New Changes


I spend another quiet weekend alone in my apartment. This was almost a normal thing for me which I really didn’t mind because it gave the time to dress in my stash of lingerie and other woman’s clothes. I mean I loved my wife and all but she was often out of town on business. For as long as I can remember I had a hidden stash of woman’s clothes. I was a closet cross dresser. I had never really went out while dressed with the exception of Halloween, but those nights were the exception to the rules.

My wife never really acknowledged that I almost always chose a female costume. But these were the nights I could emerge and not be teased, or even taken as a freak while dressed in some sleazy costumes, which was just great by me. Quite often the night usually ended with some rowdy sex, and even on some occasions we’d get dressed at our own place and do it again. So on this ordinary weekend I laid around knowing I had lots of cleaning to do. I woke up and had a coffee while I grabbed my tablet and surfed the web. I was a bit of a computer geek some may think, but really I just had nothing better to do and I liked to find new and different things on the web. This morning I decided to check out the apps and see what was new. I hadn’t looked long before finding an app called ‘Changes,’ with a description that only stated, ‘Make the changes to yourself you couldn’t have done before.’ It kind of struck a chord in me but just figured it was some sort of online personal makeover program, I thought, “What the heck,” and clicked on the app.

It started to download like normal but it froze the screen before turning it completely black. I thought oh well I guess I should get to my work, and tossed the tablet aside before grabbing another coffee and starting at my chores. I really wasn’t working to intense at things nor really giving them any real thought. I see my tablet come back to life again on the couch and had to head over and check it out. “CHANGES” appeared on the screen in big bright bold letters before turning to a program like what I figured. I played around on it checking out all the tools and options. I can tell you it was a really detailed and almost any option I could think of was covered.

It first let me import a body to begin with. I went back to some sites I had already visited and looked to choose what body I wanted to start with. I ended up choosing a busty porn star and dragged and dropped her into the program. Now I could pick out what to dress her in. I again went back to the sites I was looking through and choosing a very sexy short French Maid outfit. I could pick it all, I picked an awesome bra and panty set that really matched with the maid costume, as well as some sexy high heels. ( I know very impractical for a real maid but it was to what I liked.) So after all this there was also options that allowed me to adjust personality as well as even tweak different things with the body I had chosen. When I thought I was done playing around with the options I decided to hit the change button on the bottom of the screen. It asked me for a time, not really sure what to answer, I entered a 6hr timer. The screen went blank again with only a small spinning wheel telling me it was working. I set the tablet down on the sofa and reached for a drink.

At that point I don’t know what exactly happened but when I opened my eyes, I was half slouched over and my coffee was all over the floor. It was as if I had passed out for a moment. I really didn’t think too much of it but thought I had better get this mess on the floor cleaned up. It was then as I went to stand that I found it was harder to stand up in these sexy little heels I had on. I again almost passed out because as I looked down at the heels that were now fastened to my feet I was also looking down into my own impressive pit of cleavage. I looked to the mirror on the wall across the room only to see the woman I had just made on the screen looking back at me. Every detail was exactly as I had chosen on the program. I reached down still in disbelief and took hold of my tits to feel the electric shock and pleasure shoot through my body. My hand headed even further down to rub across the front of my panties where my dick would have been just seconds earlier. Again I could feel the pleasure of the touch against my new vagina. I was thrilled while in shock and a bit scared/unsure. I almost laughed to myself as I thought well what the hell I may as well do the chores I had set out too before the change, as it seemed I was dressed for the part anyways. I first cleaned up the coffee mess and carried on cleaning the entire apartment. I really didn’t take any time at all, I actually thought my new persona was actually doing the tasks at hand quicker than I could have, or maybe it was just the drive to finish up and have some fun.

By the time I was done the cleaning it was a steady burn in my crotch that I could hardly keeps my hands away from. Every little movement that my enlarged chest made put more fuel to the flames. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally collapsed on the couch. My hand immediately started roaming and caressing my new body. It was amazing. In a matter of seconds I had my tits pulled out and my panties pulled aside. I was sucking on my own nipples and sliding Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort a finger into my wet snatch. I was in heaven, I couldn’t hardly keep my mouth closed around my nipples from the moans that kept escaping from me. While I was sliding my finger in, and idea came to me. I made my way back to the bedroom and crawled onto the bed. I reached over and pulled out the dildo from my wife’s bedside table. I looked at it with a different sort of feeling. As I inspected it I moved it closer to my face and without a thought I put it to my lips. I would never have done this before but today was different and in this scenario my mind was overloaded and had almost just shut off. I slid it in passed my lips until it came to rest at my throat. I slid it in and out a few dozen more times as if I was actually sucking a dick. But the heat that was building up couldn’t be ignored any longer and the saliva soaked cock made it’s way down my body.

It was a completely different feeling that was alien to me as I pushed the dildo deep inside my burning hole. As the last little bit made it’s way in I gave a moan that couldn’t be stopped. I used one hand to squeeze my nipples and pull them up to my mouth while the other worked the dildo in and out. Seeming like only seconds had passed I could feel I was about to orgasm. I sped up the thrusts until finally it happened. Stars were in my eyes as I reached this sexual plateau. I moaned and even grave a little yelp as it happened. I could feel wave after wave roll over me until my climax eventually made it’s way to the end. I laid there exhausted as my mind now started to reel in the events that just took place.

The next time I opened my eyes I looked down to see that I was back to my normal body. I must have been so spent that I actually fell asleep. The dildo was still against the side of my leg where I had left it. My heart jumped as I realized this and noticed that someone was also in the apartment. I quickly stashed the dildo back in the drawer and went out to investigate. There was Steph on the couch looking at the tablet. Again my heart jumped.

“Hi there sleepy head,” she said.

“When did you get home?” I asked.

“A little while ago, I seen you were asleep so I just left you have a rest,” she answered.

My heart again skipped a beat because I didn’t know if I was still a female or male and if she seen the dildo at my side.

“Work was done early so I headed home. I thought we could do something fun tonight,” Steph said.

“I..I..,” was all I could muster out.

“I gotta show you this app I got,” I finally burst.

I showed her how it worked and finally came clean about some of the actions of earlier.

“I kinda figured something was up when I see the dildo by your side,” Steph joked. “Either that or you’ve taken a liking to it and wanted to try something new.”

I was almost speechless. I smiled back at her with some shame on my mind.

“So show me how to do this,” Steph asked as she still had a smile on her face. “I guess we can stay in tonight and have some fun here.”

She took hold of the tablet and went to work and played around with some different settings. She wasn’t showing me what she was up to but by the grin on her face I knew she was up to no good.

“There she exclaimed,” as she set the tablet down. “Now what?”

“I don’t remember, it was as if I passed out…,” I barely got out before I went black.

When I came to, I looked down to see my impressive chest was back. I was transformed into the same as I had put together earlier. I looked over to my wife to see an identical twin to myself. I couldn’t believe it, she had changed us both.

“So this is the thing you fantasize about when I’m not here hunh?” Steph said with a grin.

I couldn’t spit any words out. Some was the shock and some was the fact that there was now double of the exact thing I had enjoyed so much just hours before. I could feel the fire below ignite instantly. I couldn’t help myself from climbing all over Steph and locking in a long passionate kiss. Both of our hands were wondering all over each others bodies. I could tell Steph was as horny as I was. She was squeezing my chest and ass like she was on a mission. She was definitely taking control as she rolled me on to my back. She stood up for a second just to peel off the maid outfit to stand before me in just the lingerie I had picked out.

Seeing it before me like this drove me even wilder. I looked her over quickly before she began to slide up onto me. Something was slightly different with her look but I had only a split second to take it all in. At this point I really didn’t care. She was on top of me peeling my dress down as well as freeing my massive rack. She took hold of one of my nipples in her hot mouth. She sent shivers down me as the sensation was amazing. She finally worked the dress completely off before again coming to lay down on top of me and playing and sucking on both of my sensitive tits and nipples. I reached and worked until I had freed her massive tits. Our massive racks mashed together like a giant sea of boob. She began to make her way higher on me I thought ‘okay, no problem she wants me to eat her out.’ But as she Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort finally rose high enough to have my face level with her crotch, I was struck with a hard object in the chin. I looked down to see her sexy panties forming a tent at her crotch.

“I wanted you to know what’s it’s like to try the real thing and not just a rubber toy,” Steph said. “Not to mention all those times we got dressed up, that sometimes I’ve thought about being the one that gets to fuck you for a change.”

As she said this she had reached down and pulled her panties aside to free her raging hard on. It had to be at least 9 inches long. It was probably one of the most perfect cocks I had ever seen. I didn’t need an invitation, I moved closer until the tip of it pressed against my lips. Never having done this before I just thought back to what I had always liked and enjoyed. I began swirling my tongue around the head while I took a hand and cupped her balls. Steph must have liked this because she kept trying to shove her cock deeper into my mouth. Finally I let her work her new piece of meat into my mouth. I started slowly at first gliding up and down the shaft. The odd moan escaped from her as I did. Meanwhile her hands had found their way behind her and began to squeeze and pinch at my nipples. A moan then escaped me as well. Steph must have really enjoyed the vibrations of the moan because she really began fucking my mouth. This went on for a while until I slid lower down the couch till I was laying across it.

Steph helped me slide down as she turned around on top of me and we were now both face to face with each others hot and horny sex. I didn’t waste anytime and picked up where I had just left off with her cock deep in my mouth. Steph too didn’t take long before licking away at my new found womanhood. The sensations were driving me wild as I could feel another orgasm coming on. I worked my mouth harder down her pole as she too licked, sucked and nibbled at my dripping snatch with vigor. I was first to break into a slithering moaning climax. My body couldn’t stay still as my orgasm overtook me. I thought at one point I was even seeing stars as I could feel it course through my entire body. I managed to keep Steph’s cock in my mouth the entire time, and as my climax calmed to an end Steph began thrusting harder as her cock began to erupt into my mouth. She shot her hot spunk down my throat and filled my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much was coming out of her. I tried to keep up with her loads but eventually lost some out the sides of my mouth and could feel it run down my cheeks. As hers came to an end I finally managed to empty my mouth and swallow down the last of her spunk before cleaning her shaft off one more time.

“That was great,” Steph said as she stood up beside me. “But your not done yet, follow me.”

I followed her orders and got myself off the couch and followed her down the hall to our bedroom. She went over to her closet and began to rummage around. She quickly turned back and handed me a piece of her sexiest lingerie.

“Here you put this on and freshen up,” as she handed it to me.

I could do nothing but take hold of it and obey. The sexual euphoria I was still caught in took hold of the piece and headed to the washroom. I began to put the sexy teddy on that I had bought her years ago but she seldom wore. I knew this piece quite well and as I fitted it into place I remembered that this was a crotchless piece. I stood before the mirror and inspected myself before heading back out. As I came into the room Steph was just putting the tablet back onto the bedside table. Not sure what she was up to, but as I laid eyes on that beautiful glistening cock it didn’t really matter. I crawled into the bed beside her and that’s when I went blank again. Just for a short moment this time. As I came to, I looked at her but noticed no change and I didn’t feel any different this time either. But as I began to lay on my back I could feel an enormous weight on my chest. I looked down to find she had made my tits even bigger. It was then that I could feel the teddy straining to hold all of my busty beauties inside. Steph began to run her hands over my stomach and tits as she moved closer and wrapped our tongues in a kiss.

It wasn’t long before my massive tits came free from the top of the teddy. They spilled and jiggled every which way. Steph took a nipple into her mouth and began to suck. I could feel tingles run up and down my spine, and a surge of excitement twitch in my wet pussy. She backed down my body climbed on top of me and slid her dick between my massive globes. She squeezed them together as she worked her dick back and forth. I turned my head down to take the tip of her cock into my mouth on the forward thrusts. She only stayed like this for a short time and had to turn her attention to my pussy. I could tell she couldn’t wait to sink her dick deep into me. She slid the length of her shaft along my waiting slit. The sensations were like nothing before. She just inched in at the start before slowly working her long shaft in till it was finally completely buried . The rubber cock I had used earlier did nothing compared to the real thing that was now buried to hilt inside me. Kadıköy Vip Escort She left it sit for a moment before starting to pull it back out. She did this for a few thrust’s just keeping a slow steady pace. But as the excitement grew the speed began to pick up. I could feel another pending orgasm already starting to build inside. She was thrusting so hard that my tits were bouncing all over the place.

I managed to take hold of one of my globes and guide my nipple to my mouth. I let out a moan as the sensations took hold. I couldn’t hold the nipple in my mouth any longer as moans of ecstasy took over. I couldn’t stop myself from doing it so I just used both my hands to work and play with my nipples. My pussy began to reach it limits as my climax took over. My pussy was clenching around the lubed shaft as it hammered away. I actually let out a squeal of delight as my whole body began convulsing as I had reached a climax like never before.

This must have triggered Steph’s orgasm as well because she really started to thrust long hard thrusts as she gave a grunt and I could feel her shooting her hot load deep inside of me. I could feel her hot spunk filling me up. But Steph really didn’t seem to be losing any stamina with her new appendage. She was still rock hard as she pulled out of my pussy. She reached to the nightstand and pulled the rubber dildo out and handed it to me. I immediately buried it into my soaked pussy.

She moved back to watch me sliding the rubber cock into my pussy and began working it in and out. She took hold of her cock and moved back in. This time instead of putting it into my pussy I could feel the pressure of her pushing against my anal bud. The juices that were flowing from my pussy were more than enough lube because within seconds her hard piece of meat were making their way inside. I could a feel a slight pain/discomfort as she worked it further in. It didn’t stop either of us though she just pressed on until my lower body was now stuffed full of some sort of cock. Again the sensations were driving me wild. Another louder moan escaped me. This time I really couldn’t stop, and the moans and squeals just kept coming louder and louder until I was almost at a scream as the two cocks were pounding away. It wasn’t long before Steph too began moaning and I knew her climax was coming.

“Fill me with your spunk baby,” was all I could muster out.

As if she were waiting for a cue, she gave another hard thrusts as her flood gates released and she began to fill my ass with her hot load of cum. I could feel it seeping out with each thrust as if I was filled to the limit. Steph pulled out for the last few spurts and aimed them onto my chest and face. I was covered in cum and I could feel it leaking out of most of my holes. I was in heaven. I felt like a slut that had served her purpose. Steph could do nothing but smile as she rolled over beside me as we both laid there panting, trying to catch our breath.

“Well that was fun,” Steph finally spoke. “I think we’re going to have some fun with this new toy.”

The new app was steadily used over the next couple weeks. I was actually getting quite a collection of lingerie and other sleazy outfits gathered for my new alter egos. Although each time I was a female persona much of my body took the same shape. I could tell that Steph enjoyed this because when it was her choice usually we swapped roles and I was female and her male.

“I was thinking we could have a party this weekend,” Steph announced.

“Sure,” I replied. It sort of came out of the blue while we were heading to bed one night. I didn’t really understand the sudden urge, but with the sly smile on her face she did have something in mind.

Leading up to the weekend Steph was often coming home from work with different bags. Some party supplies and some clothing. I still didn’t know what she had planned but she seemed very excited about it. I never looked in any of the bags and she tucked them away as she brought them in. Although the planned party was not going to be huge just more so a few of our friends. I was looking forward to it myself because I knew Steph had more up her sleeve than just an ordinary party.

Well it finally came the night of the party and Steph and I did the usual prep as we cleaned the house and got some snacks and munchies ready. Our friends began to show up around 7. All of our friends are couples so they showed up in pairs. Our house was filling up and we were all having a good time. We were drinking, chatting and just having good fun. With all the fun of course the chat’s are maybe starting to stretch the truth a bit but we were all still laughing it up. After a while of this I think some of our guests were starting to feel the effects of the drinks because they’re stories and jokes were becoming a little more crude with some dirty details. We all were laughing hysterically by now with the stories before Steph started into a story. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was telling them all about the app that I had found and what we have been up to. Of course no one was believing her but the group was laughing it up. I could tell Steph was getting a little sour that no one was taking her seriously. So I joined in and began on the story adding a little more. Finally we came to the end of our story and the crowd was almost in tears by this point. I had to refill my cup so I headed into the kitchen and poured myself another. Steph came strolling in the room and took my hand. Without a word she lead me to our bedroom. There laying on the bed was our tablet.

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