Names of Characters in this story are fictitious and any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


With my cock straining to get loose from my jeans, I looked forward to seeing him every noon hour. He’d eat his sandwich, some cookies and an apple, while looking in my sport-card shop window. By now, I felt like I knew him. And when he’d left, I’d fantasize him naked in the back room, moaning, ecstatically, and pressing my face into his thick, black, pubic hair. ‘Oh, yeah, man, get right down on my big, fat, uncut cock,’ he’d shout, and I’d obediently do everything he commanded.

The position of the sun, at that time of the day, permitted me to sit shaded and invisible while he was in the direct sunlight. It was a great opportunity for me to scope him mercilessly. His big cock, of course, was only a figment of my fantasy.

He was young, probably eighteen, or so and most probably straight. He was extremely cute, in a rough sort of way. Wearing a Montreal Canadians Hockey Club windbreaker gave him the appearance of a typical jock. I felt certain he was in great shape. About five foot ten inches tall, he had a very wiry, hundred and thirty pound body.

I was sitting behind the showcase, waiting for him to take his usual spot at the window, when he surprised me by actually coming inside. Acknowledging his presence, I then tried to ignore him, as I usually did with all customers, to let him leisurely look around. He came directly to the glass showcase where the most desirable hockey cards were displayed.

“Hi, if there’s anything you’d like me to take out of the showcase, don’t be shy to let me know, huh?” I said, hoping he couldn’t see how shook up he’d gotten me.

“Thanks,” he said, flashing a great smile. I stared, admiringly, at his gleaming teeth, wishing I could get my tongue between them. “I hope I’m not disturbing ya,” he said, then went on, “I’m a freak fer hockey cards but I can’t afford to buy them. I love lookin’ at them, though…yer sure I’m not botherin’ ya?”

“Of course not,” I assured him, “Lots of people come in just to look…You’re welcome anytime. An even if you can’t buy, I’ll be very happy to take cards outta the case for ya.”

“Wow! That’s awesome. Can I hold the Robby Gore card fer a minute?” He had a champagne taste, I thought. The Gore card was worth two thousand dollars.

“Sure,” I said, taking the card from the case and placing it reverently in his visibly, shaking hand.

“Mama mia.” he said, wide-eyed, as he minutely examined both sides of the plastic, encased card. “I never thought I’d ever get to actually have this card in my hand, mama mia,” he repeated. It was unreal, he was breathing hard because of a hockey card. He turned it over and over, repeatedly. “How much is it worth?”

“It lists for twenty-five hundred.”

“Twenty-five hundred bucks,” he repeated, so softly that it seemed to be meant only for his ears. “Imagine…ya coulda got this with a five cent pack a gum. Hey,” he said, glancing at the clock and handing back the card, “I gotta go. Would it be okay fer me to come back?”

“Sure, yer welcome anytime…Bye the way, what’s yer name, I’m Russell O’Brien, but everybody calls me Russ,” I said, offering my hand.

“My name’s Nico, Nico Ciccone…I gotta get back to school. See ya, Russ.”

“Ya betcha, Nico.”

I was now even more enamored of Nico, even though I was sure he was straight. Close up, he was much better looking than I’d thought and he had a very sexy voice. This new knowledge would allow me to have fantasies that would be closer to reality. I was like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, thinking tomorrow would never come. The name, Nico Ciccone, was like a beautiful melody you can’t stop humming.

“You’re right on time, Nico. I’ve been wondering,” I said, even before he was completely in the door.

“Hi, ya, Russ. What’re wonderin’ about?”

“How come ya didn’t bring yer lunch, yesterday”

“I ate it at school…I didn’t think you’da wanned me to eat it in the store.” he explained.

“Don’t worry about it, Nico, it’s okay…What do wanna hold in yer hot, little hand today?” I asked, laughing.

“I’d love to touch the Grendy, if it’s okay. I been dreamin’ about it…I’d love to have both the Gore and the Grendy standin’ on my bureau.” Nico said, wistfully. I handed the Grendy to him and his expression became one of awe; he was holding the “Holy Grail.”

“Where do you go to school, Nico?” I loved to say his name. “Is it here, in the Gay Village?”

“Where’s the Gay Village?” He asked, a bewildered look on his face.

“Well, right here, this is just on the fringe. Don’t guys, around here, ever try to pick ya up, Nico?”

“I don’t know, at least, I never noticed. Do you think I look Gay, Russ?

“No, but that wouldn’t matter.”

“I didn’t know this was The Gay Village, fact I never even heard of it…I only go to the school in the morning, then after, I go right home. So I don’t know the area. I go to the Tech school just down the street.”

“Oh, kayseri escort yeah, I know where it is. What’re you studying?”

“It’s a auto mechanics course…This Grendy card is really beautiful.”

“You have expensive tastes in hockey cards, huh, not many can afford those cards, unfortunately…What do you do for excitement besides school?”

“Nuthin’ really, ya can’t do much if ya don’t have dough to spend. Sometimes I go to my girlfriend’s house, or she comes to mine. We watch T.V. sometimes, but mostly I’m studyin.”

“Does your girlfriend often have the house to herself so you get a chance to be alone?” His answer to that could be revealing.

“Naw, it’s impossible fer us to ever have any privacy…My parents are always at home, too. Sometimes I get the car, but it’s not very often.”

“That sounds petty rough, Nico,” I said, sympathetically, “A cute, young stud, like you, has to get some happiness, once in a while.”

“Ya, I know, even when I have the car, though, it doesn’t make any difference…’Nico, I don’ wanna do it in the car. I wish y’ad stop askin me’ she says all the time.”

“Maybe ya should start lookin’ around fer a new one, Nico, it’s not right fer ya to have to go without even the simplest necessities.”

“Ya, Russ, I been thinkin’ about dumpin’ her but it ain’t easy to do.”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause her parents and mine came over on the boat together an’, like, they seem to think we have to marry…just cause they left The Old Country together.”

“When you’re out in the car did y’ever ask her to, kinda, give yer willie a little kiss?” I asked, laughing.

“Fuck no, she won’t even let me put my tongue in ‘er mouth.”

“Nico, ya gotta get rid of her, she’s a prize dummy. I’d a thought she’d be dyin’ to suck ya off…what a nutbar.” I knew where Nico could get the best blow-job in town. “I gotta go now, Russ, but I’d like to come by again tomorrow. Are ya sure ya don’t mind, like, I don’t wanna be a pest…It’s gonna be years before I’ll have money for cards.”

“Can’t you find a part-time job and make a little dough fer yerself?”

“Naw, my dad freaks out anytime I talk about getting a job. He says he’s spendin’ a lot of money for me to learn somethin’ useful an’ he don’t want me to neglect my studyin’…Maybe you got some ideas on that, Russ.”

“I’ll see if I can think of something, Nico.”

“Okay, see ya tomorrow, ciao.”

“Ciao, facci bello bambino.”

“Hey, man, where’d ya learn to speak Italian, d’ya know what ya said?”

“Sure. I said, ‘So long good-looking baby’, I called the Italian radio station to ask them for the translation.”

“D’ya really think I’m a good-looking baby?”

“I don’t tell lies.” I said, laughing.

“Ciao, Niko said.” He was laughing as the door closed behind him.

Nico seemed genuinely pleased with what I’d said to him, and that caused me to wonder if his need to be close to someone might be even stronger than his need for hockey cards. By this time, he was spending much more time with me than with his girlfriend. She was of no use to him, whatever; at least, not in the way that counted. Somehow, I was talking myself into being a father figure for him. My aspiration had been only to get into bed with him; and that was what I still wanted but I had to decide whether I wanted to con him or just be his friend. Of course, there was no reason why a guy couldn’t have sex with his friend, was there.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, my bambino is back,” I said, smiling widely, “come sta lei?”

“Sono bene, you, too?”

“Yep. You ready to say hello to your friends?” I asked, opening the showcase.

“Yeah, I wanna hold some that I’ll be able to buy as soon I start getting tips for fixin’ some rich dude’s Ferrari,” he said, smiling directly at me. He separated three cards from the group. “These are kool,” he said, desirously, “How much y’askin’ fer these?”

“The three of them come to sixty-five dollars,” I reluctantly told him, knowing they were way beyond his reach.

“Oh, wow,” Nico sighed, “The three of them, standing together on my bureau, would be too awesome.”

“Would it help ya, Nico, if I was to tell ya, ya can have the three for fifty-two dollars?”

“That’s real good fer ya to cut yer price like that but there just ain’t no way I can find that kinda dough,” he said, dejectedly. I thought I might have to wrench them out of his hands.

“Nico,” I said, hesitatingly, “Nico, there might be a way, like, a way ya could own the cards in a, sorta, short time, ya know.”

“Oh, mama mia, how?” Possibly, again envisaging the three cards lined up on his bureau, his eyes widened.

“Nico, I certainly don’t wanna make ya uncomfortable, ya know, an’ it’s a real difficult thing fer me to ask you…” I had figure out how to put the question to him.

“Hey, man, ya got my stomach jumpin’ all over the place, just ask!”

“Have y’ever let a guy suck yer cock?”

“Naw, nobody ever sucked my cock. Why y’askin’ me that…Are you gay, Russ?”

“Ya, Nico, I hope it doesn’t change anything. like, I mean, ya can still come to see the cards, huh?”

“Don’t make no difference to me if yer gay, Russ, I don’t I care about that. I’m only waitin’ to hear how I can get the cards.” I thought Nico would have understood what I had in mind, but he had absolutely no inkling. He was terribly naive, I thought.

“It’s simple,” I said, having decided I’d put my cards on the table, “Anytime I suck yer cock, I give ya a credit of twenty-five dollars.”

“Aww, I wouldn’ be able to do that, Russ…I just wouldn’ feel good, doin’ that. Anyways, my dick probably wouldn’ even get hard enough to do it…Naw, it wouldn’ work.”

“As far as feelin’ good about it, Nico, only you and I would know…Ya could, sorta, look at it like it was a job, a job t’earn money fer the cards ya want so badly…Ya wouldn’t even have to admit to yourself that you enjoyed it.”

“Aw, Russ, I like ya, it ain’t that I don’t, It’s just that I don’t feel good about doin’ that.”

“Ya know what, Nico, I’m awfully sorry I even thought of somethin’ so dumb. You’re right, bambino, I wouldn’ feel good about it, either. Let’s try to find some other way fer ya to get cards, okay” I gambled on my instinct. Nico had come so close to a solution that it would be impossible for him to let it all slip away. I’d need a crowbar to pry those cards out of his hand.

“What if I couldn’t get my dick hard, Russ, that’s what bothers me the most…Would that matter to you?”

“Ya, Nico, it’s kinda important that ya cum. I thought ya might like to give it a try to see how it goes. If ya can’t get hard, an’ I don’t think, for one moment, that you won’t, I’d still give ya yer twenty-five dollar credit for any card ya’d want. Ya really got nothin’ to lose, Nico.” I told him.

“Aw, shit, Russ, talk me into into it, please.”

“I can’t understand why yer hesitating, Nico, it’s a fantastic opportunity fer ya. We could keep a record for each time we do it. We’d add twenty-five dollars to your account, and when you have enough credits fer a card, ya can take it home. Just think about it, Nico, you’d have a job that pays more than twenty- five dollars an hour, an’ it most likely wouldn’ even take an hour. And besides, the work is fun…all you gotta do is open yer pants an’ take yer cock out. What could be easier?”

“But, ya know, Russ, If my dick won’t get hard, like, on the first try, it could only mean maybe I’m nervous. The next time it might work, d’ya think, maybe?”

“That’s a possibility. Why don’t we just try it. Then, see where we go.”

“Okay…ya wanna suck me, tomorrow, Russ?”

“Yeah, I guess ya don’t have enough time, today, huh?”

“Naw, too bad. I wish I could skip school, this afternoon, but my dad would kill me if he found out.”

“Okay, Bambino, preposizione fino a domani, ciao.”

“Ciao, Russ, until tomorrow.”

I was very pleasantly surprised when the freshly-scrubbed and beaming Nico arrived one hour earlier than usual. My surprise, clearing showing on my face, he told me, “I snuck out early,” he said, grinning, I thought it might take a little longer than usual, today…I broke off with my girlfriend, last night,” he said, grinning guiltily. “Ya won’t believe it Russ. We had my dad’s car and she decided we should find a good parking spot. Can y’imagine, she finally wanted to fuck with me, an when I told her it was too late she freaked out. She accused me of fuckin’ around with somebody else an’ said she don’ wanna see me no more. I couldn’ fuck her, Russ, not with what I had to do today, an’ I didn’ even jerk off just so It might be better fer me, today. Ya know, like fer gettin’ my dick up.”

“Hey, it’s all good then huh…wha’d’ya wanna do first, pick out cards, or get your dick sucked?”

“I think it’d be best to earn my first credit, first. Where do we do it, Russ?”

“I’ll Just put a note in the window and lock the door.”

Once in the back room, I asked him, “Ya wanna take your windbreaker off and throw it on the chair, Nico?”

“Naw, I’m okay with it,” he said.

“But you’ll feel more comfortable without it.”

‘Naw, it’s alright like this,” he insisted.

“Okay, whatever ya say. Why don’t ya take off your pants,?” I asked, motioning him to the cot.

“Naw, this is okay, Russ,” he said, standing against the wall. It appeared that Nico had no intention of enjoying any of this. At least, he was certainly not going to display any emotions. I crouched to open his belt buckle but he covered it with his hand, wordlessly letting me know he didn’t want me to open his pants. He did,allow me, however, to drop the zipper and fish out his cock.

“It’ll go a lot better if ya drop yer jeans, Nico,” I told him.

“Naw, it’s okay, you can do it like this.” His reply was with such finality that I knew I wasn’t going to get him to relent on that point. “It ain’t gonna work ya know, Russ, I’m sure it aint.” If it had been anyone but Nico It would never have gone this far. I wanted his cock badly; and I’d spent too much time setting him up, I had to see it through. He had a truly beautiful cock with a full foreskin. I held the soft beauty and nibbled the silky overhanging skin. Carefully stretching it, I slowly, and lightly swirled my tongue around his dick head. Nico reacted to nothing. I held his dick at the tip and eased enough of his foreskin back that a small portion of his knob was visible. Then, dribbling saliva into the well, until it was filled, I gently and slowly licked around it, frequently changing the swirling direction. There was a noticeable growth taking place. Encouraged now, I placed a very wet and noisy kiss on the tip of his cock head. Slipping my tongue through my lips, I flicked it lightly, but gently, across the pee slit. Finally, Nico was fully erect.

The large knob had finally exited its cocoon and was, I hoped, looking for another warm place. My mouth took it in and slowly descended until my face was pressed against his jeans. As I pulled back and looked up at him. His eyes, as well as his lips were tightly closed. Nico was fighting doggedly to remain silent as his load blasted into my mouth. Nico, I determined, had tremendous willpower to enjoy such ecstasy without showing any emotion. I got a paper towel to clean up his cum-covered cock but he took it from me to do it himself. “Wha’ happened to my cum,” he asked, looking around the floor as he zipped himself.

“I swallowed it, Nico, and it was delicious.”

“Did ya honestly find it was delicious, I never tasted it. Ya didn’t swallow it though, like for real?”

“Sure I did, otherwise it’d be on the floor, no?”…Come up front when yer ready, okay?”

And so, Nico went on taking cards and building credits. He just kept on coming and cumming. However, I’m happy to say that things had gradually improved. He eventually gave in to my never-ending cajoling and allowed me to lower his jeans and underwear; he even, though unenthusiastically, let me squeeze one of his cute bubbles. A great deal of progress had been made but there was still plenty of room for improvement.

“Ya know what I’d like to see, Nico?” I asked him, smiling.

“What?” He asked, knowing he was probably going to say no.

“I’d love to see the rest of your fantastic body. Why don’t ya get naked and lie on the cot?”

“Aw, no, Russ, I don’ wanna do that.”

“Did that girl you used to hang with get to see you without clothes?”

“Yeah, so what’s that got to do with anythin’?”

“Well, if you were comfortable with her, like, being naked, ya shouldn’t be uncomfortable with me. After all, I’ll appreciate your incredible, muscular body,” I told him; and it was true. I couldn’t figure out where he kept his food; he had hardly any stomach at all.

“And what makes ya think she didn’t?”

“She didn’t wanna fuck with ya in the car, even though ya had nowhere else to do it…You know, Nico, I’d fuck with ya anywhere you wanted.”

“If I take everything off, exceptin’ my T-shirt and lie on the bed, then will ya quit askin’ me to get naked?”

“Nico, I swear on my Robby rookie card,” I said, grinning widely. I wished I could kiss him, he was so cute. He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his Nikes but I beat him too it. I pulled the sneakers off, followed by his socks. Then I pushed him back on the bed and grabbing both legs of his jeans, I yanked them off. His underwear followed. Finally, I had Nico nearly naked and stretched out on the bed; his cock was standing straight up, a far cry from earlier encounters.

In a nano second I was kneeling on the floor, between Nico’s legs, and for the first time, I had his balls bouncing in my hand. When he tried to get my hand away from his nuts, I stood up, grabbed him roughly by the arm, and rolled him onto his stomach. The sound of my hand slapping down on his bubble-butt must’ve peeled out over the entire Gay Village.

“What the fuck’re ya doin’?” He shouted, as my hand prints began developing in a brilliant red on his creamy-white butt.

“Yer actin’ like a spoiled Brat, Nico,” I shouted at him, threating to give him some more. then I planted a juicy, noisy kiss where I’d slapped him. Afterwards, when I separated his buns, he made no attempt to stop me. I could’ve done anything I wanted with Nico, now.

His ass jumped when my tongue found his hole. I kept pressing against it, enjoying the reaction of his sphincter muscle . There was a brief moan, indicating for me that he wanted me to continue pushing my tongue into him. I could tell, but he still couldn’t admit, even to himself, that he relished what had been happening. I was amazed by the effectiveness of a few good slaps on the ass. Continually applying saliva, I licked up and down his ass crack.

I raised his abdomen slightly to grab his cock and balls to pull them toward me. Once more, I licked down the crack to suck one of his balls into my mouth. The balls I’d been denied to touch with my hand were now, one by one, being sucked and bounced around in my mouth. I slurped the large knob that lay in front of me. Jiggling my tongue on his piss hole excited him immensely. His body had stiffened and he was breathing hard. I heard his soft moan.

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