Never Too Old

Big Tits

Lying in my lonely bed, on waking one morning, it struck me that it was time to explore the sexual adventures available for the older woman.

With this in mind, I resolved to set in motion a new sexual life for myself and partner(s) still unknown.

Starting, while in the shower, to take stock of what I had to offer, I deliberately took time assessing my body.

Starting with my head, I imagined other hands doing my daily cleansing ritual.

Gently massaging my head I let the full sensation of being pampered flow over me.

Next I soaped my body, my hands lingering over my breasts, feeling my nipples go hard , for a moment I stopped to reflect that I had stopped noticing this and wondered if it always happened or only now while washing.

Scrubbing my back I imagined other hands giving me a backrub and felt my pussy constrict in anticipation of pleasures to come

After drying myself, I stood in front of a full length mirror for a full assessment. My skin had a rosy glow from the hot water and vigorous towelling.

Ignoring the signs of time, I decided to concentrate on the good bits… cupping a breast in each hand, I felt the heaviness and saw how they would not fit in a man’s hand – more than a handful. I savoured the softness of the skin and admired the perfect roundness of the areola and how perk the nipples were.

Rubbing my thumbs gently across the nipples brought them even more erect and I could feel my breasts swelling and detect a slight throbbing as if calling out for more touch. The nipples seemed to ache in their want to be sucked and nibbled.

Still holding my breast I let my eyes wander over the rest of my body, seeing a softness crying out for a man’s touch. Closing my eyes I concentrated on my most womanly parts.

I could feel wetness and could feel my pussy clutch and release as if seeking something. On touching myself I could feel the outer lips puffing up as if preparing for the soft hardness of a penis just dying to access the inner me.

My whole pussy was now slick to touch and instead of just wiping the moisture away I drew my finger through it and brought it up to my nose, smelling myself and discovering that the juices smelt almost of nothing.

The juice itself was smooth, but not sticky more like a light oil, bringing my finger to my mouth I tasted, while imagining offering this most private of juice to a lover(s). Having him suck my finger covered in my juice, before allowing him to do so with his own finger.

I slid my finger, still slick, down from my belly button, lightly grazing my clit, right down to the opening of my pussy. Concentrating on my feelings, I could feel my pussy constrict and then open up, while giving a little gush of more juice, in anticipation of more to come.

I let my finger rest lightly just above the opening, flattening my hand, I gently pressed against my whole pussy, feeling the smoothness. Yes I have a smooth pussy.

Feeling too, the swollen lips, feeling the clit, now out of its normal hiding place, aching to be rubbed.

Opening my eyes, I looked in the mirror and saw my skin flushed, my eyes slightly glazed. The skin on my breasts pulled tight, the areola a deeper pink than normal and the nipples standing to attention.

My pussy was wetter than it had been in ages, the juices snaking down my inner legs. izmit escort The throbbing, now a demand for more. Could I appease my need, should I? Well I certainly could not offer if I did not know what I had.

Just then the doorbell rang. Taking a quick look I saw it was a younger guy, Pete. He had dropped by a few times, we’d met up socially a few times, giving each other the occasional hug and a light kiss goodbye. He was attractive and good company.

Straightening my shoulders with resolve, I threw on a wrap, lightly tying it around my waist, if he was the man I thought he was he would take note of my nakedness and also on closer inspection see my breasts barely covered by my wrap.

Opening the door, I invited him in, mentioning that I had just gotten out the shower and would put the kettle on and that he should be seated while I slip into something more appropriate.

Walking just slightly ahead of him I stopped suddenly causing him to bump into me, he put his arms on my hips to stop both of us from stumbling.

Taking a breath I moved his hands up to my breasts and leaned backwards into him. He stood still for what seemed like years, but was probably only a few seconds, and then gently cupped both my breasts and did a slow rub across my nipples.

Dropping his one arm he snaked his hand into my wrap feeling my bare skin underneath. Holding my breath I waited, would he stop or would we continue?

Leaning towards my ear he breathed the word ‘where’. In that instant I knew.

I slowly moved forward and we walked in concert to the bedroom where my rumpled bed waited silently. Once by the bed he released me and I quickly drew the curtains.

Turning around I found him standing there with only his unbuttoned shirt on. Dropping my gaze I could see his stiff cock. My pussy contracted and I could feel a fresh spurt of juice.

He pulled me towards him and held me, facing him, a little apart, with a look he silently questioned me. I mutely nodded and he pulled me closer, untying the wrap and holding my naked body close to his.

I could feel the heat of his body and smell his maleness. His cock was now throbbing against me and I could feel the pre-cum starting to leak. We stood like that savouring the heat from our bodies, anticipating the pleasure to come.

Pete then started kissing my neck, trailing kisses down to my breasts, gently fondling while sucking on my nipples. I let my hands wander across his body at will, feeling his skin.

He pulled the wrap right off me and removed his shirt, we took a min to drink in one another’s nakedness and then fell down on the bed.

Lying facing each other, I flung my leg over him, positioning my body so that his throbbing cock could enter my wet pussy. All my pussy wanted was to feel the male hardness.

He entered slowly, just pushing in little by little, his hands stroking my back. Once he was in he lay still for a minute before thrusting in a most controlled way.

This was turning me wild. I wanted to feel him all over me, I wanted his hands all over me, I wanted him in me and I wanted him rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples.

I could feel the heat surging through my body. He had more control. Turning me around so that my back was towards him, he entered from behind and gently thrusted while slowly caressing my engorged clit, with his other hand around under my body he played with my nipple.

I let myself give in to the pleasure, feeling him bring me to the brink only to pull back ever so slightly, this he did a few times before pulling out completely.

I was stunned, but then he turned me onto my back and took my hand and put it on his engorged and throbbing cock. He asked me to fondle his balls and gently stroke his cock while he put his hand on my pussy with just the tip of the finger almost penetrating my wet pussy.

With the palm of his hand he gently massaged my clit. The pleasure I got from feeling his throbbing hard cock and full round balls was intense, more so as I could feel he was enjoying it so much.

Removing my hand from his cock he moved to lie on top of me. Using the tip of his penis he teased my pussy by just doing the smallest of thrusts to the entrance. I would lift my hips to meet him and tried to pull him down, I needed to feel that cock in my pussy, wanted to feel his body on mine, crushing my breasts, his hot breath in my neck.

Just when I thought he was only a pussy teaser he lowered himself completely, his cock seeming to swell inside my pussy, filling me up, his body covering mine. Both our bodies slick with sweat and the smell of sex strong in the room.

After a few thrusts he then turned me around and this time entered again from behind, his thrust now deep and strong his hand stroking my clit. We worked to a rhythm both of us now acting on an age old instinct.

I could feel his cock swell and the thrusts became more forceful, my pussy was like a dam, the juices running out over both of us, the slickness encouraging him to thrust even harder and deeper.

The hand on my clit kept up the pace and I could feel myself building up to a massive orgasm. Somehow we understood each others grunts, words had deserted us, I could feel I was going to come, the waves started deep inside me, my pussy started to constrict and release and then my clit started to explode as well, his cock reacted to all this by swelling even more and I could feel him starting to come as well, his cock doing the ripple dance inside me.

I pushed back into him and he put his arms around me to pull me closer, I saw stars and the moon and the sun, the orgasm coming in wave after wave. I could feel his sperm mixing with my juices.

I lay quietly marvelling at what had just happened. Was it as good for him as for me? To be honest I don’t know if I care. I certainly hope so as a repeat would be nice.

Here we go again

Well Pete did not get up and leave. We both dozed after our exertions and then confirmed that a great time was had by both. Both of us old enough and comfortable enough to not just say so, both of us scared that we were just first time lucky, but we decided it was worth trying a second time.

Finding the bed to hot and the room to stuffy we decided to shower— together.

The stall is not large, so we stood close together. Just standing under the running water for a while and then we both reached for the shampoo.’ Me first’, said Pete, meaning he would shampoo my head first, he pulled me towards him and gently massaged my scalp, he made even this action seem erotic beyond expectations. I could feel his flaccid cock against me, the short curly hair tickling my bottom.

I rinsed off the shampoo and it was my turn to massage his head.

He being taller, I had to stretch and lean against him, pressing my breasts against his back. I then soaped and washed his back, my hands sliding around him to rub his tummy, his thighs and even all the way down to his knees, avoiding his genital area.

He then washed my back and slid his hands around to wash my breasts, taking his time about washing all around them and giving special attention to my still hard nipples. He washed my inner thighs with great care before carefully washing my pussy with the softest of touch. I felt myself become wet again.

Now it was my turn to wash his cock and balls. His penis was no longer flaccid, but almost rearing up in eagerness. I softly held his balls in my hand and rubbed them gently while stroking his cock.

It did not take long before he was rock hard and even under the running water I could see some pre-cum glistening on the tip. With a gentle stroke of my finger I wiped it off and sucked at my finger, I then used the same finger to get some of my pussy juice and offered it to him, he greedily sucked my finger and then went down on his knees.

He put his face right up close to my pussy and ever so softly blew on the clit. I could feel the heat rise in my body. Not for many years had I been ready for round two so soon. He blew again and my clit showed appreciation by coming out of hiding. He licked my clit with the softest of touches.

By now my pussy was almost panting for attention. I could feel the outer lips swell and part as if crying out for his cock.

With one arm steadying me he used the other hand to fondle my breasts. Gently tweaking and rubbing the nipples, sending tugs of pleasure to my pussy. Pushing me against the wall so I could support myself he used his fingers to explore my pussy, all the while still licking my clit with small soft licks.

His finger, found my opening and the juices. He inserted his finger in my pussy and moved it around, then ever so gently started a thrusting motion.

This action had me moaning with pleasure, so I was rather surprised when all action suddenly stopped. He stood up and held me tight, putting my hand on his erect cock, sliding his cock up and down through my slick hands.

He bent down to kiss my breasts and to suck on my nipples, I missed holding his cock and missed his hands on my clit and pussy.

With my pussy begging for attention, I pulled his head up and pulled him closer, feeling his hard cock press against me, I stood on tiptoe so his cock could enter my pussy.

This angle rubbed me in places I did not even know I had. With his hands firmly on my bottom to keep me up, my toes just touching the floor he started thrusting, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy creating waves of expectation.

I put my hands around his neck and held on. My breasts pushed against him, my nipples being rubbed with every thrust he made.

My clit was getting just as much pleasure being rubbed with every thrust. We clung together, pushing that cock deeper and deeper into my pussy, body parts rubbing towards the ultimate pleasure.

We both felt it at the same time, reaching the brink before tumbling into waves of pleasure.

This time the orgasm did not last as long but for second time round it was amazing.

I have a feeling Pete and I will be seeing each other on a regular basis.

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