heard of choosing an apartment because it might be ‘much cozier for any intimate encounters!?!'”

“Am I wrong?” I countered. “Doesn’t it make more sense to be able to retire to somewhere else when you go visit her and the mood strikes you both?”

In the moonlight, I saw the hint of a blush again, and that made me smile. “I see I’ve struck a chord again,” I noted.

“So what do you want me to do,” she asked, “take her to bed so we can fuck each other all night?”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that,” I admitted, “but the important question is: What do you want?”

At that moment, Kelly surfaced again behind my girlfriend, wrapping her arms around Holly’s waist. Almost immediately, Holly leaned back against her, visibly beginning to melt in the embrace.

“I think she likes you,” I quipped to Kelly with a wink and a smile.

“Perhaps,” our guest countered, “but she clearly loves you.”

I finally slipped into the pool and stepped toward the two women. “As I love her.” I kissed Holly slowly, gently, caressing her cheek even as I felt Kelly’s hands sliding up between my chest and Holly’s breasts. I could sense that my girlfriend felt both excited at being the center of attention, and torn at the thought of what this situation could mean to her relationship with each of us.


I was at the bedroom window, standing in the shadows and looking down upon the two young women in the pool. As Holly faced the metal ladder and held onto the curved rails, Kelly stood close behind her, caressing her, fondling her. I could tell that Kelly was whispering something in my girlfriend’s ear, and it must have been something that Holly particularly liked given her growing smile.

Despite the obvious tenting of my swim trunks, I finally moved away from the window, allowing the two young blondes their privacy.


“Why don’t you go sleep with Kelly tonight?” I suggested as I watched Holly don the old oversized t-shirt she typically wore to bed. “I’m sure you both would like that.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “I feel like I’ve been somehow neglecting you ever since she arrived.”

I stepped up to my girlfriend and took her in my arms. “I’m sure,” I replied softly. “I’ll be okay here on my own.”

We kissed, a long, lingering, loving kiss that ultimately left us both breathless. Holly was still gasping for breath – and definitely glowing – as she made her way to the guest bedroom.


In the morning, I was awoken by a gentle kiss. Opening my eyes, I saw Holly’s smiling face hovering above me, her lengthy hair forming a golden curtain around my face. “Good morning, Mr. Understanding,” she whispered, then bent down to kiss me again as my arms encircled her and pulled her down upon me.


We went to one new place, then back to two of the one-bedroom apartments. It seemed that Kelly was definitely taking my advice. By noon, she had made her decision and paid the holding fee; she had a folder of paperwork in her hands as we left the complex.

Given that our Saturday afternoon was now suddenly free, we considered what to do. First, we went to lunch at a small locally-owned family-style restaurant, and Kelly decided that shopping was in order.

I have never minded shopping with Holly. Although I do sometimes feel a bit embarrassed when she wants to look for clothes (especially lingerie) while in my presence, it is always interesting to envision her in each item.

This time, however, I was essentially cast aside. They insisted that I go home (only a six-block walk from the restaurant) while they went shopping together. I was a little disappointed, as I had eagerly anticipated the thought of lingerie shopping with two such beautiful young women at once, but I played the role of the understanding boyfriend and waved as they drove off toward the mall.

Once home, I took the opportunity to do something I had not done in ages: play a video game. Soon I was speeding down the Mulsanne at night in a pouring rain, following the taillights ahead to anticipate the proper braking zone for the first chicane. It was sunrise in the game when the downpour finally ceased, and I realized that I needed to stop before Nintendonitis beset my already-aching fingers. Clearly, I needed to play these games a little more often bolu escort to maintain any endurance in my fingers.

I went to the den and turned on the computer. After checking my e-mail, I found my way to Literotica and began scanning the stories with recently-posted feedback. I was deeply intrigued by a story about fraternal twins ordering pizza when I heard the car come to a stop in the driveway.

It took a while before Holly and Kelly located me in the den; by then, I was looking up the latest Formula1 news online. To my surprise, they moved to stand on either side of me and both bent down to kiss my cheeks.

“Okay,” I demanded with a smile, “what devilry do you two have planned?”

They both laughed. “We both just appreciate how thoughtful you’ve been, allowing us our special time together,” Holly stated as she caressed my chest.


We decided to grill hamburgers for dinner. While I fixed dinner, my girlfriend and our guest both swam for a bit. Then we ate at the picnic table near the pool, laughing together as the two young women related various tales of their college careers, including a number of stories I had not heard previously.

After dinner, the two beauties retired upstairs while I cleaned up. When I finally finished, I returned to the den to check my e-mail again, and was soon interrupted by a knock at the door.

Kelly had added a pair of shorts to her bikini and had tied her hair back into a ponytail. She stood with her back arched slightly, thrusting her amble breasts forward in a more prominent display. “Can you come join us, please?” she asked sweetly yet nonchalantly, as if asking me to come fix a leaky sink for her. “I think you should see this.”

“Sure.” I shut down Outlook Express and followed Kelly upstairs, noting the way her lower cheeks swayed nicely within the tight confines of her denim shorts.

Kelly led me to the guest bedroom, and I quickly spotted Holly, naked, blindfolded, on her back upon the bed, white padded buckled cuffs with tethers securing her ankles and wrists to the posts of the bed. The cuffs appeared to have seen a bit of use, and I wondered…

“Holly and I bought the cuffs when we were in college,” Kelly answered my unspoken question. “We would take turns tying each other to the bunks, and tease each other, sometimes all night long. We thought you might like to watch as we relive ‘old times.'”

“Are you sure I won’t be intruding?” I asked, concern in my voice.

“Please,” Holly said softly from the bed, startling me somewhat, turning her sightless face toward my voice. “Watch us. I’m sure you’ll love what you see. You can even join us.”

That really surprised me. I looked from my girlfriend to our guest. “It’s okay,” Kelly added. “True, it’s been quite a while since I was last with a man, but I am not a strict, devout lesbian by any means.”

Kelly took my hands in hers. “Holly and I discussed this several times,” she assured me. “Holly’s okay with this, and I would never do anything like this without her explicit agreement.”

I was still rather surprised as Kelly kissed my cheek.

“Let’s both please her,” Kelly suggested, nodding her head toward the beautiful bound woman on the bed, “together.”

I gazed upon my girlfriend, finding a unique thrill at seeing her restrained. She was essentially helpless – even if a tornado were to suddenly slice through the neighborhood, Holly would likely not be able to break out of her bonds unless Kelly and I purposely freed her first. The level of trust was visible in the calm serenity upon Holly’s face, the steady rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, and the lack of nervous fidgeting.

I shook my head. “You start with her,” I whispered to Kelly. “I’ll join you later.”

Kelly started to protest, but then seemed to understand, and simply nodded.

I retreated to a well-padded chair along the wall and watched as Kelly removed her bikini bra. Granted, I had “seen” her ample breasts previously when she had been swimming: The narrow cups combined with the inherent tenting of those cups by her nipples had left little to the imagination. To suddenly see those beautiful swells “in the flesh” somehow made this unexpected situation seem even more real.

The bikini bra was banished to the floor as Kelly approached the bed. She sat beside her bound friend and caressed Holly’s cheek, causing my girlfriend to gasp softly at the gentle touch and smile sweetly. “For now, it’s you and me,” Kelly whispered, “just like old times, just like when we were back in college together.”

Kelly took her time, gently stroking my girlfriend’s body, constantly watching the expressions of rapture upon the bound woman’s face. Watching them both was for me like watching a sensual lesbian porn video in 3D, only much more personal: Instead of imagining that my girlfriend was one of the participants, my girlfriend actually was one of the participants.

They kissed: slow, long, sensual, full bursa escort of passion barely being kept in check. Through my shorts, I stroked my thickening erection, my eyes riveted upon the action taking place on the bed, enjoying the display of feminine passion.

An idea came to mind, and I quietly stood and left the bedroom. I returned with a digital camera, and sat again. Kelly looked up at me and smiled before she returned to slowly sucking at my girlfriend’s right nipple.

I watched a little longer, enjoying how Holly was beginning to writhe in her bonds as a single finger moved within her and Kelly’s mouth moved from one breast to the other. Soft and seductive, the familiar initial whimpers of delight reached my ears and tugged at my heart.

I squatted beside the bed, the camera at the perfect level to zoom in sensuously on the gentle sucking of a nipple. That was only the first of many pictures – a hand upon a cheek, a tongue dipping into a navel, teeth gently nibbling upon a lip, a tongue applied to the tip of a nose, a fingernail drawing back a clitoral hood, and countless others – which would later become a screensaver slideshow.

Unable to hold myself in check any longer, I finally set the digital camera atop the dresser and approached the bed once again. Kelly’s tongue was already working its magic between Holly’s legs, so I sat on the edge of the bed and bent down to swallow my girlfriend’s sultry sounds as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Undress me, please,” Kelly finally requested quietly before returning to the glistening womanhood before her. With a final brushing of Holly’s pointed tongue, I stood again, my thick sex straining against the confining clothing, and walked around the bed to stand behind my girlfriend’s college roommate.

Kelly’s pacing was apparently never disrupted as I unbuttoned, unzipped, and peeled back the skin-tight shorts to reveal the bikini thong. Kelly clearly had what a colleague has called a “spankable ass,” and for a few seconds, I actually considered spanking the naughty guest doing naughty things to my nearly-as-naughty girlfriend. But instead, I peeled back the shorts until she was clad in only the innocent-white thong, and paused a few moments to admire the feminine flesh before me.

Holly gave her first sharp cry from Kelly’s handling of her dripping sex. “Scream for me,” the naughty guest commanded, sliding a pair of fingers inside the restrained woman. With an eye and an ear upon the two stunning beauties upon the bed, I peeled back the final feminine garment and slipped a hand between the diner’s thighs as she feasted upon the thrashing and grunting dinee.

At last, with a loud wail, Holly pulled fiercely against her bonds as she succumbed to a powerful climax, and I knew from experience that Kelly’s face was bathed with liquid love.

I was a bit envious, wishing that I was the one savoring the dinee’s sweet nectar.

But I contented myself with masturbating the diner, feeling her move against my hand, enjoying how she quivered around my invading fingers. It was strange, almost eerie, to feel another woman’s wetness upon my hand, to feel her heat surrounding my probing fingers, and although Kelly was being rather quiet as she continued to sample my girlfriend’s freely-flowing nectar, I sensed that Holly knew exactly what I was doing to our guest: Although the sloshing sounds of my fingering were rather soft to my ears, the lack of sight had likely increased the acuteness of her hearing.

“Fuck ‘er!” Holly gasped between gasps as she humped her former roommate’s face. “Take ‘er ‘ard!”

“Is that what you want, Kelly?” I asked. She only nodded as she continued to savor the humping sex before her.

I withdrew my hand and moved around the bed to thrust my fingers into my girlfriend’s mouth. She eagerly sucked at the other woman’s passion upon my fingers, moaning loudly again as Kelly sucked upon her clitoris. My fingers cleaned, I stepped back from the bed, avidly watching the action upon the bed as I slowly undressed.

Kelly rose to her hands and knees. As she slowly crawled up my girlfriend’s body, she kissed and nibbled and licked her even as Kelly’s eyes flashed eagerly upon my erection, bobbing before me as I approached the bed again. I waited until Kelly was feasting upon a breast before I mounted the bed and positioned myself.

It was rather strange to slip inside another woman’s body after nearly three years of intimacy with only one person. Kelly was tighter so, despite her wetness, it took more effort to fully penetrate her. She squealed – a most appealing sound – each time I made my way a little further into her body. And when I finally brushed her cervix, she whipped her head up with a hearty gasp before her arms gave out, her head crashing down upon the very breast she had been sucking just a second earlier.

Slowly, carefully, I backed out, then slithered forward again. “Oh Holly,” Kelly said, “he’s so damn big!”

Holly’s lips curved upward in a smile, which somehow seemed rather obscene due to the blindfold. “Tell me what he’s doing, Kelly…”

“He’s fucking me,” our guest said softly, her breath indicative of her slowly-growing passion. “He’s inside me. He’s taking me, slowly.”

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