One summer two

Blow A

Sorry about the grammar I’m not much of a writer.

Part two of One Summer

When I left off Sue had just had her first climax she was shaking and curled up in ball. I just sat next to her for a few minutes. She sat up and said that she almost passed out. She wanted to know did I feel the same way she did when I came. I don’t think it was as strong but it was a great feeling. Sue asked me to stand up she moved over and put her hand around my dick she started slowly pumping it. It felt so good I came in seconds.

I sat down and tried to breath again we started to talk about sex. I asked her if she had put anything in her pussy like a hot dog or anything she said no just her fingers. Would you like to try it? She looked interested she just laid back and smiled. I took this for a yes I ran into the kitchen heated up a few in the toaster oven and ran into the living room. I took my time rubbing it all around her pussy when I slipped it in she covered her face with a pillow. I moved her legs as wide apart as I could it went in easy. I left it in and started licking her pussy she came again hard the hot dog popped out she grabbed the back of my head she held me tight to her pussy she came for the second time this time without tears.

The next day Jill was at the door 8 am sharp. The weather was still to cool to swim so we stayed in and talked. Jill wanted to know what happened after she left. Sue told her she had her first climax. We talked about Jill’s first climax. Her brother Kevin had been coming into her room starting when she was 12 at first he would have her dance around naked then he asked her to suck his cock, Jill told us she like that the best. When she was 14 Kevin and a two of his friends got her a little drunk and she sucked them all off.

I asked her if they had sex with her she said no they just wanted her to get naked and one at a time they fingered her and licked her pussy then they pulled out their dick and she sucked them all off.

Sue wanted to Sex hikayeleri know if she had climaxed that day Jill said no it was several month later. Kevin was doing all kinds of thing with and to her; he had popped her cherry and was having sex with her at least twice a day now. What did you mean to you I asked? Well he like to tie me up he even put peanut butter on my pussy and had the dog lick it off. Sue was shocked. Jill explained it was no big deal she liked it. I asked what else; will one night he took me to his girlfriend’s house she was baby sitting her baby brother.

We smoked a little pot he told me to take off my dress when I did he told his girlfriend to do the same we stood in front of him in just our panties. He told me to take them off and show us your pussy he made me lay on the couch and spread my legs he told me to finger my self his girlfriend was watching the hole thing. After a few minutes it was her turn she laid back and spread her leg Kevin had me lick her pussy we fingered her together. He had me watch as he slipped his cock into her

I asked Jill if she liked girls or boys she smiled both of course. Was that the only time with Kevin’s girlfriend no Kevin would take me over when ever she was baby sitting.

Jill asked me to get naked so she could suck my cock when I did Jill wanted to watch Sue do it first. With a little prodding she did Jill had her take off her dress, I was lying on my back. With Sue on her knees bent over she put my cock in her mouth, Jill was telling her to go slow lick the outside she showed her how to hold my cock and how to stroke it up and down. As Sue got into what she was doing I could see Jill’s hand on her back it slowly moved between her legs as Sue was sucking my cock Jill was fingering her pussy before long she was eating her pussy I came in her mouth she tried to swallowed it all. A few seconds later she was coming pushing back at Jill’s face pumping her fingers in and out what a sight.

Not much was said after Sikiş hikayeleri that we just sat down on the floor and waited for some one to say something. I was the first, I asked Sue if she was ok she smiled nodded her head yes not a word spoken. Jill sat up Ok you’re next pointing at me, you get to fuck us both today Sue sat up No I don’t think so not today.

What else has happened to you Sue asked? Well Kevin took me to a bring your sister night at the frat house he belongs to. OK what is a bring your sister party? Well just what it sounds like you bring your sister and turn her over to the house she has to do what ever the brother wants. It was fun they had us dance for them in our underwear get drinks for them it was a poker party so we served food and drinks all night. They tipped us if we stripped so most of the girls did I was serving drinks topless all night. Sue you should come to the next party with your big boobs you could make 200 dollars no problem. What else would I have to do? Nothing you don’t want. You don’t have to take off anything you just get more money if you do.
How many parties have you been to? Two sister parties and a couple of just poker parties. I did a poker party for Marks dad at his house same deal topless we got tips Marks father asked me to help him in the garage. I was 14 at the time topless in a mans garage. He kissed me pulled my shorts off and licked my pussy he jacked off on my pussy then he kissed me and handed me 200 dollars. I can make 200 anytime I want just go over to Marks dads he never fucks me he just jacks off. I’m going this afternoon if you want to make a little money.

Sue was shocked 200 was a lot of money Are you thinking about it I asked Yes I don’t want to have sex with him but he can eat me for 200 I think. They got dressed and left a few minutes later.

About two hours later Sue returned she looked fine, She was smiling, well what happened? She showed me the money, what did you have to do? Just what Jill Erotik hikaye said he wanted us to get naked he eat her pussy he jacked off it was great. He handed me the money and never touched me.

Sue would go over to his house a couple times a month sometimes she would stay for hours. She would never tell me what was going on just the same jacking off she would tell me.

Years later I mean 15 years later we were at a party Sue and I and I asked her about him she told me the whole story.

This guy was in his mid 50s at the time Sue was 15 years old. The next time Sue went to his house he wanted to take some photos of her Sue had no problem with the photos so for weeks she would come to his house take off her close and pose for him. Some times Jill would join them sometimes not. I wanted to know what happened to the photos Sue smiled I have them would you like to see them?

Hell yes was my answer. We went into her bedroom and out came this box. As I started checking out the photos I remembered how hot she was at that age she was still hot but not 15 hot if you know what I mean.

The photos started out as you would think Her boobs her bottom some of her standing some laying down we looked at maybe 50 when one popped out she was spread out her pussy in full view. I looked at her she said yes one day he asked me to spread my legs and it kind of took off I was looking at her with every thing you can think of in her pussy Hot dogs, ears of corn, dildos, and so on.

What was happening I asked she said it just felt good I let him do what ever he wanted she said. Did you guys have sex I asked? Hell yes was her answer he fucked me for hours sometimes. Some of the photos were of Jill posing with dildos and other thing they looked like they had fun. As we got deeper into the box I noticed photos of other girls doing the same things some of them I new from school. How did this guy get the girls to do all of this Sue said he was nice and let you do what you wanted. I found photos of my best friend’s mom in the box. A school teacher of mine Both of Jill sisters one was maybe 12 at the time. At the bottom of the box six video tapes.

I will leave that for another time.

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