Our New Lives-Part Nine-Restrained Pleasure (Chapter 17)


Chapter Seven-Meeting MalikIt turned out that Malik’s apartment was right here in New Jersey, near the Hudson River, about a half hour from our home. When I hung up, I realized my cock was hard, oozing precum, and I was wishing it was already Wednesday night.After I finished with Malik, I realized I needed an excuse for Jill as to why I needed to be out for a late night on Wednesday. I didn’t want her to know where I was going.Hoping Trev would help me out, I called him, and fortunately, he answered right away. I told him what happened when I talked with Malik and that I needed an excuse for Wednesday night. Trev told me not to worry and to tell Jill that he was having a few guys over to his place that night for a last game of poker before he got hitched. He assured me that he’d tell Kat the same story in case she and Jill talked. Sounded like a good story. I agreed.Jill got home as usual around six o’clock. I had already called out for the delivery of Chinese food for dinner. She was no sooner in the house when she asked me if Nia had returned my call.After she kicked off her shoes, I told her that not only had I heard from Nia, but that she had given me Malik’s number and I’d spoken to him too.Jill shrieked, “OH MY GOD! Tell me what happened. What did he say? Was he OK hearing from us? Did he invite me to see him? C’mon, Ken, tell me!”I said, “Long story short, you’re invited to his apartment studio for a massage on Saturday night.”She started, “Oh fuck!! That’s fantastic. He is so hot. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this. Thank you so much for letting me do this, Ken…whoa hold it a minute. Saturday is the wedding. I can’t go to Malik’s on Saturday!”I told her what Malik said about the timing of the ceremony and reception. How we’d have a few hours after the reception before we were supposed to be at Malik’s place.Then she Sex hikayeleri said, ”What do you mean, ‘we’? I told you, Ken, that my first time doing this, I want it to be just him and me. I’m afraid if you’re there I won’t feel free with you watching to give him anything and everything he might want.”To calm her down, I explained that Malik wanted me to tell her the apartment number, drop her off, and then leave. He would take care of her getting home after their session, whenever that might be.Then I remembered to tell her about how Malik had more or less demanded she is to dress for their meeting.With a wicked smile, she said, “Whatever Malik wants, he shall have!”After I told her that, she was satisfied that all was good.Then I said,” Oh, by the way, Jill, when I talked with Trev yesterday, he invited me to his club in the city on Wednesday night. He’s having a few guys there for poker and drinks. Sort of a mini bachelor party. Of course, nothing like Kat celebrated. It might be a late night, though.”Jill said, “Yeah, sure, that’s fine. Sounds like a good time.” She was seemingly disinterested. I’m sure she was thinking about Malik.On Wednesday evening, Jill got home from her office around six PM. I was already showered and changed for my massage at Malik’s, or as I’d told Jill “Trev’s poker party.”We talked for a few minutes then I said, “Ok I’m going to take off for Trev’s club.”She said, “What? Oh right. I’d almost forgotten about that.”I reminded her, “Might be a late night, so don’t wait up.” Kissed her and I was on my way.When I got to Malik’s building, I realized that his apartment was a condo in a high-rise overlooking the Hudson River. There was a parking garage beneath the building, so I parked and took the elevator to his floor. I rang his video doorbell, and he answered over the intercom, “Hello Ken. Come Sikiş hikayeleri on in,” and buzzed the door open.He was exactly as Jill described him. A handsome, imposing, well-built, hairless, enticingly hot black man. We sat in his large fabulously furnished living room.He was dressed casually in an outfit that looked something like a Karate-Gi. Loose-fitting short-sleeved top and calf-length pants. He was barefoot. I started to imagine what he looked like under those clothes. Was he wearing a thong like Jill described he wore at the party when he kissed her?Malik said, “Let me offer you a special rum-like drink from the Caribbean. I have it custom distilled for me. It will relax you and then we can discuss why you’re here.”From a small bar, he poured us a couple of fingers’ worth of dark, amber-colored liquor. He clinked his glass to mine and said, “Here’s to Jill, drink up!”Whatever the drink was, it tasted great and went down very smoothly. I finished mine in a couple of swigs. I guess because I was a bit nervous about how things would turn out as the evening went on.He sat across from me and began, “I was glad to hear that you and Jill have decided to open your marriage to other partners. Jill is very hot. I spotted her the minute she arrived at Kat’s party, and I knew immediately that I wanted to somehow get her gorgeous white ass here for a massage if possible. You said on the phone that you’re all in for her to visit me, correct?”“Absolutely. She wanted your invitation, and I want her to have what she wants. So, let’s talk about Saturday night after the wedding,” I replied.He said, “OK,” then got up, went to the bar for the bottle, refilled my glass, and set it on the table between us.This time he filled it almost to the brim and said, “What is it exactly you want to talk about? I told you to bring her here Erotik hikaye around eight o’clock. What’s the problem?” he asked.I had a few more sips of the drink, which was going down very easily. I was feeling quite relaxed. My inhibitions were slipping away, and I felt myself becoming increasingly attracted to this magnetic black man.I explained, “I told you on the phone that Jill wants her first time with you to be just the two of you. I want to respect her wish. But I’d always hoped that, if she ever agreed to open herself to another man, I would be a part of it. As a partner in the pleasure or even as a voyeur. I wanted to somehow share the experience with her. When I told you that, you said that’s the way it would be. What did you mean by that?”He asked, “So that’s what you’re concerned about?”I said, “Well, yeah.”He topped off my glass again and said, “Ken, finish your drink. Then I’ll take you to see my special studio. I think you’re ready for a complimentary massage. We can talk more about Saturday night, you, and Jill.”I gulped down the rest of my drink. We got up and he led me through a small foyer off the living room to a door. It was an entrance to his massage studio. We went inside.It was a large room and looked comfortable. It had subdued, yet bright enough lighting. Soft Asian or Caribbean-style music played softly, but with a distinctive drum-like thumping in the background, could be heard and felt.There were half a dozen chaise lounge-type sofas, several large comfortable chairs, and huge oversized pillows large enough to be comfortable for sex. On several of the walls were racks of some kind which I immediately thought could be used for restraint. There were two other doors to the room in addition to the one through which we had entered.In the center of the room was the massage table on some sort of elaborate metal frame. I suspected it might be more than just a simple table for massage. It was illuminated from above with soft spotlights and was visible from every sofa and chair in the room. One wall was essentially a very large, mirrored panel reflecting the entire room.

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