Outdoor Adventures with Lily Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction. Any relation to actual persons or places is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18.

Vic awoke as a light flashed in his eyes. He covered his face and turned away as his eyes adjusted.

“Wake up sleepyhead!” A voice called out as Vic’s blanket was stripped off him.

Vic looked down at his naked boy, dried fluids covering his cock and thighs. He looked up to see Lily, fully dressed in her hiking gear standing at the door of the tent.

“Come on dad. Clean yourself up and get ready. I’m making breakfast and then we can hit the trails,” Lily announced before turning to the firepit.

Vic was still half asleep and hadn’t had time to process the fact that he’d had sex with his daughter yet. He pulled himself up and rubbed his forehead as he looked out the door at Lily. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail threaded through the back of her baseball cap. She was dressed back in her jean shorts and loose tank top, but he didn’t see her bikini top under it. In fact, she wasn’t wearing anything at all under it, her breast clearly visible from the side, nipple just slightly covered by the shirt with her areola poking out.

“Hey hun?” Vic called out as he grabbed a wet towel from his bag and started cleaning himself, “I read this trail is pretty rugged and uneven. You sure you’re gonna be comfortable without a bra?”

“I’ll be fine,” she said, turning towards him, “And if it gets too bumpy, you can always hold them for me.”

As she said it she pulled the sides of her shirt in and flashed her breasts at Vic, shaking them side to side with a grin before covering herself back up. Vic still had a hard time believing this was reality. He had cheated on his wife with his daughter, but somehow he didn’t feel bad about it. He needed time to think about how to deal with this new relationship dynamic.

Vic got ready and the pair ate and set off onto a nearby trail. The trail ran along the lake up and down through the hills; Vic read there was a scenic overlook of the lake where they planned to stop for lunch. A few minutes into their hike Lily pulled her shirt off and stuffed it into her bag. Vic walked alongside her and watched as her pale breasts jiggled with every step she took, nearly stumbling over.

“Careful dad,” she giggled, “don’t hurt yourself. My boobs aren’t going anywhere.”

“Are you sure you should be doing that? We could run into other people.”

“I hope we do, remember what I said yesterday?”

“Yeah but what about families and stuff?”

“This trail’s too tough for kids, it’ll be fine.”

As they continued a little further in, Vic spotted a pair of hikers coming their way. He looked at Lily and she was grinning ear to ear.

“Umm, hun, are you sure about this?”

“Hell yeah.”

Vic bit his tongue as the two groups neared each other. It was a man and woman, probably a little older than Lily. Vic watched as the woman averted her eyes from them with an annoyed expression, and the man looked directly at Lily’s chest. Lily kept the smile on her face as their paths crossed.

“Morning,” Lily said cheerily as they stepped past each other.

No response. A few feet down the road Vic heard the man say quietly, “Why don’t you do that?” and then a loud smack.

“You lied yesterday didn’t you?” Vic asked as they continued on.

“Lied? About what?”

“You said you didn’t mind if people saw you naked, but I think you actually enjoy it.”

“Mmm… Maybe I do. It is kind of exciting don’t you think?”

“Having people ogle my naked daughter? I don’t know if I’d say exciting…”

Vic wouldn’t admit it right away, but it did excite him. The guys back at the lake and the hiker they just passed staring at her tight young body. It titillated him in a new and unexpected way.

“Aww don’t get jealous dad. They’re just looking. None of them have been inside me like you have,” Lily said, shooting him a sexy side glance.

“So… About that,” Vic started speaking before he completely thought out his words, “Umm. What’s gonna happen with us when we go back home?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean like… our relationship. How is this gonna work…?”

“Well… The way I see it is that we have a special relationship out here,” Lily said looking over at him, “Going on all these trips, these adventures together. Just me and you without mom.”

“Yeah… I guess we do but-“

“So how about this? At home, we’re father and daughter, everything’s normal. But when we take a trip…” Lily said softly as she took Vic’s hand and smiled at him, “we’re lovers.”

Her words sent shivers down Vic’s spine. He held on tightly to her hand.

“It’s gonna be tough, not being with you at home,” Vic said as they walked.

“Yeah. We’ll just have set up even more trips then,” she replied with a wink.

The two continued on the trail for another few hours while flirting with each other. Vic, slapping Lily’s ass and groping her breasts. Lily, grabbing Vic’s crotch and feeling his chest. They scaled the rocky islahiye escort terrain and eventually climbed up onto a massive boulder that overlooked the lake. The two walked to the edge and looked out over the water down below them, taking in the beauty of the natural scene.

Lily cupped her breasts and groaned, “Ooo, my boobs are sore.”

“I tried to warn you,” Vic said with a grin as he unpacked their food and handed Lily a sandwich as they both sat down.

The two sat and enjoyed their food as they looked out over the lake, watching as people swam and kayaked across the water. Vic looked over and watched droplets of sweat beading up and sliding down Lily’s perky breasts as she leaned back on her hands and stretched her legs out.

“How about a massage for your sore boobs?” Vic asked as they finished their food.

“Mmm yes please…” Lily groaned as she shot him a smile.

Vic crouched down next to her and slid a hand over her left breast, gently rubbing in circles. His cock began to grow in his shorts as he reached over and took her right one in his other hand and softly caressed her aching chest. Her breasts were slick with sweat and his hands easily glided over them as he kneaded into her flesh. Lily leaned her head back and sighed as her father fondled her.

“Your nipples sure are sensitive,” Vic said as he felt the nubs growing under his hands.

“They’re not the only thing sensitive huh?” Lily replied as she grabbed onto the bulge in his shorts, “Are my boobs really that exciting to you?”

“Yes actually,” Vic said as he squeezed them both, “I’d say they’re damn near perfect.”

Lily blushed at his compliment then a sinister smile grew on her face, “Stand up for a sec dad.”

Vic pushed himself up to his feet and Lily pulled her legs in and crouched in front of him. She reached up and unbuckled the belt of his shorts.

“Whoa hold on,” Vic protested as she unzipped his shorts and started to pull them down, “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m gonna give you a blowjob,” she said matter-of-factly as she yanked down his shorts and underwear to his boots in one motion.

“We’re on a public trail, there’s people walking by. And… And… the lake. People can see us from the lake and the beach.”

“Good,” Lily replied as she grabbed the base of Vic’s growing erection, “I hope they do.”

Lily took Vic’s semi hard cock into her mouth and sucked down on him, sliding her tongue along the bottom of his shaft.

“Oh fuck…” Vic groaned as his inhibitions floated away.

Lily peered up at Vic with her gorgeous eyes as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. Vic’s cock grew to full size quickly in her warm wet hole and he rested his hand on her head, following her motions. Vic glanced down at the water and wondered if anyone was paying attention to what was happening up on the cliff. He realized what Lily was talking about, he felt immense excitement getting a blowjob out in the open like that, the risk of being caught turning him on like never before. Lily pulled her mouth off and spit on Vic’s head, grabbing it with her hand and stroking his slick shaft. She looked up at Vic with a bright smile and giggled as she jerked her hand.

“It’s exciting right dad?”

“Yeah sweetheart… I guess it is… Fuck…”

Lily spat on Vic’s dick again and smeared it around. She pushed herself up into a squat position and laid his cock between her tits. She pushed them together, surrounding his shaft, and moved her chest up and down. Vic ran his hand over Lily’s cheek and she sucked his thumb into her mouth as she titfucked him. Lily moaned on his finger as Vic groaned out loud, his daughter’s breasts sending pleasure waves through his body. Lily released his cock and squatted back down and began stroking him again as she licked his head.

“Whew… That’s a workout,” she sighed as she wiped sweat from her forehead and readjusted her hat.

“This feels so good, hun. I’m getting close,” Vic panted as his cock throbbed.

Lily stuffed him back into her mouth, sliding all the way down till her nose touched his pubic bone. Vic grabbed her ponytail and held her in place for a few moments before pulling her back off with her hair. Lily gasped for air then plunged back onto his cock. She was pushing Vic right to the edge as she quickly bounced her head on his shaft. The pressure built up and Vic’s thighs started shaking as his climax took over his body. Lily slid his dick out and stroked him as she aimed his dick at her face. Vic grunted as the pressure bubbled over and his cock released. He shot load after load onto his smiling daughter’s nose, cheek, and mouth. She kept stroking as she angled him down and he shot a final rope onto her chest.

“Ugnhhhnn…” Vic groaned as he coated her pretty face until he had nothing left inside.

Lily slowed her stroking and squeezed his shaft hard, milking all she could out of him. She raised her chest up and squeezed out a drop of cum that landed right on the areola of her islahiye escort bayan right breast. Vic lurched over as she released his dick and took a few deep breaths. He looked up and saw his little angel giggling as she wiped a dangling drop of cum from her chin and smeared it onto her left breast.

Vic patted her on the head as he stood up straight and sighed, “Whew… That was amazing.”

“Better than mom?” Lily asked as she sat back down on her butt and looked up to him with bright eyes.

Vic couldn’t lie to that cute, cum covered face, “Yeah hun, way better,” he said as he pulled his shorts back up and sat down on the rock again, “I think I need a few minutes before I’m good to go. Why don’t you clean yourself up and then we’ll take off.”

“Nah, I’m good,” Lily replied as she crossed her legs.

“What? You’ve got cum all over you.”

“I know, and I’m gonna keep it there.”

So you’re gonna spend the rest of the hike topless, with my cum all over your face and boobs?”

“That’s right,” Lily said cheerily as she took a drink of water.

Vic knew better now than to argue with her, and it did turn him on seeing her covered with his seed. He found himself excited at the possibility of running into other people and seeing their reaction when they saw her. No one would know they were father and daughter anyway. Vic rested his hand on Lily’s knee as they rested. She put her hand on top of his and squeezed it. Vic was falling for her, he wasn’t sure how he was going to go back to his wife after this.

After sitting for a few minutes Lily sprang up to her feet announcing, “Ok, time to go!”

Vic pushed himself up and the two grabbed their bags and continued along the trail. The next few miles went by without incident. It was just like the old father daughter hikes they used to take, apart from Lily’s cum splattered face and tits. Lily held onto her breasts for a good portion of the walk, the rocky trail proving more uncomfortable than she anticipated.

They entered the last half mile when Lily turned to Vic and excitedly whispered, “There’s people coming!”

Vic squinted his eyes and spotted two people coming towards them from the opposite direction. As they got closer he saw it was an older man and woman, probably in their 60s. The excitement grew in Vic as they neared each other. Lily was in front of him, her tits swinging free and jizz dried onto her skin. The older couple had smiles on their faces, until they got close enough, and those smiles turned to shocked expressions.

“Oh my. There’s something wrong with this generation,” the old woman scoffed and continued on in a huff.

The old man didn’t move, his eyes were fixed on Lily’s breasts. Lily stepped up close to him and he looked up to her face.

“Is… That what I think it is?” He whispered as he leaned his face in to inspect the dried fluids on her.

“If you’re thinking that it’s cum, then you’d be right,” she chuckled.

“Shit…” the old man muttered as he looked up to check on his partner, still walking away with her back to them.

“Do you wanna touch them?” Lily raised her eyebrow as she cupped her breasts and raised them up.

Vic nearly choked as he heard her offer. He barely even recognized his daughter anymore. The old man didn’t hesitate and squeezed both her breasts in his hands. He jiggled her boobs up and down and gently pinched her nipples.

“Harold! Come on!” A voice shouted from a distance.

The old man quickly retracted his hands and stepped back. “Coming!” He called out as he began to walk. “Thanks hun,” he said softly as he passed Lily and went down the trail.

Lily continued walking as Vic stood there dumbfounded. He shook his head and jogged back up to her saying, “Wow… You are just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“Just helping out the elderly like you taught me dad,” Lily laughed.

Vic got turned on watching the stranger fondle his daughter but he didn’t know why. Shouldn’t he be jealous? Angry? All he felt was excitement.

As the pair got back to the campground Lily put her shirt back on. They walked along the road until they were finally back at their campsite and both collapsed onto their chairs.

“Oh man, I’m beat,” Vic groaned.

“Yeah, that was long for our first hike of the year. Fuck, my boobs…” Lily whined as she squeezed her chest.

“I hate to say it hun, but maybe you should put on a bra for the rest of the day, get some relief. All that bouncing is gonna give you saggy grandma boobs.”

Lily shot her father a dirty look then got up and went to her bag, pulling out a sports bra. She pulled her shirt off and squeezed her breasts into it.

“I’m NOT gonna have grandma boobs!” She growled at him.

Vic chuckled as his eyelids got heavy. He slid down in his chair as the fatigue set in all at once. He couldn’t fight his eyelids and they slowly shut as he drifted off to sleep.

Vic awoke with a startle as a car drove by on the road in front of their campsite. escort islahiye The sun was low in the sky and darkness was falling over the land.

“Fuck…” He groaned as he rubbed his eyes, “Must have fallen asleep.”

Vic looked around but didn’t see Lily anywhere. As he looked across the firepit he noticed Lily had unpacked their extra chairs. 3 of them were sitting on the other side facing him. Vic bundled up logs in the pit and started a fire. As he looked up he saw a man approaching and entering his campsite. As he stepped closer Vic recognized him from the day before, Drake, one of the guys who was peeping on his daughter with him.

“Hey… It was Vic right?”

“Yeah… Drake?” Vic replied as he stood up to greet him.

“Yeah, hey man. I wasn’t sure I was gonna come. But damn when I thought about it, I couldn’t resist.”

Vic raised an eyebrow, “Wha.. What are you talk-” he cut himself off as another man entered from the road, Bill.

“Boys. Guess I’m not the only one with a weakness huh?” Bill said with a chuckle.

Drake smiled and agreed, “Yeah. I couldn’t help myself. Told my wife I was going on a night fishing trip.”

Vic was confused, they obviously had some information he didn’t. He opened his mouth about to speak when a third man came in, Corey.

“Looks like everyone came, I’m glad I’m not the only one,” Corey said as he stepped up to the group.

“Ok wait a minute. What’s going on?” Vic finally asked.

“What do you mean? She didn’t tell you?” Drake replied.

“She? Who? Tell me what?”

“Your girlfriend. She didn’t tell you about tonight? And by the way why didn’t you tell us she was your girl?” said Corey.

“He’s just a little shy,” a voice said from the darkness behind Vic.

He turned to see Lily stepping into the light of the fire, completely naked aside from her socks and boots. Vic’s jaw dropped as she walked up and slid her arm around his waist, facing the 3 guys.

“Lily what the fuck is going on?” Vic whispered in her ear as he leaned down.

“I thought it could be fun if we had an audience tonight,” Lily said out loud before kissing Vic’s lips. She slid her face to his side and whispered softly in his ear, “But don’t worry dad, you’re the only one who can fuck me.”

“You guys have a seat. Relax and enjoy the show,” Lily pointed to the group.

The 3 obeyed and took their seats across the firepit from Vic and Lily. Lily pushed herself up on her toes and pulled Vic’s head down to kiss her. Vic didn’t kiss her back at first as he side-eyed the audience, but Lily was persistent. Her lips felt too good to resist and he soon pushed his mouth back against hers and reached around to grab her waist and ass. Lily ran her hands up Vic’s shirt and forced it over his head. She wrapped her arms around Vic’s neck and leaped up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he grabbed her ass.

“Lily… This is crazy…” Vic whispered as he kissed the side of her face.

“Don’t worry dad… They think I’m your girlfriend…” Lily whispered back with a chuckle.

Vic was getting hard. He’d never been one for exhibitionism before, but the group of unknowing guys watching him make out with his naked daughter fiercely turned him on. He was a pawn in her hand. She could make him do anything she wanted with that little body of hers. Vic decided if he was going to do this, he was going to do it right. He turned his body so Lily’s back was facing the group and spread her cheeks apart for the viewers.

“Oohh… so naughty” Lily giggled as she dropped her feet back to the ground.

Lily kissed down Vic’s chest, taking time to kiss each of her nipples as she crouched down. She grabbed Vic’s hips and turned him to the side giving the voyeurs a better view as she unbuckled his shorts and started pulling them down. Vic looked over and saw the guys all touching themselves through their pants as his cock popped out of his shorts and bounced in front of Lily’s face. He’d never been exposed like this before; it was scary, but overwhelmingly thrilling.

Lily wrapped her hand around Vic’s erection and slowly started stroking him up and down as she glared at the onlookers, “Don’t be shy guys, he’s got his out,” she said with a grin before sliding her tongue up Vic’s shaft and popping his head into her mouth. Vic groaned and leaned his head back as he placed a hand on Lily’s head and gently guided her as she blew him. He glanced to the side to see the 3 now all had their dicks out and were stroking as they watched.

The sky grew dark as clouds covered the moon, the only light around was the fire at the center of camp. Had they not been at the outskirts of the campground, Vic would have been terrified of getting caught. But their campsite was isolated enough that Vic felt comfortable they’d only be seen by the 3 perverts jerking off around the firepit.

“Why don’t you guys come get a closer look?” Lily said as she stroked Vic’s saliva covered shaft.

The 3 guys looked at each other for a moment, then each rose up and hobbled over around the fire with their pants at their ankles. Vic’s excitement grew as the group crowded around Lily with their dicks in their hands. He looked down at his little girl, smiling brightly as she looked around at the erections hovering around her head. She looked up at Vic with lust in her eyes. Vic knew what she wanted, and strangely enough, he wanted it too.

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