Nikki Comes to Life Ch. 02


“Ann, do we REALLY have to go in there?”

“Yes we do. You aren’t wearing my clothes anymore!”

Slowly I got out of the car. Before me stood a huge shoe outlet. Ann, seeing my hesitation, grabbed me by the hand and pulled toward the door.

“Don’t worry I won’t embarrass you. Much…”

Inside the place was a mad house. Women were shoulder to shoulder, grabbing boxes and trying on shoes in every corner.

“See anything you like?” Ann asked.

I scanned the walls and shelves. I spied a pair of black shiny knee boots with a pointy toe and a 4″ stiletto heel.

Seeing my gaze, Ann walked right up to them. “I should have guessed.” she said with a smirk.

She pulled down a box and opened it for my inspection. I touched the smooth, shiny leather. “Let’s see if they fit.” Ann said.

“Here.. me?” I gasped. She giggled and sat down. “No, I wouldn’t do that to you! I’ll just get them a size bigger.”

Ann slipped into them, and stood. They looked amazing! She strutted around for me. I felt a tingle for my crotch. I wanted to wear them!

“We’ll get these I think!” Ann exclaimed.

We continued in the shoe store for another hour. By the time we left, I had 7 pairs of new shoes.

“Happy?” Ann asked. I was in heaven. ” Yes, very much so!” I replied as I loaded the bags into the car.

“Good! Time for our next stop!” she as she slid behind the wheel. “

I asked where we were going but just smiled as she put the car in gear. “You’ll see, Nikki.”

Nikki. She called me by my girl name. It felt strange but exciting at the same time.

We soon came to a small lingerie shop. It was a very plain building with a little awning. We walked in and the place was empty.

I had heard that they catered to the CD/TV crowd but I had never had the nerve to go in before.

Shoes, dresses, toys, wigs it was all here.

A small woman in early 40s emerged from the back. She smiled at us. “Hi. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.”

“Actual” Ann started ” we do need some help.”

I looked toward the ceiling.

“My friend here needs some new clothes and thought this might be the right spot.”

The saleswoman looked me up and down and smiled. “I think we can help! About a size 10, dear?”

“8 to 10 I think” Ann replied for me. I was sure I was 20 shades of red by now.

Ann started pulling clothes off the rack and holding them up to me.

“Anything you like here? Not slutty enough, huh?”

I stammered an answer in my quietest voice I could.

“The black latex dress on the wall.”

Ann looked up at the dress. It was black with long sleeves and a high collar and just above the knee in length. Just looking at got me excited.

“Mmm nice choice. You do love that latex don’t you? And look. It’s your size!” Ann stated.

This went on for another 2 hours and when finally left we each had 2 bags per hand.

As put my treasures in the car, Ann stopped. “I forgot something inside. I’ll be right back.” She spun on her heel and ran back in the store. I sat in the car as I waited for her.

What have I done? This isn’t me… is it? Dressing alone for fun is one thing but now somebody knows my secret. And I never had thought about men when I dressed before. I felt dirty. Wickedly dirty and it felt good.

Ann hopped in the car with one more bag. “What’s in the bag?” I asked.

“Just a little something for me I saw in there while we were shopping.” I put istanbul escort it out of my mind as we drove back the house.

As we pulled up, Ann looked at me. “Take all this stuff inside and I’ll be back in a while. I need to run some errands I forgot about. And no dressing up while I’m gone! I mean it.”

I smiled ” Of course not.”

Ann pulled away as I dropped the last bag inside. What a load!

I made a myself a drink and began to look at what we had got.

I slipped on a pair of 4″ heeled black pumps and walked around, constantly looking at my feet. I loved the way they looked. I continued to try on my new shoes. I guess quite some time had passed when

I heard the door open. Ann came in with another bag!

” I thought I said not to dress up?”

“Just a pair of shoes. What do you think?” I asked as I spun on my heel.

“Very nice! Want see what else I got?”

Ann tossed the bag at me. I knew the name on the bag. Ann worked at a high end lingerie store at one time and still got her discount.

I peered inside and couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was full of bras, panties and stockings. Ann grabbed the bag from me and reached inside. She smiled at me as she pulled out a small pink box.

‘You’ll need these.”

I opened the box and there staring back at me were perfect little titties, nipples and all.

“Now you can fill out your bra!” she laughed. I could feel myself turning red.

“Now you get dressed, and we can have some fun tonite.”

Without a word I gathered up the bags and hurried toward the bedroom.

I was still smooth from the night before so I didn’t need to shave.

I ran my hands over all the things. My head was spinning and didn’t know where to start but not for long.

I slipped on a pair of seamed stockings. So smooth and silky! I snapped them into a black garter belt. I was starting to feel very girly all of the sudden.

Next came a black silky gaff. With my clitty safely tucked away, I put on a black bra and slipped my new titties in. They were cold at first but soon warmed up. They moved with me as I moved. I was mesmerized!

Just as I was trying to figure what to wear on top of my new outfit, Ann came in with her hands behind her back.

“My, my, you are hot! I have one more a little something for you.” She pulled her hand out and she held out a black corset! I felt light headed. I always dreamed of trying one on and now it was going to happen.

She placed on me and started to draw the laces. Tighter and tight she pulled. I could barely breath.

“There. Now you have some curves.” Ann exclaimed.

“Wow… Are they supposed to be this tight?” I squeaked.

“Oh yes! How else are we supposed to keep everything in place? Now what are you going to put on?”

I spied the black latex dress and reached for it. Ann shook her head.

“You’ll be sweating in 5 minutes. Try this instead. She handed me a black leather mini skirt and a white button up blouse. I slipped into the outfit. I was started to get the tingling feeling again. Ann wrapped a wide black belt around my waist. “Perfect! Now let’s do your make up!”

I sat down and she went work like the night before. Soon I was gazing at an attractive woman in the mirror again. I put my feet into those knee boots and zipped them up. Incredible!

Ann reached into her closet as I put my boots on and drew out a auburn wig. She placed it on my head and flipped the escort bayan bangs around.

“Ta da! Stand up and let me see you, my dear.”

I stood and looked in the mirror with Ann behind me. I didn’t know who I was! Two quick squirts of Chanel and I was ready.

” Let’s have that drink now” Ann exclaimed as she slapped my leather clad ass.

We sat and had a few drinks, chatting like girlfriends. I was soon buzzed as was she.

” So what do you think of the new you?” Ann asked.

I thought about it for a moment and looked at her. ” I like it.”

“I thought you would. If your friends could see you now.” she laughed.

That statement sent chills down my back. I looked at the floor.

“Oh relax. I would never tell.” Ann leaned and kissed me.

“And even if I did tell, nobody would believe me anyways.” she said.

“Ann, don’t scare me.” I said sheeply.

“Ok, ok. No telling. I got an idea! How about we go out tonight? It’ll be fun!” Ann said junping to her feet.

I was drunk but not that drunk.

“Oh no. This is for here and here only!” I exclaimed.

“I thought you wanted men to look at you? And you look so hot right now! You’ll get a man in a second”

“Maybe I don’t want a man!” I was looking at my pointy boots now.

“I don’t believe you!”

“I… I don’t know…”

“Even I think look hot and I don’t really like women that way.” Ann leaned and kissed me again. “You think about going out while I change.”

I sat there, nursing my cocktail as Ann changed. The thought of going was exciting but the fear of getting found out was over powering.

I looked up as I heard Ann coming down the hall. My mouth fell open when I saw her. She had put on a suit of mine. Her hair was slicked back and she even was wearing my oxfords.

“Seeing you won’t go to find a man, this man came to find you!” she said in a husky voice. Ann leaned and kissed me firmly.

I returned the kiss. Our tongues met and explored each other. She pulled me closer to her and started to run her hands up my skirt.

“Nikki, I want to fuck you.” Ann breathed into my ear. I moaned ever so slightly. She ran her hands along my thighs and I shook with fear and desire. Ann stood up in front of me.

I ran my hands up and down her legs. She let a little gasp go as I got closer to her crotch with each stroke. My hand touched something under her pants. I stopped and looked up.

Ann smiled and pulled my hands up. It felt like a cock!


She undid her pants and the most realistic dildo fell out. I tugged her pants down to reveal it was attached to a black leather harness.

“Oh my god.. when?”

“When I ran back inside. Kiss my cock Nikki. I think you should practice.”

I kissed the tip and licked the head. I opened my mouth and took it in as Ann grabbed the back of my head. It barely fit in my mouth.

” That’s it. Suck it good. I want you to make me cum!”

I stroked the shaft of the rubber monster in my mouth with one hand as I played with her pussy with the other. Ann was fucking my face as she bucked back and forth on my fingers.

“Oh god baby! You’re great cocksucker! Any guy would love you.”

The words alone turned me on.

Ann started to shake and grip my hand with her pussy. She screamed softly and her knees buckled.

She pulled away from me and sat down again next to me, trying to catch her breath.

“Oh Nikki, you’re good!”

Ann Maltepe escort leaned in and kissed me again. She pushed me down gently on to my back on the couch.

“Now how about that fuck?” She slid in between my legs and lowered herself on to me. She pushed my legs up and I could feel the dildo just touching my love hole. It felt huge, far bigger than the the one from last night.

“Ann, I think it’s too big.”

“Well, Nikki, when you pick up a guy, you can’t see how big his cock is before you get home. You want to feel like a woman and now you will.”

Ann started to kiss me roughly now. She grabbed my face and kissed me hard.

“And you are gonna like it, whore.” Ann snapped.

She took one hand and pulled my gaff to the side. She started to stab at me with her strap on. I tried to squrim away but it was no use. Ann pulled out a small tube of lube and greased my ass up.

“Ok baby… now take it.” Ann steered her new cock in to me. I tightened up instantly. “Relax, bitch or it will really hurt! You know you want it.”

I started to cry as she pushed further. I could feel tears welling up but I bit my lip.

“Shhh.. It won’t hurt for long.”

She remained still for a moment and the pain was slowly replaced with pleasure. She began to pump my hole ever so slowly. It really did start to feel really good.

Ann took my head in her hand and looked my in the eyes as she fucked my poor ass.

“You’re so fucking hot! I can’t wait to see you get your first guy! He’ll be one lucky man!”

I moaned in approval. I suddenly wanted to have a real cock. Have a man on me, fucking me, calling me his girl.

“You want a real cock don’t you. Don’t fight it Nikki.”

I started to grind against Ann as she slammed into me. I wrapped my legs around her like she had done to me so many times. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me.

It was the most intense sex I had ever had! Here I was all dressed up, stiletto boots in there air while my long finger nails dug into Ann’s ass. I was out of control and I was loving it.

“God yes.. I want a real cock in my pussy!” I panted.

Just then Ann stopped fucking me and pulled out.

“What? Are we done?” I asked.

“No, not yet, baby.”

She moved back and laid down on the floor. “Come here, Nikki. I want you to ride me” Ann whispered.

I rose up and stood over her, looking down at her huge fake cock. I hiked my leather skirt as I lowered myself down to her and felt the dildo enter me again with some guidance from Ann. It felt different being on top. Ann latched on to my hips and pulled me all the way down. I let out a small cry of pleasure and began to grid on her love toy.

“Oh you slut! You love cock!”

Ann kneaded my titties as I rode her for all I was worth. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a man I was fucking. A hot stud I had picked up at a bar.

“Mmm… god, your cock feels so good, baby!” I groaned.

Ann pumped harder as I rode and she started to moan. She was going to climax again. I reached behind me and began to play with her soaking wet pussy as we started to move in perfect rhythm. We both let out loud moans as Ann came. I fell on to Ann and I felt something warm on my belly. I slipped my hand in between us and found that I had came in my panties without ever touching myself.

“I knew you would love it!”

We cleaned up and spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms.

We spent the next few months playing dress up on the weekends, just the two of us.

Soon, a new business opportunity came up and we moved to a new city in a different state.

Then things started to get real interesting!

Tune in for the next adventure of Nikki.

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