Nightly Walks


It’s Friday night, and they’re walking around a small secluded campground. Full of trees and wild animals. He’s wearing nothing but a long coat to cover the naughty assemble underneath. His asshole was stuffed with two vibrating eggs, and his largest butt plug was four inches wide in girth and seven inches long with four prominent ridges along the shaft. The base of his cock and balls were being tightly squeezed by a dual cock ring enhancer a size smaller for his girth. The cock-ring was covered in small bumps like mini bubble wraps throughout the ring for maximum pleasure, with a remote controller to increase stimulation.He was trying to walk casually with a boner poking his coat outward, creating a wet spot on the coat where his slit is. His legs grew weaker from the gratification this walk was giving him. Every movement caused his hole to tighten around the butt plug. Sex hikayeleri The harder he became, the more his cock and balls would hurt as the cock ring gripped tightly around them.The trail eventually opened to an ample open space with boulders and a stream ahead of them. The sky was completely covered with stars that cascaded light on them. She loved seeing his submission and willingness to comply with her every whim.”Take it off.””Yes, Mistress.”He takes the coat off, and his body is immediately covered in goosebumps as the cold air passes through his figure. She sits on a boulder that has a slightly flat surface to admire the vision before her eyes.”Kneel.””Yes, Mistress.”She turns on both the cock-ring and the butt plug vibrator on max. His body jolts forwards as he moans and writhes in uncontrollable bliss. Not caring if anyone would hear or Sikiş hikayeleri come by, he moans louder as his orgasm builds.”Mistress, please, can I cum?”She chuckles at his request. There’s no way he can cum with the cock-ring on, but she decides to encourage him to try anyways.”Yes, Slut, come as much as you’d like. Crawl over there towards that stream for me and look down at your reflection.””Ahh, yes, thank you so much, Mistress.”He crawls towards the stream, feeling every wave of vibrations. He felt hot and inflamed when he reached the stream and saw his reflection—letting the orgasm build while his ass shook. He could feel his climax nearing, but he couldn’t cum to completion. Nearly twenty minutes have passed, and he’s still trying. She watches him moving his hips vigorously as if he is fucking someone. His frustration is compiling atop his Erotik hikaye desire to cum.”Arghhh, Mistress, please…can you help me? I can’t seem to cum.”She smiles at his plea and strides over toward him. She starts to fuck him with his butt plug forcefully. Every impact causes the eggs inside him to push further inside of him. This starts to hurt him as the uncharted depth of his asshole is being penetrated and tortured. He’s screaming and moaning. All this was arousing him. His cock was dripping pre-cum uncontrollably.”If you can’t cum from this after all I’ve done to help you, then be prepared for punishment, Slut. I’m going to count to ten. If you don’t cum by then, I will let you sleep out here tonight. I’ll tell my friends where they can find you and have their way with you all night.”Just those words made him feel so unimaginably good. He hated the idea of succumbing to anyone other than his mistress. But the idea of being punished by her was so sexy to him. All this was edging him on. He was on the brink. She was fucking him hard and fast as she slowly began to count.”One.” He moans.”Two.” He whimpers.”Three.”

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