Only a Week Apart

Big Tits

All characters over 18. This is my first story so feedback and comments are appreciated. Enjoy


I could feel my body jumping up with excitement at the site of my house. I was perfectly still but my body was screaming, I don’t know how I contained myself.

We were finally here.

I’d been away with my two best friends Mason and Clyde for a week. It was nothing essential, just some time to hang out and catch up. My boyfriend had given me ‘permission’ to fuck them, just not to give them ‘my heart’, he had said. Like anybody could steal something he so securely protected.

By the time we reached the gate my seatbelt was already off, it was the most I could do in this cramped up car, whose smell now burned my nostrils as I longed to get out and feel the sweet aroma of my house. ‘My house’, that was what I missed, I half truthfully told myself.

Mason turned his head and looked back at me from the front passenger seat, smiling.

“Contain yourself,” he said sarcastically, noting how calm I was. If only he knew. I hoped he could keep his eyes to my face and not take them further down, because I couldn’t hide the bulging in my jeans, especially now that he was making me think about it, think about all the crazy things that happened in that house, with all the crazy people. It made me hot. I ignored him, I wasn’t sure my voice could come out at that point, I had completely freaked out.

Clyde turned up the driveway and parked the car, too slowly it seemed, like he was teasing, just to see if I’d explode. He stopped finally, and spoke, facing forward.

“You still haven’t told us about you and that boy,” he said.

“Your papi chulo,” Mason added, amused.

They were just curious, like gossipy curious, wanted to be on top of everything (and everyone). I tried not to so obviously blush, though I was on fire just thinking about him. I spoke, as calmly as I could.

“It’s nothing, just roomies,” I lied faking a smile, for no special reason, just to see how long it was going to be until they would figure it out. Just as I finished, the front door opened, and there he was, so beautiful.

Beautiful brown eyes, beautiful black buzzed hair, beautiful full lips. He was wearing cargo shorts for whatever reason, ‘easier to remove’, I thought. I should’ve prepared myself in such a way too.

“Uh huh,” they said in unison, accusingly, as they turned they heads slowly at me, both smiling naughtily.

“Uh huh you two too,” I snapped back, also accusingly. I had their number.

“Hey it’s not like you twos fellas be tellin’ me about yourselves either,” I joked, with a fake Italian accent, hand gestures and all. I didn’t allow them to reply as I opened the door suddenly and left, running to the trunk to get my bag and heading towards the open door. I stopped at the welcome mat and turned around, flashing a huge smile and waved goodbye to my friends. Soon he was right behind me, head almost on my shoulder and also waving goodbye. They waved back and we reversed into the house.

I closed the door, face towards it, and laid my head on it. He was so close to me that I could hear him breathing. He pressed his front against my back, and I turned my head to the side to where it was visible to him, to give him access. He took it right then, putting his lips on mine.


I’d missed him.

We made out in that position for I don’t know how long, probably a few seconds. I could feel his hardness through the fabric of his shorts, and my jeans, on my ass. I’d missed him so much.

I lifted the my hand to his neck, and I just kept it there while we made out in that almost awkward position. My other one was on the door, while his wrapped around me from behind. One across my chest and the other across my belly. The tee shirt wasn’t really numbing the sensation, but it was. I longed to feel his skin against mine. Without the use of words, I already knew how much he missed me.

Soon his body was rocking against mine, dry humping me through the clothing. Still fully clothed and this was already perfect.

I slowly dragged my left hand down the door, down my body towards my crotch. My cock needed to be freed, it was screaming at this point. But he stopped me. He moved his own had from my belly towards my cock, readjusting it through the fabric, just to give me a bit of comfort, before stopping completely, hand frozen still in top of my dick.

“Not yet,” he whispered in my ear. Why? He answered, knowing the question in my mind.

“I have a surprise for you,” he whispered, sending chills down my body. His beautiful voice always did that to me. I couldn’t complain before I had seen what it was, but I could complain when he detached his body from mine, like removing a person’s head. How am I to live?

He reattached himself once more but just a little bit, by taking my hand. He led me upstairs and opened the bedroom door, leading me in. I heard the bedroom shower water running.

“You left the shower running? You assho-“, he cut me off by turning around and putting his lips back on mine. There alanya escort wasn’t much room for him to move anyway, hey reached the foot of the bed. Suddenly I couldn’t hear the shower water. Couldn’t hear anything really, he really knew how to shut me up.

His tongue danced with mine for a minute before he pulled back. Suddenly I was the one at the edge of the bed. We’d switched positions, when had we switched positions? He smiled devilishly at me as he put both hands on my chest and pushed me down onto the bed. I let him get on top of me and put his lips to mine again, only for a couple of seconds.

He used his arms and legs to extend mine, wide open, a wide open ‘X’ on the bed. I still had no idea where this is going. Until. I heard it, felt it. As he is still in my mouth, I feel the ropes tying and locking around my wrist. I’m about to react with my free hand when he chains that one up too. I’m not used to giving up control so completely, but a surprise is a surprise, and I’d play along for now, what’s the worst that could happen?

Only my feet left free. He, a little amused, chained those up too. All the power was in his hands now. I hoped I didn’t look weak to him. Because he still looked beautiful to me. Beautiful and hot. And hungry. And horny. His bulge was protruding in a comical fashion. I could eat him up. But I was chained, chained to the bed. So all I could do was wait. He looked at me hungrily, panting almost, then bent down, disappearing from my view and appearing a second later, with a pair of scissors in his hand. My mind went to various wild places, including that he was setting me free already, before I settled on a more plausible reason for the scissors.

“Oh no,” I thought, and mouthed. He must have been so happy to see this happening, to have such power over me, physically and emotionally. He was almost laughing, that maniac, as he straddled me and put the scissors right in the middle of the hem, directly in line with the deep part of the V-neck. Not what I had in mind. He went crazy as he scissored that vertical line, longing to see my skin, I told myself. He was done quickly, and smiled at his results, taking my whole body in with his eyes.

“That’s an expensive tee,” I whined, wanting to see if he’d react the way the old Marco would’ve, but nothing, just pure wildness as he haphazardly cut the rest of my shirt off. I don’t know how I came out of that event unscathed.

The old Marco would’ve panicked to death at the sight of a slight tear on anything, profusely apologizing even if he hadn’t caused it, but not this hot beast in front of me.

My jeans were next, I guessed. My cock bulged to the left and he looked at it hungrily. I was hungry for his too, still tenting those shorts. I wanted to touch it, feel it’s heat in my palm, my mouth, my whole body. At this point I suppose just seeing it was enough.

I had a feeling he was not done with the scissors yet. I gasped as I felt the cold steel on my shin, he’d put the scissors into the left leg of my jeans, and was immediately tearing away. Soon, my whole left leg was exposed. He was still leering at me, eyes completely dark with sex, and proceeded to part the flaps of my torn jeans and briefs, exposing just the left testicle. When was this torture going to end? He took his face towards it, and put it into his mouth. The feeling of his tongue on me set me on fire, but it wasn’t enough.

“Stop it,” I said, and he did, too soon.

“No,” I gasped, wanting his tongue on me again. He just took a step back, fire in his eyes, tents in his shorts. He was enjoying this torture.

I closed my eyes, and he finally took the scissors the other leg, taking his time riding up my leg, while gently stroking the other one. I concluded that he was just trying to see how long it would take before I combusted, not much longer, I thought.

He finally got done with it, this time leaving the briefs untouched. I let out a whimper. Why is he doing this to me?

He yanked the rest of the jeans from underneath my body, lifting me up slightly, and took a step back once more, watching me try to twist and turn. He just smiled silently.

“Take them off man,” I said. The teasing was becoming too much to bear, I felt as if my dick was going to explode from the pain of restraint, especially since he was standing and looking so sexy right in front of me. I figured it took as much from him as it did from me, seeing as the tent in his shorts was still there. But maybe not, after all he had had a whole week to be without me, what was less than an hour if I was there, even if he wasn’t touching himself. I tried to give myself that same mentality, but I guess I’m too weak. Being under his control was so frustrating, but such a rush at the same time.

Only my blue briefs restrained my dick, cut right through the whole right side. My dick was still pressed against my skin on the left side, and my one ball was still out. I was breathing heavily, trying to think of the right words to convince him to free me. He was just standing there, face and crotch smiling artvin escort at me.

“Please,” I pleaded, trying to suppress myself, to keep my voice low.

“Please what?”

It spoke. Why did he want me to repeat myself?

“Please take them off,” I pleaded again. Normally I wouldn’t have begged like this, but he knew exactly how to press the right buttons.


He wasn’t giving me anything. Just kept staring, hands on his hips, obviously expecting something.

At that moment, I gave up, I was going to die of blue balls, tied to my bed hands and feet, rock hard.

He moved his hand slowly, from his hip to his crotch, and grabbed himself through his shorts. Oh my God.

He squeezed. I was flat-lining, but it was coming to me. As he squeezed his cock and make small jerking motions along it through his shorts, it hit me.

“Please,” I begged, and the end of my lip curled slightly into a small smile, simultaneously with his, he knew I knew, “sir.”

He body jerked as he finally jumped, up and then down to his knees. He slowed down again and got his face close to my foot, then started creeping towards me. It touched my foot, then it started slowly creeping up. His face moved past my shin, past my knee, past my thigh, tickling my thigh with his light scruff, then finally it was there. So close to the prize. They finally touched, and even through the briefs it sent fire through my body. My mind wasn’t moving anymore, perfectly still. It was all him now.

In a swift motion he brought the shears up and tore the fabric, and it finally felt some air.


The fresh air was like oxygen in my lungs, finally waking me up. He proceeded to take the piece of underwear, or whatever was left of it and chuck it to the side. I was happy at last. My cock could finally breathe, making a forty-five degree angle up from my belly. I noticed that piece of cloth that was covering it was almost fully wet, soaked with precum. Already?

I almost thought it was just cum by the amount of it, but I knew he hadn’t taken me there yet. At the back of my mind I doubted he was ever going to.

He moved to the side of the bed, where I had a better view of him, hand slowly stroking through the fabric. What was he planning now. For now I was sated, so I just smiled weakly at him, waiting for his next move.

Perhaps he had decided to play nice finally, because he just took untied his button and took his shirt off, revealing his hairy torso. Beautiful. Beautiful dark nipples, almost invisible in that jungle, on that sexy chest. Pecs beefy and well defined but not too much, just how I like it. He proceeded to undo the button on his shorts and unzip the fly, letting them fall to the ground, finally revealing what I wanted. It bobbed when he let them fall and soon it was still, only vibrating in place. Angry, strong, vicious. I wanted to unchain myself and go to comfort it, but that would’ve been too easy. Easy was not the theme of the day. I must’ve been staring, because he laughed. This wasn’t the time to laugh.

I watched him, mouth dripping wet, as he approached, was he finally going to give me what I wanted. It was there finally, right in front of my face, veins throbbing and head dripping wet. We could give each other what the other wanted, but again, easy was not the theme of the day.

He made it hover above my face, and rubbed its wetness on my mouth. It was hot enough to burn my lips, but I wanted more of it, wanted its length and thickness whole in my mouth. But he had decided that was enough, moving it and placing it over my face. I could smell it, and I wanted more. His balls were right on my lips, and if that was what he was going to give me, I was going to take it. I opened my mouth and let the ovals fall in. They were so big, but nothing I couldn’t take. I licked all over and pulled them into my mouth, just to see how far I could take them, if I could swallow them. I could tell he was enjoying this, because he had started moaning, making me also moan in my mouth, still full of his testicles. I could feel his precum dripping onto my hairline, he had to be wanting more by now. He pulled back, and again rubbed his dick against my lips, cleaning off the wetness, leaving me licking my lips and wanting more.

“Please sir,” I begged, panting, “let me taste it.”

He smiled, and obliged, bending it downwards and moving it slowly until it was knocking on my lips, waiting for entry. I allowed it in, finally getting the taste of my prize. He was still teasing, only allowing the head it. I was going to have to make do with what I’d been given, so I went to town on it. I was face up with his cock head in my mouth and he was above me, hand tightly gripping the headboard. We were both moaning loudly, in pleasure and hunger, because I wanted more. I lifted my head up to get more of it in my mouth.

I think in that moment we forgot where we were, he was no longer master and I was no longer his puppy. His whole body had dissolved into that one member, his cock, hot, dancing in my mouth. I couldn’t burdur escort get enough. But it could apparently. I was so close to cumming, and just by the moaning and groaning and short breaths one could tell. He pulled back, slowly letting me feel every detail of it on my tongue, every vein, the head of it, throbbing, still dripping. I didn’t want to let it go, and I extended my tongue as it left, stopping a couple of inches from my face. We were still linked by a thin line of precum, and the best I could do to show him how much I wanted it was to keep my tongue extended. He indulged me this time, pushing his cock again closer to my face, above my mouth, squeezing the base and slowly making his way up the veiny shaft, causing a huge glob of precum to run from the slit and onto my tongue. I savoured the taste, and stuck my tongue out again to lick the head as he pulled away. Delicious.

He walked to the foot of the bed again, in-between my feet. An absolute stud, I just loved his rock hard cock looking at me. I craved it in my mouth again. He made his movements deliberately slow, but eventually he had crawled into the bed and his handsome face was inches from my cock, just hovering around it. I could feel his breath on me, hot and hurried. The sensation was wonderful, but it could be better. I knew he was waiting for me to beg. What was a man to do at this point?

“Please suck my cock sir,” I begged. He looked like he was about to, tongue out, but at the smallest contact of his tongue on my dick, he pulled back, smiling devilishly.

“Put my fucking dick in your mouth,” I said, impatient. I calmed down when shot me a look, expression unchanged, just wanting to see how far I’d go, and added calmly, “sir.”

Still nothing.

At this point I was no longer looking at him, I’d pulled my head back down, and resigned myself to death. I was a moaning and whimpering mess, saying whatever he wanted me to.

“Please sir, please suck my cock sir, suck my fucking cock sir, put my cock in your hot fucking mouth sir, please sir, please sir.”

At some point he listened, because I finally felt it, felt his hot fucking mouth on my cock. It sent fireworks through my body and soon I was moaning to his rhythm. I pulled my head up to look at him, for only a second, because that’s all the strength he had left me with, and saw his head bobbing up and down, my full length disappearing into his mouth, then reappearing, like magic. I couldn’t tell who was moaning louder, but if anyone was watching the show, they would’ve been having a great time. They probably would’ve cum by now, without all this teasing.

He continued his magic and right then I could feel it, getting closer. I tried to hide it, to keep quiet so he would let me having, but it was too much. I let out a loud groan, and, as expected, he pulled back. The discipline it must’ve taken for him to pull this off so well.

In a quick motion his dick was in my face again, this time he didn’t hold back. He shoved it in my mouth and let me have it. I a couple of seconds he pulled out, the started pumping it an rapid motions, jerking of in my face. He let out a scream at his cum finally poured out of him. So much cum, onto my face, into my mouth, I couldn’t get enough. I tried to take as much of it as I could into my mouth, and there really was a lot of it, so much that I really couldn’t. He finally finished, and just stayed there, smiling, straddling my face, dick almost going limp, almost. It wouldn’t go limp, it was still semi hard when he started using it to guide all the cum, previously wasted, into my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth, and I was very reactive, using my tongue to get all of it. At this point, it was my life, my fuel and my oxygen. He finished up and went back to just smiling at me, we weren’t done. I was still rock hard, and feared my dick would fly away if he didn’t give it what it wanted.

Marco turned his body around, still sitting on my dark chest, turning his attention back to my throbbing cock. He put his hand on the base, and held still. Then he pumped. Once, twice, then a few rapid pumps, then fireworks. I was screaming in ecstasy. The first spurt was almost wasted, but soon he put his face closer, putting his mouth on the head so he could catch everything. He was sitting on my chest, his perfect ass right in my face. I was going to take as much as I could to multiply the pleasure, and I wasn’t letting his hole go untouched. I dove right in tongue first, putting my tongue into his hole as I came, intensifying every sensation. I knew in my mind this took him by surprise, even better. Soon I’d stopped cumming, but my face was still in-between his cheeks, motionless, just panting, just because it was my home.

I knew we weren’t done, so to start the second act, I put out my tongue, grazing his hole lightly, up and down. I knew that this was all I was going to get, judging by recent events, so I savoured it. Soon, predictably, he pulled away again. Getting his body off me and off the bed, standing on the side again, full view. This view was my favourite, he was already almost as hard as a rock again, hands on his hips, staring at me. This was more than what it took for my cock to fully solidify again. We were just staring at each other, taking each other in, both almost back to full rigidity, waiting to see what was coming next.

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