One Night at Vondelpark


I surprise you, and tell you we’re going to Amsterdam for the night. You’re delighted, and ask how you should dress. I look into your eyes and tell you: “You already know.”

You’re ready soon, and we step outside. There’s a limousine waiting; the driver opens the door and you get in first. As we’re driving, I can’t help but look at you: You’re vibrant, stunning, and radiating sexuality. I can’t keep away from you. I take you in my arms and we kiss.

As our tongues dance I slide my hand along your smooth thigh, over your dress and up into your hair. You feel me pull your hair as we end our kiss. We’re both flushed, and eager for later.

We make small talk, but both of us want more. We can’t deny our desire for each other. We have to touch; caress; kiss — but we have to wait. Eventually, our ride is over and we arrive in Amsterdam.

We walk the shops, looking at baubles and trinkets just for fun. We nibble on snacks, and, all the while, people passing by can’t help but stare. They’re marveling at, and in awe of , your beauty. I, too, am under your spell. I feel compelled to keep you close. I hold you as we walk — sometimes your hand, other times your waist — or lower.

All the men stare, and I feel their jealousy; the most beautiful woman in the entire city — maybe the country — is walking on my arm. I’m beaming with pride, and can’t help but kiss you and grab your ass as they watch. You look at them too, and tease them with just a little smile. We also notice many women staring with desire; no one, it seems, is immune to your allure.

We walk along the canals and through parks, enjoying each other’s company. I surreptitiously and subtly feel all over your body as we walk along. Sometimes I brush your breast, or slide my hand over your ass; other times I hold you for a kiss and slide my hand into your hairy pits, making onlookers shake their heads at this public display. But I’m proud to have you in my company, and I want them to see it. And be just a bit jealous.

Eventually, it’s time for dinner and we make our way to d’Vijff Vlieghen. We walk in, and, without a word, the maitre’d nods and leads us back to the Bridal Room. They’ve prepared a small table in the back corner, just for us. The only light on our table is a single, tall candle. We sit looking out at the other diners, and our chairs are close. I feel your leg against mine, and I feel your heat.

Servers appear, bringing us water, wine, and appetizers. You look curiously at me since we haven’t ordered yet. I tell you to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres in front of us. Each of us had been teasing the other through the day, and now my hands can’t keep away from you any longer.

You feel my hand on your bare thigh. There’s an older couple at a table near us. I raise my wine glass to acknowledge them, and slide my other hand up your dress. I’m delighted to feel your girlfur; delighted that you have no panties. The couple is looking at us while I’m playing with your pussy hair. I’m sure they suspect I’m up to something, but we’re giving them no visible clue — until you blush, and I smile broadly.

I can feel your hair getting wet; I feel the slickness from your arousal. I suddenly withdraw my hand, put it to my mouth, and pretend to yawn — all so I can breathe the fragrance of your aroma. And it is divine.

I put my wet finger to my lips, and lick it while you watch. Then I touch your lips to share your taste with you. You suck my finger into your mouth like a little cock. The woman at the table near us frowns, but the man smiles, enjoying your show. You probably made him hard…

I bring my hand back to your thigh, and slide again up to your girlfur. I start to pull on it and run my fingers through it. I love the way it feels. I slide my fingers along your cleft right to your pussy lips, and you gasp at my boldness. I use my finger to circle around your clit, circle around your peehole, and circle around the entrance to your pussy. You’re soaked, and I see that you’re getting flushed. Your breath is getting ragged as you get turned on by my playing with you in public.

You’re so turned on that you reach out and put your hand over my cock. It’s rock-hard with desire for you. You start to squeeze it through my trousers, and it’s my turn to gasp. We’re both on our way to cumming…

…but we have to wait — our dinner has arrived.

We enjoy our meal together. I especially enjoy feeding your dinner to you a bit at a time. I love the motions of your face as you chew. So sensual. Even that simple movement is, from you, erotic. I watch you, enraptured. I cannot draw my gaze from your beauty. I can feel other diners looking at us, and every one is jealous. The men want to be in my place, and the women want to feel as loved and desired as you do.

Now that one hunger is sated, another is renewed. My hand is back on your thigh, climbing to your hairy pussy. This time, I separate your legs so I can rub the hair on the sides of your pussy, and erzurum escort around your ass. You ask me to stop because you have to pee. I tell you I won’t; not until you let me feel just a few drops of your pee — right here in your chair.

You tell me no, but your eyes say yes — you want to try it. I slide my finger over your peehole and tell you I’ll let you up once I feel that trickle. You blush, beet red, but I feel a squirt under my finger as a tiny jet of pee escapes. I remove my hand and, as you watch intently, put that finger into my mouth. Then I touch it to your lips and tell you to go pee.

You leave, and I wonder if you’ll touch yourself in the bathroom. Will you hold your hand over your mound and feel the pee flow through it? Will you lick your hand clean? Will you have a surprise for me later and rub pee into your hairy pits? I don’t know, but I hope that you will.

When you return I tell you we’re going. But first, I wrap you in my arms and kiss you deeply. I want everyone watching to know that you are completely mine. You already know that no one else satisfies your deepest desires; no one else knows how to inflame your desire as I do; no one else knows how to evoke the dirty girl you love to be.

We leave d’Vijff Vlieghen, and take a short walk to a nearby canal. A boat is waiting, just for us. I tell you to board, and I follow. We sit and watch the sights for a short while. The lights of the city are beautiful; but the greatest beauty of all is sitting next to me.

I look at you and tell you to stand for a moment. You’re not sure why, but you do it. I stand, and in one motion sweep you off your feet and sit, with you in my lap. Your arms wrap around my neck as one arm pulls out from behind your knees, and lies on your bare thighs. Just touching you spurs my lust.

My arm holding your back stays, while my other hand slides across your lap, over your dress — stopping briefly to caress your breasts — and to your face. I’m caressing your cheeks as I gaze into your eyes. With my eyes locked onto yours I slide my hand to your throat, and squeeze.

Your chest starts to heave as you try to draw in breath. I tell you, “kiss me,” and you do — but without a single breath. And still I hold your throat closed. You start to look worried; scared; will I let you take a breath soon? But not yet. I tell you, “give me your tongue” and you slide it out of your mouth… and I take it into mine. You’re starting to struggle, but I still suck on your tongue like it’s a cock. Then, with your tongue in my mouth and my lips locked onto yours I release your throat — and breathe into you.

Then I move away, and let you draw in the breath you need. You’re panting, your chest is heaving; you’re grateful for the air. As you pant I slide my hand under your dress and into your pussy hair. With a quick stroke I part your pussy lips and jab two fingers right into you. You gasp as you’re panting, and you feel my fingers dancing over your clit and rubbing on your g-spot.

Gasping for air and my fingers playing on your pussy ignites your fire. You feel a sudden flush — and you’re surprised to discover that you’re close to orgasm already.

Until my hand pulls out of your pussy and chokes you again.

Your chest is heaving with the effort to breathe, and your legs are squirming, trying to cum as you choke. Again I wait until you’re feeling faint, and then I release your throat and attack your pussy again. This time, it’s too much. This time, you know — you’re going to cum.

You’re still trying to catch your breath, but your body is afire with lust and desire. You’re panting, moaning, gasping — and a guttural groan escapes your lips as your orgasm tears through you. You’re trying to keep quiet, but it’s impossible. You announce your cum into the night with a wail. Others can hear, but you no longer care as your release burns through you. Finally, your peak passes and you look at me. And kiss me deeply.

My hand is still at your pussy. I begin to move it again, even though you’re quite sensitive from having just cum. This time, I slide my fingers further and start fingering your ass. Your legs part, giving me access. My fingers are already soaked, and they slide right in. I can feel the tight ring of your anus around my finger, and you can feel my hard cock sticking between your ass cheeks.

But — our boat ride is just about over. We’ve arrived at our destination. So, I slide my finger out of your ass, and put my wet fingers to your mouth. You suck on them as our boat comes to a stop. You giggle, knowing that my hard on will be obvious to anyone looking, but I don’t care much. It’s nighttime, after all, and I think they’ll all understand once they see it is you standing with me.

We get out of the boat and you look around. We’re at Vondelpark.

We go into the park, and take a path off to the right. A lagoon is on our left, and I see we’re approaching a grove of trees — the perfect spot for what I want to do…

There’s a bench in the grove, and I tell you to sit. You’re a little apprehensive being in the park after dark. After all, you never know what type of people could be there. But that doesn’t concern me, as I stand before you, kneel, and push your legs open. I lift your dress and pull you closer to me. I can smell you, and now I’m going to taste you.

I run my nose through your girlfur, rubbing your scent all over my nose and lips. Then I start to lick your hair all over — the triangle that shows, and the hair on both sides of your pussy and ass. I lick your closed pussy lips, and I’m about to part them with my tongue when we hear voices approaching. I turn, and three young men are walking by.

You try to close your legs, but I’m still there and won’t let you. The young men stop, looking at me kneeling in front of your open legs with your dress around your waist. They obviously love the sight they’re seeing, and stay where they are.

I call them over.

You’re shocked, amazed, distressed, and aroused. To your surprise I pull out a keychain light, shine it on your pussy, and tell them to look closely at how beautiful you are. They lean in, crowding, each trying to get the best view — but I’m still between you and them, for now. I suddenly stand, step outside your legs, and use my fingers to pry your pussy open. With the light shining, they can see your innermost secret — the shiny wet opening of your pussy — and they can smell your desire.

I can see they’re aroused as their dicks press against their pants. To your dismay, I tell them, “Take out your cocks.” Being young, they do — and they’re hard. One is larger and thicker than the others. I tell the two smaller young men to stand on each side of you, and tell you to grab their dicks and jerk them off. I let the other only watch.

You start to caress their dicks, stroking them hesitantly at first, then harder. I step over to the larger one, eyes on his cock. I tell him, “I’m going to grab your cock.” He looks uncomfortable, and turns slightly away, but I reach out and grab it anyway. Once my hand is giving him pleasure, he’s no longer resisting.

Now you’re jerking the two, and I’m jerking the one while you watch. Then, to your amazement, I kneel down and suck the head of his cock into my mouth. Seeing that ignites your fire — I’m jerking the shaft and sucking on the head. We’re all transfixed by the wanton acts we’re performing in public.

I can tell the young man is close to cumming, so I stop sucking him and lead him by his cock over to you. His friends are close too, so I tell them to shoot their cum all over your face and hair. With one on either side of you, they let loose, and you feel their hot cum splash on your face, and into your hair. Then I drag the other one close to your face, and jerk his cock right in front of you — and he, too, blasts his cum onto your face and into your hair.

They’re spent, for now, and I tell them to zip up. They do, and I pull them aside for a moment. You’re still sitting on the park bench, covered in cum, as I speak with them for a few moments — but you don’t know what I’m telling them. They leave, and I walk over. I look at your gorgeous face — made even more beautiful by the cum dripping down it. I put my hand into the cum on your cheek, and stroke it — then kiss you.

There’s cum on your lips, and I taste it as we kiss. I keep rubbing the cum into your face, and stroke your cum-filled hair as we continue our kiss. You’re on fire, and you long for release. I take my cum-soaked hand and rub your pussy. I rub your hair, your pussy lips, and your clit — and it’s too much. The heat in your pussy explodes in white hot fury, and you wail in orgasm. I keep rubbing the cum into you, keeping up the plateau of your cum until it begins to subside.

You’re on the bench, panting, and still covered in cum. I stand, pull down my zipper, and pull out my cock. I put the tip to the lips of your mouth. You open, and I ram it in all the way. You gag with my need. I hold your cum-covered head and slam my cock into your mouth, and hold it all the way in. I can feel your mouth spasm as you gag, and still I hold it. You look up at me, your eyes pleading and tearing, and I release your head and pull out.

You gasp for air. I let you gasp twice, and slam my cock back into your open mouth. This time, I feel the need to cum as I fuck your mouth. I’m so turned on by you and making them cum on you that cum blasts out of my cock and down your throat. I keep fucking your mouth as I cum, and you try to swallow as much as you can.

Finally, I withdraw, lean down, and kiss you — tasting my cum on your lips. Our tongues dance, sharing the cum that remains in your mouth. I finally break our kiss, and stand. I put my cock away, and extend my hand. You take it, and I pull you up. We walk, hand in hand, around the bend and out of the park. I lead you across Vondelstraat and to our hotel.

We check in and go to our room. I could tell from their glances that the desk clerks knew there was something amiss with your hair — I wonder if they suspected that it could be cum from 3 strangers. I suspect not — they don’t know how dirty you really are. After all, you look like an angel.

Now that we’re alone in our room, our desire resurfaces. I look at you, grab the hem of your dress, and pull it over your head and off. Now you stand before me nude, your hands self-consciously covering your girlfur — as though you don’t understand how much I love it. I kneel, still clothed, and inhale the scent from your fur. It intoxicates me as I breathe. It’s a fragrance that satisfies me deep into my soul as I breathe you into me.

I stand and abruptly push you down onto the bed. I remove my clothes and join you on the bed. I straddle you, with my cock and balls resting on your chest. With both hands I grab your breasts, and start to knead them. I’m rougher than you expected — where is the gentle foreplay?

My hands roughly kneading your breast has the effect I desire. You start to pant; your nipples are starting to burn with pain, and that burning spreads down to your pussy. My cock is starting to harden, so I shift forward and place it over your mouth. Your lips part, and you look into my eyes as you swallow my cock. I sigh and moan; your mouth and tongue inflame my desire, What turns me on most is seeing a woman as beautiful as you — more beautiful than any angel — taking my cock into her mouth with pleasure.

My hips start to rock, and you start to moan, enjoying my cock fucking your throat. Then, to your surprise, someone knocks.

I get up and, without getting dressed, open the door. Your mouth opens in surprise as I let in the three young men from earlier, at the park. I close the door and tell them to strip. You sit up, not sure what to expect. I have them line up at the end of the bed, and, one at a time, I stroke their cocks until they’re hard. You watch me stroke their cocks, transfixed by my hands on another man’s cock. Then, just for you, I suck on the head of each of their cocks for a moment — to make sure they’re good and hard.

They’re looking at you, transfixed by your beauty. Your angelic face, your hairy pits, your sweet, tender breasts, and your girlfur. They can hardly believe that they’re in front of you, nude, yet here they are.

I tell you to sit on the edge of the bed, and I take one of them and lead him to you by his cock. Then, I feed his cock into your mouth. I can feel his cock, and where it meets your lips. I feel it as you stroke it; I feel as he starts fucking your mouth. I withdraw my hand, and slide it down to his balls. I cup and gently squeeze them as you suck his cock. Then I slide my hand into your pussy, and wet one of my fingers. You’re soaked, and steaming hot. With my wet finger I probe this young man’s ass, and slide my finger into it. He tenses, but pleasure is coursing through him as you suck his cock and I massage his balls and probe his ass.

He starts to whimper, and I tell him to pull out when he cums and shoot on your face and hair. He does as he’s told, and I can feel his prostate contract as he fires cum all over you. It’s a large load, considering he had given you some earlier. Finally, he’s spent. I remove my finger, release his balls, and suck his cock into my mouth to clean off the remainder of his cum. Then I kiss you, with his cum on my lips.

Now it’s time for the second one. First, I stroke his cock, and suck on it for a moment. Then, I tell him to lay on the bed with his head near the end. I tell you to mount him in a 69. You do, and take his cock into your mouth as he starts eating your pussy. As he does, I slap your ass and feel your pussy as he’s eating you out. I can feel his tongue in your pussy with my fingers. Then I lean over, and start tonguing your ass. I force my tongue in as far as it can go. You feel tongues in both your pussy and your ass as you suck his cock.

I withdraw my tongue, and you whimper. But, I then place the tip of my cock at the entrance to your pussy — and he starts licking the underside of my cock. You can feel him licking both your pussy and my cock. Then I feed my cock into his mouth for just a few seconds. Then we both get back to tonguing your holes. And, just for extra fun, I slap your ass to make it beet red.

Your mouth is working it’s magic on his cock, and he’s soon ready to explode. I tell you to hold his cock in your mouth when he cums. Hearing this is too much for him, and he starts to shoot. He fills your mouth with cum, but I warn you not to swallow. I lean over and watch as cum drips out of your mouth as you suck him. Then, when he’s spent, you lift off his cock, and I kiss you to share his cum. After our kiss, I let him keep eating your pussy and, as you watch, I suck his cock to clean off all the cum.

There is one more young man with needs as yet unmet, and his cock is the largest of the three.

He thinks he knows what’s about to happen, but I tell him he has to earn it first — I tell him to suck my cock.

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