Not Too Late


This is a little story I’ve had in my head for the past few days. Not related in any way to my other stories even though I use the same names.


Miles woke with a start as the alarm went off on his phone. “Ugh school all ready.” Groggily he picked up his mobile and hit dismiss. Subconsciously he gazed at the date, October 12th read the display. Miles’ eyes started to fill with tears and got back into bed. 4 years ago today his parents and younger sister died. 3 weeks before his 15th birthday a lorry driver who was way over the limit and had something else in his system hit the barrier on an overpass and crushed his family’s car. He remembered when the police knocked on his door.

“Fortunately there were no other casualties” the office had said.

Yeah Miles had thought just my family. There was no one left for him. His parents had no contact with the rest of the family since the year before, when his Grandfather had hit him with a cane for being a ‘sodomising cock sucker’ as he put it, the rest of the family shared his view bar his Mom and Dad. They even moved half way across the world to get away from them. Born in the U.K died in the U.S.A he thought. It was hardly a surprise with the way he looked and his delicate voice but they never put two and two together.

“BREAKFAST!” came a female voice, breaking through Miles’ train of thought causing a small smile to form on is lips. Hannah and Carl Wicks, their first friends in America had taken him in to their family along with their two daughters both of which were lesbian. They had been the best to him.

Miles plodded over to the mirror on his wall and took a good hard look at himself. His raven black hair was dishevelled and his skin its usual pale tone, his lips full and red and his eyes, his mysterious eyes. The brightens blue in the world with streaks of dark amethyst. No one could explain how he ended up with the black hair and his strange eyes. There was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in” Miles called. A brunette mop of hair popped though the door, “Mom’s done a fry up, come on we’ve only got an hour and it will take you that to get ready!” She laughed and disappeared. Miles couldn’t help but smile, Hayley was a few weeks older than him and for all accounts was his sister and best friend. They all knew what today was and would be determined to keep his mind off it.

By the time Miles got down stairs Carl had left and both Hannah and Hayley were fully ready and half way through breakfast. “About time.” Hannah smiled, trying not to laugh, Hayley was less successful and nearly choked on a piece of bacon.

“Just needed to wake up.” Miles replied, letting a larger smile to grace his face as he started to eat the mix of toast, sausage, bacon and eggs.

“That’s the Miles we love.” Hannah grinned.

Miles ate his food in a flash so he had enough time to shower and get ready. Once he was under the hot stream his mind turned from home to school. Hopefully today he wouldn’t have to face Alex Branford, mister popular sports jock and the biggest homophobe in school. His friends and girlfriend aren’t any better. Him and Hayley had had more than their share of damage done to their property or bodies and with Alex’s dad been a powerful business man no one dares stop it, except for Ryan.

Alex’s twin brother always stopped the attacks and if it wasn’t him it was his girlfriend Clare. Both of them were as Alex would say ‘homo-sympathizers’. The only differences between the two were Ryan had longer hair and a gentle voice compared to Alex’s short cropped hair and harsh voice and a nasty scar on his throat.

Again Miles was shocked back to reality when the water turned cold. Jumping out and grabbing a towel to stop him freezing. Running to his room he noticed the neatly placed clothes on his bed. Skinny black jeans and a purple shirt, his two favourite colours. Just as he finished getting his school stuff and art bag, Hannah yelled for him to come on. “I’ve got people to meet before school you know” she exclaimed.

“Like meet you secret girlfriend.” He quickly replied. Hannah mockingly punched his shoulder as revenge.”Ow!” Miles exclaimed, “That hurt.” as mock tears filled his eyes.

“You should have been a drama student, you’d have kissed a lot more cute guys too.” She grinned.

“I prefer to paint pretty pictures than kiss pretty guys.” he joked.

They joked about each others love lives as they usually did when the chatter was disturbed by a loud engine. It was a sound they were all to familiar with, Alex’s truck. The red truck sped past the two of them but not before his friends shouted faggots out the window. Miles fragile spirit was starting to crack, Alex would be at school before them which meant the before school abuse was likely. Hayley noticed the slight change in Miles in seconds. “Hey it will be ok, they wont start anything today, I promise.” She softly said as she started texting.

“Thanks but even your magic cant stop them.” He glumly erzurum escort replied Hayley only smiled.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, school was only a 20 minute walk and was pointless getting a nasty cramped bus only to go down the road. As the building came into sight, the dreaded red truck came into view but for once Alex wasn’t at the door waiting. Miles frowned and looked at Hayley, “How did you do it?” He said, his eye giving mock evils.

“Lesbian magic my friend, lesbian magic.” Was all she said while grinning like a cat. As they approached the doors, Hayley asked if he would meet her after school. “Can’t.” miles replied “I wont finish till 4 and I want to finish this painting.” He said with a sigh.

“Will we get to finally see your secret masterpiece?” she asked in delight.

“Yeap, you wont like it but yeah, you will.”

“Great! See you after school then.” she gleefully cried as she ran to lesson.


The alarm went off with its usual high pitched beep, Ryan quickly pressed sleep as not to wake up the rest of his house, 6am was too early to get up according to his brother and father but he liked to be a school by 8.30, even though his first class wasn’t till 9. He showered quickly and got dressed in dark blue jeans with a denim style shirt. He skipped breakfast and started the 45 minute walk to school, he owned a car but preferred the walk especially on a day like today. Today was the anniversary of Chris, his best friends death. Both of them kept an important secret from their families. They were both gay.

He and Chris had been close friends but never moved passed experimenting with each other, both of them preferred smaller guys rather than there own muscular builds. But somehow Chris’ farther had found out and when he wasn’t in school the next day Ryan went to investigate. As Ryan arrived at the house he saw a pile of Chris’ stuff around the house and the door partly open. As Ryan entered, stunned to find Chris’ cold broken body at the foot of the stairs. Panicking he called 911 on their phone and checked for Chris’ pules, there wasn’t one.

It was an open and close case, his farther in rage had beaten Chris within an inch of his life before been thrown down the stairs. It was then he gave his brother Alex his scar. Alex had been the one to tell Chris’ farther about him seeing Chris kissing some guy and Alex been Alex said he deserved it. That’s when he threw a bottle at him and it smashed across his throat. The force behind the throw was enough to crush part of Alex’s voice box, leaving him with a harsh deep voice.

His farther put it down to shock at the betrayal of his friend and took Alex to hospital while his Mother looked after him. However his Mother was a smart woman, she had made the connection between Chris’ death and Ryan’s behaviour and promised Ryan no matter who he loved or what he was she would love him and protect him.

Clare was already at the school by the time he got there, the red head tapping her feet impatiently against the side walk.

“Hey babes” Ryan called out grabbing Clare’s attention. “Couldn’t wait to see me, or is it Miss Mystery?”.

She stuck her tongue out at him and smiled.

“She’s late.” She said in a playful tone. Ryan and Clare had been forced into a relationship with each other by various friends. They had been good friends for a while but both preferred there own gender . Neither new the other preferences till a few months ago, deciding it would be easier to pretend to be together, mainly because most people thought they already were and keep their true feelings secret.

There was a high pitched scream from Clare’s phone causing both of them to jump. She reached into her pocket and retrieved the phone, sliding her finger across the screen unlocking it. A deep frown crossed her face as she read the message.

“What’s up? Something wrong?” Ryan questioningly asked.

“It just says, ‘lost track of the date, bro in a bad way, please keep Alex away, love H x'” she replied, puzzlement running through her voice.

“Easily done” Ryan smirked, “and now I know more about her.”

“Like what?” she questioned.

“Her name begins with H, and she has a brother that has something to do with Alex, so my guess he’s gay.” Smugness ran through his voice.

“How did you know he’s gay?” she questioned.

“Two reasons, one the ‘keep Alex away’ and two you just confirmed it”. He grinned, shock was written across Clare’s face.

“OI RYAN, YOU COULD FUCK HER MOUTH LIKE THAT!” a deep voice called, they both span round to see Alex and two of his friends walking towards them. Ryan checked his watch, 8.55, he had to get rid of Alex fast. “Err, Coach Myron wanted to see you guys, something about a tournament.” He said without thinking. Alex tapped they guy to his left, a big black guy with a shaven head that glistened like an eight ball.

“Thanks”. was all he muttered back before heading into the building.

“We bodrum escort best get going”. Clare said, placing her hand on Ryan’s shoulder. He nodded and followed her into the building.


Miles stood back from the painting, pleased that he had finally finished it. He’d spoke to his art tutor, Mr Scragg had agreed to drop the painting off at his home so he didn’t have to carry it. He grabbed his bag and headed home, not even 5 minutes away from the school he heard the one thing he dreaded all day, “OI FAGGOT!”, then the stones started to fly.

Miles ran and ran, tripping over a cracked slab and loosing his bag. He didn’t even consider going back for it. Another stone flew through the air hitting him on the back of the head. Miles cried out in pain, and decided to run into the woods that ran along the side walk than stay in the open. The stones stopped but he knew the ground wasn’t safe. Deciding up was best he began to climb a tall oak that lay within site of the road but still let him hide. The pain on the back of his head flared up, instinctively clutching at the pain he felt a warm dampness in his hair. His had was smeared in a fine sheen of crimson, sudden dizziness over came him before everything went black.


Ryan was sitting on his bed relaxing and watching a Jurassic Park, he had used a lot of energy today keeping Alex busy and never letting him out of his sight. When his phone started to ring, he groaned and began searching his covers for it. Looking at the display as seeing Clare’s face he answered.

“Hey, you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah , no , shit, its her there’s these a big problem.” he could here the tears in her voice.

“What your not making any sense.” Ryan frustratingly retorted.

“Hayley, Hayley Wicks, that’s who I’m seeing, her brother Miles hasn’t came home, he was due home at 5.30, so that’s 3 hours ago!” Ryan snapped up, Miles had been the one person he had always sought after but was never able to get close to because of his brother. The text this morning made so much more sense now.

“I’m picking you up, were going to theirs.” Ryan hung up before she could reply. Running down stairs and to his purple hatchback, partially hearing his brother going on about the woods. He was at Clare’s in record time.

“You ok?” he asked, concern was etched across her face. She just nodded and got in his car. Nothing was said in the short journey the Hayley’s house. Clare jumped out of the car and ran to their door, knocking furiously. When Hayley opened the door she was jumped by Clare, who was gently whispering we’ll find him and nearly tripping over a large package in the door way while Hannah, was pacing around the living room. “Wait who are you?”. she questioned when she saw Ryan.

“He’s a friend”. Hayley spoke before he could. Ryan just nodded.

“Have you called the police?” Ryan asked.

Hannah nodded “Yes but they said its only been 3 hours, he could be out, but we know he’s not, he never does, not without letting us know and never on today!” The words were flying out of her mouth.

“Why not today?” Ryan asked, thinking why today every one was been so vague. Hayley sighed. “Four years ago today Miles’ parents and sister were killed in a road accident.” Ryan’s expression was blank, it never occurred to him that this wasn’t Miles’ biological family. He was lost in thought about how one person could take so much punishment and still be the chirpy little bird Miles normally was when Clare spoke and snapped him out of it.

“What way does he walk home?” she asked. Hannah shrugged so Hayley answered.

“Oak wood ave.”

Then it clicked, “The woods!” Ryan called out before running to his car, Clare and Hayley in tow. It wasn’t long before they spotted the discarded bag on the side walk, Hayley knowing it belonged to Miles ran straight into the trees. The three of them splitting up calling out into the darkness hoping Miles would respond. It felt like they had searched for hours before Ryan who saw the pile of broken branches and the pale hand emerging from beneath.

” I’ve got him, call an ambulance, I’ve got him!” he shouted into the darkness. Instinctively he checked for a pules, fortunately it wasn’t hard to find but still very week. Gently lifting the small limp boy, Ryan carried him to the road, as the flashing lights of the ambulance came into view and a pair of paramedics getting the trolley out. Gently Ryan put Miles down on the trolley.

“He got a name?” one of the medics asked. “Miles.” the three of them replied in unison, Hayley began to get in and quickly said family before there could be any objection.

Ryan and Clare both got in his car and headed to the hospital. Both hoping Miles would be ok…

By the time they got to the hospital Hannah and Carl were waiting with Hayley in the family room. Miles had been taken to surgery with head trauma and a minor fracture in his left leg. The family room was silent with everyone deep in there eskişehir escort own thought. It was Clare how broke the silence with a sigh.

“I’ve got to get going, were going to my nan’s in Florida and our flights at 6am, will you guys be ok?” everyone nodded, “Let me know how it goes.” Hayley followed her out the room to say a more personal good by. Shortly after she returned, Ryan’s phone started to ring and vibrated the short text tone. He started to read it to himself.

“Your parents? there probably worried about where you are.” Hannah quietly asked.

“Yeah and no, its my mom, it says ‘Ryan hope you don’t get home before you read this message, Uncle David is here, he’s drunk so it looks like he’s staying, hope your safe, mom x’ so I’ve not got anywhere to sleep tonight.” His shoulders sank.

“Stay with us!” Hayley nearly shouted, earning a few looks from her farther. “Sorry.” She said quietly.

“Well you could, Miles’ bed will be free tonight and we don’t mind do we.” Hannah said to Carl who just nodded in response. Ryan was speechless, he hardly knew anything about these people and yet they were offering him somewhere to stay for the night. Just as he was saying thank you the doctor entered the room. With a grim look on his face.

“Are you the Wicks family?” everyone nodded, ” I’m Doctor Johnson, Miles has suffered a minor fracture in his left leg which we have put in a cast to be safe and seems to have hit his head. We’ve closed the wound but we are keeping him sedated till the morning and if all goes well he will be out by tomorrow afternoon.” There was a collective sigh of relief.

“Can we see him?” Hannah hopefully asked.

“Yes but only two of you, visiting hours are over remember.” The doctor replied with a grim tone.

“We’ll head back home Mom, I can show Ryan around while your here and I’ll order some food in too cos I’m starving and I bet you are too.” She looked at Ryan and he got up, thanking them again as he followed Hayley out the hospital.

The car journey was silent, Hayley busy ordering a ton of pizzas online from her phone, only speaking to see if Ryan liked one pizza or another. When they arrived Hayley went straight to the door, the car had barely stopped before she got out. As he got to the door she was moving a large parcel out of the door way and turned to Ryan. Without the panic of earlier he was finally able to take in the sight of the room before him. Every wall had two or three pictures on it, all of them signed by Miles. As he was shown around the rest of the house he realised that nearly every room had one of the raven haired boys pictures on it. From abstract pieces to manga of the family.

He was hardly paying any attention to what Hayley was saying engrossed by the work of the boy who stole his heart with just a look.

“And this is Miles’ room.” As she opened the door Ryan’s jaw dropped. If he thought the rest of the house was coved in art work but Miles’ room was an explosion! Every available space, except for a large square, was covered in layer after layer of art work and it all depicted the same thing. At least 90% of the drawings on the wall were manga. All of them of a boy with jet black hair and blue and purple eyes. Anyone would think Miles was in love with himself with the amount of drawings he did but it wasn’t just him in them. The majority of them had another person in. Again the character was obviously male and quite athletic looking, having a much larger build than Miles. The other boy always had his face coved by hair as if the picture was hiding its true self from everyone else’s eyes and it struck a chord deep within Ryan.

The Rest of the room was taken up with a large wardrobe, a king sized bed that seem to have over a dozen pillows on, a large desk with a 32″ TV and pc equipment, along with more unfinished art and a large book shelf covered in colour full books.

“What’s with all the pillows?” he asked curiously turning back to Hayley.

“Ahh..” she replied ” Miles well he ‘nests’. He doesn’t sleep like a normal person most nights. He sleeps in a ball in the middle of the bed surrounded by pillows.”She said.”Most mornings he’s holding on to a couple for dear life as he sleeps. Right I’m going to get changed make yourself at home.” She chirped back up. As she left Ryan went over to the book case. None of the books he had ever heard of like Junjou Romantica, Gakuen Heaven the next title caught his eye, Sensitive Pornograph. It picked up the book and began flicking through, and he began to blush at the images in it. He never thought Miles would read something like this.

He put the book down on the desk and the pc flashed to life. On the giant screen there was a list of shops with the title Little Butterfly above it, most of the shops were out of stock but the last one on the list had 1 left in store. Without thinking he clicked the reserve button and printed the address before there was a knock at the door. Hannah popped her head round.

“Pizzas here.” And then she left. He folded the paper into his pocket and followed her into the living room where four enormous pizzas were laid out and every one is tucking in.

“We’re picking Miles up at 12 tomorrow , you coming?” Hayley asked hopefully.

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