Now That’s A Holiday


Anna and David fell back to the bed laughing, soaked with sweat and each others sex juices, high on the endorphins from their hour long love making session. Anna pulled the sheet up over them as they curled together, ready to sleep in the warm afterglow.

“‘Bout fuckin’ time, you two,” laughed Brad and Trish from the next room. Trish tried to imitate Anna’s orgasmic “ooos” and “ahhhs” and “ohhs”, but broke down laughing far too soon.

“Put your mouth to good use and eat your wife’s pussy,” laughed Anna. Nothing was going to spoil this for her.

“Or you could come in here and suck my cock,” laughed David with a couple of slaps to the wall above their headboard.

Though that was the end of any exchange, the giggling in both rooms lasted a while longer.

The couples had rented a cabin for two weeks together in the mountains near a lake and this was their first night there. They’d all been friends since college, Anna and Trish even longer, so the exchange was just playful banter. Earlier that evening, after everything was unpacked and they all helped to make and eat a great meal, they all sat around the table, talking and laughing and finishing up a bottle of wine. Whenever they went on holiday together, it was required that they bring at least two bottles of wine for each day they would be there. This time was no exception. Anna and David went off to bed first, claiming to be tired from the drive.

The next day was spent being as leisure as humanly possible. Brad and David rowed the small boat that came with the cabin rental out into the lake to try to catch some fish, while Anna and Trish sat lazily sunning nude on the small patch of land between the cabin and the dock.

“I’m sorry if we kept you awake last night,” offered Anna. “But you know how I get when I have too much wine…”

“Wine, schmine, orgasm girl,” laughed Trish. “You’re just a woman who loves to fuck her man. Over and over and over…”

“I don’t hear you complaining about your Brad’s nine inch cock!” countered Anna. “But I guess you can’t talk much with that hunk of meat down your throat!”

They both burst out laughing, each knowing just how true those statements were. They both loved sex. Hell, they all loved sex and they weren’t shy about it around their friends. That’s one of the reasons they all took holiday together – they would, at least three or four times during any given holiday, all have sex together. They didn’t swap and the guys didn’t do anything with each other, except maybe give encouragement every now and again, but the women enjoyed each other as much as they enjoyed their men.

“Those pretty tits of yours are going to burn if you don’t turn over,” said Trish while she grabbed one of Anna’s nipples and jiggled her breast. “And I don’t care what sunscreen you’re using. They’re not exposed to the sun as often as mine to keep from burning. I don’t want you bitching later that I can’t touch your tits and pussy because you got too much sun.”

“Yes, Mother,” Anna replied and turned over.

Anna was blonde, fair, with a nice toned body, neatly trimmed pubes, and her beautiful C cup breasts were topped off with pink nipples that hardened at the slightest thing. Trish, on the other hand, had dark hair and olive skin that glistened in the sunlight and, though at least 5 inches shorter than Anna, had a body that looked like the perfect Greek statue with a “landing strip”, and her B cup breasts and light brown nipples were perfect for her small frame.

After a while, the men returned from their expedition. “Now that’s what I’m living for,” smiled Brad when he saw the two beauties soaking in the sun as the men walked up the small dock toward the women.

“Did you catch anything or am I just going to have to suck your dick for nutrition?” Yelled Trish, sitting up as the men approached.

“Well, we did get some fish,” smiled Brad, “but I ain’t gonna stop you from sucking my dick.”

“Or you could super size it and suck mine,” laughed David.

Not to be left out, Anna smiled and said to Trish “If you’re eatin’, I’m spreadin’!”

They all had a laugh and the men just walked past carrying a few fish that needed cleaning.

David was 6′ 2″, 195 pounds with shoulder length hair the colour of sable and bright, clear hazel eyes. He worked out twice a week, never smoked a cigarette. His smooth chest lead down to an unkempt bush of pubes that was only a little darker than the hair on his head, with that little trail running up to his belly button. Flaccid, his cock and balls hung together in a nice package and fully erect he was about 7 ½ inches. He wasn’t joking Bostancı Grup Escort about “super sizing”. The average man ejaculates about a teaspoon to a tablespoon’s worth of cum. When that man came, he’d shoot at least 6 tablespoons worth! And be ready again within the hour!

Brad was 5′ 9″, 200 pounds, brown hair with that close cut “football hooligan” haircut, intense blue eyes and smile to match. His best workout was on video games, but he wasn’t strictly a couch potato. He liked to bike and play the occasional amateur football match. He had a little hair in the centre of his chest and his pubes looked well manicured. His balls always looked tight and his cock, even when flaccid hung longer than the length of his balls. Trish had once measured his erect cock from his pubic bone to the tip at 9 3/8 inches. Brad’s ejaculate was closer to average, but Trish said that his cum always tasted like he’d been eating turkey and chocolate. Trish likes turkey and chocolate.

The men had cleaned the fish and were getting ready to prepare them for lunch. “We make lunch, you make supper” was the deal they had with Anna and Trish. Men being men, they had to fire up the grill. As they were doing that, the women decided they’d had enough sun but didn’t feel at all like getting dressed, so they moved to lounging and holding hands in the hammock hanging on the now shaded porch. They were on holiday, there wasn’t anybody else but their husbands around, they liked being nude, they liked being nude together.

Brad rounded the corner to the porch and saw the two women nestled in the hammock, curled up together like a couple of cats, just chatting. As he approached, their voices grew hush and they started nuzzling and caressing and fondling each other. “Aw, c’mon!” he whined. “You know that if you two are gonna have sex, me and David get to watch! Or, at least I do!”

Anna and Trish continued their nuzzling and fondling for another moment or two and then burst out laughing. “We’re just fuckin’ with you!” laughed Trish. “You should’ve seen the poor little puppy dog face you had! Awww…”

“Besides,” added Anna, “we’ve had sex lots of times without you guys anywhere near.” she bent and licked Trish’s nipple to Trish’s obviously fake orgasm moans “Mmmmm… Oooo… Ahhh…”

“You’re both the “evil sister”,” smirked Brad. “And that’s why I love you. Oh, and, lunch is ready.” Brad turned on his heel back to the pic nic table where he and David had lunch all prepared.

The lunch the guys prepared was very good and eaten rather quickly. As they sat finishing their iced teas, there was a low rumble of thunder from across the lake. David just muttered “shit” and he and Brad went to the dock to pull the small boat up onto shore. Trish and Anna gathered everything from the pic nic table and went inside, stopping by the grill to make sure the lid was closed. Once inside, Anna tidied up and Trish turned on the portable radio – their only link with the outside world.

The announcer on the radio said that the thunderstorm should last the afternoon, but clear out well in time for viewing the meteor shower in the evening.

David and Brad barely got the boat onto the dock when the sky let loose. They just walked in the rain back to the porch and then shook off like a couple of dogs, their shorts and t-shirts soaked from the heavy rain. Anna and Trish were there at the door, holding it closed.

“Nope,” said Anna, “you’re not coming in here like that in those wet clothes. Go ahead and take them off out there and hang them over the rail.”

The men tried to protest but Anna wouldn’t budge.

“What? Do you need music?” laughed Trish, and then started to belt out some bawdy burlesque-sounding music, complete with cymbal crashes.

The guys were soon out of their t-shirts and shorts. Only David was wearing underwear – boxer briefs – and those were off quickly, too. “Are you gonna let us in now?” asked Brad. “I’d really like to get out of the wind.” The women applauded. Brad and David both shivered and Anna pushed open the flimsy screen door. Trish had already grabbed a couple of towels for the guys to dry off and handed them over as soon as they guys were inside.

They all walked in and stood next to the sofa, the women attending to helping their respective man dry off. Trish had Brad leaning forward to the sofa and was toweling Brad’s behind roughly from behind, causing his cock to bounce up and down in front of him. Trish reached around and held Brad’s cock in her hand.

Anna caught a glimpse of that out of the corner of her eye while running a towel slowly down Bostancı Manken Escort David’s chest. When she got to his crotch, she had David spread his legs a little, leaning him back against the sturdy back of the sofa, making sure to dry off his balls. She was slow and gentle, cupping David’s balls in the towel. She knelt down in front of him and grasped his cock and gently lifted it to make sure his balls were thoroughly dried.

Soon both men were fully erect. Still knelt in front of David, Anna massaged David’s cock and smiled “You’re all nice and dry now, but that’s made me all wet…” and she reached down to her own crotch to massage her pussy with her free hand.

Trish had also knelt down in from of Brad, who was now leaning on the back of the sofa next to David. Brad’s erection was standing proud on its own, fuelled by Trish rubbing her breast and tweaking her nipple with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. “You’ve got that thing pointed right at my face… Mmmmm…” there was no faking these moans.

Anna said to Trish in a very sexy, throaty voice, “I’m gonna suck David’s cock until he can’t cum anymore.” She was still gently massaging his cock. “Would you like to watch me suck David’s cock until he can’t cum anymore? I’d love you to watch me…” and David’s cock disappeared into Anna’s mouth.

“Oooo, Baby!” moaned Trish. “Don’t go too fast now. We don’t want that fire hose going off all at once.” Trish grabbed Brad’s cock and started to pump it. “Let’s see if we can get them to cum at the same time…” and Trish took Brad’s cock into her mouth and slowly started mouth fucking him.

Both women were extremely good at giving their men oral sex, and enjoyed it as much as the guys enjoyed receiving it. Every time Brad’s cock reached the back of her throat, Trish could feel it tingle her clit. She tried to deep throat Brad a few times, but she always gagged. But, the longer she sucked on Brad’s cock, the more it would tingle her clit. And she really loved the taste of his cum. It turned her on so much, as soon as she tasted his cum in her mouth, a quick rub on her pussy, and she’d be cumming right along with him.

Brad never held Trish’s head while she sucked him. He knew his cock was large and didn’t want to choke her. Instead, he rubbed her shoulders. With his head thrown back, his cock in her mouth, her soft skin on his fingertips seemed to heighten the feeling.

When Anna sucked David’s cock, she liked being on her knees in front of him so she could spread her legs open. When she bobbed on David’s cock, she was also moving her hips. If she was sitting right, she could ride the heel of her foot and heel fuck herself while she sucked on David. Plus the feeling and taste of his cock and his cum in her mouth, she was sure to cum when he did.

David’s favourite thing to do would be play with Anna’s tits while she sucked him. Unfortunately, in the position they were in, that wasn’t possible. Instead, he gently ran his fingers through her soft hair. Instead of putting his head back, he loved to watch his cock slide into his wife’s loving mouth.

The thunderstorm grew heavier outside. The thunder and lightning seemed to be centred right over their cabin, but moans from all four people grew louder and louder. Trish stopped bobbing, but instead kept the head of Brad’s cock in her mouth while she stroked it. Anna completely let her hands go off David’s cock to hold and massage her tits, her mouth still bobbing up and down on David.

“Oh! I’m so close!” shouted David.

“Yeah, Baby! I’m almost… there…” joined Brad.

“So good!” moaned David.

Brad just groaned.


“I’m almost there… can I cum on your tits? …please Trish?”

“Yeah, me too, Baby! Lemme cum on your beautiful tits!”

Both women backed off of the guys cocks at about the same instant.

“You wanna cum on my tits?” Trish said to Brad. “But I wanna see you cum on her tits!” and she took one of Anna’s nipples in her mouth.

“Cum on us both! Oooo, yeah! Both of you squirt your hot cum all over us!” chimed Anna, her nipple still in Trish’s mouth.

Each of the guys grabbed their own cocks and quickly started pumping themselves. They each grunted a few times, Trish straightened up and was tit to tit with Anna just as Brad’s cum spurted and landed on Trish’s neck. His next spurt hit Anna’s shoulder. Just as Anna’s shoulder was hit by Brad’s spurt, David’s first shot landed on Anna’s tit and continued over to Trish’s. Both the women were craning their necks with their mouths open like baby birds at feeding time. Bostancı Masöz Escort David did manage to get one spurt into Anna’s mouth and Brad caught Trish’s chin, but most of it went all over Trish and Anna’s tits.

The guys both fell back to sitting more than leaning on the back of the sofa while Anna and Trish licked and kissed and sucked the cum off of each other’s face and neck and rubbed it into their tits. After a few moments, the women became more and more oblivious to the men being there. Their kisses became more and more passionate as they continued to play with the cum on each other.

Anna broke the kiss and looked lovingly into Trish’s eyes. “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.”

“I know. Me, too,” smiled Trish as their tongues met in another soulful kiss. Trish’s hand slowly ran down Anna’s body to find her wet pussy open, inviting, ready. “I wanna make you cum, baby. Not for them,” she slightly nodded towards the men, “but for us.”

“I’m not far,” breathed Anna. “And you so know how to get me there.” Anna’s hand went to Trish’s breast and lovingly caressed it. They returned to their passionate kisses.

The men did not interfere, but only watched intently as their lovely wives made love, almost to the rhythm of the storm outside.

Trish’s fingers played with Anna’s pussy lips, spreading them, gathering the wetness. Then she started to rub Anna’s clit. Slowly at first, but picking up speed and intensity until Anna started to shake. Trish’s other arm was now around Anna’s waist as Anna leant back, her moans and groans getting louder and higher. As Anna’s orgasm increased, she threw herself forward, wrapping her arms around Trish. Anna’s hips started humping faster to meet Trish’s fingers. Still kneeling, wrapped around each other, Anna suddenly stopped humping and froze, hips thrust forward, head tilted back, eyes closed. A gasp escaped her slightly open mouth and then her body visibly shuddered and she collapsed onto Trish, panting and gasping for air.

Trish brought the soaking wet hand that had just given her best friend an orgasm up between their faces and they both kissed and licked the wetness. Anna whispered “I love you,” and they kissed.

Without a word spoken, gazing into each other’s eyes, Anna and Trish got up from the floor and, holding hands, moved to the sofa. Trish lay back, resting her head on the arm of the sofa, opening her legs and offering herself to Anna.

With a smile, Anna leant in to Trish’s lovely pussy. She planted little kisses on Trish’s upper thighs and pubic bone, circling closer and closer, teasing Trish. Trish raised her hips to meet Anna’s mouth a couple of times before Anna gave in and gave Trish what she wanted. Anna wrapped her arms under Trish’s legs and held Trish’s pussy lips wide open, exposing her aching clit. Trish’s hands were busy kneading her own breasts as Anna slowly licked and kissed and sucked Trish’s clit. It wasn’t long before Trish was bucking and Anna was holding on for dear life. Anna held on with her arms and her lips, sucking Trish’s clit more and more. Trish abandoned her breasts to hold Anna’s head between her legs. Trish was on the very threshold of orgasming, so Anna slipped two fingers into Trish’s pussy and felt for her G spot. Anna knew Trish’s G spot almost as well as she knew her own. Once there, Trish’s pussy spasmed and clenched down on Anna’s fingers. Trish let out a yelp and a cry and her orgasmic convulsions shook her entire body. She gently pushed Anna’s forehead to let her know she’d had enough. Anna would be happy to spend all day there, but Trish’s pussy got very sensitive once she orgasmed really hard. And she had just orgasmed really hard.

Trish sat up to meet Anna with a kiss, happily tasting her own juices on Anna’s mouth and face. “I love it when we do this,” Trish panted and giggled. “All four of us should just live together and do nothing but have sex.” She and Anna kissed again.

The rain outside showed no signs of letting up soon, though the lightning and thunder seemed to have moved on.

David and Brad, having witnessed such a lovely and erotic scene, were once again fully erect. Trish smiled at Brad, “I know what you wanna do with that. But I need a glass of water and a pee first, then I’m all yours. You and your telephone pole go wait for me upstairs, ok?” She patted Brad’s behind, “Go on…”

Anna and David were kissing very passionately. David could taste Trish on Anna’s lips, which turned him on even more. They had both heard Trish’s instructions to Brad, and Anna added, to David, “Me, too. You go upstairs, too. But don’t you start without me.” She giggled and took Trish’s hand as they both walked to the kitchen for a glass of water.

In the kitchen, the women shared a glass of water, a hug, and a loving kiss. Trish went to the bathroom first, followed quickly by Anna. They each washed off a little and went upstairs to go meet their men….

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