My Wife Her Best Friend And Me!


I guess it started when my wife’s best friend, Cyndy, was getting divorced after over 17 years of what had been a semi-rocky marriage. We’d been close with both of them for years and the details as they came out were distressing. Both sides were complaining about their sex life, or lack thereof. You can figure out which was which! We remained on good terms with both Cyn and Walt, even if it required some fancy footwork in a town as small as ours.

One Friday night Marie, my wife, Cyn and I were at Ace’s relaxing and shooting pool. Between games Cyn was explaining, in increasing detail as more beer was consumed, why Walt and she hadn’t been a happy couple in the bedroom for a while. Chief among these was his lack of concern over whether she got off or not. I’m not the perfect lover and certainly not a counselor but that seemed like a fair to good reason for spitting up.

“Dammit, Marie, why did you find a good one (me?) and I got stuck with one who only wants to fuck and then watch the ball game on TV. I’ve maybe had one good orgasm a month for years now. And you’re always telling me that you two can’t keep your hand and tongue’s off of each other.”

Sounded like Marie had been sharing details about our sex life with Cyn. Not that I mind. We do have trouble keeping our hands and tongues off each other. To be fair Marie and I had been together for only six or so years but it was good to know she was happy enough with it, and me, to brag about it.

“Why don’t you think about getting some help or even a separation? Maybe some time apart will help?” Was Marie’s suggestion.

“He won’t even consider those options” Cyn spat out “He said if I wasn’t so uninterested he’d be more concerned about my needs.”

“Sounds like most men, you know I’ve been there, too.”

“Hey, we’re not all useless are we?” was my attempt to stand up for the male race.

Beers continued to flow and more details emerged. Seemed Marie had once told Cyn that she was done with men and would just keep fresh batteries in her vibrator and ride her big vibrator (motorcycle) unless she could find a man who rode a pretty motorcycle and liked to lick pussy as much as he liked to fuck. Guess I fit the bill, with a two-tone Harley bagger and an extreme interest in making sure any woman I was with came as many times as she wanted. I seriously like to go down on women and love the taste, feel and everything about cunnilingus. I’m pretty sure Marie stays satisfied no matter what it takes!

“Yeah, but I remember what you told me about batteries and what you were looking for. I’m stocking up on batteries but some real action would be nice, too!” Cyndy replied with an evil grin.

“So what’s the problem” asked Marie “Just pick a likely victim and ride him like a borrowed mule. You’ll feel better and still have a back-up plan in the drawer.”

“Hey, ladies, I’m still sitting here! I had no idea this was a topic coming up tonight.”

“And this is too small a town for that, I don’t need to get a reputation like that. Besides look what you found” Cyn pointed at me “Wayne’s good looking nice and from what you say he licks pussy like a kitten with a bowl of milk.”

Obviously Marie and Cyndy had been talking things over. I blushed and put on my best ‘aw shucks’ look while they both laughed at my discomfort. I really do like licking pussy and have been told I’m pretty good at it. We were about four beers into the night and my mind wondered where this was headed. Our conversations were often risque but had never gone anywhere. I decided to up the ante with my next remark.

“You’ll have to judge for yourself, sometime. I just try to do my best.”

Cyndy gave Marie a sly look and I wondered how detailed their sharing of information had been. Putting the matter out of my mind we drank more beer, played a little pool and even danced a bit. During one buckle polishing slow dance with Cyn I almost felt molested, she kept her c-cup sized tits pressed into my chest and ground her crotch against the front of my Levi’s. I enjoyed it (or maybe it was the beer) and I’m sure she could feel my cock rising from the action. She grazed her lips across my ear and whispered beylikdüzü escort into it.

“Hey cowboy is that a six shooter or are you just glad to see me?”

“Both but better ask the owner before you pull the trigger on it.”

Closing time rolled around and we made our way out to the parking lot. Marie and Cyn were trailing behind me after a last stop to relieve the beer pressure before a bouncy ride home in the country. I hopped in to drive but Marie pushed me into the middle of the front seat trapping between the two of them. We were all a little buzzed so Cyndy’s hand on my thigh didn’t shock me at first, but her hand rose steadily farther and farther as we drove into the night.

“You were right, Marie, he’s about half hard and we’re just barely out of town.”

“Told ya, he gets that way on the way home after a night like this. Maybe he’ll do what he does for me and take it out for a while. Usually he tells me it needs the fresh air.”

Maybe it was the beer or maybe the view I had down both of their shirts or maybe its just the way I am; but I leaned back and eased down my jeans to release my modest 6 1/2 inches. I had swelled to full attention by now and I knew Marie liked watching me stroke my dick while she watched. She’d obviously shared this with Cyndy. I slid a hand around the shaft and gave it a couple strokes, slow and hard to tease out a drop of pre-cum. When it appeared I spread it over the head leaving a shine in the moonlight. Cyn gasped and her eyes were the size of saucers.

“Don’t get too carried away, baby, we’ll take care of it when we get home.”

That led me to think that we’d be dropping our passenger off and then head home to screw our brains out, or some reasonable facsimile. My opinion changed when Cyn leaned forward and softly asked Marie:

“Are you sure about this?”

She nodded and smiled at her best friend before she ran a finger tip across the head of my cock to gather a drop of pre-cum that she proceeded to run over her lips before she licked them clean. Cyn also nodded before she placed her hand over mine and helped me with some slow strokes. Seeing the amount of leakage coming from the tip of my dick she helped herself to a taste in the same manner as Marie. Lucky for me and my leaking dick we were nearly home by then. We piled out of the truck and made our way into the family room after a stop in the kitchen for another round of beer.

“So, here’s how i see this happening” said Marie “Cyn you can have Wayne’s tongue, fingers and miscellaneous parts but his dick is for my pussy only. You can jerk him off or blow him but if he’s going to cum you have to let me have the first shot.”

“Works for me, girl, I’ll take it any way you’ll let me. Can he really cum more than one time like you said?”

“Wait and see!” Was the answer Marie and I gave at the same time.

Since I was a little ahead of the girls in getting undressed I flopped on the couch, cock in hand, and motioned to them to join me in being naked. They glanced at each other and my show began with Cyndy pulling Marie’s top up and over her 44dd’s to expose a lacy pink bra with her tits barely contained. She shook them at me and her smile got wider as she pushed Cyndy’s jeans down off her hips to reveal a bright green thong and a tattoo on her left cheek. She wiggled her ass at me and gave both cheeks a slap it making it jiggle all the more. She kept looking over her shoulder at me as she slowly pulled her tight top over her head, without turning around she reached back and unhooked her bra. She leaned forward cupping her boobs and the bra together before turning around to let me see her round 40 c’s cupped in her hands. Marie mimicked her friends actions, eased off her top and then lifted her larger tits toward me before dipping her head and licking a nipple. She knows that drives me crazy and this was no exception.

“Would either of you like another drop?” I asked as I started pulling my clothes off. I squeezed the shaft of my completely average sized cock, producing a drop at the tip instead of the slow drool it had been releasing. Beating the ladies to being fully naked adana escort I sat back on the couch and squeezed the drop to larger size. Cyn looked at Marie again before she leaned over my lap and swirled it up with her tongue.

“Drops like that don’t count…do they?” She smiled over her shoulder.

Marie’s’s jeans hit the floor with her thong wrapped into them. And she walked over to join me on the sofa. Her left hand stroked me softly and she gestured to Cyn to drop to her knees in front of us. She stoked and squeezed my cock producing another drop, hold it from the base she presented it like an ice cream come for Cyn’s lips to taste. I leaned back enjoying the attention and the view, it looked like me were all on the same page for fun.

“And one more rule, Wayne, neither of us is bi so don’t get any ideas about that! Any pussy licking is all your job, you OK with that?”


“Let me show you how OK I am with that.” I replied and rolled Cyndy onto her back in front of me before allowing my tongue to run from her taint to clit in one slow lick. A deep moan escaped her lips and she thrust her hips up trying to remain in touch with my mouth. Not wanting to disappoint her on what was probably a one time event I rolled her around her clit with a slow swirling action and was rewarded with a fresh gush of wetness from her pussy.

“Holy crap, that feels so good I can’t fucking belive it!” came out as a gasp from Cyn.

I kept at that with some variations for a few minutes, my mind occupied with only her pleasure. Sneaking a look out the corner of my eye I could see my wife working her own pussy and clit with one hand and squeezing and pinching the nipples on her 44dd’s with the other hand. Soon I heard my wife panting and moaning in a familiar way and I was sure she was cumming for the first time of the evening. I kept working Cyn’s pussy, labia and clit and added a finger to massage her g-spot as her juices flowed freely.

A soft sigh of complete release came from behind me on the couch and I was sure Marie had her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. Soon I felt her hands between my legs cupping my balls, wrapping a hand around my cock and squeezing gently. Her tempo seemed in to mirror my action on Cyndy’s pussy urging me on and distracting me only a little. I felt my wife slide off the coach next to me and wrap a hand around my still dripping cock, she worked it as expertly as only a woman who enjoys herself can. Her actions made me moan around Cyn’s clit and that seemed to push her over the edge.

“What the fuuuuck, ohhhh yesss, I’M CUMMING!!!” Cyndy’s voice rose to a volume that made me happy our nearest neighbors were a mile away.

She bucked against my face and held my head in both hands grinding her orgasm into submission. Not as if she needed help but Marie had added her hands to the back of my head forcing my tongue to stay active and start her best friend to moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side as another orgasm followed the first. By my informal count the orgasm total was ladies three, me none. But that was likely to change soon.

“See didn’t I tell you he was good at that?” Marie asked her friend after she opened her eyes.

“OH fucking hell yes, I haven’t cum like that since I don’t know when. And I want to thank you for sharing his tongue with me, too! But what about him, he’s leaving a puddle on the floor and we haven’t really started in on him yet.”

She did have a point about the puddle, my cock had been leaking pre-cum since we were in the truck and I was ready for some relief. Marie still had me in her grip and gave it a little shake and squeeze, causing another drop to fly onto Cyndy’s light blond cunt hair. She wiped it off with a fingertip and licked it clean with a smile. That was enough for a warm up and by my count the score on the big O board was ladies 2 me 0. I moved forward with some gentle urging from my wife and slid the slickened head of my cock into her best friends spasm-ming pussy. I , soaked in the hot wet slit and concentrated on not shooting a load just from the direct contact and the awesome situation we were in.

“Fuck me that feels afyon escort good!” I said and slowly with the added guidance of Marie holding my cock and tweaking my nipples with the other hand. I looked down at Cyn spread and filled with my cock and felt Marie’s soft tits and hard nipples in my back, this was not what I’d expected when me started out the night. I stroked long and slow to start and could feel Cyndy’s hot cunt juice running down my balls. Marie had released my cock and although I couldn’t see it felt like she must be keeping that hand busy on her pussy. I increased my pace and began to feel my balls tightening, a sure sign of an upcoming eruption, when Marie whispered in my ear.

“Don’t forget, sweetie, I gat the first shot out of you, then Cyndy can have some too.”

I hastily pulled out just in time to let her see the first shot coat Cyn’s clit before she squeezed me tightly to stop any further shots. Cyndy reached between the lips of her cunt and began swirling a finger across her clit, moaning loudly as she came again. Marie came around to my side and engulfed the head of my dick before easing her grip and letting more cum slide into her mouth. She tightened her grip again and leaned forward to kiss me and share the taste of cum and her friends cunt with me. That caused Cyn to work her clit furiously and moan at us.

“Dammit, Wayne, she told me you liked that bot I never believed her. Lean down here and give me a taste, too.”

I did that and she slid out from under me while pulling Marie in front of me on her knees. Obviously she wanted to see me pound her best friend from behind and that’s just what we did. I pulled Marie back onto my dick and pumped away. She had kept a hand near her pussy and started strumming her own clit while watching Cyn press her tits together and pinch the nipples. Marie bucked against me and her pussy flowed and squirted around my cock and soaked my balls while she came. Cyndy slid onto her back under Marie and pulled her down to press bot of their tits together. The sight of that was too much for me and I screamed as I emptied my balls.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fucking hell, that’s too much here I go!”

Marie squeezed me with her pussy muscles and after feeling a blast or two, sorry I lost count, and before I subside she aimed the last couple spurts at Cyn’s cunt spread underneath her. My dick still felt like it had a little life left in it so I replaced it in its mostly hard state back into my wife’s dripping cunt. She sighed in appreciation and raised her chest off of Cyndy’s boobs pushing on her friends hips to slide her forward and away far enough to lower her face to with in inches of her messy pussy.

“Just so you know, I’m not really licking your cunt Cyn, I’m just licking up the mess Wayne left here.”

With that qualifying statement she did just that, cleaning the soft blonde patch of hair of my cum. Cyn moaned so loudly that Marie stopped for a moment to look into her eyes and be sure she was OK. I pulled my dick free on my wife’s cunt and reversed my position so I could lick her clit and pussy from below. Marie had seemed to have some skill for a first timer. Cyndy was soon coating her face as she came and Marie’s pussy clenched and spread the combined supply of my juice and hers into my mouth and face.

We all rolled onto our backs, sweaty and mostly spent. Cyndy was first to notice I was still at more than half mast and wrapped a hand around my sticky member. She gave it a couple strokes causing me to thrust my hips to help her. Marie reached across to lend a hand by fondling my balls. I was soon as hard as I’d been when we started and felt like cumming again was very probable.

“Damn, Wayne, is there more in those balls?” Cyndy asked.

All i could do was continue to hump my self into her hand.

“Work it for him Cyn, this should be another good load, I want you to pump it out and feed it to me when he lets go!”

It didn’t take long before she had me at the edge and both of them must have sensed it. She pumped fast and then squeezed and then pumped again. Finally I raised my hips and they knew it was time. She stopped and in a repeat of what Marie had offered her held my cock out to her like a ice cream cone. I only had enough for a small burst followed by a slow trickle of cum that Marie took while she smiled around my cock.

Finally fully spent we all looked at each other and started laughing.

What a night.

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