Overnight Camping


I woke up from my afternoon nap and decided to go downstairs for a drink. I opened my door and walked down the quite second floor hallway. All the rooms were on the left and a balcony over looking the downstairs entrance to the staircase to the right, followed by the staircase. The office room right of my room was the last room in the row, then my room, then my parents, and lastly my elder sister’s. She is 10yrs my senior! So she definitely reigned as the lone child for sometime. But recently I reigned as I celebrated my 18th, graduated High school and was about to start college in a month.

I saw the office room was empty. My parents room closed as they both were are at work. My sisters room was ajar. Instantly i felt a tingle of excitement to see if my sister in her hurried state in the morning accidentally left her bra on the bed. She’d normally leave mid morning for her job and come home after me in the afternoon but before my parents. Whenever she would accidentally leave her bra on the bed. That day was my day of glory.

On those lucky days beginning not too long ago, I would bring her 34D bra to my face and nestled my nose in them. I freely and shamelessly took the deepest sniffs. I would smell her on them and her smell left me drunk. Her body spray mixed with her sweaty pheromones would make my dick hard. It would throb against the clothing and get so hard it’d almost hurt.

Having the house to myself I fold up my shirt, loosen my shorts, pajamas or jeans and drop them to the knees. Then bring my boxers down. I widened my stance and freely take my wood like throbbing cock in my arm and begin slowly stroking it while sniffing her bras. Not just that, id take her bra, close my eyes and rub them all over my cock. I made sure i would stop before cumming. Put the bra back on the bed and lay back in my bed to revel in the recent sensations.

We lived in California. Our parents paid attention, worked hard and become successful. Our house was decent sized and we would go on vacations. I would normally shower in the upstairs bathroom which was shared with my sister. I reserved my orgasmic masturbation to the shower. I practiced to never quickly cum. So the shower and the body wash would allow me to luxuriously stroke my cock and practice hold off cumming. Occasionally my sister would come to use the bathroom. I would be carefully quite but still masturbate shamelessly while she would use the toilet or the sink.

Back then i would just see in the mirror through edge of the shower curtain if she was still in the bathroom or not. I would close my eyes and continue luxuriously stroking my cock. Add more body wash on my palm occasionally making sure i stroke the entire length, from the base to the tip. Stroke to finish. I’d cummed in the shower while she was still in the bathroom.

But now realizing her door was ajar I quietly step towards her room and peeked inside. I scanned the room to the mirror on the right until I came to the dresser mirror to the left. In front of it was my sister standing wearing blue semi lace half thong panties. Creating a vivd contrast with the milky complexion of her thighs and back. The top and the sides of her panties were lace and rest solid color. I had not seen my sister in her under wear ever. My eyes fixated and i couldn’t look away. I scanned at her backside through the door.

She was facing the mirror and fiddling with things on the dresser. Her 5’7″ slender frame was betrayed by her round and protruding butt cheeks. Top few inches of her butt crack showed through the lace while the rest of the panties hugged into the crack of her luscious rounds. Every time she would move her arms or lean a little forward her ass cheeks would bounce just a little bit. My eyes fixed on her, breathing quickened and cock started filling with heat. My breaths ran deeper trying to catch up to my heart beat.

I scanned up her back to realize the tan line where a bra strap would be. She wasn’t wearing bra. She had pulled the side of her long hair over her shoulders. It covered both of her breasts just enough to try to hide her nipples in the mirror. But she could not hide the darker shade of the nipples compared to her surrounding creamy skin. I looked further up to find her face. She had earphones on and was trying on make up. Not aware her younger brother is at her ajar door. Fiercely lusting on her body.

I shamelessly loosened my pajamas and pulled them down to my knees. And just barely opening the door a bit more. It öğrenci gaziantep escort creaked but not loud enough to be heard over earphones. I took my enlarging cock and wrapped my hand around it. I began to stroke it. Eyeing the creamy skin of her underboob. Imagined stuffing her breast in my mouth. Playing with her nipples with my tongue. I stroked and looked down at my cock to collect and drop a heavy blob of spit on it. Rubbed it on my cock, It glistened. The rubbing of my palm made minute squishy sounds. Just as I looked up to see her, she turned right towards the bed.

She climbed on the bed on all fours to get to the middle of the bed. I had her full right side view. Had she just looked at the door to the right, she would have seen her younger brother with his enlarged, spit coated cock in his hand masturbating on her body. While still on all fours she paused to remove the pillows from the middle of the bed. In those seconds, her hair fell down and her long pointy and dark nipples came into view. They juggled and bounced as she moved the pillows. She then turned towards the headrest and laid down on her stomach turning her head towards the mirror.

She spread her legs just a little bit and I could see wetness on the panties. I couldnt hold it I had cum the hardest so far in my life that time. My cum spilled mostly in my pjs but some onto the side of her desk as well. I quickly ran into the restroom to prevent more from spilling. After cleaning my pjs I stepped out of the bathroom to find her bedroom door closed. I grabbed a drink from downstairs and came back into my room and went back to bed.

Later that evening when I woke up again around dinner, she was downstairs watching tv and her bedroom door open. Thinking i should clean my cum from her dedk before she sees it. I stood at the same spot by the entrance and I could not see it or It wasn’t there anymore. Probably cleaned off by her shoes or socks. This happened last month. This coming weekend was the long weekend and I had reserved a secluded hilltop to go camping. I called my parents to let them know and they okayed it.

But only if my elder sister came with me. I agreed over the phone and told them to tell her. When i arrived home and opened the door, my older sister came to greet me excitedly and hugged me right away. She was braless wearing tank top and leggings. She opened her arms wide and invited me in for full deep hug beaming. My basket ball shorts didn’t provide Much barrier and as our waists collided, my penis rubbed top of her left thigh on the way. It rested between her thighs. She inhaled deeply and told me shes almost done packing.

The drive was about hour and half long to the spot. Once we reached the mountains i opened the windows of my truck to let the fresh air in. It was rejuvenating. While opening the windows i noticed the top three buttons of my elder sisters shirt were opened and the bra she was wearing was of the blue semi lace set. The breeze would further open the shirt. Giving me a view of her perky roundedness. She just rested back into the seat, sunglasses on and brisk smile on her face. We reached the campsite and it was truly secluded. Top of the hilltop, mountain views surrounding us bathed in moon light and decorated with stars.

I parked the truck and opened the truck bed camper. It was already pass 10 so I set up a camp fire and two chairs so we could have dinner. We finished the sandwiches she packed and they were delicious. After dinner we just sat in the chairs enjoying the views for about an hour until it became a little too chilly. She went into truck bed to change into sleeping clothes as it was enclosed by the racks that formed the platform the pop-up camper secured on. Giving almost all of bed space as enclosed privacy The raised camper was accessed from inside the truck bed and not from outside. I put out the fire and folded the chairs.

As i was putting the chairs into the cab of the truck i saw from rearview window that my elder sister not only took off her shirt but was also taking off her bra. She then facing away from the truck cab crouched over and took off her leggings with both hands. She stepped out of them and folded them neatly. Allowing me to see her panty covered ass. She threw over a thigh high blue slip and climbed into platform tent. I closed the cab and locked it. I climbed into the truck bed and pulled the tail gate closed and locked it. I took off my gaziantep öğrenci escort shirt, then my jeans and socks and just left boxers on.

We didn’t need the lamp as the moon light was more than enough to see everything clearly. She saw me coming up and made eye contact and slid over to the left of the tent. I fully climbed and closed the half door behind me. She fully turned to her right side against the camper wall to let me straighten up and lay down to her left. Turned over to her right side, i saw her shapely long legs and toned thighs. Once I laid down, she then turned back and laid flat on her back. I extended my arm and she rested her neck and head on it. From our shoulders to our thighs, we were touching. My cock started getting hot. Boxer tent becoming prominent.

Even though it was chilly outside, our body heat made the camper toasty. We said our goodnight and drifted off to sleep. I awoke a few hours later to find both of us on our right side partially on our stomachs. Her left leg pulled up with knee touching the camper wall and my left leg on her and over her right thigh touching and following the symmetry of her left leg. My left knee touching the inside of her left knee. I was enveloping her, almost on top of her waist down. While the top of body leaning back towards me.

Her slip had come upto her waist baring the blue semi lace half thong panties. Her delicious round butt cheeks bare. My boxers moved high on my thighs. My dick warm and enlarged and freely out from the right leg opening. Its shaft resting in my elder sister’s butt crack. Making the forbidden contact with her lower butt cheeks and inner thighs. Worse was its head touching her panty covered and opening. Her eyes were closed.

Surprisingly her left hand was resting on my left thigh right above the little open space between our hips where my shaft began its forbidden touch. My left arm resting above her waist. Thinking how wrong it was, i couldn’t ignore her scent intoxicating scent nor the fact that the left strap of her slip was down halfway her arm uncovering her left breast and her dark erect nipple. The nipple rose atleast an inch long. Made to be played with and suckled on. I moved my hand up and cupped her left breast.

It was electrifying. She was my sister. I almost felt scared, what if she woke up and yelled at me? I ignored the thoughts and let my lust run over. I slid my fingers and palm over her marble like nipple. I heard a sigh. I gently squeezed it by my fingers. Her smell was making me drunk again. I was becoming hard. Really hard. Her eyes were closed.

I didn’t care that she was my older sister. Nor the fact what my parents would think if they just saw us like this. I was horny and hard. Making unbrotherly contact with my elder sisters forbidden skin. I glided my fingers from her erect nipple down to her side, down to her waist, to her left thigh and then to her knee. Her skin soft and smooth. I gently lifted her left knee up and slid my left knee under.

This allowed me more room so i can grab my shaft and forcefully drag its head across my sisters covered opening. Her neck was resting on my right arm so I gently and slowly folded my right arm back across her chest to grab her left breast. I heard a quiet gasp. The head of my engorged cock now shamelessly rubbed and pushed against my elder sister’s panty clad pussy. Her pubes sticking out from the side as my cock moved the fabric on her pussy.

My cock was now harder than i have ever felt it. This was it. I have lusted on my elder sister and she is right here so close. I raised my hips a few inches back, reached down with my left hand and pulled her panties over her left cheek. I felt her take a deep breath. Her eyes still closed. Immediately her stronger smell filled the tent. I grabbed my shaft and directed its head to touch her wet and sticky pussy. Her pussy lips prominent and glistening. Separating with my cock. The warmth of our very forbidden rub felt amazing. I glided the head up and down while gently pushing in with my hips.

I was covered with her juice. The tent was filling up with her scent. On the third glide my cock head pushed in my elder sister. I heard a gasp. Her eyes closed. Her fists began clenching the bedding. I pushed further in. Smooth, wet, enclosed tightness my palm couldn’t ever duplicate. As my cock head was going half in, i let go of my shaft and firmly grabbed the left side of her waist.

I gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan pushed my hips toward my elder sister’s hips while she was locked in my grasp. My hard cock going slowly almost half way in now. Very tight and requiring force. Her fists clenching the bedding. I keep pushing until my hips are pressed hard against her butt cheeks. All the way in. Faint sighs and mews from her. I hold my hips there pressing hard for few seconds. A few more seconds. I begin to move my hips back and hear an exhale my older sister. My cock glistening as i am moving my hips back.

My cock pulled back almost all when I slowly and with strength push my hips forward in-toward my sister’s groin again. My cock stretching my elder sister’s wet pussy with strength. Her mouth opens, her eyes closed, her fist clenched. Still locked if my grasp. I repeat several more times. Each time i feel her pussy getting wetter and clamping.

I back up my waist until I’m an inch out of her drenching pussy. Streaks flowing down her right thigh. My cock glistening wet and a mucus string connecting my cock head to her pussy as I pull out. She gasped. I get on my knees and turn her on her back. I open her legs pull her slip up-to her chest exposing her both curvy breasts. Taking the left nipple in my mouth and the right. Planting wet kisses on both. I grab her panties waistband and pull back. It almost felt like she raised her hips just a little bit so her panties come off easily by her brother. Her eyes closed. I see her inner thighs are glistening where my shaft made contact as it forced inside her several times. The bedding is wet where she just was.

I fold up her knees and opened them. I scoot up and clearly see her trimmed pubes glistening and matted together in places. Her pussy glistening. My cock hard, throbbing and glistening with her secretions. Strong odor filling the tent. I bring my cock back towards her pussy. Kneel forward to her face. Rub the head up and down the length of her pussy. Her darker pussy lips opening right away. Her eyes closed, i lean forward and whisper “I love you sis” in her ear, and lick her lips. I open her lips with my tongue.

I caress her tongue and push my tongue in her mouth as I push my hard cock slowly back inside her. Shes soo tight. I keep pushing until the hilt. I hold it there a few more seconds. I slowly back out and push in again a little more forcefully. A faint smacking sound heard as our hips meet. From the parts of two bodies that should never meet. Her deliciousness was intoxicating. I pull back again and push in little faster and use more of my weight into my thrust. Hard thrusts. Her mouth opens, her eyes closed shut, her fists clenched.

The smacking sounds of my thrusting into my sister were loud enough to be heard outside of the camper. My thrusts landing, the smacking sound, and her breathing were right after each other. Her pussy constantly clamping and creaming my whole cock. Her head turning left or right with every few thrusts. Her legs now folding around my waist. More forceful thrusts. Her eyes slightly open directly meeting my eyes. A slight look of shock. I thrust again into my older sister. Sweat forming on our foreheads. Her face an expression of strain.

The remote quietness of the tent interrupted by the smacking sounds of eager and forceful sex followed by gasps of my older sister. Her legs begin tightening over my hips, my right arm moves up to hold down her wrists above her head and my left hand grabs and feeds her right breast into my mouth. I thrust hungrily as my saliva coats her her dark right nipple. Loud wet smacks in the tent continue. So do her gasps. I couldnt hold my cum any longer as i saw my beautiful older sister locked under me with her mouth open, eyes closed shut, and her forehead covered in sweat beads. I thrust hard one last time and begin to release inside her. Keeping her locked under me while spewing streams of hot cum inside my older sister.

A few grunts escape my throat. Her hips begin shaking. After the last stream of my cum, I slowly pull out of my older sisters wet pussy, immediately seeing my cum flow out. I crashed on the right side face down partially on top of her. Catching our breaths. Then I hear a whisper, “Tonite you’ve made me yours, baby brother. Im your woman now. Ive always loved you” she turned left and rested her right leg over my lower back and hips, caressing her fingers through my hair. I look at her and we kiss.

Our mouths open, our lips making perfect seal. Rubbing our tongues. We finish the kiss. With her right hand, she collects a leaking dab of my cum from her opening and spreads it on her pussy and pubes. Covering every fold and crevice down to her dark anus. She puts her panties back on followed by her slip. Takes my hand into hers and rests it on her navel. Brings her face below mine on the pillow and falls asleep.

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