Old Man Badger and Me


Badger just loved to sniff cock. At first that’s all it seemed he wanted. He’d call me his ginger boy – for obvious reasons. He was a guy of about seventy and somehow really turned me on, and me? I was only twenty but as Badger would say, a real handful – and I knew what he meant. I shall never know why but he gave me the time of my life in his small front living room in Chelsea.

It’s funny how it all started really. I was doing a little painting for people to bring in some extra cash. I had put a small ad on my local board. Badger called saying he wanted his Loo painted so I went around and as he was hard-up did it for him for almost nothing, just the cost of the paint and a minimal charge. I am glad I did!

It sort of developed from there really. We got friendlier. I used to go around to his place about twice a week. I came to feel sorry for the lonely old guy and if I could put some joy into his life, why not!

Usually on my arrival he would greet me with an open smile, his eyes glowing with joy, welcoming me his Ginger boy and lavishing me with coffee and cake.

“You don’t have to go this far, Badger, you can’t afford it!”

But he returned that I was worth it. That it was the least he could do for all that I was for him. Then somehow, our relationship grew. We sat close and it was then I soon realised he wanted more than just my company. Well he was lonely wasn’t he? And even though he was old I guess he still had certain needs. Needless to say he was soon helping me to very slowly drop my pants, his hands shaking with excitement. He would sit on his reclining chair and, when I removed my pants he would like me to stand astride him, facing him with all my tackle.

For a while he was content just to examine me, asking me to occasionally move this way or that, to open a tad wider and then turn and bend for him so he could sniff me up at the back. To say it was all very bizarre at the beginning would be an understatement but never the less I grew to enjoy his examinations of me down under, the way he sniffed and complimented me.

“May I stretch your bum cheeks apart, would like to sniff you between you see?” he asked,

“I’d love you too,” I replied, ” just enjoy. Do what you want, old man – I am yours.” But there was me praying he wouldn’t have a heart attack, the way he was shuddering as I heard him sniffing me up there, grunting and moaning I could mardin escort tell he was delighted.

“It is truly divine, Ginger. I shall tell you something personal, when my wife was alive she’d do this for me. One of my real likes was to sniff her under her skirt as she perched over me, then she’d smother me with her warm wonderful feminine wetness. You are different though, just as good though, but enchanting to say the least. Ginger you have a wonderful arse and balls. I love to see them hang like this. May I play with them, and caress your arse too, that would be so nice?”

“Like you did with your Mrs.?” I asked.

But Badger didn’t hear me because already he was immersed between my arse cheeks, cupping my balls. I felt the touch of what must have been his tongue licking me up there. Reminded me of the first time I was sucked and licked with my then girl friend in the back row of a cinema. She loved to suck cock. I think that is all she did the whole film through. I nearly always came about three times before the end! First time old Badger had done that though. Up to now it was just the sniffing, he’d spent a good hour doing that, asking me to turn around so he could sniff my cock again and then the way he would stretch back my foreskin to get a stronger whiff of my primed cock – which by that time was in full pitch, throbbing and all! To think a little old man could do that for me but he did. It was something about that touch, the way he sniffed and his reaction to all that, seeing the absolute joy on his face, it was all so nice really. It turned out he was a really kinky old man because he asked me if I could save a pair of my soiled briefs, preferably one’s I had wanked and slept in and then worn through the following day. Then he wanted me to put them into one of those plastic zip bags so they would keep them fresh. So that he could sniff the scent of me whenever he wanted. He said he would keep them under his pillow. He was a real sniff freak of the highest order. No glue sniffing for Badger but scent of another kind- my kind and my cock was always ready to please. Yet all that I found was a real turn on.

“Just move a little closer Ginger for me. I am going to ask you if I could do something I have never done before, but have often thought about, especially since I met you – and to be honest I think you are so nice, I would just love to…”

“Tell nevşehir escort me, Badger. Promise I wont be shocked.”

“Well I would really love to take our relationship another step further,” he continued.

“Tell me.” I prompted with my cock still high almost touching his face.

“Well it’s like this, you have a lovely cock. I do so much love to sniff it and it drives me crazy to do other things.”

His voice was getting really jittery at that point, he was getting himself in a real two and eight – but I realised what he wanted. I simply squeezed my cock, presenting the full head to him, stroking it against his lips, which made for a wonderful sensual experience. His eyes closed he was really enjoying, then I saw they were rolling as his lips started to move, then his tongue came out and he was starting to take little sips like a kid with a straw, mmm! It was so good. He opened his eyes then, looking up at me, I nodded prompting him to take it into his mouth. Little did I know it then but I was in for the most sexual sensual cock suck I had ever experienced, from any guy or girl, this beat them all and from a little old man, incredible!

What it was he was having such a ball he made sure he took every opportunity to enjoy me in as many positions as possible. He asked me to crouch over him and smother his whole face with my cock, balls and Arse, him sucking, licking and sniffing there all the time. Then he’d have me lay on the carpet, face up and him crouching across me, taking my cock from above as his fingers explored every sinew of me down under.

Now this went on for an hour, there seemed to be no stopping him. I asked if he would like me to do something for him but he said he couldn’t raise an eyebrow let alone a hard- on these days – but he found a thrill in doing it to me – and if I liked I could let myself cum when ever I liked.

It didn’t take long for that to happen, the way he deeply sucked me, squeezing my stiff erection like a toothpaste tube. He seemed to have made up his mind he was going to wank me off and take me in his mouth, this little crinkled old man – like he was chewing my cock as if there was no tomorrow, I relaxed and let it happen, no matter what – he seemed to want that, what the hell, if it spurted into his face – which it did and no mistake. But you know what? He thanked me for a truly wonderful time, and niğde escort he was still sniffing me after I came, telling me that was good too and we must do it again next time.

It turned out that I have never had so much fun before, with a girl or anyone.

I soon discovered his many delights, like how once he smothered me in that powdered Parmesan cheese you can buy. I wondered what he was doing but when he said he liked it with cheese I got the picture. And you know something – it was a feeling out of this world, being peppered there with the cheese and afterwards having this old man suck and chew it of. Of course that started a president, because he tried all manner of things after that, seeing how much I enjoyed it. Once he tried strawberry jam, it was jolly sticky but never the mind, Badger soon licked it all up. He kept saying the succulent taste of cock combined with these flavours was a joy to behold. And of course, not to mention the proverbial arse, cock and ball sniffing he loved so much. He used often to say “Now what recipe today, Ginger?, cock and strawberry sauce surprise or, tell you what, how about trying it with some best butter, would you like that, Ginger, bet you would?”

What could I say! Just chilling and having this guy plaster my cock with butter was sheer delight and, my God! Did he like butter! “Goes with prime cock so well,” he chuckled after, still licking the residue from h1s lips

He tried the squirty cream routine next, it was, well very sensual, he wanted to shave me there too, he’d keep the cuttings for keeps sake he said! I dreaded the thought but he said he was a barber and there was no fear, and true he gave it the most wonderful clean shave, “Easier when they’re exited” he said, ” Easier to shave when the cock is hard and the balls are firm, like a nice dabbing of cream after sir and anything for the weekend” he kidded. He had a ripe sense of humour and no mistake. But his after shave mArseage was another first down thereabouts, and it was probably one of the most thrilling and sensual feelings I had known, and then the way he sucked me again afterwards, with the usual sniffing of course, there was something about this old guy Badger.

So there you go, a true story of how it happened with me and an oldie – incredible, but absolutely true. Poor old Badger had a heart attack soon after, the night after we had another lasting session. But he died happy, he told me he would, he said that was one of the last things he wanted to do before he died, if he had the opportunity. Thanked me for that. And I was thankful to him for showing me an absolutely wonderful experience.

Rest in peace Badger!

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