She gets up from the chair where she has been seated all evening, drumming away at the computer keys and walks softly to her bedroom. The night outside is warm with a soft air moving through the open window. The thin curtains are pulled across the window to afford her some privacy as she begins to undress. She grabs the hem of her shirt and pulls it over her head. Her breasts, their fullness overflowing the encasement of her bra, are a sight to behold. That soft, delicious-looking skin looks ripe and ready to be squeezed. She unfastens the button on her jeans and glides the zipper down. She nestles her ass against the side of the bed, facing the window, and slides them off her hips. The black silk panties are cut high on the sides, revealing the flesh of her legs and hips. The jeans are soon gone from view, but she bends over to slip them off her feet, turning her luscious ass toward the window. The silk gives way at her movement and pulls together in the valley of her ass. Her hand instantly goes to tug it free, but lingers a moment Sex hikayeleri to pull the material up tighter. She lets out a gasp as it grips her clit and splits her lips. She brings both hands up to the center of her back to unclasp her bra and her flesh bounces free. As the bra drops to the floor, her hands glide over her skin, cupping her breasts, lifting them higher and squeezing them together causing her to let out a soft moan. She cannot wait for her entire body to be free of restriction and her fingers are soon under the waistband of her panties, pushing them down, down, down. She strokes the smoothness of her stomach and lets her hand slide to her pussy. She presses the flatness of her palm against her clit and gives a gentle squeeze. At that moment, a puff of wind causes the curtains to flutter, fully exposing her to his strained, hungry eyes.

She cannot see him for the darkness that shrouds him, but in his haste to remain hidden, he jumps backward, sending a flower pot toppling over with a loud crash. Sikiş hikayeleri She hears the noise outside and pulls back the curtain to see what caused it. Seeing nothing unusual, she turns toward the full-length mirror and begins caressing her body once more. As she strokes herself, he cannot resist freeing the raging hard-on that is trapped in his pants. He takes his cock in his hand and strokes it rapidly – mentally fucking the woman behind the curtain. “Stroke it for me, baby!” she raspily whispers. He is shocked to see her standing before him…outside in the darkness…and freezes. “I said stroke it. No need to stop now. I love to watch a cock strain and grow with desire. Here, maybe this will help,” she said and she props herself up on a nearby table, opens her legs and plunges a couple of fingers into her hot pussy. He doesn’t hesitate another second. He resumes his stroking as he watches her. “See my hot pussy? Can you smell my scent from over there?” He keeps stroking and nods. “Oooh, just think about how Erotik hikaye good it would feel to sink that hard cock of yours into my wet pussy. Yeah, it’s sooo hot. See, I would spread my legs far apart, just like this, so you could sink it deep, then you could fuck me hard, plunging it again and again as far in as you want.” He is ready to lose it all over the deck, but manages to control the urge. “Come closer to me and really stroke that thing,” she says breathing harder. He moves to stand in front of her still stroking away and catches the full force of her scent. She is rapidly plunging two fingers into her pussy and has slipped another into her ass. She is wriggling on the table, rocking it noisily and moaning louder and louder. She explodes in orgasmic bliss just before he shoots his hot cum over her exposed flesh. He lets out a strangled groan as he continues to pump his shaft until he has given her all he’s got. The moon breaks free of it’s cloud cover and brightly reflects on the shimmering cum that coats her. In the moonlight, they can now see each other’s faces clearly. She smiles and says, “Home early tonight, huh?” He replies, “Yeah, I couldn’t resist!” They walk back into the house together and continue long into the night.

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