Old Friends


Lisa went upstairs; she had enough of the party scene and wanted some time to herself. She stretched out on the bed and made herself comfortable. Laying there listening to all the noise from downstairs and trying to get relaxed. She had a rough day and did not wish to hang out with the Friday night crowd. Getting relaxed as she laid there, finding herself with her hands touching her moist clit and wanting to taste her own juices.

She lay on the bed stroking her pussy with her fingers, spreading her lips apart so she could feel the moisture that was so ready to explode from her body. Knowing she was about to cum; she could feel the muscles tightening with each stroke of her fingers. She had gotten herself to climax and felt the juices flowing from her wet gyrating pussy. As she pulled her fingers out and was licking the juices off, the door opened. She looked up and saw her old high school friend, Willie. He was standing at the door. She laid there smiling at him. He walked in, unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the floor. He walked over to her and stuck his massiveness in her mouth. She gagged from the size of it. She did not even have time to think, before she knew what was happening he had thrusted his cock into her mouth, with one quick movement. She wanted a cock in her, wanting to taste his jism. He pulled back out and she wrapped her lips tightly around his rigid shaft. She took him deep in her mouth shamelessly. Knowing that with each thrust in her, just heated them both up more.

She knew Willie from high school, but they had graduated over two years ago. They had talked about having sex once back in school. However, both knew it would never happen. They were from different crowds. He was the captain of the Basketball team, and she was another one of those who hung out and partied all night, like his brother. Willie was involved with school and never entered the party scene and she just wanted to have fun. She always told him hell you only live once lighten up and have some fun. Willie’s brother Danny was how she knew Willie. Danny was the one she ran to the parties and clubs with, but she and Danny were like brother and sister. They watched each other’s back.

Willie got on the bed and laid down; she climbed over to him and wrapped her lips tightly around istanbul escort his stiff cock again. Taking it down slowly and reaching all the way to the back of her throat, touching her lips to his skin on his stomach. He moaned with pleasure, he never imagined that she could swallow all of him. He could feel her throat muscles contract around the head of his cock and she milked it with ease. She brought her lips back up to the tip of his head and teased it with her tongue. She took this throbbing shaft in her mouth and with the fastest movements that she could muster; she was jamming it in and out of her mouth, saliva and cum was running down his shaft and out of her pursed lips. He placed his hands around her head to steady her movements.

She was so into giving Willie head she never heard the door open when Danny walked in. Now was his chance the chance he had yearned for, for many years. He removed his clothes. He noticed how she had her ass pumped up in the air while she was sucking on his brother’s cock. Her pussy was glistening with juices and just ripe for the taken. He walked over to her and pulled her legs apart and slammed his cock deep in her pussy. She let out a scream of excitement when she felt that hard cock slam into her dripping wet pussy. With each stroke in her pussy, she took Willie’s cock deeper in her mouth. She felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter around his shaft. She wanted it hard and fast and Danny knew it. He gave it all to her. Groaning with pleasure as she was sucking and being fucked as she never had before and was enjoying every inch of them both. She pulled back and removed Willie’s cock from her mouth. She was so wet, dripping every where, she had a thought and she proceeded with it. What the hell she figured two brothers at once could only be a dream and she was going to take control of it.

She told Danny to lay down so that she could get his cock up her asshole and have Willie’s slamming at her pussy. Knowing it would be more then she could handle, but her flowing juice had her ass hot and well lubricated and she wanted both pussy and ass to be filled. She positioned herself with her back laying on top of Danny. Holding herself up with her hands be hide her so that she had the head of his shaft ready to enter as soon as escort bayan Willie’s blood engorged hard on hit her dripping pussy. The instant she felt him slam her, she had driven the other cock up her ass. She screamed wildly with pain, but not without excitement, she wanted it all. She could feel the brother’s cocks stroking at both her holes. What a welcome feeling to have two massive cocks thrusting at her. As one was stroking in, the other was coming out. What a feeling of bliss! She felt their heads touch deep within her holes. She could feel the orgasms start, like never before. Reeling with so much stimulation from them entering together, she was climaxing in a matter of minutes. Her muscles were being torn apart from the girth of both those stunning cocks inside her. Nevertheless, she was not about to give in or give up the thrill, the fantasy was coming alive and she never wanted it to end.

She felt her toes tingle with each stroke of the brother’s inside her. She was in complete arousal; she felt her orgasm build at the top of her stomach as her ass and pussy were tightening in rhythm with each other. She screamed so loud when she felt all three of them hit orgasm state together.

When she had screamed, her friend, Marcie had heard her and she ran up the steps to see want was going on. When she opened the door, as all before did, what she saw amazed her and she felt ecstasy rip through her whole body. Three bodies were entangled with each other and her best friend had a cock in her ass and a cock in her puss. She wasn’t sure who the guys were, but she didn’t care she wanted in. She stripped her clothes off and climbed up onto the bed. She then realized it was Danny and Willie. Both the guys smiled at her but did not say a word. Marcie positioned herself willingly on top of Willie and Lisa. She had the most gorgeous pussy, clean shaven and a swollen clitoris. He spread her lips apart and Lisa brought her tongue up to take a swipe at it. When she did Marcie moaned knowing that she was going to get the best pussy licking she had every experienced.

The guys stopped moving so they could watch Lisa eat at Marcie. With her head buried between her legs she slipped her fingers between Marcie’s lips to spread them apart. She placed her tongue into her Kadıköy escort little tight hole and wiggled it from side to side. Marcie squirmed, she felt Lisa’s hot tongue hitting the sides of her pussy and she was getting wet. Lisa bit at her clit gentle at first but Marcie told her harder so she did. Lisa was teasing her bead with her tongue and tasting her beautiful juices exploding from her. Her hips were moving back and forth in a circular motion. Marcie pushed her pussy down into Lisa face so that she could get a better feel of the tongue action that was going on at her clit. She climaxed groaning with pleasure. Her juices overflowing into Lisa’s mouth, she tasted delicious just like Lisa thought she would with have a puss like hers.

Lisa was so into licking that she never felt the movements of the guys until Danny hit the inside of her anus with his load of cum. It was hot and with each thrust he let out more, she thought for sure she was going to pass out. She grabbed Marcie’s inner thighs and held on, for now Willie was exploding inside her pussy walls. Her body was so filled with cum she was oozing everywhere. Marcie moved from her position and pushed Willie out of the way, his cock was still jammed in Lisa’s pussy. But she didn’t care she wanted to drink up every ounce of cum that they spewed in Lisa. Danny’s cock was still jammed in her ass and he wasn’t moving, not until he got some ball sucking from Marcie. She obliged, she licked the cum that was Lisa’s and Willie’s from his balls and as she was sucking on them, he gave one last thrust into Lisa. She groaned with the pure pleasure that was going through her body. Marcie licked the jism from Lisa’s clit and then sucked want ever was left in her cunt out. She bit, she licked, she sucked and blew on Lisa’s bead. That sent her over the top. Her whole body started to quiver from all the stimulation that had happened to her within the last couple of hours, that she collapsed. Danny was still laying under her hot sweaty body; he moved and brought his cock out of her. She laid there in completely and utter exhaustion and with in a matter of minutes she was asleep. Danny, Willie and Marcie dressed and left the room.

When she awoke it was daylight and her mind was foggy. She knew she had not done any drinking last night. She reached down and felt her swollen pussy then she remembered; she was not the only one in this room last night. But she knew that want happened in here last night would never be spoken about. Nor would she ever experience it again. But she would always remember.

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