Our Obedient Journey Ch. 01


As my wife hangs from the display hook in Jackson’s house, I am busy sucking my fourth or fifth cock of the night, a number that will surely double or triple by morning.

Emma, my wife, is mostly clad in latex. Her arms are bound together with a latex arm sleeve and attached to the massive hook that comes down from Jackson’s 15-foot ceiling. She is on display for the evening. Her head is covered in a latex hood and face mask, although her eyes are uncovered and project her full submission for all to see.

Her head is held high by a neck collar that forces her chin up and stretches her neck while immobilizing her ability to really move her head. A latex body suit covers her, and it is enhanced by a latex corset that has been pulled tight thus pushing her breasts out against the latex covering them. Her nipples are rock hard and easily visible. Her attire is black, including the knee-high fuck me boots that have 6-inch heels. The boots are attached to a spreader bar, so her feet are held about 3 feet apart. Her feet are barely on the ground as her display state has her hanging from her arms as much as she is standing.

The only skin showing is her pussy and her ass. The suit could be unzipped and in the back it was unzipped and the end of a large black dildo was inserted. In the front her exposed pussy has a vibrator pushed hard against it, held tight by a harness around her waist that also holds the dildo in her ass. The dildo is purring away.

She is moaning. In fact, she had been moaning for almost an hour now as the assault on her pussy was begun as the party started. That is where tonight’s chapter of our story started. It was amazing to watch as Jackson brought my wife out to his guests and transformed her into his display for the evening.

Jackson brought her from the spare bedroom. She was totally naked and he led her by a leash. Guests stopped and began to watch as this was always a key part of one of Jackson’s parties. He always had some special display treat for his guests. Tonight it was my wife who was facing down her fears of public humiliation and allowing Jackson to use her as his party toy. The look on her face told me she was holding it together quite well and that she would accept her fate for the evening.

Jackson took a moment and introduced her to his guests. He took a moment to thank his good frined Carly for finding and training his captive. As he spoke she ran his hands all over her body and showed his guests that she was fully obedient as she made no moves or sounds indicting that his touching was unwelcome. He slid his finger into her pussy at one point and just played with her. She moaned and her face easily indicated that his touch was making her lust come out. He continued his expert manipulations until she seemed very close to orgasm, and ten he stopped and started to prepare her for his final presentation.

He had the clothes and devices that she was to wear laid out on a table, and he spoke for all to hear and instructed her to get the full body latex suite and amazing fuck-me boots on. My wife obediently complied. He then proceeded to put the corset on her, he asked the crowd if they thought it was sufficiently tight to display her wonderful breasts. He got the affirmation he was looking for, but still pulled it even tighter as he finished. He then continued with the other devices. The collar and arm harness were next, and again he talked thru their installation to engage his guests in my wife’s transformation into the latex doll he was creating. He put the spreader bar on and then hung her from the hook. His next step was inserting the dildo, which he pushed in and out of her multiple time before he settled on a final position. Finally, he introduced the vibrator to the guests and attached it to my wife. He switched it on and then slowly walked around her inspecting his work.

He then was ready to present her to his party guests. He explained that she was his property and volunteered to be his display this evening because she had seen him display another woman a few months ago and needed to be the next. He explained she craved obedience and really was his to do anything with. He let the guests know that there would be time to play with her directly alter, but for the first few hours, she was for display purposes only. He encouraged the guests to admire the scene, but hold off touching until later. With that he grabbed a glass of champaign and made a toast.

“To my latex doll, may she enjoy her evening. Her obedience is what defines her and tonight she is glad to share that with all of you.” People toasted and the party began. My wife hung, clad in latex, vibrator running. The evening she has craved for two months was just getting going.

An hour later, Emma was struggling. She had already had one orgasm about 20 minutes earlier and based on the sounds coming from beneath her hood, she was well on her way to another. But at the same time Emma was exactly where she wanted to be, where she trabzon escort was destined to be. In the two months she went from shocked party guest at Jackson’s home, to the woman on display for Jackson and his guests.

We were invited to Jackson’s house by a former student of ours. We are both professors at a small liberal arts college that is in the same city as a huge, well known public university. So, we were the unknown faculty and that was OK with us. We had a nice professional life. We also had a mostly boring social life and a fully boring sex life. That was until Carly came into the picture. Carly is a vivacious, sexy, confident, dominant whirlwind of a young woman. Emma would not be hung on display if not for Carly. I would not be the party cum bucket if not for Carly. But here we are and both of us are not complaining. So, let’s start with the story of how Carly took control.

Carly was enrolled in my wife’s basic English class and wrote some very well written, but always sexually provocative stories. She would come to see my wife regularly and discuss her stories and the truth was Emma started to become aroused and intrigued by the visits. Carly finished the semester and perhaps Emma thought things were over, but then she appeared in her creative writing course the next semester and things quickly escalated. My wife’s first assignment in that class is titled, “my autobiography not yet written” and gives the students poetic license to write the autobiography of their life not yet lived, but with no rules about it being realistic.

Carly wrote a very erotic story about her life as the submissive sex pet to a strong and demanding, but generous and kind man. I didn’t know it at the time but the reason we had the best sex in years was because she had read, and reread Carly’s story that evening. She came to bed and as soon as I kissed her, she exploded and begged me to fuck her. She wasn’t normally super vocal but I didn’t complain, I simply enjoyed the passionate and hard sex we had.

The next day Carly came to her office. After some small talk and a preliminary discussion of the story which got Emma fairly worked up, Carly got up and came around to Emma’s side of the desk and started to point our specific passages in the sory while being right up next to Emma. Carly’s breasts pushed against Emma’s shoulder as she reached over and pointed out a particularly erotic passage where Carly gives herself fully to the man. Carly let Emma read it, then brought her hand back from pointing at the computer screen and cupped Emma’s chin. She pulled Emma’s face towards hers and kissed her passionately.

“You understand my story don’t you Dr. L.?” Before my wife could answer Carly initiated another kiss. Emma kissing back was her answer. She did understand and was giving herself to Carly. While kissing, Carly’s hands started to undo Emma’s blouse buttons. Things moved fast and soon Emma was topless and in an aroused trance. Carly moved to sitting on the desk, pulled her skirt up, spread her legs and pulled Emma into her sex.

“Pleasure me, Dr. L.”

And that is what Emma did. With pent up sexual energy she ate Carly’s pussy like it was her first meal in days. Carly spoke to her the entire time telling Emma she was letting her true submissive self out and how giving Carly power over her would be so good. Emma simply moaned in agreement and continued to pleasure Carly.

Soon Carly exploded into an orgasm and covered my wife’s face with her juices. She held my wife’s head and ground her way to a multi-stage explosion. Finally, when she came back down to earth, she grabbed Emma’s head with both hands, pulled her up to be facing each other, and told her, “you belong to me now.”

Emma answered with a tentative “ok.”

Carly then slid off the desk, spun the two of them around, undid Emma’s pants, pulled them down and immediately slid a finger into Emma’s soaking wet pussy. Carly’s lips went to Emma’s breasts and her fingers played her pussy like a master musician. And this did make my wife sing. Moans and proclamations came out without editing.

“oh god, I totally belong to you, ah fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I want to cum for you. Make me cum, please!”

Carly enjoyed the feel of Emma’s breast in her mouth, enjoyed the wet and warm insides of her pussy, but most of all enjoyed the words that represented Emma breaking right there and then. Carly knew she had a new toy, and Carly liked having toys!

A moment later my wife exploded into an orgasm. Probably the best one she had ever had. By the time it finished ripping through he she was sitting on the floor babbling in front of Carly. Leaned over and spoke into her ear, “our journey begins Emma,” using her first name for the first time, “and I am going to take you to places you have only dreamed about. Tell me you understand.”

“I do Carly, I can’t believe how amazing that was. Take me anywhere you want.”

“I will my little pet, and when we go on this journey, uşak escort I want you to understand that the more you give up control, the more amazing the journey will be.”

After that first experience, Carly started to regularly visit with my wife and with each visit she took deeper and deeper control. Soon Carly was determining the little things, like what Emma would wear, and the bigger things, like who Emma would fuck. Multiple times, when Emma was waiting for Carly to come to her special office hours, either Carly would show up with a friend, or someone else would show up in Carly’s place. Emma went from being Carly’s private property, to Carly’s slut. But every time Emma would get close to breaking away, Carly would give her a great physical fuck and a deep mind fuck, and Emma would return to her obedient state.

After a couple months of this, and just about the time I was getting pretty suspicious of my wife’s behavior, Carly came to visit me. She is a gorgeous and sexy young thing, and I was mighty pleased when she was waiting at my door at the start of my office hours. She came in, sat down, and then just stared at me. I am actually known for giving my students the silent treatment until they crack, but after a while she definitely took the upper hand and I spoke, “How can I help you?”

“I am one of your wife’s students. My name is Carly.”

“Very nice to meet you Carly. Are you enjoying my wife’s class?”

“She is by far my favorite.”

She did it to me again. She pushed the conversation back to me by answering my question, but not going any further. My inappropriate thought was, dang, she is hot and smart! I asked once more, “What can I do for you?”

She laughed a somewhat wicked laugh and said, “that is the question of the day Dr. K.!” My wife and I use our own last names at the University and most everyone, colleagues and student s alike only use our initials since we both have somewhat long and hard to pronounce last names.

As she said this she got up and closed my door. It is always a bit uncomfortable when I am alone with a female student, and in this case my “run away” radar was screaming full alert. But she just sat back down and casually asked me, “have you noticed anything different with your wife lately?”

My mind calmed and then I thought for a moment and said, “she seems to be putting extra effort into her classes this semester. Even more than usual.”

“I would definitely agree, her efforts have been amazing. Is there anything else you have noticed?”

“Am I supposed to noticing something?” I said this although my mind was latching on to the fact that I thought she was dressing sexier than usual and we had sex more often. But I didn’t think those were appropriate topics. Although with my mind thinking about those, and the presence of Carly, I started to get hard. My breathing got a bit fuller, and I am sure my face reddened slightly. It turns out Carly noticed.

“Actually yes. And I think you have noticed and are thinking about it right now.”

Damn, this was serious. I was in very uncertain waters. She pushed her advantage.

“I think you have noticed that she is dressing with a bit more sex appeal. Especially some of the shoes she has bought and worn lately. You have to have noticed these. You have notices these, haven’t you Dr. K.”

Oh, fuck. Her shoes. I have a fetish for sexy foot ware, or what we all just call fuck-me shoes. Now I was going from slightly hard to full arousal. I had not only noticed but had asked her to keep her one pair on when we fucked the other night. It was hot!

My silence and the redness in my face answered Carly. “The shoes have been hot, haven’t they? It’s alright you don’t have to answer. Yet. But perhaps you would like to check out my shoes Dr. K..” As she said this she leaned back in her seat and put her sexy legs on my desk. She was wearing a red dress that clung wonderfully to her amazing body and under it she had on black leggings and black boots. They were sexy. Damn, they were sexy. They were high, almost to her knee, they were black and the heel was just high enough to be sexy, but not so high that it was slutty. I literally couldn’t speak.

I was frozen, stuck between my lustful fetish, and my professional responsibilities. Carly smiled at me and casually said, “I have been guiding your wife on a journey of self-discovery. It has been amazing to help her find her true sexual self. And you know what the biggest part of that has been? The fact that she is happiest when she is serving me sexually. Or really when she is serving anyone. She is most content when she completely submits herself to a strong partner. I would like to tell you more, and I am sure you want to hear more, but I think it would be best if we continued this discussion with you doing what you are craving right now. Come around her and worship my boots. Then I will tell you the rest of the story.”

She swung her legs down and stretched them van escort sideways in front of my desk.

“Right over here. On your knees. Do it now Dr. K.!” The last part had an edge to it and it jolted me into action. My action should have been to throw her out and call my wife, but the reality was I was too mesmerized for that. So, I got out of my chair, came around to the front of my desk and knelt down. Her boots were right in front of me.

“Ask to worship them.” Her tone was not harsh, but there was no hesitancy in it. She knew what she wanted. She obviously knew what I wanted, and she planned on making that happen.

“May I worship your boots?” I said meekly.

“Not until you ask me like you mean it. And my name to you is Mistress Carly.”

I wanted her boots, I wanted her legs, I wanted her entire body. But mostly I wanted to give myself to her. I focused on that and found my voice. “Mistress Carly may I please worship your incredibly sexy boots. I want to please you and I want to show you I am yours to command.”

“you may begin,” is all she said. And I did. I caressed the boots from the top down, and then leaned down to then and kissed them. I was so hard it was ridiculous. I started to lick them one at a time.

“Put your hands behind your back, and continue to lick my boots”

“Yes Mistress Carly.” I removed my hands and focused on licking her boots. It is a pleasure only a show fetish guy like me would know.

“So, would you like to hear about how I have turned your wife into a cunt munching, dick sucking, submissive pet?”

I literally moaned. The thought of her as those things, combined with my boot licking pleasure almost made me cum. “Please Mistress Carly, tell me about my wife being your pet!”

“Well let me start by telling you she is a very passionate cunt muncher. I think it has become her favorite meal. Once I invited her to taste me, she was hooked. But what is really impressive is her commitment to being my pet. I have loaned her to multiple women, and multiple men, and all have reported back that she was a submissive slut who satisfied them fully. And when I have been the one directly in charge, she has absolutely shined in her role as my obedient pet and I have rewarded her with many mind blowing orgasms. Her only weakness; she is still a hesitant cock sucker. But I have two good friends that have promised to provide her with many opportunities to improve her craft. Can you picture your wife, on her knees, working hard to please two men? I bet you would like to be licking my boots while that was occurring. Would you like that boot licker?”

“Yes, Mistress Carly. I would love to worship your boots while she worshiped two cocks.”

“What if she needed help, would you help her suck those cocks? Would you crawl over to where your wife was kneeling and help her please these two strong men? Would you like that? I would. And you would do it for me, wouldn’t you Dr. K? You would go from a boot licker to a cock sucker, wouldn’t you?”

At this point I was so aroused that I could only make a moaning squeak. Mistress Carly laughed and continued, “Oh, that excites you doesn’t it. You want to be my obedient cock sucker, don’t you? Tell me you want to be my cock slut!”

“Yes, Mistress, I want to serve you and please you.”

“Yes you do. And I will make you earn your spot at my feet, you pathetic faggot. I am going to have you sucking so much cock your diet will mostly consist of cum. And you will be happy if that makes me happy, isn’t that right my little cock slave!”

“Yes, Mistress, I will suck every cock you want me to.”

“Good then let me grab your phone for you.” She reached up onto my desk and grabbed my phone.

“Unlock it” I did.

She entered a phone number, then handed the phone to me. “Text my friend and invite him to your office right now so you can suck his cock.”

I was frozen. I couldn’t do that. The number of reasons was too high to count.

“Start typing cock slut! Or was that just all talk? If you want to serve me, be obedient to me, it starts with you typing. Make it a polite message but be clear you want him to come now and you want to suck his cock until he cums down your throat.”

Every part of my body screamed NO! except my hands, that started typing.

Mistress Carly suggested I text you. Would you please come to my office, 3210 Miller Hall, so I can suck your cock and make you cum. I am waiting to serve you now and hope you will come, and then cum.

I figured I would be cheeky about it. If I was going to ruin my career in one text, might as well make it dorky.

I showed the message to Mistress Carly and she laughed and said, “If you want to serve me, hit send. It is your choice. If you don’t want to hit send, then I will leave, I will just continue to use your wife as my pet and slut and leave you alone. Go ahead and decide.”

I looked up at her and hit send. “I want to serve Mistress.”

“Hand me the phone and get back to licking my boots.”

I licked and she texted. Finally she said, “he will be here in 5 minutes. He is bringing a couple friends. This will be fun.”

She had me keep licking until there was a knock on the door.

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