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It’s always a nervous moment when a bisexual man walks into the building where he’s meeting another man purely for sex. The modern day blind date means that, if you’re both on the DL and met through a hookup site, you’ve probably seen everything except each other’s face.

That’s how it was the night I went to meet tika-taka in a hotel bar on the Caribbean island where I was living. I knew he was black, aged 40 and had a beautiful shiny brown cock – or at least the messages I had received and the pictures I had seen suggested that. He in turn knew that I was white, a little older and also had a nice appendage.

As I entered the bar I saw it was full of people, mainly men and mainly black. It was no use scanning the faces for a familiar one, because I wasn’t going to find one.

But hang on a minute, there was a guy standing at the bar whose face rang a bell. Damn, it was the car salesman I had recently bought an EcoSport from. Camran (willfully misspelled, as they love to do in these parts).

I thought about ignoring him but he had clearly seen me and I had to go to the bar anyway, so I might as well say hello.

I couldn’t help feeling it was written all over my face: “Up to no good. Here to suck cock.”

Strangely, though, because that was exactly why I was there I felt quite aroused. How many of these guys were also here undercover, meeting someone for the first time with the sole purpose of having sex with another man?

I was a few minutes early so I could have a drink and relax, if it is possible to relax when you know you’re only minutes away from a thrilling sexual encounter.

“Hi,” I said and Camran nodded.

“Mr Philips,” he said. “Care for a drink?” I liked his air of sophistication and his easy, salesman’s smile. We had got along quite well during the car selection and signing up process, but I had never thought about the contents of his trousers.

He bought me a Cuba Libre, aka rum and Coke, and we talked about my car. After five minutes I looked my watch and he said,

“You meeting someone?”

“Yeah,” I said thinking of adding some detail but coming up short.


“Some rep,” he said with a shrug.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” I said with mock confidence. I brandished my drink at him and said, “Cheers,” and headed for a vacant table in the corner.

I had better send a text to tikataka.

“Booking a room,” I texted. “Will send number few mins.”

“Cool,” he sent back. “Am here.”

Maybe he was just parking or something.

I diyarbakır escort booked a room, convinced that the receptionist also knew exactly what I was up to, and sent him the number.

As I sat in a chair in a nice, fresh room with two double beds I looked forward to getting started. There shouldn’t be too much awkwardness. Unlike a normal date, there was no need to test the waters and proceed with caution.

I had told this guy what I wanted to do and he had told me what he intended. I was going to suck his cock, possibly lick his ass and then he was going to put that beautiful penis inside my anus. We had even talked about kissing, which needs to be discussed with bisexuals, because some men can’t kiss another man. They’ll do anything else, but kissing just makes them uncomfortable.

There was a knock on the door and I went quickly and opened it.

It was Camran, and he looked as taken aback as I felt.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m looking for someone.”

“Holymoly?” I whispered, scared stiff.

“Yes,” he said and stepped impulsively right into the room.

I closed the door and some of the fear dissipated.

“Well this is a..”

“Disappointment?” he asked.

“Surprise,” I corrected. So the beautiful penis belonged to this very fit, muscular man opposite whom I had sat as we talked business. And because I had told tika-taka I wanted him to fuck me, I had also told Camran.

This needed a bit of time to process, so I opened the minibar, took two small bottles of red wine and gave one to him.

We sat back in the armchairs, both trying to look cool and unfazed, but it was no good. We had to face up to this, and after all, what was so bad? From my point of view all was fine. I could have sex with this guy. I could kiss him. And I certainly wanted to see that cock.

Camran took out his mobile phone and logged into the hookup site. He pulled up our conversation and showed it to me.

“So that is you?” he asked.

“If that’s you, then that’s me,” I said nonsensically. “One way to find out.”

I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. He did the same. I was about to remove my trousers when he said, “We said we would kiss.”

He put his arms around me and stroked my back, pulling me towards him, and I found myself in a clinch with Camran the car salesman, our tongues working each other up into a frenzy. I was stroking his arms and kissing his chest and then I found myself on my knees, unzipping this guy’s jeans.

“It’s edirne escort definitely you,” I said as his manhood appeared before me. I swallowed the head of his cock and sucked him eagerly. His penis was magnificent, every bit as good as it looked in the photos. It was hard , particularly for a black cock, as they are often big but bendy. Camran’s cock was like a rock in my hands and I loved having most of it in my mouth.

My fingers roamed into his crack. I hadn’t promised to lick his ass, but said I would “possibly” do it, because that is quite an accolade and in my book shouldn’t be given away too easily.

Now, though, it was all I wanted to do.

I was going to lick Camran’s asshole and then there would be no going back. He would know that in this context I was his and he could do anything he wanted.

“Turn around,” I said breathlessly. I kissed his buttocks.

“I’m going to kneel on the bed,” Camran said, taking charge as I hoped he would.

The sight of him with his dark, gleaming globes and his gunmetal grey ball sack hanging low with its precious load of testicles ignited me with lust. I felt those balls, moved my hand up to hold his cock and launched myself into his buttocks.

I licked Camran’s ass and loved doing it. He moaned and groaned with pleasure and knelt further forward to open himself up.

“Mr Philips, you’re a very sexy man,” Camran said as my tongue luxuriated between his black buttocks. “But are you sure you’re really holymoly?”

“I definitely am,” I said “Holymoly said he’d suck your cock and maybe lick your ass, and I’ve done those things.”

“He also said he wanted me to fuck him,” Camran went on. “Do you want me to fuck you? A man like you, all mature and respectable.”

I licked him some more and replied,

“I want you to fuck me Camran,” I said. “I want your big strong cock up my ass. I want you to cum inside me.”

“You want that now?”

“Yes. I love licking your ass and now I want to be fucked.”

“Lie on your back,” Camran said calmly. he scrambled over to his jeans and pulled out a tube of lube.

Camran lay on top of me and kissed me, his body between my legs and his balls rubbing against me. Then he climbed up and sat astride my face. He lowered himself until his ass was over my mouth and he ground himself against me, his beautiful musky natural scent in my nostrils as he laid claim to me.

“Lick my ass,” he whispered and I obeyed immediately, my tongue a little way into his hole and striving elazığ escort for more.

“Think about what you’re doing,” he ordered. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

“Are you mine to do with what I want?”

“Of course.”

He pushed his anus against my nose and slid from side to side, basting me with the combination of his ass oil and my saliva. He was leaning against the wall and I wished he would turn around so he could suck me too in a heavenly 69, but I felt he was still convincing himself of his relationship with this privileged white man.

If only he had known the natural power he had over me purely by being a good-looking, masculine man. It wasn’t a question of race or color. To me he was simply a wonderful specimen of manhood and I wanted him to invade me, plant his seed deep inside me.

Suddenly Camran climbed off me and began doing his stuff with the lube. He poked a slippery finger far up my hole and I gasped with excitement.

Then he lay on top of me with his muscular chest pressing against mine and he pulled my head up and thrust his tongue into my mouth, like he was demonstrating what was about to happen down below.

“Ready?” he asked, gazing into my eyes. I nodded and he pushed that wonderful cock into my ring, through it with a quick sting and into the back of beyond. I was full of him.

The feeling was incredible, partly because by this time I really liked him. I felt like this was how I wanted to be always: underneath him on a hotel bed with his firm, smooth, beautiful penis up my ass. I wanted to suck him until he came in my mouth. I wanted his spunk on my chest, in my hand, my armpits, up my back.

And at that moment I wanted him to squirt his stuff into my back passage.

He was fucking me steadily, methodically, in and out of my drooling ass. I put my hand down to feel his balls and stroke them, hoping to hasten the flow of seminal fluid from them, up through his shaft and exploding into my depths.

I’m gonna cum,” he said and my ass kind of relaxed in anticipation. Then his face contorted and he growled as his orgasm took hold and he gripped my arms and shook as his spunk pumped into me. It was a moment I wanted to prolong forever, the feeling of receiving this man’s semen like this. I was like a woman desperate to get pregnant: I wanted floods of his stuff.

And that is what he gave me. I was so glad it was him on top of me, inside me, in control of me. This ordinary person, this car salesman who just happened to be beautiful and virile and knew how to possess me sexually.

It even felt good when his spent cock shrank and slipped out of me and I felt his spunk sliding down towards my exit, which was now very definitely also an entrance. I would make sure this happened again and again.

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