New Neighbors


I have lived with my wife in a new city for 20 years; three weeks ago one of our neighbors for those 20 years sold his house after he got divorced. I had always admired his wife, but had not talked much with her, and didn’t know there was any marital strife or I would have tried to find out if she wanted my help with “her marriage”. But I am SHY.

A new couple with an infant son moved in.

My wife Jan and I are over 65 now, the new couple seems to be under 30. Jan did meet them, but I had not until yesterday. Jan asked me to help her dig potatoes in the garden, and while we were doing that, our new neighbor Debby stopped by with her baby stroller. Cute baby… sleeping. I was introduced to her by Jan, and then the two women talked about the baby and cooking, and the garden… while I dug and dug. Jan told her our zip code was xxxxx, and she wrote it on one of the letters she was going to mail later. It was hot and I considered taking off my shirt but I guess I did not think I would impress anyone (except Jan, who would be annoyed at how uncouth I was, and am, and always will be).

So much for meeting the new neighbor, who was exactly the kind of woman I adore. She and Jan could have been sisters – or actually mother-daughter… or maybe grandmother-daughter? Wonderful smile, beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair that was beautiful but did not look like she spent a lot of time on getting it to look beautiful. Not a lot of make-up, maybe none? How would I know that. I appreciate feminine beauty, especially natural beauty, but have never really considered sexual involvement with someone very young.

Most hookers are young, but I have no interest in that kind of sex- I like the kind where I am providing pleasure and hookers get pleasure only from being paid.

However, the next time I was working in the garden alone, Debby stopped by (again with the stroller and sleeping baby). I told her Jan was out shopping but should be back soon. She told me that she had seen Jan drive off, and that she (Debby) was pretty sure I could help her with what she wanted.

She paused, maybe to see if I would consider a double entendre in her comment- but I did not (although I obviously do NOW). She asked if I could sharpen her garden clippers and I said sure- she had them in the stroller, and followed me to the garage where I have a workshop at the back.

She looked every bit as lovely as she had the day before, but was wearing less now- maybe because it was heating up late in the day. She had a T shirt without any bra, and enormous breasts, because she was breast feeding.

Her nipples were leaking a little so the T shirt was damp with milk around the nipples. Her short shorts had wide leg openings, and she had on flip flops.

I got out my file and she noticed that I had a grinding wheel and asked about it. I explained that if you use the grinding wheel for routine sharpening, you lose too much blade and need a new tool too soon.

She asked a lot of questions ABOUT aksaray escort ME, prefacing most of them with true statements (about me) that she must had been told by Jan. or someone? I am retired now, but she knew about my professional career, and some adventures I had…going all the way back to when I was younger than she was…which was 28, less than half my age, if she was telling the truth.

As I worked with the file, she had her hand on my back, mentioning how sweaty I was. This seemed strange and unusual, but was also very “nice”.

Then she sort of bent down and claiming to admire my powerful legs, she stroked my calf… which was nice but also really got my attention.

Believe it or not, I was “wondering” if this was some kind of invitation to touch her – what else could it be? Maybe she was just daft and went around touching men she barely knew? without expecting them to react?

She asked me if I would teach her how to sharpen the clipper herself, and I said I could… but that she could have me do it whenever she wanted since I was not working every day and had plenty of free time to help out. I explained I knew how much time a newborn baby takes.

She sat down on my garage chair, brought her feet up on the rung (it is an old barstool), and as her knees spread, I could see thru the wide leg openings that she did not have on panties, nor did she shave. She saw me looking and simply said, “It is way too hot for too much clothing, isn’t it?”

I handed her the clipper and she put it in the stroller, which was enough of a bump to wake up her baby (named Dwight). He started crying and she said it was time for his feeding… mumbled something about that and asked if the fan worked… it did… and would I turn it on… I did.

She sat down on my shop bar stool, spread her legs again… pulled up her T shirt and started feeding Dwight right there. “You don’t mind do you. It’s sort of boring and I thought I could keep talking to you while Dwight has lunch… he won’t mind.”

“Sure” was all I could manage. I sat on a box near her, and decided to find out if she was “for real” or just teasing me. I stroked the calf of her leg, which was up on the rung of the stool, and commented on how powerful her legs looked.

She explained that she had run track in college, but didn’t jog that much anymore. When I seemed to be mute, she added that her thighs were also “powerful”… “go ahead, feel them”. As my hand stroked and squeezed her thigh, she sort of gave a sigh… then explained that there was a sort of direct connection between her nipple and her …”you know”.

Then she told me: “Since I had the baby, Freddy (her husband, whom I had not met) seems to have lost all interest in me… I think he is worried about having another baby? Or maybe he thinks I am ruined- he almost fainted while watching the delivery when Dwight’s head came out. Or maybe he thinks my vagina will always be “that big” from now on.

I told him I am taking birth control pills, but I don’t think he trusts me, because he knows I want another baby.

When I could not think of any reply, she mentioned again how “nervous” she gets, and the breast feeding makes it even worse. I decided to be bold and asked: “Can’t you just masturbate?”

“Oh… no, that is just WRONG. I was taught that touching one’s self can lead to a warped personality, perversion and even insanity. I can’t do THAT.”

“Well”, I boldly asked, “Can’t you ask Freddy to help?”

“Oh, I do that all the time, but he thinks that sex should be his penis in my vagina, or maybe in my mouth or asshole- but since the baby it is never in my vagina! He helps himself a lot BUT NOT ME.” He says he asked his friends and NONE of them every kiss their wives or girlfriends where I want him to kiss me.”

I realized that I had opened the door for Debby to tell me way more than I had expected about her sex relations with her husband. Not that I would not enjoy hearing about that- I wasn’t getting any “relations” myself. And maybe I was developing a warped personality, perversion and insanity… because for sure I was masturbating regularly.

She continued, “I suck Freddy off every morning before he goes to work since the baby – he used to just fuck me fast… but now he won’t do that even though it might be enough for me.”

He fucks my ass if I let him, every night… but he won’t go down on me or even touch me sexually. He says that is just dirty, or that he doesn’t like the smell of my pussy. So he is getting what he wants, but I am … just nervous all the time. And this breast feeding doesn’t ever quite let me finish- I just get very very wet.

OK- she set me up. I looked down at her crotch, her legs still wide apart on the bar stool, and her furry pussy looking back at me. When I looked up at her eyes- she was looking right at me and said, “If you don’t believe me, there is a way to know I am telling the truth. Maybe I am stinky down there? I asked the doctor at my last check-up and he said I was normal.”

And even I am not so dense that I needed more than that. I slid my hand along her thigh and onto her fur, probed a little and soon had two fingers into her vagina, which was every bit as wet as she had claimed. She moaned gently.

“You are really TIGHT for just having a baby recently!”

“And you are really gentle, that feels great. Don’t stop.”

She smiled and then said “maybe that is because it is shrinking down from disuse”.

I used the wetness to work up around her clitoris, and around her labia, then back down to gently probe her tightness. She moaned again, but instead of saying “don’t stop”, she suggested “can you do that all again?”

When I did, she simply said, “That is perfect and maybe you could just keep doing that for a while?” I felt myself getting stiff and she noticed that- and suggested “maybe you could let your pal out to cool off while you help me.”

When I did not answer, she unzipped my shorts and deftly pulled down my jockey shorts and out flopped “my pal” and his friends.

“Oooo… don’t stop what you are doing… that is just about perfect.”

I continued, and soon she said… “right there and a little faster please”.

I enjoy helping, and although I have trouble following instructions exactly, I guess I followed them closely enough. I thought she was going to finish, but instead she asked, “Do you think my pussy smells bad?”

I tend to be too literal, and I must have assumed this was just an honest question because I removed my fingers from her cunt, and smelled them. What a heady aroma! So good that I wiped them on my upper lip, then licked them.

She was watching, and laughed as I said, “you smell AND TASTE fantastic”.

“Then could you kiss me down there?”

Her legs spread even wider and I soon had my lips and tongue busy sucking up her labia, and her clitoris, and licking everywhere as I gently probed back and forth in her vagina with my fingers- feeling her muscles tighten around my fingers and relax to let them in each time I probed. She was breathing faster and making little noises and I really expected her to orgasm. And the juice her husband rejected? I was wondering how to get a life-time supply of that. It had been so long I had forgotten how totally that scent takes over my brain.

A garage is not a really great place to have sex, especially not when your wife is out shopping and is not a slow shopper. The car turns into the driveway and I stood up pulled my fingers out of Debby, and wiped it on my shorts as I stuffed myself back into my shorts and CAREFULLY zipped up. I know better than to hurry that part – I had a college friend who ended up with several stitches from zipping up before he should have!

How much did Jan notice? Would she care if she did notice? I would soon find out. She got out of the car and said hello to Debby as Debby explained that I was sharpening her garden clippers. Jan noticed the baby feeding, but Debby’s breast was not really showing, and… she did not seem to think there was any problem (although I doubt Jan would have breast fed in front of ANYONE, not even her mother!).

Jan said, “I’ve got something in the kitchen to show you, Debby.”

To me she said, “Bring in the groceries… and you need to cool off… I’ve never seen your upper lip sweat so much!”

Debby and Jan talked a while, then Debby called goodbye to me… and when Jan was looking away, Debby pointed to her wrist and held up 3 fingers… which I interpreted as being a suggestion I come visit her at 3pm later that day.

(And Jan soon explained that she had a yoga class at 3:30pm but she would be home for dinner.).

So I am calmly waiting for 3pm to roll around… and by “calmly” I mean that I have jerked off twice already. And I showered. Every day is sort of the same. But often something different happens. Like today! Very different, and a new road, a new path, and a lot more pleasure seem to be ahead. I wonder how many other young women are in my zip code and would want to take advantage of me?

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