My Wife’s Friends Ch. 02


After watching the women sleep for a few more minutes, I threw a blanket over them and went to take a quick shower. It was getting late, so I woke up my wife and sent her to bed. I then woke up Angel and Maria and showed them where the spare bedroom was. They were still exhausted after experiencing their first foursome and lesbian sex. They crawled into the spare bed together and fell asleep. I went to my room, and my wife was also passed out. I joined her and was out quickly.

The next morning, I woke up before anyone else and went for a run. When I got back, Angel was making coffee in the kitchen. She looked fantastic standing there in one of my old t-shirts. She must have found it in the closet. She was not wearing a bra, and her beautiful tits were outlined, and her nipples were pushing on the fabric.

“Did you have a good run?”

“I did. Did you sleep well?”

To answer my question, she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward my bathroom commenting on how we both needed a shower. She pulled off the t-shirt as she ran up the stairs and I watched her great ass as I followed her. We went into the master bedroom, and my wife was still asleep, but Angel walked over to her and kissed her good morning. If there was any doubt that Angel enjoyed the night before, they were put to rest.

I stripped and walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Angel and my wife came in, and my wife kissed me whispering in my ear “I am going to check on Mariah.”

She kissed Angel again and left. I pulled Angel into the shower and pulled her close to me feeling her breast against my chest. I could feel her nipples harden. We stood there and let the hot water fall on us and kissed. I grabbed her ass with both hands and let a finger start rubbing against her tight asshole. Angel’s moan told me she enjoyed the attention.

Lowering my mouth to her nipples, I sucked and licked both feeling the hardness against my tongue. Dropping to my knees slowly, I licked my way down her stomach to the top of her pussy. I slowly licked around her wetness. I wanted to taste her pussy again. I inserted a finger into her and sucked on her clit at the same time. She screamed in pleasure and fell on me a little before recovering her balance.

“Oh God, finger me harder. It feels so good.” Angel moaned.

I inserted another finger in her and continued my assault on her clit. I looked up at her, and she was playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and sucking each one into her mouth. Did I mention she had nice big tits?

I could feel her getting close, so I pulled one slick finger out of her pussy and slowly pushed it into her ass. Angel’s body tensed as the orgasm built and cried out with lust. Once I buried my finger in her ass, I used my other hand and stuck two fingers back in her pussy. I pumped both hands, finger fucking both her holes. Angel was losing control.

Her orgasm hit her hard, and she lost her balance and fell against me. I stood up and held her close to me, so she didn’t fall. We washed each other and climbed out of the shower. We could hear the water running in the other shower. A loud scream from Mariah told me what was happening in there.

“I want to join them,” Angel said.

She grabbed my hand, and we opened the door the bathroom. My wife had Mariah sitting on the edge of the bathtub, and my wife was between Mariah’s legs licking her pussy. My wife was on her knees outside the tub, her ass was beautiful from this angle, and I could see her fingering her pussy.

Angel got on her knees behind my wife and licked her pussy from behind. I jacked my cock a few times and then got behind her and slowly began fucking Angel from behind. The view I had was amazing. Mariah played with her tits and massaged her nipples. My wife had started finger fucking her and Mariah was getting very close. All three of the women were moaning their appreciation for the attention they were receiving.

“Your tongue feels so good. Watching your husband fuck Angel has got me so horny. OH GOD, I’m coming.” Mariah screamed.

Angel was the next to cum, her pussy gripping my cock and I felt her gush on my cock. She collapsed on the floor from the feeling that overwhelmed her and I could see that she had squirted all over the floor. The women finished showering together, and I just sat back and watched them finger fuck my wife to a massive orgasm. Both women were sucking on her tits or kissing passionately.

We went back to the master bedroom, and I watched Angel and Mariah get into a 69. It was so hot watching the two women lick and suck each other’s clit. I pulled my wife to the bed and bent her over, entering her from behind so we could both watch the show. My wife reached out and played with Angel’s big tits, pinching the nipples and receiving a positive moan.

“Your nipples are so hard. They feel so good. Oh Fuck, I’m cumming.”

This was all it took for the other women to cum. There was so much sexual charge in the manisa escort room; all three were screaming out in pleasure and feeling multiple orgasms shoot through their bodies. I lost control and filled my wife’s pussy with my cum. All four of us collapsed on the bed for a few minutes. The women were caressing each other, and I cuddled with my wife and watched.

We all got up and took showers, again. Angel and Mariah both had to get home. Mariah was not sure what she was going to do now that she had been with a woman and liked it. Angel was feeling the same way, but she was more relaxed and accepting of what happened. I told them we would see them later and they left.

My wife and I talked about what happened and agreed that there were several women who needed some “guidance” and we would be willing to help. If it meant I would get to fuck Mariah and Angel again, I was all for it.

Life got back to normal for the next few weeks. I went to work on a Sunday morning the next month, and I knew I would be seeing both women at church. I was hoping to get the chance to fuck one of them again. I saw Mariah walking in the main lobby. She was wearing a loose blouse and a tight skirt that went down to her knees. Her blouse framed her tits, and I could see her bra had pushed up her cleavage. I was sure she would be the talk of the congregation. She had on a pair of “fuck me” boots and I felt my cock stir. She looked at me with a shy smile and gave me a wink. A few minutes later she walked over and gave me a hug whispering in my ear how good I looked.

She left and went into the service. She was a beautiful Filipino woman there was no doubt. Her soon to be ex-husband came in a few minutes later, and I could tell he had no idea I had fucked his soon to be ex. Angel came in about 10 minutes later with her kids. She had on tight jeans, a low-cut t-shirt and a sweater. She was a bit more conservative, but her clothes hugged her curves, and her sweater only barely covered the valley between her huge tits. I didn’t get the chance to talk to her, but she also winked at me and smiled. Both women looked fantastic.

There are many great looking women who attend services at the church. I have thought about a few of them over the years. I wondered who my wife would pick next to help. She walked in and came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. She was also wearing a blouse and dress that was knee length. Her tan legs and Latino features turned heads. My wife whispered that she knew who we would be helping next and walked away.

The rest of the day I wondered who it would be. I could think of several women I wanted to fuck. I got a text from my wife to meet her in one of the galleries after everyone had left. I was normally the last one to leave, and I knew no one would be around to catch us if my wife wanted to have some fun.

Once the last person left, I locked the doors and almost ran to the other end of the building. When I walked down the hall to the room, I could see my wife and Mariah talking to a woman who I knew was having issues with her husband. She was sitting between my wife and Mariah on a couch that faced the hallway I was walking down. They didn’t see me so I stayed back in the shadow of an alcove to see what would progress.

The woman’s name was Jackeline. She was a beautiful woman with platinum blond hair and tan skin. She was dressed a bit slutty with tight jeans and a tight blouse that highlighted her big tits. Mariah and my wife were explaining to Jackeline how liberating it is to just do something crazy.

“I was not sure what to do when they started.” Mariah explained, “but I couldn’t resist. After that, I was hooked. They made me feel so good and confident.”

“What do you mean “when they started”?” Jackeline asked.

I stood there and wondered where this would go. We were in the middle of a church, so this could go bad fast. My wife smiled and explained that she and I would counsel women who were having problems. She explained that it was based on enjoying something and loosening inhibitions.

I could see Jackeline squirm when my wife put an arm around her shoulders and started rubbing her neck. Mariah put a hand on Jackeline’s knee. Things were starting to heat up, and the look on Jackeline’s face showed that she was not sure what was happening.

My wife asked, “Mariah, did you enjoy the counseling that my husband and I conducted with you?”

“Yes, it gave me a new way of looking at my future with or without my husband in it.”

Jackeline looked at my wife, “I have been talking to Mariah for a while about my problems. She is the only one who understands what I am going through with my soon to be ex. If she says it will help, I believe her.”

“Good. My husband is supposed to be here in a few minutes, but we can get started if you want.” My wife suggested. “Mariah, since my husband is not here yet why don’t we just have some fun loosening up.”

“I have a question for you Jackeline and Mariah. Do either of you self-gratify?” My wife asked with a big grin on her face.

Mariah laughed and said, “I do now. I never did before, but you and your husband showed me it is okay to feel pleasure, even if I am by myself.”

Jackeline looked shocked. She looked from woman to woman not sure of what to say. My wife encouraged her by saying “It is okay, you are among friends, and no one will judge you. I play with myself every day. It has helped my marriage because I do it while my husband watches. The sex afterward is fantastic.”

“Isn’t it wrong for me to masturbate?” Jackeline asked nervously.

My wife smiled and moved her hand from Jackeline’s neck to her other knee. She rubbed the inside of Jackeline’s leg and asked, “Have you ever done kissed a woman?”

By the look on Jackeline’s face, I thought my wife went too far, but she didn’t get up or push my wife’s hand off her thigh.

“No,” Jackeline said softly.

My wife winked at Mariah and said, “Mariah, why don’t we show her how fun it is?”

Mariah and my wife’s face met in front of Jackeline’s face, and when their lips met, she breathed in sharply. After a few moments of kissing, my wife turned toward Jackeline and kissed her full on the mouth.

At first, Jackeline’s eyes went wide, and she stiffened up. Mariah pushed her hair away from her neck and began to nibble and kiss her neck. All three of them took turns kissing, and Jackeline visibly seemed to relax.

My wife whispered something to Mariah and she moaning in agreement. Mariah leaned back and used both hands to massage her body over her blouse. She slowly rubbed and pinched her breast. My wife also joined in and was doing the same to her body. Jackeline looked from woman to woman. Each one had a look of total ecstasy.

Mariah started unbuttoning her blouse and unfastened her bra from the front showing both women her hard nipples. She wet her fingers in her mouth and started pinching each one. “Ohhh, that feels so good.” Mariah moaned.

Leaning back from Jackeline but keeping her hand still rubbing her thigh, my wife unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse and slid a hand inside. I could see her cupping her tits. Her dress was loose, and my wife pulled it up. She slowly rubbed her hand up her thigh until she was fingering her pussy over her panties. I gave my cock a squeeze. I would be fucking one or both of those women even if Jackeline got up and ran out of the room.

Jackeline didn’t get up and run. She nervously licked her lips and mumbled, “That does look like it feels good.” My wife took her hand off Jackeline’s thigh and gently took Jackeline’s hand. “Just start touching your body and see where it goes. You have nothing to worry about, and it feels so good.”

Jackeline let my wife guide her hand over her body starting at her beautiful tits. Without thinking about it, her other hand unbuttoned her jeans, and she was slowly working her hand down her pants.

My wife let go of Jackeline’s hand and continued to finger her pussy. She had pulled her panties aside, and I could see her shaved pussy glistening. My wife unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and took it off. She then took her bra off. She stuck a finger in her pussy and used the juices to wet her nipples.

Mariah stood and let her skirt drop to the floor followed by her panties. She sat back down and opened her legs wide so she could finger fuck herself and rub her clit while she watched Jackeline slowly getting more comfortable with what was happening. She was taking her time and enjoying the feeling. Both women were staring at Jackeline lustfully.

Jackeline was now fully committed. She had opened her jeans completely and had a hand in them slowly playing with her pussy. Her other hand was under her shirt. It looked like she had pushed up her bra over her tits. As she played with them, I caught glimpses of how nice they were. Her tits were bigger than my wife’s or Mariah’s, full Cs, and Jackeline obviously enjoyed playing with them.

My wife stood Jackeline up and helped her take off the rest of her clothes taking several opportunities to kiss her body. Jackeline sat back down and immediately resumed fingering herself and watching Mariah and my wife do the same.

“That’s it. Doesn’t it feel so good?” My wife moaned now fingering herself faster.

Mariah moaned, “Your body is so beautiful. I can’t wait to play with it. I want to taste your pussy and suck on your nipples. Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, I’m cumming.”

Mariah stood and removed the rest of her clothes, and my wife did the same, neither one taking their eyes off Jackeline hot body. Now all the women were naked and fingering themselves. My wife and Mariah both leaned over, and each took one of Jackeline’s nipples in their mouths.

“Oh fuck that feels so good. I am so close to cumming, and your mouths feel so good.” Jackeline moaned.

My wife and Maria both leaned back and took care of their bodies. All three women’s hands were moving faster finger fucking themselves. Their other hand was rubbing their clits, and I could see they were all close.

Their breathing speed up and all them came at the same time.

“Ohhhhh, I’m cumming, oh fuck this feels so good,” Jackeline screamed.

I walked into the gallery and up to my wife who was catching her breath after her orgasm. She smiled at me, leaned forward and took my rock hard cock in her mouth. I had been slowly stroking it while I watched the show and now it was time for me to have some fun.

Jackeline was now fully into it. She and Mariah kneeled next to my wife on either side, and all three women took turns sucking my cock. Mariah spent most of her time sucking on Jackeline’s large tits, taking each of her nipples in her mouth. My wife let Jackeline have my cock to herself and sat got back on the couch to continue playing with herself.

Mariah leaned over to my wife, and they started making out and played with each other’s tits sucking and pinching hard nipples. Both were enjoying Jackeline sucking my cock as much as I was. Jackeline took my entire 7″ cock in her mouth. I could feel it hitting the back of her throat. After a few tries, Jackeline could deep throat my cock, and it felt great.

My wife and Mariah were fingering each other, and both were getting close again. I wanted to fuck Jackeline, but I didn’t want to leave my wife out of it, so I pulled Jackeline to her feet, turned her around and bent her over, so her face was in my wife’s pussy. Maria climbed onto the back of the couch so my wife could eat her out while I fucked Jackeline from behind.

I slowly pushed my dick into Jackeline’s pussy. Her pussy was tight and felt fantastic. All three women were moaning and quivering, each one feeling their orgasm build. I fucked Jackeline hard pushing her face into my wife’s pussy. Each time my wife would scream “Oh Fuck, oh fuck” over and over until she couldn’t lick Mariah’s clit anymore. My wife replaced her tongue with a few fingers and started finger banging Mariah.

Jackeline’s orgasm was a strong one, and I had to hold her up, so she didn’t collapse. She didn’t stop eating my wife’s pussy. My wife’s orgasm was just as strong because of this; her cum covered Jackeline’s face.

Mariah laid on the couch and opened her legs wide inviting me to come and play. I pulled out of Jackeline, and she fell into my wife’s arms. I laid on top of Mariah and shoved my cock into her waiting pussy. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her with each thrust.

“Fuck me with that big cock. Oh yes, don’t stop.”

Her pussy was so tight and felt so good I knew I was going to be emptying my load into her. Mariah licked her fingers and started rubbing her clit hard and fast. She did the same with her other hand but used the wetness to pinch and play with her hard nipples.

I looked behind me, and my wife and Jackeline were both watching and slowly playing with each other. Both were exhausted but were enjoying the show.

Mariah came hard and screamed out in pleasure. I was done. I could not hold on any longer, so I pulled out of Mariah’s pussy and put my cock in her mouth. She took it in her mouth and I came so hard I almost fell over. Mariah swallowed every drop.

Jackeline thanked us and asked if we could counsel her some more. I was more than willing to help her out. We all dressed and kissed each other goodbye. Mariah grabbed my cock as she walked by and said she would be seeing me later. I just grinned. We all left with a smile on our faces.

Little did we know that we were being watched from another room. A couple who work at the church, Alison and Rich, also had forgotten something in their offices and stopped by to pick it up. They heard the screams and came to investigate.

They stood in the room looking through the window at us fucking and sucking. Neither one of them made a move to say anything or do anything. They just watched and got excited. Both were becoming turned on by what they saw, and neither of them cared.

They looked at each other and felt a rush of lust. They started kissing and groping. Both pulled their pants down, and he sat on a table. She mounted his lap reverse cowgirl so she could watch what was going on in the gallery. She played with her big tits and bounced up and down on her husband’s cock. She had never been attracted to another woman, but this was so hot she couldn’t resist wondering what it would be like to eat a pussy while she was being fucked from behind.

Her husband wanted to be the guy fucking her while she ate another woman’s pussy but he would never let that happen. This was crazy. Watching the action in front of them was too much and both were soon cumming. Alison decided that she was going to talk to the hot Latino and figure out how to join our little group even if her husband didn’t want to.

They both got dressed and both left at about the time I had started fucking Mariah. It looked like things were going to get even more interesting for everyone involved.

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